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Red, White, Blue and Yellow - Sage USA Older LGBT Story Contest Winner Kimberly Burnham Hazon Bicyclist & Creating Calm Network Publishing Group


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Kimberly Burnham, here. I am the co-creator of The Creating Calm Network Publishing Group and an Alternative Medicine Practitioner in private practice.

25 Health, Life and Science Books on Amazon Author's Page ... Including photographs, anthology chapters, poems and book I have written, I just reached 25 books on my Amazon Author's page. It is a good history for a publisher (Ann White and I started the Creating Calm Network Publishing Group) and Amazon Author's Page

I would love to help you feel better, move with more easy and think more clearly. If you have a health issue, contact me to see how I can help you at http:///

If you have a book in you longing to come out onto Amazon and the world stage, I can help. Give me a call to see what specials we have running over at the Creating Calm Network Publishing Group.

Here is my winning entry in the 2013 SageUSA LGBTQ Story Contest.

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Red, White, Blue and Yellow - Sage USA Older LGBT Story Contest Winner Kimberly Burnham Hazon Bicyclist & Creating Calm Network Publishing Group

  1. 1. Want some help telling your story? At the Creating Calm Network Publishing Group we can help you get your story out into the world, expressing your perspectives and what brings you joy. How do you help people experience more love and health? How do you create calm? Red, White, Blue, and Yellow by Kimberly Burnham Winner of the 2013 SAGE USA LGBT Story Contest Many things are frightening on a Cross USA bicycle ride a truck may come within inches seeming for a moment not to see me or a car that doesn't want to share the road full of cracks and pot holes visibility equals life so does vigilance Awareness and attention keep me alive on this journey even so I am scraped up from a fall my attention lapsed as I crossed a railroad track. my concentration, my focus on the journey may wander from time to time but me, I am not hard to see in my red, white, and blue Hazon jersey mile after mile from Seattle to Washington, DC People can see who I am and I wonder about discrimination
  2. 2. our "People of the Bike" jerseys clearly marking us as Jews we ride through rural America, where white church steeples dot the landscape conservative Christian billboards scream messages then across the Mississippi into the diversity of the densely populated East. Completely white my hair peaks out from under my bicycle helmet I wondered if I might die before my 56th birthday in Minnesota at the half way mark across America. looking at me anyone can see the years of experience before this ride Experiences in communities, in the world, in America teach me how to create a sense of safety to live passionately find community visibility equals life waves of emotion as my attention flows to those around me finding the common ground sharing the road along the way My bicycle marked with symbols my choice, a rainbow flag a blue square with parallel yellow rectangles the equality sign of the Human Rights Campaign I am riding out in rural America Okay, I'll give you I am a little scared
  3. 3. it's a little daunting to think I might be the target of hate but proud of my choices and this country in which I can choose whom to love and wear a giant yellow and blue equals sign on my back knowing some people will recognize I am a lesbian The ones that don't know the symbols on my sleeve though not part of my community my chosen family still they are welcome to join me on the crossing as I look for how we can connect and be seen together because visibility equals life. SAGE Story is a national digital storytelling program for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) older adults. The purpose of the program is to strengthen the storytelling skills—and draw on the unique life experiences of—LGBT elders to diversify the public narratives on aging, long-term care and LGBT rights. SAGE Story offers skill-building workshops in New York City, maintains an online story booth for digital submissions, and partners with storytelling experts and policy-based organizations to bring these stories into public conversation. SAGE Story is led by Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE), and is made possible through the generous support of the AARP Foundation and The Ford Foundation.