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Power pointshow

  1. 1. SAMOA
  2. 2. Aggie Grey's Lagoon, Beach Resort and Spa is nestled amongst 50 acres of tropical gardens and is stunningly located on a stretch of white sand beach with a blue turquoise lagoon. This was one of the first sites where the Polynesian migrants landed when they set foot on the Samoa Islands some 2000 years ago.
  3. 3. The combination of tropical climate and fertile soil make Samoa the perfect breeding ground for rainforests and other lush landscapes (mangrove swamps, marshes…), which are all abuzz with native wildlife, such as seabirds, skinks, flying foxes, geckos, as well as a plethora of unique flora.
  4. 4. On Upolu, the most spectacular falls are situated off the southern coast. The ideal way to explore them is by doing a ‘waterfall crawl’ – this will take you about half a day – or more depending on how long you decide to linger at each.
  5. 5. The Museum is perfectly restored back to its glorious day with some of the Author's work and family memorabilias. Furthermore, the Vailima Botanical Garden encompasses about 12 ha (30a) and protects a variety of species - native, introduced and naturalized - representative of the flora of the archipelago and the Pacific basin. It is an excellent place for a day visit to relax and enjoy nature and its tranquilities.
  6. 6. This legendary house is found along the north- western coasto f Savaii. According to a legend, a competition was held between the men and women of the village to determine who could bring a house in the least amount of time.
  7. 7. Samoans are blessed with a myriad of therapeutic plants, and the traditional healers, the taulasea, have long used their juice, bark, leaves, roots and various other parts to help treat all sorts of ailments. You’ll find the most powerful specimens deep inside Samoa’s last remaining rainforest on Savaii
  8. 8. Beethoven’s – Symphany 9