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My work

  1. 1. INTRODUCTIONLife is perhaps the most „confusing and difficult modus operandi‟.There is no iotaof doubt that we are living in a highly globalized and fast moving world whereprogress has been made in each and every arena of this contemporary society.Some people say that life is game and we should play it while others say that life isa song and we should sing it.But have we really ever ponder on the meaning of life?For some, life is considered as a bed of roses while some continuously claim thatlife is a bed of thorns. If an indepth reflection is made on the hardships that lifegives to people, then one is likely to be shocked with the number of children beingmade orphans every day, the number of people dying of malnutrition every hour,the number of people being killed in natural calamities, amongst others. This surelytriggers a reflection.Man has virtually discovered the secrets of the outer space but has unfortunatelynot been able to know the truth about the inner self. Man is constantly urging toacquire more and more knowledge but he has considerably lost his common sense.It is not a fallible concept to claim that man has always been a creative creature inpractically all fields of this ephemeral world. Man has discovered and inventedthings which were once believed to be beyond the capacity of mere human being.Therefore, it will not also be an erroneous concept to say that man has a certainhidden divine energy which can be exploited to shoot progress for the welfare ofthe entire human race.It is perhaps the darkest age that we are living in.Stress has virtually becomenumber one killing disease. Peace of mind has become something to be written onlyin books. Man has become money minded, selfish, greedy, arrogant and mercilessthat he has fallen in love with social evils such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, amongstothers. It is sad to note the large number of youngsters which have been trappedby the baits laid by lucrative businessmen; drugs are killing our youngsters. It istrue that a painting of the bleak future of our youngsters brings terrors. It iseven sad to note that many people claim that it is not their problems if others aretrapped in these social evils. But where is our humanity gone? Gone are the times
  2. 2. when true friends would help each other like real brothers and sisters. Humanvalues have virtually disappeared in this material world.
  3. 3. EDUCATION – THE RIGHT DIRECTIONAccording to great freedom fighters, much emphasis should be laid on education.Education is undoubtedly the key to success. Many people have left poverty thanksto education. Education does not only make an individual earn a living but it alsoshows a person the art of living. Consequently, education to children is always apriority in almost all countries of the world. A prosperous economy should rest onthe shoulders of an educated nation. If a population is educated, it is automaticthat the country will experience economic boost and the standard of living andquality of life will improve.Since time immemorial, it has been unimpeachably found that education should besimplified so that the learners should be able to come up with necessary skillswhich will empower them to face life. By the way, a school becomes necessarywhere formal education is provided in a classroom which should be multifacetedand, thus, should help students without hassles and measles as well asmodifications should be brought in the future.Discovery method v/s spoon feedingAccording to Brian Caldwell, the modern classroom should be revisited, especially inhis book entitled; “Re-imagining school leadership in the 21st century”, where headvocated for putting the child first or no child should be left behind. He impliedthat spoon feeding will give way for learning by doing where the expository methodof teaching using the chalk and the talk style will be replaced by the discoverymethod. There will be cooperative learning whereby students will be put in groupsand they will prepare their works in joint collaboration where the setting of theclass will change. It will no longer represent a bus where the teacher is the busconductor. The latter will now be the moderator and each group will have arapporteur, thus facilitating the exposition of ideas. There will be sharing,participation, discussion and fruitful social responsibility. The classroom willbecome more virtual with the use of multimedia, web castings, PowerPoint
  4. 4. presentations, film projections, animations, educational games, online research,teleconferencing and the list goes on.EmpowermentMoreover, students will be empowered and expected to be self- monitored, self-prepared and thus, the teacher will no longer be regarded as an authority or amonopolist of knowledge. Then, many students might refrain from attendingclasses and will prefer to stay at home to be involved with an online course. Insome parts of the world, this has already been implemented. The modern system ofeducation will be a scientific one. Students will have a multi-dimensional skill,attitude and understanding. Students will get up-to-date information whereas someold teachers who are deprived of a sustainable knowledge in computer science maynot provide a computer-based tutoring. If students have to work with theseteachers, they will most probably avoid classes.Human aspectModern classrooms should be expected to be configured to meet the needs of thestudents. The human touch will be necessary. Teachers should be pedagogicalfathers and they should provide more pastoral care by listening to the problems ofthe students. Consequently, problems of indiscipline, juvenile delinquencies andviolence will be minimized. Teachers should not only be academic oriented but theyshould support students. If they are open, careful and students oriented, studentswould not play truant to attend other places just like some students might evenlose their lives due to their own carelessness. Reasons should be given to studentsto prepare them to face life, to be immune from the vices of society like alcohol,cigarettes, narcotic drugs, prostitution, pornography and other abuse in society. Aclassroom should be an open learning cluster for discussions and opinions should beshared rather than downgraded and punishments should have no place in modernclassrooms.
  5. 5. Human valuesThe modern classroom should be able to inculcate moral, spiritual and human valuesin students in order to prepare them for life since education is a lifelong process.The very aim of education should be to prepare a human being to watch his words,actions, thoughts, conducts and habits. “Educating a girl means educating a family,educating a family implies educating a society, educating a society means educatinga nation and finally, educating a nation symbolizes educating the world. Someonemay become a laureate academically but there is no assurance that he may becomea noble human being. For instance, many laureates have left the country forfurther studies but a handful of them come back. We need a classroom which willpave the way towards righteousness, channeled our youngsters to become lawabiders, propel the intelligence of people to mobilize resources in the rightperspective to fight against corruption, injustice, violence and above all, hypocrisy.The modern classroom should be more and more proactive, sensitive and aiming atproducing genuine human beings rather than mere heartless academicians.In a nutshell, the future shape of the classroom will be a highly technologicalstructured one but it should open its way towards a more human aspect in order toprepare our students to fulfill their responsibilities as one people in one nation inpeace, justice and liberty. Steven Muller, President, Johns Hopkins Universitybelieve, “Universities are turning out highly skilled barbarians because we don‟tprovide a framework of values to young people, who more and more are searchingfor it.”