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  1. 1. Game Design -Apply in real life
  2. 2. Gamification In Game Design Gamification (Game + Fication = Gamification): • It is process that engaging user and solving the problem by using Game technique.  When making gamification service, We choose and make use of component that seriously affect our target player within game design. Gamification Systems are founded on pre-existing player and true story of brand.
  3. 3. MDA Framework • Make the best use of Game design frame work • MDA framework is a tool used to analyze games • It has three components: -Mechanics : It takes charge of the functioning factor of the game -Dynamics : Players interact with the Mechanics -Aesthetics : Player ‘s feeling getting in the games during interaction with Mechanics and Dynamics • In the gamified application systems, the Mechanics are made up of tool which can lead to significant reaction from the players • Here is 7 components: - Points - Levels - Leaderboards - Badges - Challenges/Quests - Onboarding - Engagement loops
  4. 4. Game Mechanics What is Point System?      Absolutely important components for gamified systems The Form can visible or keep hide vaguely We can choose one of five point systems to construct player’s experience Through point systems, It definitely provides motivation effect 5Pattern of point systems: • • • • • Experience Points Redeemable Points Skill Points Karma Points Reputation Points
  5. 5. What is Point System?  Experience Points • • The most important points of the five point systems Whole player’s actions can be experience points in the systems  Redeemable Points • • Use the points to Something for making a purchase It called like coins, bucks, cash, and so on  Skill Points • • It is assigned in special activity It is like Bonus points  Karma Points • • Only for sharing points, can be formed the meaning It functions as leading altruistic actions and rewards  Reputation Points • • You can get established confidence between two or more group It play a role that constructs trust
  6. 6. Apply Point System in real life EX) CJ ONE card • The service that saves and uses the points. • All the CJ brands are combined by one membership service and managed
  7. 7. Apply Point System in real life 1. Redeemable Points • You buy products in each brands, It saves up 1~5% of your purchasing price into your account • The gained points are usable like cash later • It is possible to exchange with gift certificate
  8. 8. Apply Point System in real life 2. Skill Points If you use over 3 alliance brand of CJ ONE Within 1 month, you can get extra saving point.
  9. 9. Apply Point System in real life 3. Karma Points You can exchange your CJ point with each other .
  10. 10. Apply Point System in real life  Strong point of CJ one card • In order to get the point, people drop by pertinent shop • For encashment, people steadily spend their money and gain points
  11. 11. References Gabe Zichermann, Christopher Cunningham. Gamification by design. O’Reilly Media.