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  1. 1. ICT Learning Goals I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and a person that doesn’t tend to shy away from a challenge. As I continue along on my journey towards becoming a certified teacher, I have set some ICT learning goals for myself that will help me create my ideal classroom and learning environment for my future students. At the top of the list is learning how to code. I realize that this is an awfully lofty goal, but I would love to be able to infuse this skill into my classroomand have my students fully intertwined with computer science at a young age. I strongly believe that it is important for students to create with technology, not just be mere consumers of it. The future career opportunities for my students will require high levels of tech fluency so I think it’s important to get them involved and excited to learn about computer science as soon as their educational careers start. Teaching kids how to code requires them to use critical thinking and problem solving skills. It also helps them to pay attention to details and develop a tenacity or determination to stick with a task, even if it’s difficult. To move forward in reaching my goal of learning to code, I have already been researching different course options that will give me a basic understanding of the subject. In fact, I found an online course that I intend to work my way through here. The wonderful thing about this course is it is free and self-paced, so I can learn when I have time and in the comfort of my own home. I also intend to connect with teachers who have participated in the Hour of Code to further educate myself on coding and how to successfully incorporate it into my classroom. I have been exploring the website to learn as much as I can about the program, and am thoroughly intrigued and excited
  2. 2. to have my future students participate in it. The video below definitely makes the case for teaching coding in schools. Another ICT learning goal that I have for myself is to create a personal blog based on my educational and teaching experiences. Kathy Cassidy has inspired me to take my journaling into the 21st century and expand my online presence beyond the wonderful world of Facebook. By creating a professional blog, I will cement my digital image as a highly motivated teacher with big dreams and even bigger goals. It will serve as a place to collect inspiring ideas and strategies to use in my classroom and to document the amazing projects my students will be immersed in. I want to be the kid of teacher that inspires others to try new things and retain their childlike sense of wonder. All of this is possible by creating a well thought out professional blog. I will also have a class blog where my students will be able to post about their learning and begin to create their own digital identity in a safe environment. To move forward with this ICT learning goal, I will explore other teacher’s blogs and take note of how they are laid out so I have a good idea of what I want my own blog to look like. I will check out different blogging platforms to see which ones offer features that I would like, and perhaps which ones I will avoid. I think that by following other teacher’s blogs and interacting with them, I can learn a lot
  3. 3. about the whole blogging process. In particular, I will keep a close eye on Kassidy’s blog as I consider her to be an amazing tech role model. I would also like to be more comfortable with the SmartBoard and Smart Notebook software. I think the best way I can reach this goal is to simply play with software, create lessons and activities and try them out on my own. I am a very hands on learner, so I feel that I will learn best using a trial and error method. I will also continue to ask my co-operating teachers and ICT professor for tips on how to perform certain tasks on the Smart Board and attend any PD sessions offered on Smart Board technology.