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On the face of it PPT Grade 12.pptx

  1. 1. Susan Hill, CBE (born 5 February 1942) is an English author of fiction and non-fiction works. Her novels include The Woman in Black, The Mist in the Mirror, and I'm the King of the Castle, for which she received the Somerset Maugham Award in 1971. She was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2012 Birthday Honours for services to literature.[1][2] ABOUT THE AUTHOR SUSAN HILL
  2. 2.  MR. LAMB  DERR Y
  3. 3. The story starts with a teenage boy (Derry) who enters a garden. Due to an accident when acid befell on his face and got burned on one side. ... Lamb welcomes him in his garden and tells him not to leave just because of his presence. People don't like his face that's what Derry think and that's why he wants to leave. SETTING
  4. 4. The lesson 'On the Face of It' aptly depicts the loneliness and sense of alienation experienced by Derry and Mr. Lamb on account of a disability. The actual pain and inconvenience caused by the disabilities is often much less than the sense of alienation felt by the disabled person. MOOD
  5. 5. The Tone woven into the plot of the play is that Derry has a cold and hostile tone but in reality, “scars do not change a person and handicaps must be accepted by individuals and society.” With a burned face, Derry had to face discrimination, because of which he had turned pessimistic. Whereas Mr. Lamb had a motivational and convincing tone. His language is straight forward, that finally changes Derry into an optimistic person. TONE
  6. 6. Occasional: sometimes Rustling: whisper, low sound Tentatively: hesitantly, without confidence Startled: feeling a sudden shock
  7. 7.  Mr. Lamb warns him about the crab apples that usually fell in the long grass from the tree above.  Derry was shocked on hearing a voice. He asked as to who it was.  Mr. Lamb introduced himself and also said that small sour apples known as crab apples had fallen on the ground.  If Derry would not be careful while walking through the grass, he could trip over them and get hurt.  Derry said that he didn’t know that someone was present in the garden.  He thought it to be empty and even the house seemed empty to him. VALUE POINTS
  8. 8. Scrump: steal from garden Pretend: to behave as if something is true when you know that it is not Underneath: directly below
  9. 9. VALUE POINTS  Mr. Lamb tried to comfort him by saying that the house was empty as he was out in the garden.  He also asked him not to be afraid. Derry wanted to leave the place.  Mr. Lamb tried and to stop him and said that there was no need to leave the garden just because of him.  He also told him that he kept the gate open for people it was only Derry who jumped the wall.  Derry got angry for being pointed at like that. He also clarified that he hadn’t come to steal anything from there.  Mr. Lamb agreed by saying that at many times, apples had been stolen by young boys and that Derry was not so young.  But still, Derry wanted to leave. Mr. Lamb told him not to be afraid of him and asked him to stay there for a while.  Derry told him that he was not afraid of anyone; rather people were afraid of him
  10. 10.  Lamb asked him the reason for that.  He told him that he knew what people thought and how they behaved in front of him.  Mr. Lamb questioned him about what others thought of him.  Derry said that people got scared on seeing his face.  Some considered it bad or ugly while some even took pity on him by saying that he was a poor boy.  He added that they were fake. Actually, they all were afraid of his face.  He even got scared of his own face when he looked into the mirror.  He added that Mr Lamb will also pity him but in his heart, he will also be scared of Derry. VALUE POINTS
  11. 11. VALUE POINTS  Mr. Lamb said that he wasn’t afraid of Derry. Derry was shocked to hear that.  Then Mr Lamb told him that he would bring a ladder and stick and pick fine and ripe crab apples as they made a good jelly.  He also told him that in September, they get ripe and become a magic fruit having orange and golden colour.  He also asked him to join him in doing so. Derry pointed him for changing the topic just like other people did.  He added that Mr. Lamb didn’t ask him about his face because he was afraid of asking about it.  Derry got annoyed and said that he did not like the company of people.  Mr. Lamb guessed that may be his face got burnt in some fire.  Derry told him that it was due to acid that had burned half of his face.  He was so grieved (sad) that he kept on repeating that acid ate his face and that it would never get cured.
  12. 12. VALUE POINTS  Mr. Lamb did not agree with him. Derry thought that he was not interested in his story.  To this, Mr. Lamb said that he was interested in each and every creation of God. He pointed out at a wall and asked him what did he see beyond it.  Derry replied that there were weeds or unwanted plants. Mr. Lamb explained that there were a number of plants in his garden.  There were flowers, trees and herbs - some plants were considered good and some were called ‘unwanted plants’ (weed).  It was not because they were different, all of them were green in colour. It was about how people considered them to be- herbs or weeds.  In reality, they all were same just like Derry and himself. Derry did not agree to this.  Mr. Lamb told him that there was no difference. He was young and Mr. Lamb was old.  He had a burned face and Mr. Lamb had a tin leg. These things were not so important and so, they didn’t make any difference.
  13. 13. VALUE POINTS  Derry asked him the reason behind his tin leg. He replied that it got damaged in an explosion many years ago.  Kids teased him by calling him ‘Lamey- lamb’. Derry said that he could cover the tin leg with his trousers so that no one could see it.  Mr. Lamb said that it did not bother him much as one day, people would get tired of teasing him and would start discussing something else.  Derry showed his face in reply to Lamb’s statement. Mr. Lamb suggested that things like crab apples, weeds, spiders and the tall sunflowers could also be some of the other things that people would probably look at and discuss.  Derry commented that the other things mentioned by Mr Lamb were things i.e. they were non - living.  Mr. Lamb replied that all the things were related to each other. Just like beauty is related to the beast i.e. a beautiful creation is related to ugliness.  Derry was confused. Mr. Lamb asked for Derry’s opinion. Derry replied that often he had heard people saying that beauty is not related to one’s appearance, rather, inner beauty is our real beauty.
  14. 14. Signify: be a sign of Daft: silly, foolish Dribble: to fall slowly
  15. 15.  Even a handsome man is the one who does something good rather than one who looks good.  He said that once, a beautiful girl loved a beast for who he was and kissed him which turned the beast into a handsome prince.  He wouldn’t have changed, if she hadn’t kissed him. But then he said that he won’t change.  Mr. Lamb said that Derry was right at that. Derry said that no one would kiss him ever because of his face.  Even his mother kissed him on the good side of his face. He did not like this at all.  He said he didn't care even if nobody kissed him. Mr. Lamb asked him that did Derry ever want to kiss someone. VALUE POINTS
  16. 16.  Derry asks him what he was talking about. Mr. Lamb said that probably Derry wanted to kiss pretty girls who had long hair and large eyes or other people whom Derry loved.  Derry replied that no one would ever allow him to do so. Mr. Lamb said that this was unpredictable.  Derry said that he will never look different. When he will be as old as Mr. Lamb then also he will have only half a face.  Mr. Lamb said that yes he will always have half a face but the world was full of so many things to look at.  So, he must look at its beauty. Derry questioned him that was the garden the whole world for him.  Lamb said that when he was present in the garden, then the garden was his world. He then questioned him whether his leg hurt.  Lamb replied that tin didn’t hurt, it never pained. Derry asked him if he suffered pain when he lost his leg. VALUE POINTS
  17. 17.  Lamb said that it pained back then. He then asked him if it pained now, where the artificial leg stuck into the real one.  Lamb said that sometimes it pained in wet weather but it was not that important.  Derry said that he could understand what he meant by all this as he had heard people saying that you should take a lesson from those who suffer in pain and never cry or complain about their problems.  Mr. Lamb said that he didn’t say so. Derry continued that people told him to look at those people who were in worse conditions than him.  They told him that he might have become blind, be born deaf or be handicapped and have to remain in a wheelchair.  He may even have been born with mental disorder. Mr. Lamb said that yes it was true and that Derry knew so much. VALUE POINTS
  18. 18. VALUE POINTS  Derry said that all this would not change his face. One day as he was waiting at a bus stop, a woman passed by him.  He heard her telling another woman that he had such a terrible face that only his mother could love him and no one else could.  Mr. Lamb asked him did he believe what he heard. Derry stressed that he heard it.  Mr. Lamb asked that was this the only thing he had heard from someone.  Derry said that no, he had heard many other things too. Lamb suggested him to shut his ears i.e., he should ignore all this.  Derry found Lamb’s words strange and added that he couldn’t understand his questions.  Mr. Lamb said that he liked to talk and also liked the company of others.  He also told him that there was no need to answer him and as the gates were open, he could leave if he wanted to
  19. 19.  Derry did not leave and he seemed unsure of it. Mr. Lamb said that there was a beehive in one of the trees.  People considered the buzzing sound of the bees to be a noise but for him it was a song sung by the bees.  Derry explained that he had liked the place from outside and so, had entered the garden.  Mr. Lamb questioned that would he have entered had he seen Mr Lamb to which Derry replied in the negative.  Derry said that if he would have entered his garden even after knowing that he was there, it would have been without his permission.  Mr. Lamb said that was not the real reason. Derry said that he did not like going near people as they got afraid of him and stared at him.  Mr. Lamb suggested that he could lock himself in a room forever.  He then narrated a story about the man who locked himself in his room as he was afraid of everything. VALUE POINTS
  20. 20. VALUE POINTS  The man thought that he would meet with an accident with a bus, he would catch infection from someone, a donkey would kick him to death, the lightning may hit him or he may die because the girl whom he loved may leave him or he may even slip off a banana and people would laugh at him.  In order to safeguard himself from all such incidents, he locked himself in his room.  Derry surprisingly asked Mr. Lamb if he locked himself forever. He replied that no, he did so for a while.  Derry asked him what happened next. Mr Lamb replied that a picture fell on his head and he died.  This made him laugh a lot and he said that Mr Lamb narrated strange talks.
  21. 21.  Mr. Lamb said that they were strange for some people.  Derry asked what Mr Lamb did all day. He replied that he sat in the Sun, reading books. He said that the house was full of books.  Derry looked at the house and said that there weren't any curtains on the windows.  Mr Lamb replied that he did not like curtains. He liked transparency- light, darkness and the wind too.  Derry added that he also liked all of them and he also liked the sound of the rain falling on the roof of his house.  Mr Lamb commented that Derry was present minded as he could hear.  Derry said that his family worried about him that what would he do in the future with a burned face. VALUE POINTS
  22. 22. VALUE POINTS  Mr Lamb said that Derry had everything - two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears, etc.  He wanted to make Derry realize that he had so much which many other people were deprived of.  He added that Derry could accomplish a lot if he determined to do so.  Derry asked how was it possible and Mr Lamb replied that the same was as he did.  Derry asked if Mr Lamb had any friends and he replied that he had a few hundred of them.  Derry further said that still he lived alone in such a big house. Mr Lamb said that everyone was his friend- many people visited the garden.  The gate remained open. They sat there, by the fire in winter season. Kids came to pick apples and pears and to take the honey toffees made by him.
  23. 23.  Derry said that he wasn't a friend of Mr Lamb's. He said that Derry was a friend because he had not done any such thing that should cease their friendship.  Derry said that they did not know each other well to become friends. Mr Lamb did not consider that to be important.  He did not need Derry's particulars before becoming friends with him. Mr Lamb said that if he wished, he could tell him his name.  Deery replied that his name was 'Derek' but he disliked it and wanted to be called 'Derry' instead.  He added that he might not visit the place in future and then they would not remain friends anymore.  Mr Lamb asked the reason and Derry replied that one crosses many people while walking down the street, might speak to a few of them and never see them again. This did not mean that they had become friends. VALUE POINTS
  24. 24. VALUE POINTS  Mr Lamb commented that it did not mean that strangers were enemies, if not friends.  Derry said that they were nothing, just people. Mr Lamb said that it could not be that people were nothing to each other.  Derry said that there were some people whom he hated.  Mr Lamb replied that hatred would harm him more than the acid that had 'only' affected his face.  Derry commented that 'only' his face. Mr Lamb said that a bomb explosion blew up his leg but there were worse things that could happen - one could burn himself up from the inside by the negative feelings.  Derry said that when he had returned from the hospital, a person had said that it was better if he had remained there with people like him.  He added that people think all disabled people should remain together at one place.  Mr Lamb added this meant that people without legs should remain together and the world would become imbalanced that way.
  25. 25.  Derry said that at least no one would stare at the other because all of them were similar.  Mr Lamb asked Derry that did he mean that he was like all other people with burned faces just because they had similar appearance.  He added that everything was different. Although all things are the same, yet they are different.  Derry was confused. Mr Lamb said that our habits of watching, listening and thinking differently made us different from each other.  Derry said that he liked Mr Lamb's house and garden. He replied that Derry was always welcome there.  Derry said that the place was not his. Mr Lamb said that everything was his if he wanted it to be.  He added that all his possessions were for everyone. Derry asked if he could visit the place again and Mr Lamb replied that he could and he would find company too.  He added that Derry needn't mind other people, no one would stop him from entering the premises.  Derry said that they probably would not like to enter the place upon seeing him.  Maybe they would look at his face, get scared and run away. VALUE POINTS
  26. 26. VALUE POINTS  Mr Lamb replied that they might or might not run away and that he had to take a chance on that.  Derry said that Mr Lamb had to choose out of him and the other people as visitors because no one liked to remain near him.  Mr Lamb would lose all his friends if he had Derry in his garden.  Mr Lamb said that he was there and did not run away on seeing Derry.  He added that when he went out on the street, kids teased him although they visited his garden and his house.  It was like a game. They were not scared of him because he was not scared of them.  Derry asked that did his leg get injured in the war and Mr Lamb replied that it did so.  Derry asked that how would he climb up the ladder to pluck the apples.  He replied that there were a lot of things that he had learned to do.  Derry added that if he climbed the tree alone, fell from it and broke his neck, he would lie on the grass, dead.  Mr Lamb said that it could happen. Derry asked if he could help him pluck the apples.
  27. 27.  Mr Lamb said that he could help him if he wanted to.  Derry said that his mother would be waiting for him. His home was five miles away, across the fields.  He was fourteen years of age but still he was supposed to tell her where he was.  Mr Lamb added that people had the habit of worrying. Derry added that actually they were in the habit of fussing.  Mr Lamb asked Derry to go home and inform his mother of his whereabouts.  His house was three miles away. As the weather was fine and he had legs, he could easily go home, tell them and return.  Derry said that once he went home, he would not be allowed to return.  Mr Lamb added that once home Derry himself would not feel like coming back. Derry said that Mr Lamb did not know what all he could do.  Mr Lamb said that only Derry knew what he could do. Derry started to say that if he chose... but was interrupted by Mr Lamb.  He said that Derry had to choose and he could not tell him what to do. VALUE POINTS
  28. 28. VALUE POINTS  Derry said that his family forced him to do things their way.  Mr Lamb said that it was Derry's wish to agree with them or not.  Derry was confused about what he wanted, something that was only his, and no one had it - like the garden.  Mr Lamb said that he could find out what he wanted.  Derry asked how he could do that. Mr Lamb told him to wait, watch and listen.  He added that he had to see the bees. Derry asked that did the other visitors talk to Mr Lamb.  Mr Lamb replied that some did while some did not. Derry said that he did not believe that someone ever visited the place.  Mr Lamb lived alone all by himself. No one cared for him. Mr Lamb said that Derry could think as he pleased.  Derry asked him the names of some of the visitors. Mr Lamb said that names were nothing.  They could be like Tom, Dick or Harry. He left to see the bees.  Derry said that perhaps Mr Lamb was mentally challenged
  29. 29.  .Mr Lamb said that was a good excuse for Derry but Derry said that Mr Lamb did not talk sense and that's why he said so.  Mr Lamb repeated that it was a good excuse for not returning to the garden.  Derry's face was burned which was other people's excuse for not seeing Derry.  Derry said that Mr Lamb was like other people. If he was not sorry that his face was burned, then maybe he was scared of it.  If not that, then maybe he thought that Derry was as ugly as a devil. He added that he was a devil. Derry shouted.  Mr Lamb did not reply. He had gone to see the bees. Derry became calm and said that Mr Lamb did not think him to be a devil.  He liked to be in the garden. Derry got up and shouted that he was leaving and that he would return to see him.  He did not have a tin leg, could run and would be back soon. Derry ran off.  The place was silent with the sounds of the creatures of the garden. VALUE POINTS
  30. 30. VALUE POINTS  Mr Lamb talked to the bees that they saw all that happened. They all knew that no one ever returned to the garden.  The second scene is at Derry’s house and Derry is talking to his mother.  His mother asked what did Derry think of her. She had already heard about Mr. Lamb.  Derry told her not to believe what others said but she warned him that she knew what was required to be known about any person and therefore, asked him not to go back.  Derry asked her the reason of her fear. He told her that Mr Lamb was just an old man with a tin leg and had a big house without curtains and a garden.  He said that he wanted to go back and listen to things. His mother was curious to know what was it that he wanted to listen.  He replied that he wanted to hear bees singing and wanted to listen to what Mr Lamb said.  But she didn’t find it suitable and so she told him to stay at home and think about what he wanted to.
  31. 31. VALUE POINTS  Derry said that he hated to remain at home. His mother excused him for speaking wrong because he felt bad and so spoke that way.  Derry said that it had nothing to do with is face. The important thing was how he thought and what he saw or heard.  He announced that he would go back into the garden to help Mr. Lamb with the crab apples.  His mother tried to stop him but he ran away shutting the door behind him.  The third scene is in Mr. Lamb’s garden. There was the sound of branches.  Mr. Lamb was talking to himself while he was plucking the apples.  Suddenly a harsh sound of the cracking wood was heard and the ladder fell on the ground.  Mr. Lamb fell too. Derry opened the gate, he was still breathing rapidly and declared to Mr. Lamb that he had returned.  He looked at him and found him lying on the ground. He went near him and tried to talk to him but no one replied.  Derry kept on calling him by his name and suddenly started crying. He did so because he realized that Mr. Lamb was dead.
  32. 32. The story begins with a teenage boy entering a garden. His face is burnt on one side due to an accident when acid fell on half of his face. He has gone there to hide himself as he is afraid of facing people. He fears being teased by others for having such a face. But when he enters, he finds someone already present there. He tries to leave the place but he is stopped by the old man, Mr. Lamb, the owner of the garden. Derry feels guilty for entering the garden without permission. Mr. Lamb welcomes him and tells him not to leave just because of his presence. Derry wants to leave as he thinks people don’t like his face and moreover ,they get afraid of his looks. But Mr. Lamb insists him to stay there. They enter into a conversation that how Derry is not liked by anyone and how he hates people behaving like this with him. Mr. Lamb tries to console him. He tells him that he has a tin leg and kids make fun of him. Still he is not depressed and enjoys his life. They both talk about various things and this leads to revelation of Derry’s fear, depression and hatred about his being in such condition. SUMMARY
  33. 33. But Mr. Lamb keeps On telling him to think of the positive things. Soon they become friends and Mr. Lamb asks him to help him in plucking the crab apples of his garden. Derry tells him that he had come too far from his home and hadn’t told anything about this to his mother. Mr. Lamb tells him to take permission from his mother. Derry finds it difficult and this leads to a small quarrel between both of them. At last Derry tells him that he would come back after taking his mother’s permission. His mother does not want him to go back but he comes back again to fulfill his promise. Meanwhile Mr. Lamb climbs the ladder on his own to pluck the crab apples as he was sure that Derry would not return. He was disabled and it was difficult for him to climb. Mr. Lamb falls from his ladder and dies. Derry, on the other hand, returns to the garden to help him. When he enters the garden, he sees Mr. Lamb lying on the ground. Derry tries hard to make him move but did not get any response from him. Finally he comes to know that he is dead and starts crying. SUMMARY
  34. 34. The play deals with the sense of loss, a sense of isolation and how to overcome it. The actual pain caused by a physical impairment is often much less than the sense of alienation felt by the person. in this chapter there are two characters Derry who is a 14 years old boy and his face was half burnt because acid spilt on him and second Mr lamb who was a old man who had lost his one leg in a war and a tin leg but he was a extrovert but Derry was a introvert. he live very sadness in his life but when he met Mr lamb then he became turned into extrovert.. THEME
  35. 35. Q1.“Mind the apples!”, says Mr Lamb. Why do you think, does he issue this instruction, to whom and how many times? Q.2What is the attitude of Mr Lamb to the small boy who comes to his garden ? Q.3What explanation does the small boy offer for coming into the garden? How does Mr Lamb react to it? Q.4“T ‘m not afraid. People are afraid of me,” says Derry. What do people think on seeing his face? How do they react then? Q.5How does Mr Lamb change the subject from ugly face to ripe apples? Q.6Why, according to Derry, has the old man changed the subject? Q.7“We’re not the same”, says Derry. How does Mr Lamb try to convince him that there is no essential difference between them? SHORT QUESTION ANSWERS(2 M)
  36. 36. Q.1How did Mr. Lamb try to give courage and confidence to Derry? Value Points: • Derry: suffers self – hatred & rejection. • Mr Lamb experiences the same • He startles Derry with his strange talks • According to Mr.Lamb everyone and everything is essentially the same • The notion of beauty is relative • His concept of the world and friendship is confusing but appeal to Derry • Derry gets fascinated by the old man. • sheds his complex about his ugliness • rediscovers the joys of life. LONG QUESTION ANSWERS (5 M)
  37. 37. ANSWER: Derry suffers from an acute sense of self-hatred and rejection because of his burnt face. He feels he is very ugly because of which no one will ever love him. Mr. Lamb too has heard Derry only complain and bemoan about himself. He feels very sad to see a fourteen year old boy giving up on life just because of his physical disability. Mr. Lamb at first startles Derry with his strange talk. He tells Derry he is interested in everything created by God. His encouraging words have a magical effect on Derry. Mr. Lamb’s conversation that everyone and everything is essentially the same, the notion of beauty is relative and his concept of the world and friendship baffle but appeal to Derry and he gets fascinated by the old man. Slowly he sheds his complex about his ugliness and rediscovers the joys of life.
  38. 38. Q.1What efforts does Mr Lamb make to strike up a friendship with Derry, the small boy, who enters his garden ? Q.2What is the bond that unites the two—old Mr Lamb and Derry, the small boy ? How does the old man inspire the small boy? Q.3 Compare and contrast the characters of Mr. Lamb and Derry. Q.4 What impression do you form of Derry, the small boy, in the play ‘On The Face Of It’ ? Q.5Which qualities of Mr Lamb have impressed you most? LONG QUESTION ANSWERS (5 M)