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Mag Analysis2


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Mag Analysis2

  1. 1. I like the torn effect on this side bar it gives the magazine a more aggressive appearance and aggression and violence are a part of the Rock Music experience. I think the use of stars as bullet point at the top of the magazine is effective but I don’t think that white was the best choice for the colour of the stars as they don’t stand out against the yellow backgroundThe contrast of black on a yellow background is very effective and stands out against the background, although I don’t think that yellow was the best colour to use on this magazine.I like the use of the Band vs Band idea and the way it is set up looks great but I think it needs to be bigger to make it clearer and I would put the bar code on the left hand side of the magazine so as not to restrict the picture size.I like the effect used on the title on this magazine it works with the over all design of the magazine.Having the main image take up the whole page is effective but it would cost alot of money to print. <br />