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REVIEWS - Apple Final Cut Studio 5.1 [OLDVERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.4 out of 5Product FeatureThe scal...
From SD to HD, Final Cut Pro is designed to handle just about any format you can throw at it.Working with multi-camera foo...
The new Soundtrack Pro waveform editor makes it easier than ever to edit with extreme accuracy.Apples revolutionary audio ...
Motion 2 lets you create unique and astounding motion graphics with ease.Best of all, Motion 2 plays well with others. You...
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Apple final cut studio 5.1 [old version]


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Apple final cut studio 5.1 [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Apple Final Cut Studio 5.1 [OLDVERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.4 out of 5Product FeatureThe scalability, performance, and workflow of FinalqCut Pro make it the first choice of professionaleditors everywhere.Apples real-time motion graphics software Motionqis the easiest way for artists and editors toanimate text, movies, and graphics.Editors have access to real-time effects processingqthat scales with their systems, from DV to fullyuncompressed HD.From DVD dailies to highly interactive commercialqtitles, DVD Studio Pro is the easiest and mostpopular way for professionals to author SD and HDDVDs.Soundtrack Pro revolutionizes the way audio andqvideo professionals edit and design sound.Read moreqProduct DescriptionFinal Cut Studio, Apples comprehensive and integrated production suite, allows professional editors to elevateproduction values with powerful editing tools, revolutionary sound design, real-time motion graphics, andnext-generation DVD authoring. Final Cut Studio includes Final Cut Pro 5, DVD Studio Pro 4 , Motion 2, andSoundtrack Pro, providing your customers with a complete video and film production solution. Read moreProduct DescriptionTurn your vision into reality and meet the challenge of high-definition production values. With Final Cut Studio5.1, Apples suite of integrated tools for real-time video, motion graphics, and audio production, youll have theindustrys best tools at your disposal, including Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Motion, and DVD Studio Pro.
  2. 2. From SD to HD, Final Cut Pro is designed to handle just about any format you can throw at it.Working with multi-camera footage has never been easier.Whether youre a small house looking to elevate production values or a major studio looking for more creativeagility, Final Cut Studio can play a leading role in your production. Start with Final Cut Pro for native editing ofvirtually any format -- from DV and SD, up to HDV, DVCPRO HD, and fully uncompressed HD. Add stunning HDmotion graphics in real time with Motion, the fastest and most intuitive way to animate and express yourcreative vision. Sculpt, mix, and repair audio with ease using Soundtrack Pro, the only integrated audioapplication designed from the ground up for HD production work. When its time to deliver, you can output withconfidence to professional decks and equipment -- or use DVD Studio Pro for authoring direct to disc. To outputdigital files for the web and iPod, use Compressor, Apples full-featured audio and video compressionapplication included with Final Cut Studio. Its pristine format conversion and distributed encoding technologiesallow you to automate and batch-process the creation of H.264 and QuickTime movies.Final Cut Pro: A Hotbed of InnovationFinal Cut Pro is the first choice of professional editors. Delivering high-performance digital nonlinear editing,native support for virtually any video format, and facility-class extensibility and interoperability, Final Cut Progives you more creative options and technical control than ever before. With native support for virtually anyformat, Final Cut Pro lets you edit everything from DV, IMX and uncompressed SD to HDV, XDCAM HD, DVCPROHD, and uncompressed HD. Unlike other solutions, Final Cut Pro acquires HDV media and keeps it in the originalformat, with no generation loss. Output via FireWire back to an HDV camera or deck, or transfer your nativeHDV to DVD Studio Pro. Tapeless workflow support with Panasonic P2 compatibility allows high-speed ingestand editing. You can view and browse P2 devices, then transfer the files you need directly into the Final Cut ProBrowser.Final Cut Pro is built for speed with RT Extreme, the amazing real-time multi-stream effects architecture.Dynamic RT adjusts image quality and frame rate on the fly for optimal playback. Choose your format: Final CutPro supports real-time effects processing on everything from DV to fully uncompressed HD. Powerful multi-camediting tools let you view and cut video from multiple sources in real time. Group up to 128 sources togetherinto multi-clips, then add or subtract cameras at any time for maximum flexibility. Final Cut Pro also lets youcollaborate seamlessly. Capture once, save time, and share media with multiple editors using a consolidatedstorage pool powered by Xsan. Deep cross-application integration between Final Cut Pro and the entire Applefamily of professional applications allows you to seamlessly move from one creative task to the next.Soundtrack Pro: Precision Audio Editing
  3. 3. The new Soundtrack Pro waveform editor makes it easier than ever to edit with extreme accuracy.Apples revolutionary audio editing and sound design application lets you express your sonic vision quickly andeconomically. With an innovative action-based waveform editor, multi-track editing, as well as repair andrestoration capabilities, you can design and edit audio with total creative flexibility. The innovative waveformeditor gives you extensive audio editing capabilities and lets you perform nondestructive, sample-accurateaudio manipulations in a groundbreaking interface. Reorder, modify, suspend, or delete any audio edit orprocess -- or easily identify and repair common audio problems such as background noise, clicks, pops, andhum. As you add effects and process your audio clip, Soundtrack Pro animates the timeline to correspond tothe change.With more than 50 professional effect plug-ins, you can create pristine mixes, innovative sound effects, andhigh-quality dialogue. Choose from thousands of sound effects and music Apple Loops -- ranging fromexplosions and transitions to subtle ambience and instrumentals -- to build custom soundtracks and unlimitedcreative combinations in no time at all. Soundtrack Pro also gives you a familiar mixer interface with hardwarecontrol surface support to interact with your projects mix. Use beat- or time-based markers, or import scoringmarkers directly from Final Cut Pro to perfectly sync your soundtrack. And thanks to seamless integration withother Final Cut Studio applications, you can send and return individual clips from Final Cut Pro, send an entireFinal Cut Pro project to the multi-track, record directors commentary for a DVD Studio Pro project, or add asound effect or transition audio to a Motion project.Motion 2: Advanced AnimationThe new Replicator makes iteasy to create more robustactions from a single graphic.Motion 2 offers true film-quality output, GPU accelerated performance, and an astounding toolset. Now you cancreate advanced motion graphics with drag-and-drop ease, startling clarity, and unprecedented color fidelity --all in real time. Motion sets a new mark for desktop responsiveness and interactivity, letting you play back,move, and resize video layers interactively. Watch filters, particles, and title animations spring instantly to life,and render output quickly -- thanks to built-in GPU acceleration at full 32-bit float film quality. 32-bit floatrendering produces extremely fine color accuracy, eliminates banding artifacts, and even improves qualitywhen rendering to 8-bit formats. You get great detail, quality, and range of color that automatically scales withnew generations of GPUs and CPUs.Conjure up even the most complicated motion graphics with ease. Just by dragging a customizable Behaviorfrom the Motion Library and dropping it on type or graphics, you can create fluid, natural movement. Intuitiveand interactive, Motion 2 even lets you assign parameter behaviors to MIDI knobs and faders. Because you getreal-time, dynamic response to simultaneous inputs, you can even "play" Motion like a musical instrument forspontaneous live performances. And with its arsenal of more than 500 filter effects, presets, and particles,
  4. 4. Motion 2 lets you create unique and astounding motion graphics with ease.Best of all, Motion 2 plays well with others. You can drag and drop project files into the Adobe After Effects orlaunch Motion from within After Effects. All of the particle effects, Replicator designs, and animations in Motioncan be added to an After Effects "comp" without rendering. Motion also integrates with other Final Cut Studioapplications: Native HDV support makes Motion a strong contributing member of Final Cut Studio, letting youaccess files directly from Final Cut Pro 5 with cuts and layer data -- or drag project files directly into DVD StudioPro with loop points and transition markers.DVD Studio Pro: Redefining Professional DVD AuthoringDVD Studio Pro offers an elegant user interface for professional DVD authoring.Tap into the advanced authoring toolset of DVD Studio Pro to create everything from DVD dailies to highlyinteractive commercial titles -- now in both SD and HD. Sophisticated design tools, templates, and transitionsoffer unparalleled creative freedom. Showcase your SD or HD content with greater speed, efficiency, andflexibility than ever before. Integrated, scalable H.264 encoding allows you to fit HD content on DVDs usingexisting drives and media. Go from native HDV to HD on DVD with no recompression from Final Cut Pro. Evencreate HD DVD versions from existing SD DVD projects.Let DVD Studio Pro help you dramatically reduce encoding time for long projects and standards conversions.Distributed encoding taps the power of multiple machines to share the workload across your network.Enhanced creative tools in DVD Studio Pro free you to design more sophisticated titles with unique motionmenus, transitions, and slide show elements. Preview color and surround sound on a second Digital CinemaDesktop while you work. Or audition surround sound using S/PDIF (digital audio) out to an external DTS orDolby Digital (AC-3) decoder. Whether youre authoring DVDs for film, special events, weddings, trainingmaterials, or sales and marketing presentations, DVD Studio Pro has the tools to help you make your titlesstand out.Compressor 2: The Ease of DuplicationCompressor 2 makes digital duplication and content delivery a breeze, giving editors a complete set of tools forgenerating pristine video for use on the iPod, the Web, wireless devices, and DVD. Use it on a singleworkstation, or across an entire network of Macs on Xsan for high-performance encoding. Whether youreworking in SD or HD, Compressor 2 offers encoding that combines stunning quality, leading-edge codecs, andtremendous efficiency. Read more