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  1. 1. Killian Stone, Address, Address, Co. Limerick. 02/10/2013 Headhunt International, Dublin, Co.Dublin. To whom it may concern, I am responding to an advertisement I saw at advertising a web designer role with your company in Dublin. I have attached my CV which shows the skills which I have collected during my 4 years in University of Limerick studying Digital Media Design. I have skills in HTML and Photoshop and I have plenty of expierence dealing with the public from my time as a waiter. I work very well as part of a team and would love the opportunity to join your company and move forward together. I would like to arrange an interview at your earliest convience as I would love to learn more about this role and answer any questions you may have about me. Thank you for your time and consideration, Sincerly, Killian Stone.