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Sept.3 auditresponse


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Sept.3 auditresponse

  1. 1. C’mon in. RXCRYou Look Great!
  2. 2. Special Thanks Marian Power Amy Simon Yolande Fleming Zipora Auerbach Joe Ferriero Paula Appenzoller Stefanie Izzolino Kathy Lamkin Kathy Shelffo Jaime Falkin Katie Hildebrand Suzanne Cicolello Shayna Sackett Ana Reyes Susan Brody Danielle Perotta Jayne Dorton Matt RobinsonMath Assessments New Teacher Institute Professional Development
  3. 3. 2010-2011A New Adventure r
  4. 4. A New Adventure For K-5 MathPhase 1: Professional LearningPhase 2: Program DevelopmentPhase 3: Implementation
  5. 5. 2010-2011 Adventure For K-5 MathPhase 1: Professional Learning • Research: National Math Advisory Panel • Common Core Standards for Math • Math Audit Findings & Recommendations • Available Math Programs • Ways to Target Student Needs NOW
  6. 6. 2010-2011 Phase 1Professional Learning Adventure Starts today!r • National Math Advisory Panel • Common Core Standards • Available Math Programs • Ways to Target Student Needs NOW
  7. 7. Today’sProfessional Learning AdventureGrades 1-5: Preview Math in Focus (Singapore Math)Grade K: Math Supplements • National Math Advisory Panel focus on Number Sense • Common Core attention to high performing countries • Strategies to target student needs NOWGrades 3-5: Feedback on uniform district math assessments • Strategies to target student needs NOWGrades K-2, 5: Individualized Math Instruction • Strategies to target student needs NOWGrade 5: Extending these topics • Singapore Bar Modeling • Targeting needs of high end students
  8. 8. The Great Adventure of 2010-2011 Individualized Math Instructional Time
  9. 9. Individualized Math Instructional TimeGoal: Target individual student needs in math • Daily 60-min. math lesson stays untouched • Additional daily math block of 20-30 min. • Instruction will be ONLY small group or indiv. • Student test data will determine indiv. need • We will first use math games to target skills
  10. 10. L More About earnIndividualized Math Instructional TimeIn grade level sessions today!