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KMO is the region’s first dedicated Social Media marketing agency and consultancy headquartered in Karachi.
We specialize in teaching and supporting international brands, Celebrities and government departments to leverage regional online platforms and tools to drive innovation in their marketing/communication practices.
As a passionate team of marketing thought leaders and Social Media insiders, we help companies not only understand what Social Media marketing is, but actually evolve the way they communicate with consumers.
Our team is young and enthusiastic, which means we’re energetic, committed, cost effective and faster than the big boys.

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Kinesis Marketing Online Presentation

  1. 1. Kinesis Marketing Online Social Media Agency & Training House For more information visit us at
  2. 2. The Facts 20,350,000 Internet Users in Pakistan 12% of Population penetration Pakistan is 25th in terms of Facebook users 5,395,020 User in Pakistan 3.04% Population pénétration Penetration of online population 29.16% For more information visit us at
  3. 3. About UsSocial Media marketing agency and consultancyAs a passionate team of marketing thought leaders and Social Media insiders, we helpcompanies not only understand what Social Media marketing is, but actually evolve the waythey communicate with consumers.Our team is young and enthusiastic, which means we’re energetic, committed,cost effective and faster than the big boys. SocialWe specialize in NetworksCustomized Social Media TrainingSocial Media Consulting for Agencies Blogger ForumsDigital Strategy Planning for Businesses RelationsSocial Media & PR 2.0 Campaigns Social Marketing Campaigns and Consulting Campaign Micro- Conceptualization Blogging Events For more information visit us at
  4. 4. Why Kinesis Marketing Online?• We are connected: With a strong following online our consultants are digital marketing insiders and are considered key local community influencers. We maintain strong relationships with bloggers Community, journalists and active consumers which allows us to give you relevant advice and extend the community goodwill we have earned, to your brand.!• We are experienced: Our chief Strategist has more than 5 years of experience in the field of Marketing & Social Media. While most were still grappling to understand how influence works online, He has been very active with clients across the world Harnessing Businesses online .• Great Mix of Skill set: We’ve combined technologists, PR specialists and social media strategists to form a powerful team that helps you leverage social media by creating campaigns that fuse content with technology thus helping your brand make deeper connections with your customers online For more information visit us at
  5. 5. We Value Community: A community makes or breaks a social effort. They are the true leaders. Strategic Thinking: Our advice and insight must help fulfill client goals and improve their business processes. Guerrilla Marketing: guerrillas measure success by net-gains and profits – it’s about results. Diversity: It’s not “either or,” success in a social environment is about celebrating and leveraging differences. Being Social: and that’s about using social media and networks to deepen relationships with stakeholders and customers. For more information visit us at
  6. 6. Solution MatrixOur Process: Our ultimate goal is to see your organization be fully social and independently able to navigate Assessment and prosper within the social web. Ongoing Strategy Road Our job is done when we have become redundant Support & Map Intelligence and being Social is part of your business culture and processes. Our Process Social media can be a complex and messy space…only if you allow it to be. Launching Equipping The Matrix is made up of six proven processes Activation that, when combined, creates a clean and simple approach to social media success. For more information visit us at
  7. 7. Assessment Every great business achievement has a starting place. Before we help you chart your path or build asocial media profile, we must first understand where you are at. This includes analyzing your current use of social media (if any), setting specific goals and establishing criteria for success. An assessment of core social media activities, profiles and competencies A summary outlining the reasoning behind your score and suggested steps for improvement This can be a one off assessment or a quarterly check-up to assess the effectiveness and improvement of your social media marketing efforts An optional Search Engine Optimization For more information visit us at
  8. 8. Strategy Road MapA Collaborative ApproachOnce we have assessed your social media readiness we help you plot a social media strategy thatis based upon where you are , what your goals are and who your target markets is. This will be astep-by-step plan that will be created in conjunction with you and your team. A facilitated collaborative planning approach with your organization Process can be campaign based or focused on the long-term process of socializing your business For more information visit us at
  9. 9. EquippingEquipping is about giving you and your team the knowledge and insight to succeed on your ownin social media communications and marketing.Social Media Training Modules: Rules of engagement and tools overview B2B Social LinkedIn & Blogging for Business Facebook Marketing & Pages Facebook Apps Twitter Marketing and Engagement Rules Video content, marketing and distribution Podcasting 101 – Getting started Social Media Intelligence: listening & monitoring Blogging Intensive Event and festival marketing Guerrilla Social Media Marketing For more information visit us at
  10. 10. ActivationBuild-Develop–Promote In order to reach your goals, you will need the right tools for the job. Based upon your business goals and the social media strategy that have been assessed, we will do the work to set up your major social media platforms. Upgrade your existing blog and social outposts Launch a new blog Twitter Customization Facebook customization of Pages/Apps Set-up your social media monitoring Customized Micro sites For more information visit us at
  11. 11. LaunchingFast Starts and LaunchingThe Launching process can include everything from handing you the keys to the car and sendingyou on your way to “holding your hand” until you get to a place you want to be. We offer variouslevels of support (depending on your requirements) when you step into the social media spaceand begin executing your strategy. Our role will be to make sure that you stay focused on yourgoals and are maximizing your use of the various social media tools. Social Media Calendar set-up Consulting and implementing and sustaining your plan Influencer outreach Kick-off parties, special events, Tweetups and Meetups For more information visit us at
  12. 12. Ongoing Support & IntelligenceBuilding MomentumThe social media landscape and market place is an ever-evolving entity. We are experts at stayingup to date with technology and market trends in order to provide you with the businessintelligence that you need to succeed. We are dedicated to providing you with ongoing support,depending on your needs, as long as you may need it. One-site social media consulting Competitive intelligence Exclusive insights on trends, on-going business intelligence Webinars, custom on-line training Telephone/Skype consultations For more information visit us at
  13. 13. ClientsClient Projects RefBlue Ice Technologies Worked on In House Project & for BIT Clients Sohail Ahmed Nadia Chottani nchhotani@gmail.comSocial Media with Kerry Worked on Kerry Internal Projects & for her Kerry Fitzgibbon clients kerry.fitzgibbon@ourintern Erik Martin hueypriest@gmail.comJake Oliver Jake Oliver jakeoliver01@gmail.comCommecs Institute Yousuf Khan yousuf.khan@commecsinsti For more information visit us at
  14. 14. Connect with Networks For more information visit us at