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Parents presentation 24.08.2012


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This is the presentation that was given to parents on 24.12.2012. This details full information on the trip, and the learning experiences that the 2012/2013 Ambassadors will be exposed to.

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Parents presentation 24.08.2012

  1. 1. Kilwinning Academy
  2. 2. 1. A warm welcome from Mr Atkins and Mrs Randall.2. Congratulations on making it to the final twelve?3. Why the Ambassadors programme?In summary, the learning aims of the Ambassadors programme can be described as follows:• Take responsibility as a mentor by being a positive role model• Increase skills in collaboration, including communication, planning and problem-solving• Develop skills in setting and achieving personal goals• Experience and understand leadership• Develop and apply the skills of presenting to an audience• Develop the skill required for work learning and life.
  3. 3. Watch this online – Ambassadors web page
  4. 4. Straight into the action
  5. 5. • Throughout the week we will all be involved in challenging activities, that seek to challenge our comfort zones and test ourselves, so that we realise our strengths and potential.• Each activity is designed around pupils and their needs. Pupils can decide upon their limits and not forced to attempt or fully complete any challenge if they don’t feel comfortable. ZIP WIRE ZIP WIRENIGHT LINE 50ft TREE CLIMB
  9. 9. Our current ambassadors:• Support our feeder primaryschools in preparing the primary 7students for the transition tosecondary school.• Have mentoring support from avolunteer from our one of ourlocal business partners (Ardagh Group and Stellar UK), to helpdevelop aspirations, shape goalsand consider opportunities forpersonal growth.• Have contributed vastly to thelife of the school, supportinginitiatives and working with ourlocal community.
  10. 10. BUILDING AND LOCATION:ROOMS:• Excellent rooms with en-suite facilities, personal storage, bedding and towels.• Pupils will be sharing in single sex dorms max 4 people.• Teacher rooms will be directly in the middle to ensure no funny business!!
  11. 11. STAFF:•Nice and friendly staff who are on call 24:7.• Work with pupils to plan and developactivities, skills and progress.•Promote responsibility, independence andleadership.• Highly organised and fully trained in allOutdoor Activities, First Aid and MountainRescue.• Committed and passionate regarding thedevelopment of young people.
  12. 12. FOOD:• Great selection, home made and cater for all needs.• Pupils will be given a hot breakfast, packed lunch andevening meal.• Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juice provided free ofcharge.CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT:• All outdoor wear and climbing equipment etc is providedfree of charge.• Clothing list inside pre-course info pack.• All transport is provided by Loch Eil from site to site.FREE TIMEPupils are given about an hours dedicated free time, however there are other opportunitiesthroughout the day. This is more than enough and we are all normally very tired by the end ofour activities and look forward to our rest.
  13. 13. PAYMENTS• At least £450 per person• You will only have to pay…. £175DEPOSIT: £75 due Thursday 28th JuneFINAL PAYMENT: £100 due Friday 17th AugustFORMSEV5 - permission form.14.4 – Outdoor residential form14.6 – Swimming activities formOutward Bound FormsALL DUE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: SUBMIT TO S.ATKINS / J.RANDALL
  14. 14. FUND RAISING• As you know the cost is heavily subsidised and therefore we have to raise additional funds.• Pupils will be involved in bag packing around the various stores local to Kilwinning and Irvine.• This also helps to build team relations prior to the trip.TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS• We will travel to Fort William - Loch Eil by mini-bus.• Leave: 9:00am 27th August 2012. Be there early please.• Return: 3:30pm approx, 31st August 2012.