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Ex drug addict ex drug dealer reveals home business hustle january 20 2014


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Why do so many ex felon's find it hard to start over?
The ex drug addict or ex drug dealer has That on their resume.
How can someone who has a life of crime turn it around?
By using the same skills and basic properties of business that are used in her or her life of crime.
Think about it. If you or I were a drug dealer. We would need good people skills, organization and networking in order to get our product to our client.
Not the Hollywood version of a a dealer... but a really one.
Those same principles helped this young man turn from a career as a drug dealer to a career in the music industry.
You can do.
Whatever your past is.
Come join a group of people what will walk with you step by step in building your own business and being a success.
No one has been turned away for their past.
You are welcome.

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