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Delivering Your Content Strategy: Effective Documentation and Deliverables (Confab 2015)


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You made it! You finally got “content strategy” added to your job description. You’ve convinced your organization it’s important and you’re ready to get started. Bring on the content audits, page templates, and copy decks.

Except: What does a content template look like? And how do you create a gap analysis? When Kim Marques joined Liberty Mutual five years ago, she asked herself the same questions—so she started making stuff up. In this session, Kim shared the lessons she learned about documenting and presenting content strategy recommendations, and creating deliverables that help other people do their jobs more effectively.

This session covered:

What some of the most common types of content strategy deliverables are, what they look like, and the purpose each of them serve
How to determine which deliverables are appropriate for your project or organization
How to create documents that help other people complete their parts of the project more effectively

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Delivering Your Content Strategy: Effective Documentation and Deliverables (Confab 2015)

  1. 1. Delivering Your Content Strategy Effective Documentation and Deliverables Kim Marques Liberty Mutual Insurance @ContentKim The views expressed herein are the authors own, and do not necessarily represent the views of any company or organization.
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover • The Content Strategy Process • 4 Common Types of Content Strategy Deliverables: • Content Inventory & Audits • Content Hierarchies • Content Recommendations • Copy Decks • What Deliverables to Use • How to Customize Your Deliverables
  3. 3. Plan Create Publish Analyze Content Strategy is a process … … AND a deliverable.
  4. 4. Common Deliverables
  5. 5. My First Mistake
  6. 6. My 1,375,962nd Mistake
  7. 7. Deliverables Aren’t One Size Fits All Simple Inventory Complex Inventory • Page Name • URL • Topic • Page Name • URL • Topic • H1 • Metadata • Date Published • Last Edited • Imagery • Traffic Simple Audit Complex Audit • All of the Above • Notes • All of the Above • SEO Value • Business Value • Editorial Score • Notes
  8. 8. Content inventories and audits are important. But they don’t have to be the answer to every content question that anyone could ever ask.
  9. 9. Deliverables Can and Should be Collaborative
  10. 10. This is NOT a Page Table
  11. 11. Always Remember Your Audience
  12. 12. The most extensive audits and well-founded hierarchies won’t convince your stakeholders to adopt a content strategy – YOU will.
  13. 13. Make Your Case
  14. 14. Help Others Do the Work Many Content Strategists have moved on to other projects before implementation. The right documents can help people follow your direction.
  15. 15. Copy Decks Aren’t Just for Writers
  16. 16. Most Content Strategists don’t create web experiences alone. Create documentation that helps the next person in the process.
  17. 17. Important Documentation Questions • Is this document helpful? • Is this document usable? • How much time do I have to create this document?
  18. 18. Remember the WHO • Why is the document being created? • What is the purpose of the document? • Where does the document live? • When does it need to be delivered? • WHO WILL BE USING THE DOCUMENT?
  19. 19. The UX of UX Documentation • Identify your users • Define their expectations • Figure out the tasks they need to complete to meet those expectations
  20. 20. Plan Create Publish Analyze Content Strategy is a process … … and the deliverables to support it.
  21. 21. QUESTIONS? Kim Marques Liberty Mutual Insurance @ContentKim