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Ted x trackslist

  1. 1. Tracks for TEDxBroadStreet Over the course of three months, a participatory process was used to collect ideas for talks that have established the tracks for TEDxBroadStreet. These tracks are reflective of a variety of community stakeholder voices in Newark and give a synopsis of what TEDx speakers will be talking about at TEDxBroadStreet in November. On the full report of the conversations that developed these tracks please click here. The Newark Brand What is at stake for Newark if it just stays a brand filled with negative perceptions? The story of Newark is an amazingly complex story for a unique U.S city in its own right. The small changes to transformation and setbacks that have happened in the city are filled with lessons learned about how residents perceive the city as well as how outsiders view Newark. Speakers in this track will speak to Newarkers’ ability to restore faith in themselves, their safety, and in the infrastructure of the city. Community Healing What would it take to build the bridge to healing what keeps us divided and stuck in the city of Newark? The historical (i.3 1968 riots) and present day trauma (state takeover school district, community violence) that exists in Newark still impacts many facets of how Newark operates as a living system. The collective ability for Newarkers’ to know they can overcome adversity and sustain well-being has been a challenge for residents in the city. Speakers in this talk will speak to the conditions that hold trauma in Newark. They will also think about ways organizations and institutions can address the spiritual, emotional, and behavioral well-being of the city given its historical and present day context. Food Justice How can Newark become home-grown in the way it produces its food? Many pocket areas of Newark including areas of downtown have been identified as food deserts. These are locations within the city that are created disparities in lack of access to fresh meats and produce in the city. This impacts residents’ health and well- being to be able to eat balanced nutritious meals that would contribute to the health and sustainability of the city. Speakers will talk about the role of children and families in increasing access to fresh food and locally grown produce in the city. Sustainable Neighborhoods What is the catalyst that will create collective neighborhood organizing to establish sustainable businesses and services (i.e: grocery store, Laundromat, cooperative housing, etc.)? There is a yearning in Newark to have more spaces for self-contained neighborhood organizing that is not steered and started by local government. Community Development in Newark has to be resident –centered while also considering how corporations and the city government can support that approach. The speakers in this track will be talking about how development in Newark needs to move forward considering economic and educational factors that impact the ability of Newark to be innovative, inclusive, and intuitive to the strengths that its residents have to sustain their own neighborhoods.
  2. 2. Economic Development How can we find alignment in how small businesses do business in Newark to promote economic empowerment in the city? The promotion of buying local in Newark has been an emerging effort to keep capital in Newark and not let potential financial resources leave the city where it could be applied in neighborhoods that need it. What kind of job markets is the best fit for Newark in bringing in new business? Questions like this and others will be posed and discussed by speakers in this track. They will address the skills development, level of investment and ownership, as well as the spirit of social entrepreneurship needed to enhance the economic vitality of Newark. Women in Politics What does it take for women to run for local office in Newark and what does gender have to do with it? The adverse gender norms that have been pervasive in our society exist in the public sector as well and have impacted the representation of women in elected positions in the city government. Speakers in this talk will speak to the collective bargaining and supportive women’s groups that are necessary in leveraging support to promote women to run for local office in Newark. Youth Empowerment What are the bold questions that young people are cultivating that seeks to transform our education system? The story of Newark should live with the young people that grow up here, and they should have a comprehensive understanding and context of their history as Newarkers so that it informs how they contribute to the city now into the future. Speakers in this session with talk about the importance of communities supporting mentorship with young people to cultivate their skills and talents. In addition, there will be talks about the standards that we have for learning for our young people in the city as well as bridging cross cultural exchanges for learning via technology. Lastly, speakers will discuss how to strategically prepare students to contribute those talents in skills in a larger global economy. For more information on these topics please reach TEDxBroadStreet Organizer: Kimberlee Williams @ kwilliams@femworksllc.com