Snow White & the 7 SMEs - Tips on How to Work Successfully with SMEs on eLearning Projects


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Tina Griffin, Kineo Pacific's eLearning Solutions Manager, gives insightful tips on how to work successfully with even the most difficult of SMEs on eLearning projects.
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Snow White & the 7 SMEs - Tips on How to Work Successfully with SMEs on eLearning Projects

  1. 1. Disclaimer No SMEs were harmed in the making of this presentation. Any likeness to a SME, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
  2. 2. SMEs are expert in their subjects BUT… usually don’t speak ‘learner’ …which makes you a translator
  3. 3. Would the real SME please stand up
  4. 4. Initiation Scoping Design Development Review When SMEs usually get involved …and when they should be involved! (but how often are they?)
  5. 5. SMEs have many faces. Snow White knew that what worked for Grumpy would not work for Sleepy.
  6. 6. I can give you 10 minutes in 6 weeks time Big meeting with very important people
  7. 7. TIPS #1 Tweak their role Schedule & stick to it …but build in buffer Go where they are
  8. 8. I don’t know a thing about e- learning Why don’t we create a handout with all the information?
  9. 9. TIPS #2 Involve them … but be very very patient Lists, checklists, guides Give them visuals Present scripts verbally
  10. 10. I’m not sure – I’ll have to check with my boss Sorry THEY didn’t tell me this before
  11. 11. TIPS #3 Clearly define roles Advise and support your SME Find other ways to get the information Listen for the warnings
  12. 12. WE think that… WE want this… WE can’t agree... I’LL put that to the.. ..committee
  13. 13. TIPS #4 Create a lead-SME Tie down ‘sign-off’ Allow time for review But …. hold your ground
  14. 14. There’s a typo on page 63, 3rd word on paragraph 12 We’ll need the legislation written out in full
  15. 15. TIPS #5 Allow 5x more reviews Review with screen shots Edit using style guide Throw in an error
  16. 16. …jargon … jargon … jargon … jargon Big word… complex sentence …wordy explanation
  17. 17. TIPS #6 Prepare & be credible Ask for the book Record everything ….you’ll probably only get it once
  18. 18. The way I would explain this to learners on screen is … I’ll review that by the end of the day
  19. 19. TIPS #7 Clearly define roles Figure out your SMEs face and adapt Involve SMEs throughout the process