Evaluation 4 & 5


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Evaluation 4 & 5

  1. 1. Evaluation Task 4The audience of ‘The Tester’
  2. 2. The target audience for our film would be menlikely around the age of 18-28 and would beseen as ‘lads’.
  3. 3. We chose a male audience due to the fact thatthe film involves violent scenes as well as gangand thug life which is more commonly viewedand enjoyed by men due to its masculinityconnotations.
  4. 4. The target audience we have selected wouldenjoy this film as it relates closely to films suchas Snatch and Lock Stock and Two SmokingBarrels as well relating to other films such asGreen Street which may attract a slightlyyounger and perhaps a different audiencecompletely.
  5. 5. The target audience for our production would be stereotypically seen as the ones who may want to be viewed as ‘macho’ and who are young men. They’d watch films to get cheap action thrills, drama and then the crime factor which reinforces the thrills from the action.The Bourne Supremacy – Car Chasehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzfSLgWkTlY
  6. 6. The audience would be targeted to be the typewho’d watch Danny Dyer’s films and RossKemps programs such as Ross Kemp on Gangsand the Football Factory as these kind ofprograms involve action and the macho appealof this genre attracts them towards it.
  7. 7. The music the target audience would beinterested in would usually be anything which isaired on BBC Radio 1 as well as majority ofmusic within the charts. E.g. Professor Green,Pendulum etc.
  8. 8. This audience would watch my film as it involvescommon traits which are in other films whichthe audience may view, such as drugs andviolence which both have masculineconnotations and would attract more of a maleaudience than a female one.
  9. 9. Evaluation Task 5• Film opening is revelant to other films of the genre• Cross Promotion• Feedback
  10. 10. Our film opening links in with other films of ourgenre such as Snatch. The reasons for this isbecause it starts off with a crime as well as ouropening does which is a convention of thrillers.Snatch also starts off with a gang which relatesto our opening also. Snatch Opening - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpGTn- Z6WbA&feature=related
  11. 11. Se7en also starts off with off with a murderwhich relates to our opening, but Se7en followsthe policemen trying to catch the criminals,which is different to our film as our film followsthe criminals. Se7en Intro - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYEDqNBe7d4
  12. 12. Due to the fact that these film intros are closelyrelated to my opening, then the audiences fromthose films will most likely enjoy and beattracted to watch our film.
  13. 13. The music we used in the opening fits in well with other films within the genre and helps create an eerie atmosphere. This is because of it being industrial genre, it makes everything seem more gritty and dark which suits the crime thriller genre well.http://www.last.fm/music/Nine+Inch+Nails/The+Slip
  14. 14. In some films the production companies usecertain products to create awareness of themsuch as cars and drinks. E.g. The Audi TT in I-robot seems much more superior than othercars within the film.
  15. 15. Some media products that would work wellwithin our film would be the brand of clotheswhich are being worn in the film such as the suitwhich Max is seen wearing, as well as certainbands/artists which get mention or playedthroughout the film.Certain drinks which the characters havecould be placed there for promotion, suchas the protagonist only drinking Diet Coke.
  16. 16. After having a feedback session in class andonce we showed some of our friends and familythe production we gained some insightful ideasin how we could improve our film as well aswhat was good with it.
  17. 17. Positive FeedbackThe use of music in the film was praised as it workedwell and helped create a tense atmosphere, althoughsome say there was too much music going on. Thedifferent variety of shots as well as the different soundeffects were good and helped create a strong narrative.Also the use of the Miramax logo at the beginningworked well.
  18. 18. CriticismThe production got criticised for certain reasons suchas the camera used at the beginning was different tothe camera we used after causing different quality ofshots. Some of our clothes change slightly as we movelocation as it was raining and the pace inside the garageneeded to be more fast pace at points. Adam’s Camera School’s Camera