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7 Inspirational Quotes from Women in Family Businesses


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If you are, or if you know, a woman in the family business sector these quotes will inspire you. We are passionate about family businesses and especially about the women who drive them either in business or family leadership roles.

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7 Inspirational Quotes from Women in Family Businesses

  2. 2. Doris Scheibenbogen Trust your intuition, follow your passion and don’t let anyone stop you! Be fearless and chase your dreams. . FAMILY BUSINESS CONSULTANT, 2ND GENERATION MEMBER OF A FAMILY BUSINESS “ ”
  3. 3. Ana Priyanka Gupta Zielinski Things will change and you have to be willing to let them. Let your children make their own mistakes at work; you cannot juggle for them. 2ND GENERATION FAMILY BUSINESS - MPIL STEEL STRUCTURES “ ”
  4. 4. SARA PANTALEO It’s really all about the love of the business. Gender doesn’t matter, just go for it. Don’t be mediocre. Strive to achieve. 2ND GENERATION FAMILY BUSINESS - CEO LA PORCHETTA “ ”
  5. 5. Ana Maria Matallana Boggio In a family business, family cohesion is the most important indicator of success. 3RD GENERATION FAMILY BUSINESS - ALFAGRES “ ”
  6. 6. “ ”CORRINA WRIGHT 6TH GENERATION FAMILY BUSINESS - OLIVERS TARANGA VINEYARD There is no glass ceiling when you are the owner/operator…you can set your own culture around how you want women in your business to be treated.
  7. 7. LEA BOYCE You have to be able to compartmentalise and be able to swing between being a family business to a business family depending on the situation. 5TH GENERATION FAMILY BUSINESS BOYCE FAMILY OFFICE “ ”
  8. 8. My father has always been a great source of inspiration. On my first day of work when I returned to the family business, he placed a note on my desk that still serves as a source of inspiration. “ ”PATRICIA GHANY 2ND GEN FAMILY BUSINESS - CFO ESAU OILFIELD SUPPLIES CO. LTD.
  9. 9. We hope you have been inspired by these women in family business. If you would like further inspiration download our Women in Family Business E-Book here: “ ”
  10. 10. “ Thank You