3-6 Field Artillery May-June 2012 Newsletter


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3-6 Field Artillery May-June 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. The Centaur Roll Call MAY-JUNE 2012 SWIFT & BOLDCentaur 6Welcome to the sec- S1 shop is all over the be effective, you yourselves with theond edition of our paperwork for the have to be on our information you neednewsletter and I folks that are leaving. Facebook page, give to educate yourselveswanted to say thanks FRGs are welcoming us a good phone on what is going onto all of you for tak- and fare-welling peo- number and email, in your Soldiers lives.ing the time to read it ple so these transi- and attend your Bat- If your soldier isn‟tand learn a little bit tions, while having an tery FRG events! I bringing the informa-more about the best impact, are not bad. realize we all have tion home give us anBattalion in the different personali- email and we willArmy. I‟m going to Another area that is ties, some want to mail it direct. Mytouch on change as changing and that participate, some wife, Pam, has as-the Centaurs are go- morphs on a weekly maybe have had a sured me this is theing to see plenty of it basis is what our up- bad experience else- way it works best inover the coming coming mission is for where and have our family!months and I want to our next Climb to elected to pull out ofarm everyone with Glory. For those that the process, some We have an amazingthe information that have been in the just plain don‟t know. team, I‟m proud towill allow them to be army for awhile this We have the best number among youa little more comfort- is perfectly normal people working in and continue to beable with what is go- and has occurred on this Battalion, the proud of our unit anding on within our or- every rotation I have best leadership, the our country. Godganization. been on in 24 years best families and the bless each of you and of service. I‟m not best Command cli- thank you for whatAs many of you saying it isn‟t frustrat- mate, all you have toknow quite a few of ing - but when you do is participate toour heroes who have realize the amount of the level you feelbeen with the unit are people who are in- comfortable – thein the process of volved in the timing information is there –PCS‟ing or ETS‟ing and the decision for a please, help yourself. Inside this issue:which creates turbu- brigade to move itlence within sections, isn‟t too hard to un- Angst is uncomfort-batteries, and the bat- derstand. The way able, not knowing Redleg Day Flyer 2talion. What I will we attempt to miti- things unnecessarilytell you is that we are gate rumors is by increases frustration Thanks to our Volun- 6managing that turbu- providing the best levels, both in your teerslence to minimize the possible information families and in our Silent Ranks 7amount of friction it regarding your sol- Swift and Bold fam-causes. We have a diers through the ily. We are going to Birthdays & Anniver- 3great sponsorship FRG chains, Face- continue to see sariesprogram managed by book, the newsletter change, it‟s part ofthe CSM, 1SGs and and FRSA flashes. what we do as anCommanders and our Of course, for this to Army. Please arm
  3. 3. Page 3 SWIFT & BOLDHeadquarters & Headquarters BatteryHHB began the month of who have been assigned in garrison. It is truly anApril with a superb to SFAAT Teams were honor to serve with andChange of Command on the receiving end of lead such skilled and dedi-ceremony, providing a that support on 19-20 cated Soldiers. As thefitting sendoff for CPT APR when they con- Commander and FRGScott Elwell and his wife ducted a fire support fa- Leader, Mindy and I rec-Kat. For almost two miliarization shoot, ob- ognize the indispensibleyears, CPT Elwell and serving artillery, mortar, role our families play inKat have devoted them- and close air support fire the accomplishment ofselves heart and soul into missions. Our SFAAT our mission. Our Sol-ensuring that the Soldiers members will continue to diers are the best at whatand families of the conduct intense, realistic they do because they haveGladiator Battery were combat training in the strong, supportive fami-cared for, and that HHB coming months to pre- lies. With our continuedcontinued to provide its pare for possible deploy- high operation tempo, itcrucial support to the 3-6 ment. The Battery had is imperative that we con-FA and 1st BCT Mission. several leaders graduate tinue to keep our familiesDuring their time as from schools, with SGT informed and empow-Commander and FRG Carroll and SPC Busick ered, and that we takeLeader, HHB‟s perform- completing the Warrior time to thank them forance, both in combat and Leader Course, and SGT their steadfast support.in training, has been Kellenbenz graduating Mindy and I look forwardnothing short of remark- from the Advanced to meeting you all at ourable. Scott and Kat will Leader Course as the Dis- first FRG meeting on 2be missed and we wish tinguished Leadership MAY, where we will dis-them all the best in their Award winner. cuss plans for family ac-future endeavors tivities during the spring/(especially parenthood!). As the new Commander summer months. We of Headquarters Battery, I look forward to what isDespite the change in would also like to take sure to be an exciting andleadership, the Gladiators this opportunity to intro- rewarding season as partdid not miss a beat, ac- duce myself and my wife of the Gladiator family.complishing a variety of Mindy to the Gladiatorchallenging missions and Family. We could not becontinuing its exemplary happier to be back at Fort CPTsupport to the Battalion. Drum as part of a re- Charles E. ThompsonAs Alpha Battery de- nowned artillery battalionployed to the field for the like 3-6 FA. Having1st BCT SFAAT Shoot, worked in the Battalion‟sour 13Ts and medics pro- operations shop beforevided their unique skills taking command ofto help our firing battery HHB, I have been able tobrethren accomplish their observe our Soldiers atmission. HHB Soldiers their best, in the field and
  4. 4. THE CENTAUR ROLL CALL Page 4Rock 6 CornerThe Sons of Alpha con- gation to wholeheartedly Fort Silltinue to anneal their al- carry the ponderous re-ready well wrought repu- sponsibility of training Noteworthy Accom-tation as the best firing and readying the Sons of plishments:Battery in the Division. Alpha to fight and win PFC Alobaidi won theAs most of you know, America‟s wars. My con- Brigade Soldier of theAlpha Battery just re- fidence in the Junior Quarter Board in April.turned from two weeks in Leaders is unwavering He decimated the compe-the field successfully sup- and I know they will rise tition with second placeporting 31 Security Force to the occasion. being a “distant second.” The Sons of Alpha wishAssistance Advisor Congratulations! You to say farewell and offerTeams (SFAAT) with To the FRG and fami- represent the Rock Bat- our best wishes to thefires in preparation for lies of the Rock; you con- tery in good stead. following Soldiers whothe upcoming deployment tinue to be the catalyst of have departed recently:mission. During this success and high morale Additionally, two of SFC Jones, Arthur - Re-time, the battery con- within our organization. the past three Brigade tirementstructed a virtually im- Your support and sacri- Soldier of the Quarter SSG Recore-Brown, An-penetrable fire base and fices are estimable in and Boards have been won by thony - Recruiterparried relentless OPFOR of themselves, and we the Sons of Alpha, and SSG Smith, Brian – Fortattacks, while simultane- appreciate all that you do. the one we did not win, Stewartously delivering 662 Continue to make this we came in second place. SGT Lambert, Wesley –105mm artillery rounds Battery the best in the There are nearly 4,000 Fort Stewartwhich was vital to the nation. Finally, I chal- Soldiers in the Brigade. If SGT Potrikus, Bradley -SFAATs fires integration lenge and encourage all that‟s not a metric to ETStraining. The completion the ladies of Centaur Bat- gauge the depth and pro- SGT Ross – PCS to Fortof this field exercise talion to upstage their fessionalism of this or- Campbellbrought the battery‟s total husbands during the Red ganization, then I don‟t SPC Baker, Russell –rounds fired count to Leg Day on 24 MAY know what is! Schofield Barracks2150 for the fiscal year, 2012. This is your chance 1LT Corvese, Williambolstering the Battery‟s prove to your husband‟s Congratulations to theefficacy and fidelity. that you can do what they following NCOs and do! Soldiers on their recent The coming months promotions:present a unique chal- Welcome to the Rock: SGT Peraza, Miguellenge for the Battery. 1LT Andrew Brown- SGT Shelly, KennieWith the majority of the Coming from 1-87Battalion‟s leadership fo- 2LT Sam Robertson- Congratulations to fol-cusing on SFAAT Train- Coming from Fort Sill lowing Soldiers beinging, the battery will con- 2LT Jack Burke and Fam- “Rock promoted:tinue to train and support ily- Coming from Fort Sill SPC Cordall-Gonzales, Solid!”the field artillery mission Jill Burke- FRG Co- -ROCK 6 Johnin absence of its senior Leader SPC Townzen, Nicholasleaders. For Junior Lead- PVT Bradley Ingle- SPC Zimmerman,ers it‟s a calling and obli- Coming from AIT from Jedidiah
  5. 5. Page 5 SWIFT & BOLDRock 7’s CornerOnce again the Soldiers tion for future Afghani- sault School or support-of Alpha Battery have stan operations. ing the West Point mis-proven themselves as Red sion. However, there is aLegs with their support of Future Operations light at the end of theSFAAT (Security Force Over the next two tunnel. Upon completionAfghanistan adviser months your Soldier will the Battery will enjoy ateams) call for fire exer- be busy supporting the well needed block leave tocise. The battery fired brigade on numerous recharge and refit in662 rounds safely and tasking to include the Ex- preparation for recertifi-accurately in support of pert Infantry Badge test- cation on basic artillerythe two week field exer- ing, the Expert Medical tasks in the late summercise aiding in the training Badge testing, and the early fall.of over 350 1st BCT Sol- Global Response Team. We are looking forwarddiers conducting call for Some of our Soldiers will to seeing as many of our also be attending Air As- supporters during the first “We are lookingfire training in prepara- annual forward to REDLEG DAY being seeing as many held on of our Thursday, May 24th supporters 2012. If you have any during the first questions, ask annual REDLEG your Soldier and we will DAY …..” see you there. -ROCK 7“Engineers establishing the Firing Point during“SFAAT” support mission” -April 2012 Alpha-22 Chiefed by SSG Rose Fires in support of “SFAAT” mission. -April 2012
  6. 6. THE CENTAUR ROLL CALL Page 6 Volunteers Are...V - aluable is the work you do.O - utstanding is how you always comethrough.L - oyal, sincere and full of good cheer.U - ntiring in your efforts throughout the year.N - otable are the contributions you make.T - rustworthy is every project you take. Congratulations!!E - ager to reach your every goal. April is the month of the Volunteer. WeE - ffective in the way you fulfill your role. applaud those who give back so much to the community, unit, and families. Dur-R - eady with a smile like a shining star. ing April there were many opportunitiesS - pecial and wonderful-that‟s what you are. for us to recognize our volunteers from 3-6 FA. The following volunteers were recognized for various awards given out at Garrison and 1BCT.Thank you to all our Volunteers in 3-6. Volunteer of the Month (This award isYou make a difference... given monthly at the Installation Volunteer of the Month Ceremony for distinguished support Genessee Brinker Pamela Oeschger to the unit and the Fort Drum community.) Jill Burke Katie Parker Kathryn Peacock - Alpha Lisa Carroll Patricia Patterson- Tessa Conaway Navarro Commanders Award for Public Ser- Chelsea Dingbaum Erica Recore-Brown vice (Presented in recognition of broad-based Melinda Thomas service or achievements that contribute signifi- Beth Ann Donnelly cantly to the Fort Drum community by major Katie Dougherty Mindy Thompson contributions to Soldier morale, unit readiness, and/or community life.) Kisha Elliot Amy Tiner Myndee Ellis Allyson Smith Wendy O‟Connor - HHB Christina Hackler Emily Smith Catherine Doughtery - Alpha Rachel Hirons Ruthie Van Orman Tessa Conaway - Bravo Stephanie Hyer Kathryn Peacock Patricia Patterson - Navarro - Golf Michelle Mahaffey Susan Wallace
  7. 7. Page 7 SWIFT & BOLDMay is the month we celebrate and show appreciation to our Military Spouses The Military Spouse For all our 3-6 Field Artillery When the good Lord was creating military spouses, He was into His sixth day of overtime. An an- Spouses (husbands and wives), gel appeared and said, “you‟re having a lot of trouble with this one. What‟s wrong with the standard model? we stand and salute you. You The Lord replied, “have you seen the regula- are the ones who keep the firestions? It has to be completely independent, but must be sponsored to get on thebase, have the qualities of both mother and father during deployment, be a per- burning while your soldier isfect hostess for four to 40, handle emergencies without orders, cope with fluand move around the world, have a kiss that cures anything from a child‟s torn away for a night or longValentine to a serviceman‟s weary day, have the patience of a saint when waitingfor the unit to return Stateside, and have six pairs of hands!” periods of time. We commend The angel shook her head slowly and said, “Six pairs of hands? Noway!” you for keeping the family unit And the Lord answered, “Don‟t worry, we‟ll make other militaryspouses help. Besides, it‟s not the hands that are causing the problems, it‟s the together and for helping yourheart. It must swell with pride, sustain the aches of separations, beat on soundlywhen it‟s too tired to do so, and be large enough to say, „I understand‟ when it fellow military spouses.doesn‟t and say „I love you, regardless.‟” “Lord,” the angel said, touching His sleeve gently, “go to bed. You canfinish that tomorrow,” Just like Molly Pitcher did out “I can‟t,” said the Lord. “I‟m so close to creating something unique. Al-ready I have one who can heal itself when sick, feed unexpected guests who are on the battlefield, bringingstuck in the area due to bad weather, and wave goodbye to its spouse from apier or runway and understand it‟s important to the country that the spouse water to the soldiers and thenleaves.” The angle circled the model of the military spouse very slowly. “It‟s too taking up her husbands post tosoft,” she sighed. “But tough,” said the Lord excitedly. “You cannot imagine what it can fire the cannons when he wasdo or endure.” “Can it think?” injured, you take up your posts “Can it think! It can convert 1400 to 2PM in a wink.” Finally, the angel bent over and ran her finger across the check. and fill the shoes of your“There‟s a leak,” she pronounced. “I told you that you were trying to put toomuch into this model.” soldier while they are away. It “It‟s not a leak,” said the Lord. “It‟s a tear.” “What‟s it for?” asked the angel. is not an easy job, but it is one “It‟s for joy, sadness, pain, loneliness and pride.” “You‟re a genius,” said the angel that you all do so well. Thank The Lord looked somber and replied, “I didn‟t put it there.” you!! SWIFT AND BOLD!Author Unknown
  8. 8. THE CENTAUR ROLL CALL Page 8Bravo BatteryIt has been a busy few nated with a two day field insurgency operations press as they consistentlymonths for the Soldiers exercise in which Soldiers among other things as perform at a high level. Iof Bravo Battery. March and leaders were given a they break off into their look forward to thekicked off with a Battal- mission to execute facing teams beginning the 1st months ahead and I amion level field exercise an enemy force. Soldiers of June. proud to bring this Bat-from the 5th-9th in which from the Battery acted as tery to West Point. TheyPlatoons were tested on role players ranging from The major upcoming will represent this Battal-their ability to execute enemy fighters to civilians event for the Battery is ion and BCT with distinc-field artillery fires as well on the battlefield in order our support for the tion. I again thank all ofas maneuver throughout to provide a realistic United States Military the family members whothe battlefield reacting to training environment and Academy at West Point as continue to support thisdifferent scenarios similar to test the decision mak- they conduct their sum- organization. Your hardto those faced in a de- ing and critical thinking mer training program work and dedication helpployed environment. This skills of Soldiers on the from June 20 – July 22. to make this Battery thewas the first exercise of ground. Our Soldiers per- The Soldiers of the Bat- best on Fort Drum.this type that many Sol- formed very well during tery will assist in trainingdiers of the Battery have the exercise and were able cadets on fire mission Ryan W. Grafconducted in several to learn a great deal about processing in the fire di- CDR, B/3-6 FAyears, and they did so in conducting infantry op- rection center, occupying “Bulls Deep”exemplary fashion. Sol- erations which many Sol- a position area for a how-diers and leaders across diers have not done previ- itzer and conductingthe board displayed ex- ously. This type of train- howitzer fire missions.pertise not only in their ing will be revisited later The Battery will continueability to provide field in the summer in order to to conduct its own inter-artillery fires, but in criti- build on lessons learned. nal training while at Westcal thinking skills required Point in order to maintainto react to contingencies Finally, select members proficiency on field artil-on the battlefield. from the Battery have lery skills learned begun to train for the up- throughout the past 8The Battery switched coming deployment as months. This should begears a bit towards the members of a Security an outstanding trainingend of March as we con- Force Assistance Team event which gives theducted training on dis- (SFAT). These SFAT Battery the ability to fire amounted and mounted team members initiated large quantity of roundsinfantry tactics similar to their training by conduct- and to help train the fu-those utilized by the Bat- ing a live fire shoot utiliz- ture leaders of the Army.talion in previous deploy- ing Air Force assets, West Point also offers aments. Soldiers partici- Army Aviation, artillery wide array of MWR ac-pated in a week of classes and mortars on targets in tivities throughout thewhich covered dis- the Fort Drum impact summer to include a pos-mounted movement, area. SFAT teams will sible trip to Yankee Sta-mounted movement and continue to conduct train- dium for a baseball game.reacting to enemy con- ing on first aid, weaponstact. The training culmi- qualification, counter- The Soldiers of Bravo Battery continue to im-
  9. 9. Page 9 SWIFT & BOLDFrom the Desk of Guardian 6The men and women of including four gold and in order to qualify all Sol-Golf Company continue all members were re- diers on their primary be leaving the Companyto provide excellent logis- warded with an impact weapon. Some Soldiers on their way to Germanytical support to the Cen- Army Achievement from Golf Company have in July but they will al-taur Battalion. The Com- Medal presented to them been selected to be mem- ways have a home herepany started the month of by Brigadier General bers of the Battalion‟s with the Guardians. I amMarch supporting the Kenneth Dahl, Deputy SFAAT teams. These extremely proud of allBattalion‟s Table XII live Commanding General for teams have already begun that we have accom-fire exercise with field Support, 10th Mountain training together and will plished as a Forward Sup-maintenance and several Division (Light Infantry), continue to do so as they port Company and ex-vehicle recovery missions at a ceremony at Hayes prepare for deployment cited for upcoming opera-in the Battalion‟s training Hall. sometime in 2013. The tions within the Battalion.areas. The Distribution Company will also be par- I am truly honored to bePlatoon supported the The month of April has ticipating in the mentally part of such an amazingfiring batteries with safely the Company played a key and physically challenging team of dedicated Sol-distributing over 1,000 part in the Brigade‟s Battalion “Mungadai” diers and families.gallons of fuel and deliv- Global Response Force from May 22-23 conclud-ery of over 1,200 rounds rehearsal mission as well ing with the Battalion‟sof live ammunition during as supporting Alpha Bat- first annual Red Leg Daythe five day exercise. The tery with logistical sup- on May 24th which is forGuardian cooks once port as the Sons of Alpha the spouses in the Battal-again proved to be the provided accurate fires ion which will include anbest in the Battalion by during the two week Bri- obstacle course, simulatedpreparing over 3,000 gade‟s Security Force Ad- weapons trainer, and ameals during the week in vise Assist Team howitzer crew drill. Thethe Company‟s brand new (SFAAT) Walk and Shot Company will continuecontainerized kitchen. Exercise. The Mainte- with company level train-The month of March also nance Platoon worked ing in June as well as sup-sent two Guardian Sol- hard on completing an- porting Bravo Batterydiers, SSG Nickesha Hib- nual vehicle and equip- during their one monthbert and SPC Markeeshia ment services for the Bat- mission to West Point, “Strength through Sup-Neal, to the 37th Annual talion as well as providing New York. port!”Military Culinary Arts field maintenance support CPT Keith CarrollCompetition in Fort Lee, to Alpha Battery‟s field Finally, we said goodbye Guardian 6Virginia. SSG Hibbert exercise. In the weeks to Kathy Antepara, Golfand SPC Neal and the ahead, the Company will Company‟s Family Readi-other members of the be involved with various ness Group Leader as she New Soldiers to GolfFort Drum Culinary Arts platoon level training to stepped down after two Company:team competed against include a record Army years of dedicated service. PV2 Matthew King-91Fteams from all branches Physical Fitness test and a Kathy worked countless (Smalls Arms Repair)of the armed services dur- 12 mile Company road hours to make our FRG from Oswego, New Yorking the two week event. march. We will also be one of the best in the Bat-The Fort Drum team conducting an M4 rifle talion. Kathy and her hus-won a total of 36 medals qualification range in June band, SGT Antepara, will
  10. 10. THE CENTAUR ROLL CALL Page 10May Birthdays Bravo Battery May AnniversariesHeadquarters Susan Wallace Kristopher Block Headquarters Clint & Svetlana HaugerSPC Chavis PFC Whitney Alyssa Cole Michael & Nicole Billman Arthur & Antoinette JonesSGT Duclos SPC Zima Brandon Deforest Michael & Kathleen Buchheit Bravo BatterySGT Figueroa Alpha Battery Joshua Dozanti Wesley & Brandi Crutcher Brandon & Traci DeforestSGT Parks SGT Alpart Matthew Gendron Jonathan & Stephanie Hicks Rudolph & Lashell GreenMichelle Pilgreen Sarah Baker Adam Guyor Richard & Susan Wallace Michael & Felicia LomberkSSG Reisinger Kenneth Bostwick Ruben Dario Her- Alpha Battery Eric & Jennifer Mason nandezKim Shrestha Kelly Caulfield Luis & Sara Bapillo Danny & Jessica Norton Caleb JonesSPC Tiner Adam Codiroli William & Diana Corvese Vincent PineiroSGT Vasseur Kevin Fuller Eric & Dawn Davis James Richards Seren Waters
  11. 11. Page 11 SWIFT & BOLDJune BirthdaysHeadquarters June Anniversaries SGT Larson Bravo Battery Golf company Headquarters Bravo BatteryKantrell Cobbs- SPC Meneses Michael SPC MichaelBrown Conaway Christopher & James & Victoria Katy Milligan Forrester Myndee Ellis MeyerAlejandra Car- Eric Graveline SGT Whiteroll 1LT Niemberg Guillermo Figueroa James & Kayla CPT Pittman Ucok Hendri 2LT Williams & Mayra Huerta RichertPauline Coit Angel Reed David Kwasnik Heath & Candace Cody & Seren Wa-SPC Evers Dakota Miles Heriger tersMayra Huerta PFC Shrestha Victoria Meyer Brad & Kelley Ris-PFC Garza Alpha Battery ley Cynthia Leas- Mark RudewiczSPC Harris ure Dinh QuangCarmen John- Truongson Chloe Knoll