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Cdn world summit oct 2011


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Telecom Argentina Talk at CDN World Summit 2011, London.

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Cdn world summit oct 2011

  1. 1. Jacques Le MancqCEO Martin Ortiz, Product manager CDN
  2. 2. Mobile Broadband Fixed Pay TV Competitors Modem Cable (in MM) linesPenetration Argentina 129% 37% 67% 65% Latam 97% 23% 55% 27% vs population vs households vs households vs households Source: Pyramid Research Dec.2010
  3. 3. Total region IP Internet Capacity 300 Gbps 200 Gbps 100 Gbps GbpsArgentina’s Total,Telecom Argentina estimations
  4. 4. Average Target: 50% of traffic broadband householdsper user  How far of that are we ? doing HD streaming7,000 kbps @10Mbps @ peak hours6,000 kbps5,000 kbps4,000 kbps Target reach in3,000 kbps 20 years CAGR at the average2,000 kbps current apps mix1,000 kbps kbps But if the CAGR of current multimedia transfers dominate in the mix, the target is CAGR/sub promedio total, 25% Target 5Mbps/sub about 6 years Target en 5 años, CAGR 152% Multimedia Actual, CAGR 75% Target en 10 años, CAGR 60%
  5. 5. Throughput < 500 kbps  Resources efficiency – (moving the bits thousands of miles away doesn’t make no sense)  Multimedia experience maximized - (latency & throughput)  Scalability– (multiples nodes)* TelecomCDN© is a Trade Mark of Telecom Argentina Martin Ortiz Intelectual Property
  6. 6. Content, Carriers Overseas International  local destination! and ISP overseas Internet users Content, Carriers and ISP overseas Overseas Internet usersLocal content owners Local content owners Argentina’s Argentina’s Internet users Internet users (Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, etc) Local origin –> local destination ! Martin Ortiz Intelectual Property
  7. 7. IP Internet Capacity 1000 Gbps 750 Gbps 500 Gbps 250 Gbps Today GbpsArgentina’s Total País. Telecom Argentina estimations No operator can support this growth with the current business model and current infrastructure
  8. 8.  Cable/IPTV/broadcasting • Internet Video (CDN & OTT) Public & Private Internet Private network Head End Operator & Content owner and Grids de Content Distribuitor producers DCentersowner and (Cable / IPTV / Sat) Clients = (CDN Customers) & CDNs Content owner’s Clientsproducers subcriptors= Broadband subscriptors Usuers Internet Users Agregator Traffic Subcription Rights Revenue Subcription Content rights One side revenue flow Two side revenue flow Martin Ortiz Intelectual Property
  9. 9. Live Air/Cable/Sat (Broadcasting) CDN Massive (Broadband) Niche (One to Many) (One to One) InternetAudience (Web Hosting) Hits OnPopularity Demand Martin Ortiz Intelectual Property # Items / Catalog
  10. 10.  IRIS @ CDN (since early 2005 )  LIVE  CPE ENCODING LIVE ONDEMAND  @MEDIA CPE ENC @MEDIA  ONDEMAND 7x24 Eventos  IRIS DRM DRM Agregadores  IRIS EVENTOS  Resellers / Content Aggregators/ Solution Integrators  ARNET PLAY (since Oct 2011)TelecomCDN© is a TM of Telecom Argentina Martin Ortiz Intelectual Property
  11. 11. Application Digital head-end Platform VOD Statistics Billing server FTP server File Offline Encryption encoder server provisioning content server Data Rights server Content Live Live Encryption Managementchannels encoder server System Live Service / web portal BkM100 CDN Mediator BkS200 / 300 Multi-format Streaming server Backbone network Fixed ADSL Mobile network
  12. 12.  3 different access levels ◦ Resellers ◦ Content Providers ◦ Services: Live or On Demand For each level ◦ Quotas ◦ Billing ◦ Analytics Turnkey Solution
  13. 13. Telecom CDN 2011 Main features 2011 Concurrents sessions 100k -> 500k Nodes 5 -> 15 Capacity (Gbps) 80 -> 300 Streaming HD yes WM – Flash - 3GP Streaming Multi protocol Smooth S – A. Dynamic S Apple HLS -> google HTML5 500TB->1PB @ 2 central pops Storage /25 TB @ edge nodes Going borders countries Multi Operator for 2012
  14. 14. Copa America: content consumption LATAM without Argentina Argentina Other 92% played from Argentina 3% 5% 97% played from Latin America Proves there is a true rational for Operator CDNs 92%
  15. 15. “Advanced caching” IPTV/OTT offer “Operator CDN” offer offer Content Web content Web content Live VODVOD VOD Live negotiated by monetized by the Live redirected by the the operator operator operator CDN Service (eg. Akamai) Operator’s Operator’s Private and/ or Internet Operator’s internet Network Internet Network Network We bring content providers and network operators together to maximize end-user experience