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Busted video remake


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Busted video remake

  1. 1. Busted Video Remake Analysis This is the analysis of the remake of the Busted Video ‘Thats what I go to school for’.
  2. 2. Analysis • This video is a good recreation of the Busted video ‘What I go to School for’ as it follows closely to the conventions of the original video. • Unfortunately due to some obvious planning issues the video lacks continuity which may confuse the audience viewing the video. And depending on the version you see the editing maybe lacking some precision. The version on this blog is fine.
  3. 3. Andrew Goodwin’s theory • This video contains genre characteristics of a Pop video as the characters are bouncy and full of life and the song has a • 2. The relationship between the lyrics and the visuals are illustrative, you can see this as the characters seem to follow along with the narrative in the song. • 3. There are alot of close ups of the characters in this video that are used to show the visual style of the video, as it gives the audience a clear view of the expressions on the characters faces but also a good look at what they are wearing as the uniform is vital to pull off the video successfully. • 4.There are intertextual references in this video in the fact that it is based on the original busted video. • 5.There is voyeurism in this video in the form of close ups of all the male characters. This does cause some confusion as the characters change half way through the video.
  4. 4. John Stewart’s theory • 1.This video contains alot of close ups to focus on the main characters face, this is used to show the characters emotions but also the characters skill at lip synching. • 2.This video has a clear Pop Music video influence as all the characters are dressed in uniform which is similar to that used in the original busted video. • 3. This video does make the viewer feel nostalgic as well generate new meanings, as it is so similar to the original video but shows that to create an identical video you would need more funds and access to better locations. • 4. This video does represent the performers lifestyle in the narrative as it shows all the characters in school uniform and in the school building itself which show the characters are still at school.
  5. 5. Steve Archer’s theory • Yes, the video does have a strong coherent relationship between the narrative and the performance in the video as the characters in the video act out what they are singing at the cuts to the teacher are timed well showing skill with editing. • The Dancing in the video is not well choreographed or planned out but still gives the same effect as the Busted video as it seems almost natural in movement.
  6. 6. Sven E Carlsson’s theory • This video does not really put across the a sense of sexuality or stardom but it does show off the charisma of the actors as they are wasting no time in getting into character and really try hard to get the essence of the song correct even if some parts let them down. • The video does use images to portray the story more then relying on the audience to make a personal image in their mind.
  7. 7. Laura Mulvey’s theory • This theory applies to this video as the female character is this video are put on show simply to attract the attention of young men, rather then playing an active roll in the video itself. • The flirting included in this video is just another shameless attempt to attract an audience, but it follow the original narrative very effectively.
  8. 8. The End