The Accidental Instructional Designer - Kineo Pacific & Cammy Bean


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In this webinar, Cammy Bean (@cammybean), VP of Learning Design from Kineo US ( shares insights and tips on how to develop a thriving career in Instructional Design in the learning & development industry.

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The Accidental Instructional Designer - Kineo Pacific & Cammy Bean

  1. 1. THE ACCIDENTAL INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER LIVE Q&A with Cammy Bean VP of Learning Design, Kineo US To Dial In: Access Code: 956-927-564 AU: +61 3 8488 8993 NZ: +64 (0) 9 801 0293
  2. 2. Kineo is an award-winning learning & technology solutions provider. Elearning & online learning LMS & Learning Portals Blended Programmes Consultancy & Training Marketing & Awareness Learning Insights
  3. 3. Once upon a time… When I grow up, I want to be… A singer! A writer! A teacher!
  4. 4. But instead, I became an instructional designer. What’s that, Mommy?
  5. 5. And I (sort of) grew up.
  6. 6. It turns out, most of us are here completely by accident. (Raise your hand if you are!)
  7. 7. Learning Creative TechnologyBusiness The well-rounded L&D professional needs the whole pie.
  8. 8. Those who do it all, look like this…
  9. 9. …although the reality may look more like this. Photo credit:
  10. 10. Key Themes • Educational background • Skills & Competencies • Getting started • Tools & technology • Staying current & keeping the passion alive • Managing the process • Networking & resources
  11. 11. Getting Started What is the most important thing an accidental ID needs to learn to be successful? What is the best advice you can give to someone starting out, who enjoys this line of work, little experience but wishes to grow? What are the biggest mistakes IDs make when they are new to the role? What are your big 5 hints, tips and tricks for a tenured trainer/facilitator/presenter who has been lassoed into ID?
  12. 12. Skills & Competencies o What trait have you found to be common to most ID's? o What are the top 5 capabilities an ID should have and continue to build on in their career? o What are the must have software/technical skills required to be an independent instructional designer? o Does having a background in subject matter make a big difference? o What percentage of time in ID is right brain vs. left brain analysing?
  13. 13. To degree or not to degree? Should I get a Master’s degree or just an ID certification? Is it worth going back to school to get a degree in ID if you are working in the field already? How do you establish credibility as an ID if you are not formally trained? What kind of training do you recommend for new ID’s?
  14. 14. Staying Current & Keeping the Passion Alive What inspires you each day to educate others? Was it a single event or are there different things? How do you stay current without exhausting yourself? When you're bogged down with too much work, how do you keep yourself on the path of good ID and not just "do the work"? What is the best advice you've received from someone about ID that you use often? How do you maintain your creativity to avoid having e-Learning presentations become stale or repetitive?
  15. 15. Tools & Technology o How do IDs stay relevant when authoring tools keep getting easier to use, giving many the thought that *anyone* can do ID? o What software do you prefer to use? o What tools do you use for developing online courses? What for storyboarding, interactivity, etc? o What is your favorite 'free' tool?
  16. 16. Managing the Process o How do you create learning objectives that look like business objectives? o What do you do when you have to say I don't know? o How do you effectively engage Subject Matter Experts (SME)? o What are your initial creative processes (do you use mind mapping, etc)? o How do you make the judgment on the “right” balance between content and activity?
  17. 17. Networking & Resources How do you find other LD people in your community to build a personal/professional net work? What are some networking/industry events that ID's should attend? What are the best websites to look for inspiration? What is in the ID's essential toolkit?
  18. 18. Questions?
  19. 19. Get Cammy’s book! Discount code: Design10 *Book giveaway will be announced after the webinar.
  20. 20. For even more top tips… Kineo website Email Kineo At: Cammy’s blog Find us On Twitter: @cammybean @kineopacific
  21. 21. What did you think of the webinar? Leave us your feedback here: