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  • The well known gold post is known by consumers all over the world. This sign will be placed in your front yard. NAR research shows that a considerable amount of inquiries come from our yard sign. A lock box makes your house more available to possible buyers. Your perfect time to have buyers come by may not be their perfect time and the lock box allows for more flexibility with showing appointments. CENTURY 21 sales associates can also use eNewsletters and eGreetings to showcase your home. If you ‘d be willing to share your email address with me, I can send you samples of these. As well I can send you updates, copies of advertising and any feedback I receive from interested buyers. Direct mail and email campaigns to potential buyers will compliment the other forms of local advertising we will provide to you. Posting your property on our website will provide prospective buyers with a convenient first hand look at your home while the local Multiple Listing Service will make sure that all area brokers and agents know that you home is for sale.Finally I will hold Open Houses which will allow buyers to get an up close and personal look.
  • The most important part of staging your home is to make sure it is extremely clean. Eliminate extraneous knickknacks and furniture to make rooms and closets more spacious. Consider toning down bold colors and patterns.A Home Protection Plan is also a tool to make your home more attractive and is a nice marketing tool..
  • This slide stresses the importance of the Internet and the continued partnership with the real estate professional.As I’m sure you are aware, Internet use has become a predominate practice in most households. Its important that your listing have a stellar web presence on I will explain how I plan to do this in a moment.
  • This research from the National Association of Realtors shows the increasing importance of the internet in the home buying process. Each year more and more buyers find the internet more useful and the newspaper less important/useful when searching for homes. You will also see that more and more buyers are finding their home on the internet, this number will continue to grow. The percentage of buyers who find the home they purchase in the newspaper has significantly decreased as has newspaper circulation. As your agent I will make sure that home gets the online exposure it deserves.
  • Century 21 has an aggressive listing distribution strategy to maximize the online exposure of your home. Research from the National Association of Realtors shows that consumers are conducting much of their research online and in many cases find their home online. We provide maximum exposure so that more potential buyers see your property. Your home will appear on some of the top real estate sites like Trulia, Yahoo etc. It will also appear on sites like which is owned by Scripps Network ( owner of HGTV, Food Network, Fine Living Network DIY TV).All of our listings are enhanced on and their network of local newspaper web sites. Today’s home buyer is searching online. We’re ready for their visit on the web twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.Every open house we conduct will show up on and
  • Regarding the market analysis, here is the research we’re going to review to determine a good price for your property. I looked at several categories when I did the research. I looked at properties that recently sold, because that tells us what other buyers are willing to pay for property like yours. This is similar to what an appraiser is going to use when a buyer applies for financing and it is the category we should to give the most consideration. We also look at currently listed properties and those that are under contract because they are your competition. Homes similar to yours that are currently on the market or under contract are a great benchmark against which to evaluate your ideal price point. Finally we review similar listings that have expired. We know in the majority of cases when a property doesn’t sell, it is because it’s overpriced. Essentially, we’re drawing the line that states, “If we go there, we’re going to wind up on the expired list.” And every time a house gets listed, it’s going to wind up on one of two lists. It’s either going to be on the sold list or the expired list.  
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