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SETDA Presentation

  1. 1. The Easy Way to Manage Your ResourcesSymbalooEDU SETDA PresentationOctober, 2012 SymbalooEDU
  2. 2. helps educators and studentssafely curate and organize the best of the web forpersonalized learning.Our visual interface is the reason students and educatorsfind it incrediblyengaging and why over 1 million userschooseSymbalooEDU.We look forward to sharing our vision forstate-widepartnerships, boosting student achievement and teachereffectiveness, with innovative technology leaders.
  3. 3. “SymbalooEDU is currently free so why shoulda state be excited to get it for free too?”The state will get a premium version that allows you to be incontrol of the resource management system.
  4. 4. Benefits of a Premium State SymbalooEDU• You get you own URL for example for California and your own state app.• You get your own admin panel to organize what will be shown on default webmixes. Along with the option to lock down webmixes to keep users from making changes. Users have the option to edit unlocked webmixes and create new webmixes.• Geo data of usage from Google analytics. In the near future, there will be more detailed statistics about the usage of tiles, webmixes or time spent onSymbalooEDUbased on teacher, school or district levels.• We providea social platform to easily connect you with other teachers in and outside of the stateregardingbest practices and important resources.You stay connected withawebmix gallerywilled with over100,000 educational webmixes.• Advertising free! Avoid this!
  5. 5. Administrative Panel for Control and Reports • Control what is shown on opening your portal • Limit access to resources • Facilitate the type of sharing you want to encourage • Determine which resources and districts are most effectiveTo see how easy it is to administer aSymbalooEDUPremium Solution, watch our 5 minuteinstructional video here:
  6. 6. How free is free?Costs:First three years:Free use of SymbalooEDU PremiumMutual Agreement on plan to train % ofteachers over three years through 4-6 hourcourses at $25 per teacher to ensure fullfeatures of SymbalooEDU are understoodand state pilot is successfulAfter three years:$2 per teacher, 4-6 hour courses availablefor $35 per teacheror revert back toSymbalooEDUFree with noloss of resources, 4-6 hour courses availablefor $45 per teacher
  7. 7. What Makes SymbalooEDU Special?First of all SymbalooEDU is visual, Touch screens are taking over theavailable on multiple devices and world and Windows 8 is Metro-highly customizable style that is Tile/icon based too.
  8. 8. SymbalooEDU’s Clean InterfaceSymbalooEDU appeals to all levels of tech savvy teachers because itresembles the current smart phones, iPads and tablets, which are highlyintuitive. Students also like the app look ofSymbalooEDUunlike Pinterest,Diigo, Delicious or…
  9. 9. SymbalooEDU’s Ease of UseWe always test new features with the “twofinger generation” to see if they understand andfind it useful.“Start Simple” is our tagline and that’s what weattempt to stay true to!All other resources are generally text heavy, notcompletely EDU focused and don’t appeal to alllevels of users.
  10. 10. Best State Education Resource PlatformWe have a state version with a management system that is in the lead ofResourceManagement Systems for educators.Our roadmap is fully focused on education and soon we will introducechat, and voice command, social statistics and awarding/gamificationsystem along with anything you tell us to develop that makes sense!
  11. 11. What are the advantages of SymbalooEDU forthe state? • No investment in the system • A proven PD program that is flexible to the knowledge levels of all teachers. • Management system to encourage and control resource sharing between teachers. • Analytics from management system to see what schools are falling behind • Natural communication platform through forum, social interaction, special blue header link,etc.
  12. 12. What does it take to start a SymbalooEDUstate version?• A logo and choice of URL.• An expert group of teachers to implement the default settings.• A training program to get teachers started• Listen then improve and keeping this up as a continued process.
  13. 13. Why is SymbalooEDU doing this?We simply want to build the ultimate educationalresource sharing system to move educationforward with technology.
  14. 14. Contact us for more information:E: edu@ymbaloo.comP: 949-478-3559W: SymbalooEDU