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Pdhpe rationale


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Pdhpe rationale

  1. 1. PDHPE RationalePDHPE is a crucial component for any child in order to live ahealthy, active lifestyle. Read further so you can gain agreater understanding of why this Key Learning Area is soimportant to the lives of our greatest asset – Our children By Adam Christopher Connor 15124193
  2. 2. Why teach PDHPE?• First and foremost: Increased health benefits – The results of having good health flow on to other aspects of life- Improved quality of life- Less sickness and disability- Happier personal, social, and family experiences
  3. 3. Why teach PDHPE?• PDHPE promotes regular physical activity – A crucial element of a healthy life• Everybody is recommended to partake in 30 minutes of physical activity everyday• In addition, children should engage in more rigorous physical activities for at least 20 minutes three times a week• We follow the TGFU (Teaching Games For Understanding) approach. By using game sense every child is actively involved in our PE lessons – Regardless of his/her ability
  4. 4. Why teach PDHPE? PDHPE places a great emphasis on student’s making informed decisions – leading to effective and responsible action Children go through significant changes in their primary school years – PDHPE relays this critical information to the children in age-related content relevant to their lives The children learn the importance of interpersonal relationships – And promotes making positive relationships in the context of their family, peer group and team environments
  5. 5. Why teach PDHPE? Lets have a look at some of the content we will be covering in PDHPE this year:- Active Lifestyle- Dance- Games and Sports- Growth and development- Gymnastics- Interpersonal relationships- Personal health choices- Safe living- Does that not only sound informative, but FUN?!!- As you can see – PDHPE is a fun, informative and essential KLA (Key Learning Area)