Digital Art


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Digital Art

  1. 1. Digital ArtOoohh CS4042
  2. 2. Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. WMM vs Sony Vegas 3. Advantages / Disadvantages 4. FL Studio 5. Propellerheads Reason 6. Conclusion. 7. References. 8. Questions.Ooohh CS4042
  3. 3. Introduction: • Digital Art is a term used to describe a wide range of artworks which use digital technology as a major part of creating the artwork. • In this presentation we plan to discuss the producing and editing of Music and Video by comparing common softwares used in the making of these media. • The platforms we will discuss are Reason and Fruity Loops (Music) and Sony Vegas and Windows Movie Maker (Video). • Under Music we will cover the needs and wants of the users followed by a summary(presentation) and comparison of the named production platforms. • Under Video we will compare and contrast what is required for a good video editor and how they differ. .Ooohh CS4042
  4. 4. WMM vs Sony Vegas  Windows Movie Maker is a free downloadable video editor with limited abilities.  Sony Vegas is a very expensive Video editor however it is a more professional video editor than Movie Maker.  Both Programs work on a timeline and allow for multiple visual effects to be added to many forms of video.  Windows Movie Maker has always been considered a very basic video editing software but with recent updates to the software Movie Maker 6 has a much broader range of uses than before. Movie Maker can be used for most simple/basic editing that you may need.  However, if you require in depth editing and production of a higher standard then Movie Maker is not the option. Sony Vegas appears to be the most highly recommended piece of video editing software available to the publicOoohh CS4042
  5. 5. Advantages / Disadvantages Windows Movie Maker Sony Vegas Free  $600+  No Storyboard  Storyboard Mode  Limited output support  Supports Most Outputs  Limited visual effects  Unlimited effects  Simple User Interface  Complex Interface Especially for beginners  Very basic Video editor  High Quality Professional Finish  Software freezes a lot  Bug Fixes and Updates Ooohh CS4042
  6. 6. Ooohh CS4042
  7. 7. Ooohh CS4042
  8. 8. FL Studio• Regarded as an “amateur” platform.• VST and VSTi support.• Easy to use user interface with no daunting “monster hardware devices”.• Excellent for beginners, so you can learn it as you produce music.• Creates loops much more easier than many other DAWs.• Tons of VST plugins and effects so that you can create lots of new sounds.• Provides support for audio recording.• Mp3 support.• Better support for vocal processing.• Lifetime free updates for customers.
  9. 9. Propellerheads Reason• Sounds produced with it are more realistic and less digital, but it also allows you to make digital sounds.• Possibility to create sounds far better than any VST out there. Endless possibilities for making new original sounds.• Provides advanced mastering control.• Many sound banks available on the market, so you never get bored.• Professional and realistic look.• Using many devices on one song won’t crash Reason.• It’s easier to use in combination with a midi keyboard.• Provides advanced sampling with ReCycle and Dr.Rex.• Doesn’t tend to lag in latency.• Better memory management.• Has a full drum machine (ReDrum).• No limits for mixers, effects or anything else.
  10. 10. Summary.FL Studio Reason Easier to use and learn. Hard to sit down and use. Lacks professionalism. Very professional feel and look. Extensive mastering of sounds Can sound very digital and for ‘perfect’ finish. raw. No support but more reliable. Lifetime support and Expensive. updates. Cheap.
  11. 11. Conclusion: • Sound quality and production techniques considered more productive in Reason. • Sony Vegas has a lot more uses than WMM and is used at a professional level. • Digital Art can be produced to the same level at home or in professional studio with the right programs and some patience.Ooohh CS4042
  12. 12. References: • • • abstract from; Interactive video authoring and sharing based on two-layer templates; • • Special Edition Using Microsoft Windows Vista; page 345. • • • CS4042