Kinley And Manbeck Overview 08 Wpo


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Overview of the company

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Kinley And Manbeck Overview 08 Wpo

  1. 1. CORPORATE OVERVIEW KINLEY & MANBECK, INC. THE FOCUS -- WHAT WE DO BEST Delivering quality Management Consulting & Training Achieving success is realized by instilling confidence in the solutions for over 17 years, Kinley & Manbeck works total organization to build the critical business linkages that to bring business change solutions to real-life business enable change to take place in the people, the culture and situations. We work with small to large business optimally--the bottom line. organizations helping align the total organization to “You aren’t just changing a process or implementing new embrace the need for change for optimal results. K&M consultants have worked in partnership with the technology; you are changing the way people think as an internal organizations of; organization …” Christine Manbeck Sales And Marketing Product Forecasting Optimization President/CEO Information Technology Staying true to the value we have built with our clients to Technology Implementation Training offering quality solutions, we have remained on focused on Strategies what has made us successful. Administration Operations Project Management Process Improvement Solutions Business Processes To Real-Time Workflow Change Management Strategies Human Resources Leadership Development Realign People To New Roles And Learning Development & Delivery (ILT, WBT’s, Video) Responsibilities Business Documentation A UNIQUE CHOICE OUR SOLUTION SPECIALISTS Project Managers (PMI/Six Sigma) K&M offers a unique choice to our clients. Whether you want us to bring a complete team solution or just Business and Systems Analysts augment your staff with our specialists, K&M offers Program and Project Coordinators the flexibility to choose the teaming method that Project Administrators works best for you, your organization, and most Trainers and Coaches importantly, your budget. Documentation Specialists (Technical and Operations) THE METHOD INDUSTRY FOCUS Pharmaceutical Building confidence in the process from the inside out Telecommunications of an organization, K&M strives to build effective Financial Services business strategies for enhancing individual Consumer Products performance to drive an organization to greater Government capacity by providing real-life tools, resulting in Manufacturing Logistics improved profitability. The K&M Way… THE BONUS Engage the Organization WBENC – Certificate 245374 Develop the Strategy New Jersey Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Category 2 - Certificate 37168-15 Define the Process New Jersey Small Business Enterprise (WBE), - Implement the Solution Certificate 37168-15 Transfer the Knowledge Port Authority of NY & NJ – Certificate PA-20139 Measure the Effectiveness Certified WBE, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ©2008 Kinley & Manbeck, Inc. all rights reserved 1-800-4KinMan
  2. 2. CORPORATE OVERVIEW THE RESULTS WHY K&M SOLUTION Business Strategy Development – Management Leadership Coaching for a Financial Services organization with Consulting, Change Management, Business multiple internal personnel issues while trying to provided Improvement uninterrupted quality services to an ever changing client in management transition due to retirements and re-allocations of resources. Training Plan Oversight – Quality Assurance, Training Plan Evaluation to the FDNY implementation of city wide Management Consulting, Subject Matter Expertise handheld communications devices (FARR). IT Road Mapping – Management Consulting, Project Management to define the business requirements for a Subject Matter Expertise, Strategic Planning, complete transformation of the IT functions for a rapidly growing Business Requirements Definition, Request for company for presentation to investors and subsequent vendor Proposals, Vendor Selection selection of the appropriate software tools to meet business expansion goals. Adverse Events Reporting System (AERS) Training Project Management for documentation, training, change & Deployment – Training Team Lead for management, business analysis, procedural writing, instructional Instructional Design and Delivery design, and delivery for the new Oracle database for a Pharmacovigilance Information system implemented on a global level to track adverse drug reactions. Information Management System Design – Validation Documentation (CVS) Project Coordination; Business Requirements, logical design, technical working in partnership with a software vendor to implement a writing, and project coordination Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to support. Global Sales Modeling – Business Process Business Process Improvement for internal process work Development & Delivery against industry Best streams, applications and tools training that drive the sales lifecycle, Practices creating missing/incomplete components as necessary. Product Forecasting Optimization – Business Business Process Improvement to streamlined monthly Analysis and Implementing Best Practices production forecasting with technology enhancements and new system features while uncovering and reducing redundancies and inefficiencies in client methods and perceptions of best practices. Worldwide Divisional Operations & Research Learning Solutions Development; ILT, WBT’s & Video’s, Learning & Development – Program Management, customized to client’s validation requirements, for worldwide use by Instructional Design and Delivery, Participant physicians, their staff and research assistants, thereby increasing Tracking and Coordination speed and reporting accuracy of clinical trial data. Sales Process Modeling & Training – Technical Standard Operating Procedures in a Seibel™ environment that Writing with a blend of Training Team Leadership would outline the process for training new sales representatives in for Instructional Design and Delivery specific job functions as well as the use of several in-house software applications for each Business Unit within the organization. SAP Training Project Management & Deployment Learning Solutions Development; Prime Contractor charged with – Project Management and Training Team Lead managing two additional sub-contracting agencies through a multi- for Instructional Design and Delivery year, global roll-out of SAP™ training encompassing 4,500 internal employees, hundreds of external Business Partners; totaling over 35,000 learners worldwide, using a variety of learning methods and strategies to create a consistent and manageable learning environment for a spin-off company. ©2008 Kinley & Manbeck, Inc. all rights reserved 1-800-4KinMan