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Emplyment and training corporation

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Emplyment and training corporation

  1. 1. Training Programmes offered by theEmployment and TrainingCorporation1stFebruary 2013
  2. 2. Identifying the need for TrainingTraining Programmes Sources of information:• Vacancies received by the Corporation fromemployers• Skills profile of jobseekers• Labour and skills surveys• Feedback received from stakeholders duringformal and informal meetings
  3. 3. Training Initiatives Short courses Traineeships Apprenticeships Extended Skills Training Scheme (ESTS) Technician Apprenticeship Scheme (TAS) Training Subsidy Schemes Individuals Employers
  4. 4. Basic skills ETC trained 15,072 persons in 2011 of which35% in the following basic skills courses: Literacy (Maltese and English) Numeracy Basic ICT Job seeking skills
  5. 5. Impact of VET From 2009 till 2011, 41% of learners followingshort courses were in employment orcontinuing further studies. Most effective training programmes: Traineeships - in 2011, all persons completingtraineeship were in employment (125 persons) Apprenticeship - over the past four years, 75% ofthose completing apprenticeship remained inemployment either with the same employer orwith a different employer
  6. 6. Reasons % for short courses is low as 35% of thesewere following basic skills courses Why? 80% of jobseekers have education levelbelow SEC standard But these skills on their own do not lead toemployment Need to be supplemented by vocationaltraining to lead to employment
  7. 7. Challenges Problem should be solved at source and bycompetent teachers This enables ETC to: focus on skills delivery that lead to level 2 and3 MQF qualifications which have validity in thelabour market Obtain NCFHE accreditation of all courses Focus on quality assurance
  8. 8. Thank youFelix