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Specification & Design Service Overview


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Published in: Technology
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Specification & Design Service Overview

  1. 1. Specification & Design Service Overview November 20th 2012
  2. 2. SPECIFICATION & DESIGN TEAM MEMBERSStephen Kelly Jorge CamachoSpecification Design Manager Technical Design EngineerDerek Clokey Michal PiecuchTechnical Specification Engineer Technical Design EngineerColin Finnegan Eanna FarrellTechnical Support Engineer Technical Design Engineer Chris Pike / Paul Copping /Geoff Oakley Coated Design Partnership
  3. 3. COMMERCIAL SOLAR DESIGN SERVICE1. NEW ENQUIRIES What we need What you get Completed S.A.S. T*sol Report B.O.M.s Generic Schematic SLX?
  4. 4. COMMERCIAL SOLAR DESIGN SERVICE2. CONFIRMED ORDERS Collector Layout Roof Layout Controller Wiring Diagram Plantroom Schematic Solar Specification
  6. 6. SPECIFICATION & DESIGN OVERVIEWSite Assessment Sheets Site Analysis & System Specification
  7. 7. SPECIFICATION & DESIGN OVERVIEWWritten Quotation Technical Support for Installers
  8. 8. GB & I RAINWATER QUOTATIONS 2011 2012JAN – OCT 2011: 1116 JAN – OCT 2012: 1377
  9. 9. SPECIFICATION & DESIGN OVERVIEWPlanning Overview Site Qualification & Wind speed Analysis
  10. 10. SPECIFICATION & DESIGN OVERVIEWPlanning Applications Technical Support for Installers Hybrid Solution Design
  12. 12. COATES DESIGN PARTNERSHIP OVERVIEWDeveloper Check List Domestic Design Service Commercial Design Service
  13. 13. ADDITIONAL SPECIFICATION SERVICEInstaller, end user and merchant general technical assistance(pre & post installation)On-going Development of ASHP Domestic & CommercialDesign Tools & ProceduresLiaising with R&D regarding new product introductionsCommercial solar thermal trainingHighlighting potential opportunities for all Kingspan Environmentalproducts suitable for each design projectAvailable to present to potential clients or consultants
  14. 14. MOVING FORWARDDivisional Specification Design BrochurePromotion of design service to consultants through CPDAll projects to follow full SLX procedureProfessional accreditation to CIBSE and other relevant institutesCommercial Design service to be charged as per CoatesDesign Partnership
  15. 15. QUESTIONS?