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  • Wired (stylized as WIRED) is a full-color monthly American magazine and on-line periodical, published since January 1993, that reports on how new and developing technology affects culture, the economy, and politics. Owned by Condé Nast, it is headquartered in San Francisco, California.It now has four international editions: Wired UK, Wired Italia, Wired Japan and Wired Germany (since September 2011).Wired is known for coining new terms, such as "the Long Tail"[3] and "crowdsourcing".[4] It is also well known for its annual tradition of handing out Vaporware Awards which recognize "products, videogames and other nerdy tidbits pitched, promised and hyped, but never delivered".
  • Wired Magazine’s Masthead changes color every issue. Wired, touted itself as "the Rolling Stone of technology,"[6] and made its debut at the Macworld conference on January 2, 1993It is the first technology publication with a lifestyle slant.They use custom designed type faces by Hoefler and Frere-Jones—mainly Tungsten and
  • Talk about the first third – giant W in a box, recognizeable on crowded magazine stands. Wired’s masthead is made up of blocks. Wired uses mainly photography on their front cover that either parodies their main article or refers to products they review.
  • The SpineAlternating Color Segments on the Spine Make Wired Recognizeable.
  • How the magazine looked back in 1994.
  • An interior page from 1994.
  • The cover, as it exists today is made out of a paper stock that is very tactile.
  • The logo is becoming more innovative– they recently texturized it with duct tape.
  • The website has a weekend edition.
  • There’s also the Wired Insider which features a web blog that is supplementary to the Magazine and features videos, ideas, and news about events.
  • Wired even has a mobile app.
  • Here are some of the sub categories on the website. The magazine, both print and online, offers lots of innnovative content, not just about technology.
  • On May 27, 2010, Wired released its Tablet edition, first available on the iPad. Embraced by consumers and heralded as the beginning of a new era in publishing, the Wired iPad edition was downloaded an average of 17 times a minute for the first 24 hours, netting 24,000+ paid subscriptions. Over the ensuing days, Apple named the Wired Tablet Edition "The App of the Week," making it the first media brand to earn this acknowledgment; and the Wired App remained the No. 1 Paid Download on iTunes for 5 consecutive days. Close to three weeks following the release of this Tablet Edition, Wired had sold 90,000+ copies – exceeding the average monthly newsstand sales of its print edition
  • Wired magazine

    1. 1. Kimberly Swetland
    2. 2. AudienceThe average reader of WIRED magazine is between 30 & 50, has an income of $75,000 or greater, and works in the computer or high-tech industry.
    3. 3. CompetitionCompeting magazine titles include MacWorld, PC Magazine, Science. Most competition is more computer or science-related and not as design aware. There is no direct competition in terms of breadth of topics covered.
    4. 4. Hashtag on cover First third Masthead color changes every issue Access point A bullet-point list on the coverCustom cover elements-barcode Cover Line inside graphicsLinking graphics-to control visual flow Main Cover Line prominence Access point
    5. 5. September 1994
    6. 6. September 1994