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Stephen Pierce Momentum Formula Blueprint


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Stephen Pierce says, whoever has the momentum wins! Regardless of skills, knowledge, desire and even faith. Without momentum you will experience unnecessary struggles on your path. With this 30 page Momentum Formula Blueprint, you can now get, keep and grow momentum quickly to accelerate your success. Download this one immediately. Enjoy!

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Stephen Pierce Momentum Formula Blueprint

  1. 1. Get More Free Training at YourMOMENTUM Blueprint ~ WORKBOOK ~ By STEPHEN PIERCE© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 1
  2. 2. Get More Free Training at!What you have in your hands is a supplementary learning guideto help you build, keep and multiply your momentum in the rightdirection.What I want to tell you is to never stop! Continuously andconsistently apply all the principles that you’ve learned from meand what you are soon about to discover.This is what momentum is all about. It’s that energy and drivethat keeps you pushing and pushing forward. It stops you from becoming disenchanted,frustrated and ready to quit. Momentum can deliver to you success on a platter by makingsure you stay on track.So join me again, hopefully not for the last time, as we journey once more in self-discovery. You know the drill by now: don’t let those priceless insights get away; takethe time to log them down on paper! And as you formulate your conclusions, look backon all you’ve learned so far and integrate them into a meaningful whole.Aim to build an unstoppable force of personal and business growth, expansion andmultiplication. You can do it; you’ve already proven you can! Now all you need to do isto sustain your energy and keep moving forward.Yours,Stephen Pierce© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 2
  3. 3. Get More Free Training at“I will persist until I succeed.” This line is taken from Og Magdino’s “The GreatestSalesman in the World.” It’s a simple line with just one key term:persist. And yet, while this affirmation is easy to remember duringtimes of inspiration, it’s hard to recall during moments of doubt. The business world canbe a challenging world; certainly as often as you’d hear words like success andabundance, you’d hear discouragement like ‘cutting your losses” and “damage control”. There is always a reason to persist. Always. If you followed everything I haveadvised you throughout the various training materials I’ve given you, any adversitycoming your way would not be so overwhelming. This is the beauty of what we aredoing. By investing in our personal and business growth first, we sow the seeds that canpropel us forward. Our meaning, our mind, our marketing and our mentors make usstrong --- and we can rely on them all during moments of difficulty. You have inside you an unstoppable force of personal and business growth,expansion and multiplication. Your success is not limited to accomplishing yourimmediate goals--- what a great and inspiring thought. You can create new goals, aim forbigger and higher things. And you can reach them all. This workbook will focus on the following topics: Your Momentum can Work for You Align your Momentum with your Goals The Fine Art of Coiling the Spring Our Momentum is Linked to Our Happiness I will also give you some integration exercises to help you wrap up the entireprogram. It is my desire that you graduate from this program filled with zest andcertainty. Are you ready? Let’s get started.© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 3
  4. 4. Get More Free Training at Momentum can Work for You From the audio presentation, we learned that: Momentum is the force that we build from our feelings, thoughts, actions and plans for the future. It adds impetus to our passion, desire and energy ---it is your “constant force of movement” Once built, momentum can work for you even as you sleep. It can grow at a rate dependent upon your concerted efforts, desire and dedication. Have faith that momentum continues to build as you move towards your goals. The key is to keep your momentum constantly alive through effort. Always resist the temptation to let up!Activity 1: My Sources of Momentum Everything that we invest in our work, whether it’s tangible likecustomer relations or intangible like a positive thought, is never wasted. Thinkof it as like throwing rocks in the sea. Regardless of how small your rocks are,they will cause a ripple. They matter. And eventually the results of yourefforts will spill back to you. This is because the universe operates on a cause-and-effect principle. Once youact, there’ll be a reaction. And since we are all part of only one system, any change weput in the world will come back to us. After solid persistence, all our efforts willaccumulate in value, and everything will pay off. Imagine several people walking around the world, each one doing their ownbusiness. All this movement creates a greater whole: lots of great business energy! Andyou are free to tap into all this already existing movements; you don’t have to buildeverything from scratch! Just be part of that busy world and the business will come toyou. To start off, let’s take the opportunity to become more aware of our sources ofmomentum. What initial steps are we taking right now that will build in energy in thesucceeding days? Think of them in four categories: feelings (e.g. your excitement), thoughts (e.g.great advertising ideas), actions (e.g. installing site diagnostics software) and plans (e.g.translating the website into several languages in the next month). But don’t feel limitedby these categories; come up with ALL the sources of momentum that is in your life rightnow.© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 4
  5. 5. Get More Free Training at In the boxes provided, write down the top 6 elements in your life right now thatcontributes to your momentum. Be as specific as you can. Challenge yourself to lookacross the many different resources that you have whether they are within you (e.g. yourperseverance) or in your environment (e.g. a creative team). MY MOMENTUMAside from this top 6, what are our other sources of momentum that, while not aspowerful, are also significant? List them down below. ____________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________ _____________________________© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 5
  6. 6. Get More Free Training at QUESTIONSHow does it feel to know that you have significant things invested towards the success ofyour business? Does this knowledge fill you with excitement or with anxiety? How canyou tell?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________If your feeling is positive, how can you use this positivity to add more momentum to yourefforts? If your feeling is negative, what is the source of this negative feeling? What thencan you do to manage this negative feeling and transform it to an investment for success?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Are there relationships among your sources of momentum? Which ones do you think alsosustain each other? How can you ensure that they always do?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INSIGHTS FROM THIS ACTIVITY ***© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 6
  7. 7. Get More Free Training at ON… The great thing about momentum is that it is not static. It has the ability to growand snowball into bigger and better things. Consider this example. What if one ordinary day you met with a customer whohas a complaint about your product? Then and there you have at least two choices: quitbecause of the negativity or take advantage of the opportunity. What can come from you choosing the latter? What if for, five minutes, youactively listen to your customer’s concerns, show your sincere regret for his badexperience and offer to solve his problem? Will your five minutes of effort be a waste oftime? The answer is a resounding no! This customer could get so impressed with howwell you attended to his complaint; he decides to tell his friends about his experience!What if one of those friends met another person who needs a product like yours? What if,recalling how highly his officemate spoke of you, this friend ends up recommending you?From a simple five minute courtesy, you’ve gained a new client! This is not counting yet other possible benefits. By entertaining your client’scomplaint courteously, you gained insight on something that needs improving in yourproduct. You get an ‘Ah-ha” experience and you decide to innovate. Your changes couldmake your product more sellable! In the end you end up earning more again. So don’t disregard the little things! Momentum can build and build!Activity 2: Momentum Can Snowball This time we’ll take a look at how our momentum can build andgrow. It may be a small effort when we did it, but for all we know, it canspark a productive chain reaction! I want you to go back to all the sources of momentum that you listed in activity 1and pick four. Pick one that’s a feeling, another that’s a thought, one that’s action and onethat’s a plan. Using clustering, trace how these four little investments can snowball intosomething great--- even with minimal effort, even while you’re asleep! Create a possiblechain of events that would lead to your success. Let your imagination run free and think‘best case scenario.’ After all, the best things always happen as long as we think they’repossible! So what do we do? Clustering is creating networks of thoughts through arrowsand circles. Each circle represents a thought or idea and the arrow represents the direction© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 7
  8. 8. Get More Free Training at the thinking process. For as long as your thought keep branching out, you can addmore and more clusters. What’s great about this activity is that it can help expand your understanding andappreciation of your efforts. When bad moments come, you know that you’re still on theway to your destination. You’ll find the motivation to keep going. Let’s have an example. If we were to create a cluster using the example we gaveearlier, the one about graciously entertaining a complaining customer, it will look likethis: MORE SALES FREE PROMOTIONS customer tells others you change product customer feels appreciated you learn about graciously reply to the problem a customer complaint LOYAL CUSTOMERBETTER TEAM you train others in your team you learn people skills that work Now, this cluster example is by no means complete. As long as you can come upwith more possible ways your momentum can result into concrete benefit, write themdown. Let each thought spark one more idea. And don’t worry about making it neat. The point is not to produce an exhibit-worthy presentation but to expand your awareness!© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 8
  9. 9. Get More Free Training at following are spaces for your ‘momentum clusters.’ (space for momentum cluster ) FEELING (space for momentum cluster 2) THOUGHT© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 9
  10. 10. Get More Free Training at (space for momentum cluster 3) ACTION (space for momentum cluster 4) PLAN© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 10
  11. 11. Get More Free Training at QUESTIONSDescribe how it feels to see so many possible ways your effort can bear fruit. What did itmean to you to expand your awareness this way?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Which of your sources of initial momentum seem to have the greatest effects? Whichrequires the least supervision and yet is filled with pay-offs? How can you maximizethese investments for your success?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Which has least impact? What could be the reason why it doesn’t have as muchmomentum as the others? What can you do to increase your pay-offs from thisinvestment?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INSIGHTS FROM THIS ACTIVITY ***© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 11
  12. 12. Get More Free Training at 3: Keeping Your Momentum Alive All of the things that you placed in your clusters are just merepossibilities. We are being optimistic here and imagining best-case-scenarios.To put it in perspective, we really have no way to telling whether a satisfiedcustomer will go on and tell others about you. Maybe he will, maybe hewon’t. We are just hoping. But then, who ever said that momentum is just about hoping for the best? It’sgood to maintain a positive attitude but it is better to fuel your momentum with lots ofeffort. Remember that like fanning flames in a fireplace, you need to keep yourmomentum alive. How about you go back to your clusters and look for more ways you can ensurethat the best case scenario will happen. For instance, if you want a satisfied customer torave about you, how about giving incentives for referrals? Harness the power of buildingfrom what you start. To assist you in this process, complete the following table. Think of ten best casescenarios that came about from the clustering exercise that you made and list them downon column 1. When you’re done, reflect on the many ways you can keep your initialmomentum going. An example is provided for your reference. Best Case Scenario What I Can Do to Action Plan Fuel This MomentumExample: That my satisfied Start a referral incentive Study various referralcustomers will spread the program. incentive programs and seeword. which fits my company best.1.2.3.© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 12
  13. 13. Get More Free Training at… Best Case Scenario What I Can Do to Action Plan Fuel This Momentum4. ***© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 13
  14. 14. Get More Free Training at your Momentum with your Goals From the audio presentation, we learned that: Momentum is developed when you continually set more and higher goals for yourself. Don’t diversify to the point you lose sight of your goals.Activity 4: Setting More and Higher Goals You can do anything! Right now you are likely on start-up stage; future growth andexpansion may be far from your mind. Maybe you’ve adapted a ‘lets-see-if-this-works-first’ attitude. Maybe you’re too busy setting up to think that far ahead. Maybe you arefeeling anxious that the recession will result in an economic slack and business may turnbad any minute. Or maybe you just don’t like the idea of more work! In any case, youmight be feeling that now is not the time to think big. But more and higher goals are the logical conclusion of our momentum. Ifsomething is building and building, it has to build towards a particular direction---up! Many businesses in the past years had been great start-ups, and yet they shriveledand died. Not through lack of effort but because they had chosen to remain static. Theirtarget goals ten years ago are still their target goals now! But if you want to build themomentum for success, create more goals and create higher goals. If you develop theattitude of taking your business on a higher level everyday, your success will come to youin no time. Reflect on the following questions for a moment. Visualize your answers inspecifics. Connect to the feeling that your mental images provide. a) What is your biggest dream for your business? b) What is your biggest dream for yourself? c) How do you see everything five years from now? How about ten years from now? d) If you are a ‘business mogul’ the likes of Trump and Rockefeller, on what product range/ service range would you build your empire? e) When can you say that you are at the topmost of our game?© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 14
  15. 15. Get More Free Training at Done? From your exercise of reflection and visualization, complete the followingworksheet:Write down ten different ways your current business can grow. This could meanbecoming the best in your field; this could also mean that our business can expand.Expansion can be in the areas of sales volume, market territories or product/ servicerange.1. ______________________________________________________________________2. ______________________________________________________________________3. ______________________________________________________________________4. ______________________________________________________________________5. ______________________________________________________________________6. ______________________________________________________________________7. ______________________________________________________________________8. ______________________________________________________________________9. ______________________________________________________________________10. _____________________________________________________________________Next, think of the ways you can diversify. Aside from making your current business(es)grow, you’d want to venture out in other areas as well. In what other business field doyou see yourself going?1. ______________________________________________________________________2. ______________________________________________________________________3. ______________________________________________________________________4. ______________________________________________________________________5. ______________________________________________________________________6. ______________________________________________________________________7. ______________________________________________________________________© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 15
  16. 16. Get More Free Training at ______________________________________________________________________9. ______________________________________________________________________10. _____________________________________________________________________Lastly, write down ten non-business-related goals that you have for yourself. These goalscan be in the area personal growth or relational enrichment.For example, one of your goals could be ‘to become one of the respected leader-innovators in my field’. It can also be ‘to gain enough financial freedom that I can spendat least three days full-time at home with my family’. Or maybe your goal is to be able tobegin a foundation that would cater to a social need that resonates with you the most.1. ______________________________________________________________________2. ______________________________________________________________________3. ______________________________________________________________________4. ______________________________________________________________________5. ______________________________________________________________________6. ______________________________________________________________________7. ______________________________________________________________________8. ______________________________________________________________________9. ______________________________________________________________________10. _____________________________________________________________________PROCESSING QUESTIONSAmong the goals that you have written down, which ones already have the investment ofmomentum? How do your present efforts help you move towards these goals?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 16
  17. 17. Get More Free Training at the goals that you have written down, which ones don’t yet have the investmentof momentum? What else can you decide to do right now, or in succeeding days, so thatyour momentum can move in these directions that you want to go to?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Create a timeline for your goals. Divide your goals into three distinct phases:Phase 1 represents goals you would like to accomplish for the next year. Phase 2represents goals you want to accomplish in the next 2-5 years. Phase 3 represents thegoals that you want to accomplish in the next 6-10 years. PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 (within 1 year) (within 5 years) (within 10 years)© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 17
  18. 18. Get More Free Training at the following sentences that will illustrate how your momentum can build asyou move through one phase to another. Be as specific as you can. Here is the format:After I (accomplish goal) I will have (momentum) which can help me (accomplish biggergoal).Here is an example:After I learn firsthand the secrets of viral marketing as I apply it to my ‘how to’ articlessite (phase 1 goal), I will have the knowledge and experience which can help me start a‘how to’ videos site (phase 2 goal).After I ______________________________, I will have ________________________which can help me ______________________________________________.After I ______________________________, I will have ________________________which can help me ______________________________________________.After I ______________________________, I will have ________________________which can help me ______________________________________________.After I ______________________________, I will have ________________________which can help me ______________________________________________.After I ______________________________, I will have ________________________which can help me ______________________________________________.After I ______________________________, I will have ________________________which can help me ______________________________________________.After I ______________________________, I will have ________________________which can help me ______________________________________________.After I ______________________________, I will have ________________________which can help me ______________________________________________.After I ______________________________, I will have ________________________which can help me ______________________________________________.After I ______________________________, I will have ________________________which can help me ______________________________________________. ***© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 18
  19. 19. Get More Free Training at 5: Keeping our goals focused. Even from the third audio, Your Marketing, I’ve already advisedyou not to diversify too much when it comes to our business efforts. Inthis program, I would like to reiterate this advice. Exploring and expanding to new territories are always great ideas --- indeed manysuccessful entrepreneurs place their eggs on more than one basket. But you don’t want todiversify too much that you dilute your momentum. Fields where there are areas ofoverlap, or at least transfer of leanings, make better business goals. Let us now try to see if your goals are focused or are you at risk of diversifyingtoo much. Go back to the list of 30 goals that you made in Activity 4, particularly thesecond set of ten: areas where you can diversify. Study these goals. Are logicalextensions of one another? Can they be sustained by the same momentum? For this activity, I want you to group together all of your business goals in termsof their relationship to one another. At most I want you to just come up with just threedistinct groups--- no more. These three are your main 3 areas of focus. Use the threecircles below to represent these three groups. If there are goals that cannot be categorized in any of these three main groups,write them in the space provided. Goals not categorized: __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 19
  20. 20. Get More Free Training at QUESTIONSWhich business interests go together? What makes you say that they go together?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Are there areas of overlap between your business interests? If yes, what are these areas?If no, is there a common ground that you can find to help bridge the differences?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What are the ways for you to be able to maintain focus when managing diverse interests?How do you think you can your sustain momentum in each one?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INSIGHTS FROM THIS ACTIVITY ***© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 20
  21. 21. Get More Free Training at Fine Art of Coiling the Spring From the audio presentation, we learned that: To expect your momentum to instantly be ready to be released is not realistic. You must coil up the spring.The more effort you put into carefully coiling the spring of your momentum, the more potential energy will be stored up and be ready when the spring is finally released. Do not be overly preoccupied with the future that you’re inattentive toward the present where learning and growth take place.Building teamwork and pride in your product or service is all that is needed for them to coil the spring for you, so to speak, and build that future momentum. Employ and search for resources that are abundantly available.Activity 6: The Bane of Our Impatience The problem with many first-time entrepreneurs is that they expectinstant and dramatic results from their efforts. This is why “get rich quick”schemes are so popular. What they fail to see is that momentum takes time to build. You have to practicepatience and frustration tolerance if you want to see big results. If you give up easily,you’ll never know if you had quit just when success is right around the corner! And ifyou are so eager that you pounce prematurely, you might preempt your business’readiness to take on big challenges. In the audio, I asked you to envision some of the things that you’ve done whereyou had been too impatient for the results. Take time now to document your responseshere. Doing so can help you find an experience that you can tap into during momentwhen you feel impatient.Describe the last time when you had been impatient. What happened? What were theconsequences of your impatience on you? On the situation?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 21
  22. 22. Get More Free Training at were the thoughts that were going through your mind the whole time you werebeing impatient. List three below.1. ______________________________________________________________________2. ______________________________________________________________________3. ______________________________________________________________________What were the feelings that you had before you acted in impatience? What were thefeelings that you had while you acted in impatience? How about afterwards?Before: _________________ _________________ _________________During: _________________ _________________ _________________Afterwards: _________________ _________________ _________________What significant insight did you learn from this experience?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Activity 7: Waiting Productively. Just because you have to wait for your momentum to bear fruitdoesn’t mean that you have to be waiting idly. Waiting can be productive; infact, it is a season in itself wherein you can learn and improve. If you knowhow to wait productively, your pay-offs can get even more satisfying oncethey finally arrived. What are the ways in which we can wait productively? In the audio I shared withyou three best ways. One, you have to take advantage of learning opportunities that come your way.Everything is a learning opportunity, even the minor details of everyday. Pay attention towhat new information and new insight you can get simply by observing yourself, yourstaff and your customers. Keep an open mind.© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 22
  23. 23. Get More Free Training at Second, invest in your team. Your investment is not just in money but in peopleas well. While waiting for your momentum to take off, take the time getting to know yourstaff. Look for their strengths and find ways to maximize their strength. Train them in theskills that they’d need to navigate the business well. More importantly, instill in themvalues relating to the integrity of your work. Lastly, tap into the resources that are abundant around you. The internet is arepository of many technical support materials for a great variety of business concerns.Take advantage of them! They’re free! While waiting, research and capability buildingare good options. Let us try to see now how well you wait.Do you see lessons in every opportunity?Name three lessons you learned in the last three days.1.2.3.What are the learning opportunities that can be found in your everyday routine? Namethree that you can count on everyday.1.2.3.In your personal assessment, what are the attitudes that you need to develop further inorder to be open to everyday learning opportunities? Name five and provide a concreteaction plan to develop them further.© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 23
  24. 24. Get More Free Training at you see invest on your team?On a scale of 1 to 5, with five as the highest, rate your team in terms of the followingcharacteristics. Put a check mark on the appropriate column Characteristic 1 2 3 4 5 Pride in the product/ service that you are selling. Pride in their work. Premium on quality customer care. Technical skills needed to accomplish the job. Communication skills. Teamwork with other staff members. Faith in their own abilities. Motivation. Expression of their own personal meaningWhat kind of team culture are you looking for? In what way do you model this desiredteam culture?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________In what areas are your staff particularly strong in? To what do you attribute this success?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What are your team’s areas for improvement? What are the things that you can do totarget these improvements?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 24
  25. 25. Get More Free Training at you tap the free resources that are around you?Take a moment to browse online for different free resource sites related to your learningneeds, as well as your business needs. You do not have to read the resources now, ordownload the free software, just expose yourself to how much is out there. When you’redone, bookmark the links on the spaces provided below.Top 5 topics that you could use free data for: 3 free programs I can use to improve my business:1.2.3.A list of websites that I should visit: Site’s Name What It’s About Site’s URL Target Date to Read/ Visit site ***© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 25
  26. 26. Get More Free Training at Momentum Is Linked to Our Happiness From the audio presentation, we learned that: We are all entitled to be happy and secure. God has endowed us with the right to find this happiness and security through the tools and talents He has given us. We are also obliged to help one another achieve happiness and security by whatever means we have at our disposal. There are so many people in this world who are impoverished, without hope, and in need of some sort of help. Helping to build His kingdom on earth with peace and happiness for all His children is the ultimate duty of us all.Activity 8: Our Quest for Happiness and Security We’ve so far discussed momentum only through the lens of thedynamics of our businesses. But momentum is more than that. Ourmomentum can help us find our way to personal fulfillment. It relatesstrongly to our personal meaning as we discussed in the first part of thisaudio set. Our momentum signifies the best use of the talents, skills and abilities that weregiven to us. These are the things that make us unique, the things that resonate with ourvery person. The greater the momentum that you build in your life, the moreopportunities there are for you to connect with the person that you were meant to be. It also helps you connect with your sacred duties and mission in life. In the firstaudio I shared with you that personal meaning can only come if we use our resources forunselfish gain. If we can help connect other less fortunate people to their own happinessand security, we ourselves will find our own happiness and security. In the audiotape I asked you to envision yourself as swimming beneath the ocean,feeling lost and alone in the murky waters. And yet despite this challenge, you manage tofind your light. This light told you that you have the power to do anything that youwant if you believe in yourself and believe in the power that God has bestowed to you. This visualization exercise is a great way to center ourselves again to our personalmeaning and purpose. In itself it’s a great source of momentum. It will open your mind toa greater awareness of what everything that we have been doing since the beginning ofthis program is really for.© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 26
  27. 27. Get More Free Training at I invite you now to document the insights that you had as you went through thisvisualization exercise. Specifically, what did the light at the end of journey tell you? Ifyou can internalize the light’s presence right now, what would he be telling you? Using the space provided for you below, compose a letter from the light toyourself. Make it direct and personal. Tap into the feelings that the visualizationexperience had given you. This can be a personal affirmation letter for you. The Light’s Message to Me: ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 27
  28. 28. Get More Free Training at We now come to the end of our five-program journey. It is my hope that I haveset you on your way to great success and possibilities. We’ve discussed so many thingsand reflected on so many ideas. At this point, I’d like to connect with you, and ask youhow you are, now that you’ve come so far. I asked you these questions in the audio but as I’ve emphasized several times, it isalways sensible to log our insights and responses on paper. Documenting them helpsinstill them in our minds a little deeper and gives us reference points for our futurelearning journeys. So for our integration, consider the following questions.How do you feel at this point that you are nearly finished with the entire five-part audioset? Do you feel motivated somewhat, inspired somewhat, confused somewhat, or hardlyaffected?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What part or parts did you find the most interesting or memorable? Did the visualizationexperience affect you and do you think it will remain with you for a while, and how longdo you think it might, if it does?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Did you find a correlation between this segment and the other segments? Can you thinkof one or two things that stand out in your mind when it comes to the lessons or examplesthat were read to you? Can you be specific?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 28
  29. 29. Get More Free Training at you think you will seek more specific ways to increase your chances for success dueto the inspiration you were exposed to and the elements that were covered as topics ofeach of the segments? If so, how will you seek them? Would you consider theinformation I offer on my web sites?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________An End Note: Do Not Fear to Succeed! Believe in yourself and believe in the enormous power and depth of your spirit.You are not designed to be mediocre. You are meant to succeed and you should donothing else but go to the destination reserved for you! Before I end this series, I want you to answer one final question: are you ready tosucceed? Many people say they are and yet they are crippled by fears of being great.Before I let you go, reflect on the following questions:What are the fears that keep you from getting all the way to the top?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________How can you release this fear?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for staying with me! I wish you the best in everything that you do!© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 29
  30. 30. Get More Free Training at INSIGHTS FROM THE ENTIRE PROGRAM© Stephen Pierce International, Inc 30