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Stephen Pierce Instant Traffic Cheat Sheet #1


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Here is Stephen Pierce Instant Traffic Cheat Sheet #1 which reveals how to hit the bullseye when selecting products to sell and keywords to use to get traffic. Look for more Stephen Pierce Instant Traffic Cheat Sheets to be posted.

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Stephen Pierce Instant Traffic Cheat Sheet #1

  1. 1. Stephen Pierce Instant Traffic Cheat Sheet #1 The Traffic Sniffer & Sales Snooper Method # Done Activity 1 Go to 2 Go to first drop down box under “Filter” and select “Product Search” 3 Keep “Worldwide” 4 Now select “Last 90 Days” from next drop down box. 5 Select a “category” 6 Click “search” Now look at the “Top Searches” and “Rising Searches” for potential markets and 7 keywords to target. 8 Go to 9 Select a keyword from “Rising Searches” and enter it in eBay. 10 Click “Search” 11 Look in the left column for the category with the most items. 12 Take note of the main category and its subcategories. 13 Now go to 14 Navigate to the subcategory and look for “Most Watched Items” Look at the list of all the “Rising Searches” keywords and “Most Watched Items” to 15 see if there are any matches. 16 Make note of the matches are markets target. If no match, select a different keyword from Rising Searches or begin again at Google 17 Insights with a different category 18 When you find a match click on the item listing. 19 Next, look at the Sellers “History” of items sold. 20 Click on the “# sold” to see timeframe of sales. 21 Build traffic around these keywords and products… Rinse and repeat.Checklist Revision History Ver. Date Author(s) Reason for Change 1.0 180612 Stephen Pierce Initial Version