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Learn mandarin fluenz mandarin 1+2+3 with supplemental audio c ds and podcasts


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Learn mandarin fluenz mandarin 1+2+3 with supplemental audio c ds and podcasts

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Learn Mandarin: Fluenz Mandarin1+2+3 with supplemental Audio CDs andPodcastsViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.5 out of 5Product Feature75 sessions of up to two and one-half hours each --qthe most comprehensive software applicationcovering the first, second and third level ofMandarin anywhere. Fluenz Mandarin 1+2+3 willguide you in English through the challenges ofMandarin with a proven system.Includes Fluenz Mandarin 1+2 and FluenzqMandarin 3 DVD-ROMs, two audio CDs foradditional learning, exclusive, downloadablepodcasts for further practice, and the handyFluenz Navigator for on-the-go referencing ofimportant words and phrases.The Fluenz language tutor guides you on videoqevery step of the way, recreating a one-on-onetutoring experience, utilizing explanations inEnglish, placing you in real-world contexts, andimmersing you in the culture.Fluenz blends a video tutor with a range ofqengaging, interactive workouts to improve yourreading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in aunique approach that is currently being used bythe US Navy, senior personnel at the UN andUNICEF, executives of Fortune 500 companies,students at Harvard Business School and otherleading universities.Please be aware that we cannot guaranteeqthird-party sellers are providing the programslatest version. Older versions of the program areunlikely to work on Mac Lion OS, Mac MountainLion OS or Windows 8. Fluenz cannot supportprograms purchased through third-party sellers. Toguarantee that youre getting the latest versionmake sure your shopping cart indicates "Sold byFluenz", whether it is fulfilled by Amazon ordirectly by Fluenz.æ
  2. 2. Read moreqProduct DescriptionThe only interactive language program featuring real teachers who guide learners every step ofthe way, explaining in English the intricacies and shortcuts of Chinese. Ideal for those who thrive in ateacher-oriented learning environment, who need to understand how the language works in plain English, andwho seek relevant Chinese they can actually use while in China.The team behind the application combines recent Harvard and Cornell graduates, some of whom went to Chinato learn the language and understand the specific challenges for English-speakers, seasoned Chinese teacherstrained in the teaching of Mandarin to non-Chinese learners, and veterans of technology start-ups.Fluenz Mandarin 1+2+3 is composed of 75 full sessions that each include up to two hours and thirty minutes oftraining. Every session features a set of clear, common sense tools that progressively increase the learnersrange of communication. Instead of endless expressions that follow simple present tense sentences no onereally needs (This is an apple, The woman runs), Fluenz builds steadily from useful structures like questions andcommands (Where can I get a taxi?, Stop here), and useful vocabulary (restaurants, transportation, directions,etc.) to more and more complex speech. The third level focuses on work-related activities through intensivetraining with the past tense, the present progressive, subtle forms of description, measure words, conditionals,and strategies for using the right word order. Read moreProduct DescriptionThe only interactive Mandarin program offering an immersive environment that recreates the best elements ofgreat one-on-one tutoring.A Great Teacher on Your ComputerDiscover Mandarin through the power of two great tutors with the comprehensive 1+2+3 program. The Fluenzcustom-made approach guides you in English every step of the way through the challenges of Mandarin, whileimmersing you in the beauty of Chinese culture.A Proven Track RecordFluenzs unique approach is currently being used by elite units of the US Navy, senior personnel at the UN andUNICEF, executives at Microsoft, HP and Intel, as well as students at Harvard Business School and other leadinguniversities.
  3. 3. How Fluenz gets you there:• A real on-screen tutor who guides you every step of the way.• Using English explanations so you never get lost.• Immersing you in the culture of the language.f2is the newest version of Fluenz, containing hundreds of small yet significant improvements over all prior versions of the program.f2is a hybrid Mac/Win system which can run directly from the hard drive, offering superior audio and video quality, more powerfultools for targeting the areas where you need the most work, and enhanced navigation to give you complete control over thelearning process.
  4. 4. The Most Comprehensive Program to Learn MandarinMandarin 1+2+3This comprehensive program will guide you through Mandarin in 75 sessions that take up to two hours andthirty minutes each to complete. Each session is led from beginning to end by a tutor who guides learnersstep-by-step with explanations, strategies, tactics, and tips to help English speakers reach a level ofconversational Mandarin in the least amount of time. The program is jointly led by Yi Wei and Sonia Gil, recentgraduates of Harvard and Cornell who have been developing Fluenz Mandarin during the last four years.The Fluenz DifferenceDesigned by recent graduates of Harvard and Cornell Universities, along with veterans in language learningand high technology, Fluenz addresses the critical issues for adults and teens to reach fluency: 1) clearexplanations in plain English, 2) the motivation only a great teacher can provide, and 3) hundreds of hours offocused practice specifically tailored to help English speakers master Mandarin Chinese.No Substitute for a Great TutorFluenz offers a great teacher to challenge and inspire you. Instead of matching pictures with Mandarin wordsover and over again, fluency can be reached more quickly by having someone actually explain to you in Englishhow the language works. Thats why every Fluenz session is built around a tutor who leads you through thelearning process. The matching of pictures and words typical of immersion methods cannot account for, orexplain, how the tone system works in Mandarin. This is critical because without mastering tones, no Chinesespeaker will ever understand what you are saying.Adults Should Be Taught Like AdultsLinguistic research shows that adults learn languages differently than children. Adults really benefit fromhaving clear explanations of how Mandarin Chinese works. Instead of focusing on childlike phrases such as "redapple, green apple," Fluenz has you ordering food, giving directions to a taxi driver, making hotel reservations,and handling a wide range of other real-world situations right from the start. The programs third level expandsyour range of communication at the workplace by providing the relevant vocabulary and grammar.Custom-Made For English SpeakersCookie-cutter approaches based on matching pictures and words follow the same script from language tolanguage. But using the same script to teach both Mandarin and Spanish doesnt make sense. Each language is
  5. 5. unique, and each one presents its own unique challenges to an English speaker. For example, it is impossible tounderstand the tone system of pronunciation, "measure words", or rules regarding word order that are uniqueto Mandarin without a brief yet effective explanation in English.Three Steps Towards FluencyWith Mandarin 1+2+3, youll start out by building a strong foundation in how the language works frompronunciation to grammatical structures. Right away, youll learn how to form useful questions and statements("The check, please"), and from there youll begin to construct more complex sentences allowing you tointeract at restaurants, hotels, airports, train stations, and other essential locations. The third level of theprogram takes your Mandarin to a whole new level, enhancing the complexity and subtlety of your speech within-depth work on tenses, conditionals, comparatives, and more formal structures. The step-by-step Fluenzsystem has been designed to move you beyond canned phrases to being able to participate in natural,unrehearsed conversation.The Fluenz Approach to Mandarin ChineseChinese is easier to learn than most people imagine, but it must be clearly explained. For example, one of theqbiggest challenges for Westerners is the fact that each syllable must be pronounced with one of five verydifferent tones. Two words can have the exact same letters, like ma, but they can mean either mother orhorse depending on which tones are used. While these tones are very difficult to learn by simply listening tothem and hoping to imitate them, a simple, common sense explanation in English (comparing familiar Englishsounds with each tone) can go a long way to mastering them and to navigating the many exceptions andchanges that govern their use.Using English can make all the difference in understanding "measure words," a key concept in Chinese that isqabsent from Western grammars. There is no way a learner can grasp when and how to use the right "measurewords" unless the concept is explained and practiced in English. Mere imitation of expressions is simply nosubstitute for a good understanding of whats going on.The Fluenz recording engine helps people hone their use of tones through self comparison, which makes farqmore sense than voice recognition systems that are so finely tuned to the five tones that it becomes verydifficult to get it right. While voice recognition has advanced in recent years, its use in the learning of Chineseby English speakers can actually hamper learning by forcing them to meet impossible standards. BeginningMandarin speakers should first focus on being understood, not on achieving a perfect pitch.How It WorksFluenz Mandarin is organized around one-on-one tutoring sessions that each take up to two and a half hours tocomplete. The tutor for the first part of the program is Sonia Gil, whose journey learning Mandarin in Shanghaiand Hangzhou will enlighten your own process. The second part is taught by Yi Wei, a native Chinese speakerwho grew up in Chicago and went on to Harvard.How Fluenz BeginsThe Fluenz tutor begins each session with a brief introduction. This provides an understanding of how the newmaterial will take you a step closer to fluency, while immersing you in the cultural context and the experiencesof everyday Mandarin in China.Introducing useful, everyday languageThis is followed by a realistic conversation between native speakers that uses all the words and structures to belearned in the session. These conversations place you in the most common, everyday situations right from thevery beginning. These interactions have been designed to address the specific situations English speakers facein day-to-day China, and to lay the foundations required for more advanced study of the language.Immersive one-on-one tutorialImmediately after the conversation, the tutor presents a full tutorial explaining in detail and in English howevery single new word and structure works. Beyond in-depth explanations, these tutorials offer strategies,tactics and personal experiences that give you valuable insights.Workout to fluency
  6. 6. After each tutorial, the program turns to over a dozen different types of increasingly challenging workouts thatcover reading, writing, speaking, and listening. These workouts reinforce and expand your communication atthe same time. The recording engine allows learners to work on improving their tones and their overall accent.Coaching you forwardAt the end of the session, the Fluenz tutor returns to offer a conclusion, along with the kind of inspiration only agreat teacher can provide.The Path to Fluency 1+2+31. Build a Strong FoundationFluenz Mandarin begins by teaching how to form questions and statements that are useful on day one and thatcan be intuitively understood by English speakers (i.e. "The check, please," "I want this dish"). The Fluenz teamfelt this was more relevant than phrases such as "The man in running," typically found in other programs. Forexample, after only the first four sessions of level one, learners are already able to have effective conversationsin a restaurant.2. Describe Location and DirectionsThe program then shifts to describing and asking about location. In this way users can learn the basics of howcrucial verbs work while advancing their vocabulary related to transportation and travel. Instead of memorizingwords and pictures, Fluenz users actually get to understand how questions and phrases such as "Where is thehotel?" and "Im going to the museum" both work and are used in everyday life.3. Gain Confidence With Your VerbsMandarin verbs can be easier to learn than expected because they dont require conjugations, feminine ormasculine endings, and no plural agreements. Because Fluenz has been designed from the point of view ofEnglish speakers learning Mandarin, the program takes advantage of this fact to accelerate the learningprocess.4. Valuable Descriptive TermsBecause language without description lacks life and color, Fluenz puts great emphasis on how to add thisimportant dimension to your interactions. Plus, when traveling or living in China, nothing is going to be morehelpful than "bigger," "smaller," "less expensive," and those other adjectives that both make sense to Englishspeakers and are easily used in forming sentences.
  7. 7. 5. Building Blocks of Sophisticated CommunicationSince the key to fluency in Mandarin is being able to use all of the most common parts of speech, Fluenz coversa wide range of central grammar issues. Learning key elements in Mandarin such as word order and commands,youll be able to correctly form ever more complex sentences and express yourself with solid, confidentMandarin.6. Understand Directions and TransportationGiving and receiving directions is both a way to continue building the essential tools of Mandarincommunication and a way to develop the skills anyone traveling will always need. Fluenz creates a path thatgives English speakers complete control over the critical vocabulary and structures for asking questions,indicating directions, negotiating transportation, and explaining locations, all within the very specificcircumstances of contemporary China.7. Easily Handle Numbers and TimeAfter thorough workouts enabling learners to talk about location with ease, Fluenz makes sure you masternumbers and, therefore, time. From counting to telling the time, Fluenz users gain control over a wide range oftime-specific communication. Once time and location are joined, it becomes possible to form complex questionsand statements in a variety of situations, such as planning trips or making appointments.8. Confident Shopping and NegotiationThroughout the program, your ability to interact in shopping situations is steadily improved. Fluenz works onthe critical verb "to want" in the very beginning, and soon enough you learn how to ask about prices, makecomparisons between different items, and express exactly what youre looking for. By the end of the program,youll be able to handle shopping, ever important price negotiations in markets and shops all over China, andother purchasing situations with ease.9. Make Plans with Conditions and PossibilitiesFluenz gives you the tools to make detailed plans, whether a lunch date with a friend, a business meeting, ortravel abroad, using the nuanced tenses that allow you to express condition and possibility.10. Discuss Family and Describe PeopleAs your Mandarin becomes more complex and flexible, conversations will move from basic needs and wants tosharing personal stories and background. Beyond telling stories, however, the vocabulary used to describefamily can translate into a multiplicity of scenarios and give you the capacity to describe people whether
  8. 8. looking for someone in a restaurant or talking about your favorite movie star.11. Express Opinions and PreferencesFrom dining situations to making plans with friends, being able to express your opinions and preferences is akey component to everyday language. The program introduces the verbs that will empower you in shoppingand negotiating situations ("I prefer the blue one"), making plans ("I think we should go tomorrow if it isntraining"), and discussing an endless number of topics from politics to sports ("I wish I could play tennis, but Ithink Im a good soccer player").12. Mandarin for the WorkplaceFluenz Mandarin has been used by executives who work at Microsoft, Intel, HP, by students at the HarvardBusiness School and other universities, senior personnel at UNICEF and other international institutions becausethey were either going to China or were already working there. Fluenz equips you with the tools to handlescheduling, negotiation and formal conversations, while providing you with the strongest possible foundation inthe language from which to expand your vocabulary to suite your field of expertise. Most importantly, youll belearning how to engage in conversations from day one, which means you can start using your Mandarin in theworkplace right away.13. Advanced ConceptsOnce youve established a foundation in how the language works, it is time to add more life to your Mandarinby expanding not only your vocabulary, but also your comfort with a variety of familiar expressions andsentence structures. As the program progresses, youll acquire tools to hold conversations with the presentprogressive, the simple past and the past participle, the use of conditionals, relevant vocabulary, a number ofall-important "measure words", expanding vocabulary for descriptions, and a great deal of emphasis on wordorder. The more advanced sessions focus on work-related activities, such as making appointments and visitingfactories.14. Ideal for Communicating Wherever People Speak MandarinWhile Mandarin is an ancient and beautiful language, it is also the means of daily communication for over abillion people. Fluenz Mandarin has been designed to strike the right balance between its legacy and itsdynamic nature, providing a firm basis for travel, living, and further study in China and Taiwan, and tocommunicate with the ever-larger number of Mandarin speakers in Macau, Hong Kong, and communities fromNew York to Singapore.15. A Winning TeamSonia Gils experiences learning Mandarin in China and Yi Weis native mastery of the language provide theideal tutoring experience for English speakers.Great Audio CDs and Exclusive PodcastsAudio CDs: Mandarin for Your Car or iPodThe Audio CDs have been designed to follow the interactive program, providing an ideal supplement for on thego learning.Fluenz Podcasts: Download to Learn on the GoThe Podcasts offer a more informal setting to follow key concepts, cultural context, and the adventure of
  9. 9. learning Mandarin.The Fluenz Navigator: Your Essential Phrase BookFluenz Spanish also comes with the Phrase Book Navigator, a useful quick-reference guide for travelers.Whats in the BoxRead moreYou May Also LikeTuttle Learning Chinese Characters, Vol. 1: A Revolutionary New Way to Learn and Remember the 800 MostBasic Chinese CharactersSchaums Outline of Chinese Grammar (Schaums Outline Series)Oxford Beginners Chinese DictionaryBasic Patterns of Chinese Grammar: A Students Guide to Correct Structures and Common ErrorsChinese in a Flash, Vol. 1 (Tuttle Flash Cards)