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Dates, celebrations and holidays


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Published in: Education
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Dates, celebrations and holidays

  2. 2. WHAT´S THE DATE TODAY? WHENIS...? May twenty-ninth, two thousand ten May 29th, 2010 First: month Second: date in ORDINAL numbers Third: Year Ordinal: 1st = first/ 2nd= second/ 3rd= third/ 4th= fourth/ 5th = fifth/ 6th = sixth...
  3. 3. FAMOUS FESTIVALS Quebec Winter Carnival, Quebec City Last Friday of January or First Friday of February
  4. 4. JAPANESE Chichibu Omatsuri Night Festival On December 1st – 3rd
  5. 5. LA TOMATINA TOMATO FIGHT INBUNYOL In the Summer in Spain
  6. 6. DÍA DE LOS MUERTOS – MEXICO On November 2nd
  7. 7. BRAZILIAN CARNIVAL In February
  8. 8. SAINT PATRICK´S DAY - IRELAND On March 17th
  9. 9. OKTOBER FEST - GERMANY17 days from Septemberuntil October
  10. 10. THANKSGIVING ANDINDEPENDENCE DAY – THE USAOn the fourth Thursday ofNovember - On July fourth
  11. 11. MONTHS, PERIODS, SEASONS - IN January July February August March September April October May November June December Spring, summer, autumn (fall), winter The Morning, the afternoon, the evening
  12. 12. DATES/ DAYS - ON On Monday/ On Tuesday On November 28th On July 10th (pizza and Kika´s day) On Christmas On the weekend On week days
  13. 13. YEARS - IN In two thousand and 10 In two thousand and 12 In nineteen/ seventy two (19/72) = 1972 In 1984 In 1875
  14. 14. TIME - AT At four o´clock At nine o´clock At noon At midnight At lunchtime At night