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  1. 1. Outlines:- Disagreement on the definition of a hacker.- Classification of hacker morally.- Hacker attack methods.- Methods for collecting information.- The black hat hackers.- The White hat hackers.- The top ten famous hackers.
  2. 2. Disagreement on the definition of a hacker - Many define the hacker as a person who is: destructive, negative and bad. These terms are combined with the word hacker ( computer hacker). - And that the impact of some of what was in the media, where due to the lack of understanding of reality hacker, and relate it to word piracy. - (piracy) : expression that describes the illegal sale of copies of the private creative work. - and is used in violation of copyright in particular for films, television episodes , songs and computer programs. Web network has become one of the best marketing means.
  3. 3. - Cracker : term to define a spoiler hacker. - despite the both marked the intelligenceand spirit of challenge and not afraid toface the unknown. However, the crackeralways acts of sabotage and intrusion forreasons other than positive and this isthe person who deserves the label Computerpirate. - While the hacker devise solutions to theproblems and trying to innovate in his work.
  4. 4. Classification of hacker morally- a white hat hacker: is called hacker reformer.- a black hat hacker: calledthe hacker spoiler, which in English iscalled Cracker.- a Grey hat hacker :tottering betweenreform and tampering.
  5. 5. Hacker attack methods- Denial of service attacks (DoS).- Overflow the buffer.- Security holes.- Trojans (Trojan horse).
  6. 6. Methods for collecting information- Sniffing (listen).- Social Engineering.- finding wireless networks.
  7. 7. The hacker is often a programmer or a network-engineersor individuals familiar with the very technology and carryout piracy through the use of specific devices in a fewcases. Either the possibility of hacking the real will be one of skillhacker and intelligence riper, so that it reveals gaps in theWeb sites and programs . And is not permanent that the aim is a hacker vandalismin most cases. The goal is to prove the strength and the ability to defeatthe defenses of the site, which means that the hacker wasable to defeat website designers and developers .
  8. 8. The black hat hacker - A black hat is the villain or bad guy. - The phrase is often used in computingslang, where it refers to a computer securityhacker who breaks into networks orcomputers, or creates computer viruses. - Unlike a white hat hacker, the black hathacker takes advantage of the break-in, perhaps destroying files or stealing data forsome future purpose.
  9. 9. - The black hat hacker may also make theexploit known to other hackers and/or thepublic without notifying the victim. This givesothers the opportunity to exploit thevulnerability before the organization is able tosecure it. - The term comes from old Westernmovies, where heroes often wore white hatsand the "bad guys" wore black hats.
  10. 10. The white hat hackers - A white hat hacker breaks security for non-malicious reasons, perhaps to test their ownsecurity system. The term "white hat" inInternet slang refers to an ethical hacker. - This classification also includes individualswho perform penetration tests andassessments within a contractual agreement.
  11. 11. The top ten famous hackers1. Kevin Mitnick2. Gary McKinnon3. Adrian Lamo4. Robert Tappan Morris5. Vladimir Levin6. Markus Hess7. Michael Calce8. Albert Gonzalez9. Kevin Poulsen10. Jonathan James