7 Core Elements to Building a Powerful and Engaged Audience for Your Book


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A powerful marketing step is to build an engaged community of supporters for you and your work. Learn the 7 core elements to building a thriving and passionate audience for your book – plus tips to help you take action immediately.

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7 Core Elements to Building a Powerful and Engaged Audience for Your Book

  1. Image credit: S. Zolkin via Unsplash 7 Core Elements to Building a Powerful and Engaged Audience for Your Book www.YourWriterPlatform.com
  2. Know how important a thrivingand passionate fan base is to your writing career, but struggling to make it a reality?
  3. create an army of promoters to help drive your success? Wondering how to
  4. Image credit: Alexander Shustov via Unsplash 1. Identify and Seek Out Your Ideal Fan
  5. One of the biggest mistakes writers make when trying to build their readerships is failing to identify exactly who it is that they are trying to reach.
  6. Action Steps: Create a profile of your ideal fan – their interests, needs and desires, where they can be found (online and off) and who they are influenced by. ! Also decide who you want to spend time with. Who do you want to learn from?
  7. Image credit:Dogancan Ozturan via Unsplash 2. Determine What You Have to Offer
  8. Forget about being “discovered”. Instead, give people a reason to support you and your work. ! What value can only youprovide?
  9. Action Steps: Don’t try to dictate your audience’s needs – understand them. ! Notice your passions, ideas and interests. Do they resonate with your ideal reader? Dig deep. What makes you stand out? What exactly is your appeal and why is it relevant?
  10. Image credit: Carool via Morguefile 3. Define Your Goals
  11. The goals you define for yourself will help you determine whether or not you’ve reached what you set out to do. ! Knowing your goals defines what success actually looks like.
  12. Action Steps: Ask yourself what it is you wish to attain with your book or your writing. Different motivations require different goals to achieve the desired outcome. ! What does success look like to you? Recognition, influence, speaking gigs, a full time writing career, bestseller status? Or something else?
  13. Image credit: Daniel Robert Dinu via Unsplash 4. Create Content That’s Worth Sharing
  14. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful marketing tool available. ! But the only way to access and activate this mechanism, is to create content that begs to be shared.
  15. Action Steps: Create highly valuable content that addresses the needs and desires of the people you most want to reach. ! Consider using multiple mediums to reach your intended audience and focus on answering your reader’s question, “What’s in it for me?”
  16. Image credit: Hotblack via Morguefile 5. Promote, Network & Partner
  17. Spend as much time promoting your work as you take to create it – perhaps more. It takes a village… So don’t wait until “later” to start making genuine connections and partnerships.
  18. Action Steps: Get out from behind your desk, off your blog or away from the safety of your usual haunts. ! Guest post, comment and interact on other blogs. Offer your insight in new groups and forums. Develop online and offline partnerships by contributing value first before expecting something in return.
  19. Image credit: Hotblack via Morguefile 6. Engage With Your Burgeoning Audience
  20. “Traffic” alone is not enough. ! By connecting, responding and engaging with people, ! you give them a reason to come back again and again.
  21. Action Steps: Start by creating relevant content that spurs conversation. ! Ask questions, respond to comments, encourage feedback and facilitate discussions within your growing community. ! Be human and authentic.
  22. 7. Make It Easy (And Hard) to Be a Part of Your Tribe Image credit: Hotblack via Morguefile
  23. Contrary to popular belief, your work will not appeal to everyone. ! Be clear about who your community is for, and who it is not.
  24. Make it super easy and enticing for your ideal fan to join (subscribe). Make them feel like they are part of something special. ! Get community members excited and involved – allow them to take ownership of what they’ve created and help you share it with the world. Action Steps:
  25. To Summarize: 1. Identify and seek out your ideal fan 2. Determine what you have to offer 3. Define your goals 4. Create content that’s worth sharing 5. Promote, network & partner 6. Engage with your burgeoning audience 7. Make it easy (and hard) to be a part of your tribe
  26. Presented by Kimberley Grabas ! www.YourWriterPlatform.com ! To learn more about finding an audience for your book, click the link below: ! ! http://www.yourwriterplatform.com/how-to-target-an-audience/ !