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Letter of Reference Cohen


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Letter of Reference Cohen

  1. 1. Tanya Cohen, RN 1564 W. Philadelphia St. York, Pa. 17404 717-332-6663 Greetings, This is intended as a letter of reference for Kim Greiger. Kim and I worked together at York Hospital from May 2013, through March 2015. Kim was a Nursing assistant on 4SW through this time period, and as one of the Registered Nurses on the unit, Kim and I had many occasions to work as a team with patient care. The responsibilities of her position required Kim to provide personal care for an assignment of patients, and additionally to obtain vital signs, lab specimens, etc. Kim is excellent at prioritizing her tasks,able to recognize which tasks require immediate attention. More importantly, Kim worked with me as a team member concerning focused patient care. Kim consistently understood when it was important to report issues to the RN, and over the course of our association, developed very good critical thinking skills, recognizing subtle changes in our patients that warrented further inspection. Kim performed high quality care consistently, and I believe the outcomes of our patients was improved with her care. I always knew that when I worked with Kim, I could trust that her focus was on exceptional care for our patients, and that she required minimal supervision and follow-up. Kim was very good at being flexible with assignments and tasks, remaining level headed and on point regardless of how chaotic the environment may have become at times. She remained focused and goal oriented. Kim's teamwork skills were excellent, as her position required teamwork not only with her RN, but also other staff, both clinical and ancillary. Kim is very pleasant, cheerful, and energetic. Kim was always interested in learning new things, a fast learner, and took constructive criticism well. I enjoyed working with her, and feel she would be an asset at anything she chooses to do, and I wish her all the best! Sincerely, Tanya Cohen