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  1. Differentiating Physical and Chemical Change
  2. Substances undergo changes when their conditions are changed. A change in condition could be a decreased or an increased in temperature
  3. Matter is characterized by their physical and chemical properties. Physical properties pertain to those that are measured without changing the composition of the substance. These include the color,odor, texture,boiling point, density,etc.
  4. Chemical properties, on the other hands, can be observed if a chemical reaction has occurred and thus there is a change in the composition of the substance.
  5. There are two types of changes, physical and chemical change When a substance undergoes a change without affecting the chemical composition of matter then it is considered a physical change, grinding, breaking, crushing, bending and changes in the state of matter are examples of physical changes or reversible change. Given examples, melting of ice, dissolving of table salt, cutting of papers, melting chocolate, bending (ducting) of metals, and water cycle.
  6. Chemical change or irreversible processs involves a change in the substance’s chemical composition, that is, new substances are produced. This means that the new sustance can’t be returned back to its original case. Given example melting of sugar, rotting of fruits, burning of sulfur, photosynthesis process, food digestions and fermentation.
  7. Physical change does not lead to a change in the identity of the substance. Many physical changes are reversible, especially those involved in phase change. Possible signs a physical change has taken place.  Change of shape  Change of state (solid, liquid, or gas)  Change in size  Change in any other physical property
  8. A chemical change involves a change in shape and its structure of the substance giving a new substance with new properties. Possible sign a chemical change occurred.  A change in color  A change in the substances’ temperature  Light is given off.  A gas is produced.  A change in taste
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