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Simulation with Arena (Dental Clinic project)

This is a short slide presentation of my assignment in course of System thinking and modeling. I used Arena Simulation software as tool to discover and make improvements in dental clinic service.

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Simulation with Arena (Dental Clinic project)

  1. 1. Business Process Simulation Project : Dental Clinic service (Tool: Arena Simulation Software) Mr. Sok kimseng
  2. 2. Problem Description Dental clinic manager wants to fire a few staffs because he observed that the resource (dentists and dental assistant) is over capacity requirement. And also, he wants To cut expense of labor cost. However, he still want to provide the best quality of treatment, services, and the lowest price for overall patients both local and international. So he wants to know the effect of cutting the number of dentist or dental assistants. The Bright Smile dental clinic:  Personnel: three dentists (Two are active employees and One is part-time employee), four dental assistants, one receptionist, and one secretary.  Machine Capacity: the clinic equipped with one x-ray machine, one intraoral radiographs unit, and one extra-oral panoramic radiographs unit for providing oral healthcare service to patients.
  3. 3. Question and KPIs Questions: Does it effect to patients number out or service quality if dental clinic manager wants to fire one dental assistant and one part-time dentist? The main objective of this project is to study staffing modification by modifying the number of resource so that manager can determine the impact of this modification on the performance metrics of the dental clinic in delivery oral healthcare service by using Arena simulation software. KPIs: We have to measure some performance metrics such as: a. The rejected percent when dentists are not available for providing service to the patients b. The patient total time in system (dental clinic) for first and return patients c. Resource Utilization (Personnel and dental chair)
  4. 4. Dental Clinic Layout South North WestEast CRE Waiting Room IN Treat 2 CDR TR CO D&P Treat 3 Treat 1 Treat 5 Treat 6 Treat 4
  5. 5. Data Input  Entity: Patients (First and Return Patients) Process:  Queue: FIFO  Resource Process ID Process Resource ID Process time (minutes) Interarrival of patients NORM(43.7,14.1) CRE Check-in with receiptionist RE TRIA(2,3,4) CDR Check-in for first visit with dentist DR and DC TRIA(10,12,15) CDR Check-in for return visit with dentist DR and DC TRIA(3,5,8) TR Taking radiograph DA TRIA(3,4,5) IN Oral Health Instruction DA TRIA(10,15,20) D&P Diagnosis & Planning DR and DC TRIA(2,4,10) Treat 1 Filling treatment DR, DA and DC TRIA(30,40,50) Treat 2 Sealing treatment DR, DA and DC TRIA(20,30,40) Treat 3 Cleaning treatment DR, DA and DC TRIA(20,30,40) Treat 4 Crown treatment DR, DA and DC TRIA(45,60,70) Treat 5 Extraction treatment DR, DA and DC TRIA(30,45,60) Treat 6 Check-up DR, DA and DC TRIA(5,10,15) CO Check-out for first visit RE TRIA(5,8,12) CO Check-out for return visit RE TRIA(1,2,3) Resource ID Resoruce Capacity DR Dentist 3 DA Dental Assistant 4 RE Receptionist 1 DC Dental Chair 2
  6. 6. Conceptual Flow Check-in Meet dentist Meet dental assistant Meet dentist and dental assistant to do preventive and corrective dental treatment Patients Arrive Patients leave or return to clinic again based - Dental assessment, - Diagnosis & planning -Take radiograph (If needed) - Oral health instruction
  7. 7. Conceptual Model Patient s Arrival First Visit Return Visit CDR TR D&R IN Treat 1 Treat 3 Treat 6 Treat 5 Treat 4 CO 40% 60% 30% 15% 55% 30% 15% 15% 10% 20% NORM(43.7,14.1) First Visit: TRIA(10,12,15) Return Visit: TRIA(3,5,8) TRIA(3,4,5) TRIA(10,15,20) TRIA(2,4,10) TRIA(30,40,50) TRIA(20,30,40) TRIA(45,60,70) TRIA(30,45,60) TRIA(5,10,15) Treat 2 TRIA(20,30,45) CRE TRIA(2,3,4) 10% Patients Leave First Visit: TRIA(5,10,15) Return Visit: TRIA(1,2,3) First Visit Time in system Return Visit Time in system First Visit number Return Visit number RE=1 DR=1,DC=1 DA=1 DA=1 DR=1,DC=1 DR=1,DA=1, DC=1 RE=1
  8. 8. ARENA Model
  9. 9. Run Setup Replication Percent rejected 1 26.666 2 18.75 3 23.529 4 25 5 29.411 6 29.411 7 15.374 8 6.666 9 25 10 35.294 Sample Mean 23.5101 Sample standard deviation 7.716732384 95% Confidence Interval Half Width 5.519834287 Minimum Summary output value 6.666 Maximum Summary output value 35.294 Error in the point estimate 23.47% Desired value h 2 First approximation 57.18985953 Second approximation 76.17142639  Simulation run time:  Terminating simulation (TNOW > 600 && Total WIP == 0)  Number of replication  Based on statistical analysis, number of replication should be 80 times.
  10. 10. Evaluating scenarios with PAN
  11. 11. Discussion  Percent rejected: According to box and whisker plot with error tolerance 10%, the percent rejected of scenario 10, scenario 14, and scenario 18 are 11.12%, the same level.
  12. 12. Discussion  Resources: According to the table below, the scenario 18 is the best in term of number of resource usage and resource utilization in the clinic.Resource Utilization DA DC DR Scenario 10 0.44 7 0.25 0.59 7 Scenario 14 0.44 7 0.33 7 0.59 7 Scenario 18 0.44 7 0.50 0.59 7Resources DA DC DR Scenario 10 2 4 4 Scenario 14 2 3 4 Scenario 18 2 2 4
  13. 13. Discussion  Average total time in the clinic: The average total time in dental clinic system is the same in scenario 10, 14, and 18.  Total time in system for first visit patient is 75.821minutes.  Total time in system for return visit patient is 59.621 minutes.
  14. 14. Conclusion Regarding to the question and discussion, we conclude and recommend as following:  Scenario 18 is the best.  Dental clinic manager could not fire dentist if he considers about the percent rejected or service level.  In contrast, the manager should hire one more dentist so that the percent rejected will be reduced from 25.51% to 11.120% an well as the average total time in the clinic will be reduced from 93.202 minutes to 75.821 minutes for first visit patients and from 77.908 minutes to 59.621minutes for return visit patients.  On the other hand, the resource utilization of dental assistant is low (only 18.6%). we also recommend that dental assistants should be reallocated and assigned to other tasks in case of manager doesn’t want to fire them. We can add more tasks for them in order to use this resource efficiently.
  15. 15. Thank you!!!