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Kimberly's Cottage Grand Opening Presentation.

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  • Child Abuse: A Generational Plague
    Child Abuse in America
    Children are suffering from a hidden epidemic of child abuse and neglect. Every year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States
    involving more than 6 million children. Child abuse occurs at every socioeconomic level, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions and at all levels of education. The United States has among the worst records among industrialized nations –
    - SEVEN children DIE every day as a result of child abuse and neglect.
    - A report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds
    - Between 50-60% of maltreatment fatalities are not recorded as such.
    - Approximately 80% of children that die from abuse are under the age of 4.
    - 95% of juvenile sexual abuse victims, know their perpetrator.

    The estimated annual cost of child abuse and neglect in the United States
    for 2008 is $124 billion. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FOUR BILLION DOLLARS!!!
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Grand opening power point

  1. 1. Marion County Children’s Advocacy Center & Child Protection Team
  2. 2. Mission: Our community working together to protect, serve, and advocate for Marion County’s abused and neglected children.
  3. 3. History: 1999 The Marion County Children’s Advocacy Center, Inc., Kimberly’s Cottage became Incorporated
  4. 4. History: 2001 The original Kimberly’s Cottage building was completed in Cala Hills
  5. 5. History: 2007 Board of Directors Revitalization Project
  6. 6. History 2009 Department of Health awarded the Child Protection Team Program
  7. 7. February 3, 2011 Grand Opening of the New Kimberly’s Cottage
  8. 8. Since incorporation in 1999, Kimberly’s Cottage has served more than 6,000 child victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, and/or exposure to domestic violence/substance misuse
  9. 9. 2010 Staff of Kimberly’s Cottage served 1,222 child victims of abuse
  10. 10. Board of Directors: Ken Ausley Henri Benlolo, PhD Chris E. Boyd Joe Brannon, CPA David G. Cope Angie Clifton Ed Dean, Sheriff Nancy J. Deichman Dan McCall, President David W. Porter, Attorney at Law Samuel Williams, Chief Bruce Varnadoe, Moorhead Engineering Company
  11. 11. Staff: Howard Rogers, MD, MPH, Medical Director Dawn Westgate, MNM, Executive Director Roberta Lapp, LCSW, Clinical Director Margaret Shaber, LMHC, Therapist Latoya Mozell, Child Advocate Debbie Spell, Data Specialist Victoria Smith, Senior Case Coordinator Jowanna Dove, Case Coordinator Jennifer Van Ness, Intake Coordinator Jodi Repko, ARNP, Nurse Practitioner Desiree Plawecki, Development Coordinator
  12. 12. Kimberly’s Cottage is entirely dependent on grants and community donations to serve Marion County’s abused and neglected children.
  13. 13. The Child Protection Team program is a medically directed, multidisciplinary program based on the idea that child abuse and neglect involve complex issues and require the expertise of many professionals to protect children.
  14. 14. Fact: Marion County consistently has more than 4,000 reports every year of child abuse and neglect
  15. 15. Fact: 4 children die every day in the United States as a result of abuse or neglect.
  16. 16. Fact: Child abuse is reported, on average, every 10 seconds.
  17. 17. Fact: 1 out of every 7 victims of sexual assault reported to law enforcement are under the age of 6 years old.
  18. 18. Fact: The actual incidence of abuse is expected to be 3 times greater than what is actually reported to the authorities.
  19. 19. Thank you to our Grand Opening Sponsors: Wachovia Betty Cakes Mojo Grill
  20. 20. Fact: Of the reported rapes of children under the age of 12, 90% of the victims know their offender.
  21. 21. How Your Donation Can Help $5,000 - Comprehensive services for 7 child victims of abuse $3,000 - One month’s general operating expenses $500 - Medical Exam on a child that has been the victim of an acute sexual assault $250 - Forensic Interview for one child victim of abuse $120 - Initial Therapeutic Assessment for crisis intervention counseling $50 - Therapeutic supplies for 25 children in short term crisis intervention counseling Giving Opportunities Naming Opportunities $50,000 - Banquet Hall $20,000 - Medical Exam Room $10,000 - Therapy Room (3) $15,000 - Interview Room (2) $15,000 - Monitoring Room $10,000 - Each Staff Office