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  1. 1. KKII MM JJ.. MMII XX 5630 Dorshire Drive  Galena, Ohio 43021  H: 614.653-5403 E: TT EE CC HH NN II CC AA LL HH EE LL PP DD EE SS KK || CC UU SS TT OO MM EE RR SS EE RR VV II CC EE ecent Information Engineering graduate and U.S. Postal Carrier Supervisor – with two decades of experience – offers mastery of desktop support, PC utilities and business communications subject matter. Seeks to apply proven operating system and software application expertise gained from providing technical support to clients in start-up, to new career as Technical Helpdesk Representative in call center environment. Windows-based operating system support activities include running computer diagnostics – to identify and resolve hardware / software issues – performing general maintenance, and updating applications and utilities. Helped clients extend life of machines by compacting and consolidating registries and filing systems, and advising customers on best practices and upgrades. PPRROOFFEESSSSIIOONNAALL EEXXPPEERRIIEENNCCEE KWICK KLEIN COMPUTER KARE (2014 – Present) Start-up computer services business with one employee. TECHNICAL HELP DESK MANAGER / OWNER Apply solid technical background, knack for customer service, and education to originate start-up operation, delivering quality technical support services to clients.  Respond to client emails / phone calls and scheduled diagnostic appointments. Examined and rectified computer hardware and software malfunctions, adjusting operating system and related settings, maintaining systems, replacing hardware, updating programs and installing new software.  Save clientele time and money, by helping clients extend life of machines instead of replacing with expensive new components or entire computer systems.  Consolidate computer registries and filing systems, advising customers on best options for upgrading software, hardware, operating systems and peripherals. UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE (1993 – Present) Independent agency of U.S. government – originated in 1971 – responsible for providing postal service to residents, with 625,113 employees. CARRIER SUPERVISOR (2015 – 2016) POSTAL CARRIER (1993 – 2015 & 2016 – Present) Oversee operation ensuring collection and delivery of more than 500 million mail pieces annually, with accountability for 40+ carriers distributing mail and packages to homes and businesses six days per week. Analyze carrier routes and recommend route boundary changes to regulate amount and timeliness of mail being delivered.  Train and coordinate functions of as many as 43 employees, educating staff on how to reset hand-held scanners to improve reporting accuracies and productivity.  Improved handling efficiencies, by assigning and tracking returned mail trays after completion of carrier deliveries. Re-established red-line policy to hold carriers accountable for returning mail to proper location for follow-up activities. EARLY CAREER HISTORY Quality Control Associate, Allied Mineral Products, Hilliard, Ohio EDUCATION American National University Associates in Information Engineering, (3.0/4.0) May 2014 User Support (OS & Application), Software Troubleshooting (MS & Office Suite) Installation and troubleshooting of LANs, WIFIs, DSLs. Windows 7.0 & 8.0, MS Office 7.0 & 8.0 RR CORE COMPETENCIES: Technical Support Customer Service Client Management Project Management Network Administration Systems Implementation Software Development Hardware Configuration Database Management Systems Security Training & Development Program Development LAN / Wifi / DSL Installations Remote Systems Access Information Technology Ethernet Interfaces Quality Control Communications