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Prostitution presentation


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Prostitution presentation

  1. 1. PROSTITUTION Presented By Kim Maina
  2. 2. What is Prostitution? My Definition • Engaging in sexual relations for money. • Prostitution is an act , a practice and even an occupation. • Commonly referred to as commercial sex. Facts: • Prostitution is considered the earliest form of business dating from the ancient Babylon and Sumer(ancient Mesopotamia) in the 18th century BCE .It took place in the temples and shrines and was commonly known as Sacred Prostitution. • But these temples were later destroyed by emperor Constantine in the 4th century AD and replaced with Christianity.
  3. 3. A fun history of Prostitution (2400BC-499) • Sumerian record earliest practice of prostitution. • Kar.kid Female prostitute • Kurgarru Male prostitute • Hammurabi’s code that mention the rights of prostitutes and their children(1780 BC). • Legal brothels in China(600 BC) by Kuang Chuang. • Trained Hetairai in Ancient Greece(400 BC).
  4. 4. • Prostitution is carried out by prostitutes or commercial sex workers. • Other words are: hooker, ho/hoe, whore, slut, trumpet, call girl among others. • Male: gigolo, pansy boy, rent boy, male escort etc
  5. 5. Types of Prostitution • Bar Girls/Strip Clubs • Brothel Prostitutes : under supervision. • Call girls : Expensive. • Skeezers : barter drugs for sex • Cyber Prostitutes: internet • Streetwalkers : lowest paid(debatable). • Circuit travelers : groups. • Massage parlors
  6. 6. Causes of Prostitution • Let us view prostitution in an economic perspective: • There is actually a supply and demand chain. • These can act as catalyst towards spreading and controlling prostitution.
  7. 7. Where is the Demand? • Men These are the ultimate consumers of sex. • They create the demand. • The State legalizing prostitution and taking tax from it. • The Exploiters Composed of pimps, traffickers, brothel • owners, organized crime members and corrupt officials. • Culture mass media plays a large role in prostitution, they portray it as a glamorous way of making a lot of money quickly. Pornography also. • Empowerment of sex work and sex workers by some NGO’s & lobby groups
  8. 8. Where is the Supply • Women, ladies, young children there exist a large number of these group of people who are willing to join prostitution. • Though others have been forced into the act.
  9. 9. Causes of this supply • HIV/AIDS Epidemic. • Poverty. • Gender differences. • Weak political commitment. • Wars.
  10. 10. FACTS
  11. 11. cont…
  12. 12. Cont…
  13. 13. Let’s Discuss! • What are the effects of prostitution? • Have you ever been with a prostitute? • What do you feel about prostitution? • Should prostitution be legalized?