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  1. 1. Kimberly Tressler 251 C Street | Redwood City, CA 94063 | 650-771-2300 | Objective HR Specialist with over seven years’ extensive and broad experience in benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, Section 125) and open enrollment administration, HR compliance matters (DOJ, FBI Clearances, DMV Pull Programs etc., Unemployment.), training support, and ADP HRIS Support. Highly skilled in performing human resource functions for personnel matters impacting Legal and Compliance decisions. Proficient in managing, implementing administering HR systems, aligning policies and procedures with current legal trends. Proven record of maintaining department’s data integrity. At Russell Reynolds scheduled heavy calendaring in Outlook, arranged meals and offsite meetings and travel arrangements international and domestic. Processed expense reports for two executives, multiple clients, and candidates.Possesspositive attitude,strongorganizational skillsandattentiontodetail withaccuracy. Experience August 2016 – November 2016 Compunnel Administrative Assistant, L-3 Communications EDD (temporary positionwithgovernmentcontractor) - Assistedthe HumanResourcesTeamwithdaytoday operations. - Scan Project of all terminated employees – Current office is closing and consolidating employees withotherlocations. - Expense reports – processed expenses associated with travel to Williamsport, PA and Torrance, CA - Booked travel for employees visiting other L-3 locations through Concur (American Express travel) on-line. - Bookedhotel roomsandrental cars for visitingemployeesfromotherL-3locations. - Paidinvoicesforvendersasreceived,bycheckrequest. - Reconciledreportsfromvenders,paidbalancesdue,askedforinvoicesnotreceived. - Abilitytointeracteffectivelyandprofessionallywithmanagersandengineers - Attentiontodetail andthe abilitytomanage several projectssimultaneously - Purchasedprojectsuppliesmaterials(i.e.copierpaper,folders,pens,etc.) - Maintained calendars, meeting schedules, travel arrangements for staff and travel spreadsheet - Worked with project managers for invoice approvals and distribution and assisting in tracking receivables - Exposure to sensitive information will necessitate considerable use of tact, diplomacy, discretion,andjudgment
  2. 2. - ProficientinMicrosoftOffice Suite - Abilitytoworkundercritical time deadlines,re-evaluate priorities,andinteractwithall levels of personnel - Enthusiastic,flexible,professional andateam player January 2016 – February 2016 Office Team, San Mateo, CA Administrative Assistant(Temp) - Assistedateamof six Coordinator’sinthe cable industriesenteringbidsfrom walkouts. - Sentemail bidsforapproval andtrackedprogress. - Entered,scannedandprintedinformationandapprovalsforwork. - Uploadedinformationtotheirdocumentsystemfordesigndepartmenttodraftworkto be done. - TrackedPO’s andfundedcompletedworkasindicatedbythe coordinator’s. - Reconciledreportsfortrackingwork,fundingandcompletedworkorders. - ProcessedexpensereportsforcandidatesusingOracle Financial System. July 2008 – July 2015 YMCA of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, CA HR, Specialist/AdministrativeAssistant - Servedasone of the keycontacts forall on-boardingdocumentation - Providedbenefitsconsultationtoentire organizationof 2500 employees. - ScheduledinOutlookforroomreservationsandcalendarinvitesandpresentedBenefit Orientationmeetingsforall newhires. - Processedmonthlybillingstovendorsformedical,dental,LTD,Life Insurance,RetirementPlan and Flexible SpendingPlanusingExcel andOracle Financial system. - Reconciledandbalancedmonthlybillingstovendorsformedical,dental,LTD,Life Insurance, RetirementPlanandFlexible SpendingPlanusingExcel. - Organizedopenenrollmentformedical benefitplansforregularandACA employees - Coordinatedweeklyphone conferencecall withADP,Benefitvendors,ITandThe YMCA HR departmentforbenefitandHR Vantage systemrelatedproblems,usingOutlookandGo-to- meeting. - CreatedinformationpacketstosupportOpenEnrollment - Helpedimplement,trainandtroubleshootADPVantage systemissues - CollaboratedwithPayroll toproblemsolvetimelyprocessingof payroll - MaintainedEmployeePersonnel andMedical filesandupdatedfilesinDocumentCloud. - Providedguidance toover2500 staff on policyinterpretation,benefitsandcompliancematters - SupportedwithhandlingchangesandterminationstransactionsthroughADP.
  3. 3. - Respondedtimelyandaccuratelytoall garnishments,loanverifications,andunemployment claims - Assistedinimplementingleave of absence,Workers'Compensation,FMLA,LTD, andSTD - AssistedwithTrainingAdministrationinareasof Compliance. - Maintainedconsistentpositive behaviorandprofessional contactwithvendors,customersand employees. - Processednewhire paperworkinADPandensure all necessarydocumentswere completed. - ScheduledmonthlyCultural AdvocacymeetingsusingOutlookformeetinginvitationsandroom reservations,tookanddistributedmeetingminutesusingWord. - Processedexpensereportsformyself andcandidatesusingOracle Financial system. 2007 - 2007 Andiamo! Group Administrative Assistant,VPof Finance (Temp) GuardID Systems - AssistedMarketingcampaignandshippedmarketingmaterial aroundthe world - Preparedexpense reportsandenteredinvoicesintothe Quick Bookssystem - Set-upnewhire packetsforcompany - Answeredphones,greetedguestsanddistributedmail andassistantwithcompanyprojectsas needed - ScheduledmeetingsforCFOusingOutlook - ProcessedexpensereportsforCFO 2004 - 2007 Owner/OperatorHome BasedBusinessandHome Maker Entrepreneur - Wrote businessplanandobtainedbusinesslicense - Boughtproduct fromvendor’swholesale - Openedbusinessbankaccount,setupwebsite andonlinepaymentsystemforvendorsand clients - Obtainedonlinestore June 1999 - May 2004 Russell Reynolds Associates, Palo Alto, CA Administrative Assistant - Provided Comprehensive administrative and clerical support to two executive recruiting associates,the associatedsector,andthe administrative teamasa whole.
  4. 4. - Greeted clients, Associates, Board Members and Venture Capital Partners, and roomed with refreshments,andmealsasrequested. - Transcribed, edited, proofread and formatted client presentations, candidate profiles, position descriptions,marketingandbusinessdevelopmentproposalsandgeneralcorrespondence. - Coordinated extensive interview and meeting schedules, itineraries and travel arrangements involvingclients,candidatesandassociates. - Arranged conference calls and video conferencing worldwide for clients, candidates and associates. - Managed financial aspects of search billing process, including expense report processing, client invoicingandtrackingreceivablesusingExcel. - Pleasant, congenial and confidently answered and screened incoming telephone calls and responsively,accuratelyandefficientlyhandledclientinquires. - Arranged travel, international and domestic, for candidates through our on-site travel departmentlocatedinChicago. - Processedexpensereportsfor executivesandcandidatesusingExcel. - Scheduled/calendaredmeetingswithOutlook. - Arranged breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks with clients and candidate for both Executive Associatesoff site. - ProcessedexpensereportsfortwoExecutive Associates andCandidates.