In Balance With Your Body!


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Here is the December 2009 issue of KieFit Journal. The free online publication about fitness, diet and nutritional supplements tips.

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In Balance With Your Body!

  1. 1. KieFit Journal December 2009 Staying Healthy in the Autumn According to Traditional Chinese Medicine Best Cardio Machines for Weight Loss 5 Tips to Avoid Plateaus and Metabolic Slowdown The Best Ab Exercises Video: Six Pack Abs Training Tips with Diane Chaloux & Vince DelMonte
  2. 2. JOURNAL KIEFIT HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE! DECEMBER 2009 ISSUE: In Balance With Your Body! STAYING HEALTHY IN Hello Fitness- Fans, THE AUTUMN ACCOR- DING TO TRADITIONAL 3 CHINESE MEDICINE Here is the December 2009 issue of KieFit Journal. The free online publication about fitness, diet and nutritional supple- 5 TIPS TO AVOID PLA- ments tips. TEAUS AND METABOLIC 4 SLOWDOWN + 5 Stay fit and healthy in every season! Only if you adjust to the actual season you can live in harmony! Read here on page 3 how the traditional Chinese medicine can help you to keep your balance and harmony in autumn. On page 4 Tom Venuto, a natural bodybuilder, certified strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainer will answer you the question: “Is it possible to not lose body fat because you’re eating too little?” MY PRACTICAL "LAZY COOK" RECIPES FOR 6 BUILDING MUSCLE! SO Learn more about muscle building and the „best cardio ma- EASY EVEN A CAVEMAN - CAN MAKE THEM… 9 chines for weight loss” here on page 6. BEST CARDIO MACHINES 1 Enjoy yourself and stay healthy, FOR WEIGHT LOSS 0 + Heidi 1 1 P.S. Find great recipes’ for muscle building’ on the pages 7 and 8 AB EXERCISES - THE 1 BEST AB EXERCISES 2 KIEFIT.COM ISSUE 1 Send me your comments and ideas for further 3 articles. Submit your article to Email: ATTENTION ADVERTISE 1 OPPORTUNITYS— 4 and see it in the next issue Schedules: Submit events sche- KIEFIT.COM of KieFit Journal. dules you know to be mentioned CONTACT—KIEFIT.COM 1 Use your article to generate additional free traffic here in the next issue! 5 to your website as well. Submit your personal Fitness and Sport events you wish to be SEND ME YOUR COM- 1 Closing date to submit your articles you wish to be published here and invite Kiefit MENTS AND IDEAS FOR 5 FURTHER published here on 25th of each month. Journal readers to attend! ARTICLES.
  3. 3. AUTUMN: STAYING HEALTHY Seite 3 Staying Healthy in the Autumn According to Traditional Chinese Medicine By Daniela Freda Article Source: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we observe has shown to decrease healthy flora on the nature and seasonal changes to learn proper skin, increasing our chances of infection! In- ways of staying in harmony. When we live in stead use gentle organic soaps. If you wish harmony with the season, we are also ensur- for something a little stronger, you can use ing harmony within ourselves. From the organic soaps with natural antibacterial es- foods we eat to the amount of sleep we get, sential oils such as tea tree and lavender. all of these are reflected from observing na- • Find ways to decrease stress. Stress ture. Autumn is considered the season of the depletes our immune system. The following Lung organ. Using this Traditional Chinese are just a few ideas, but come up with your Medicine approach, here are some tips to own: exercise, a daily meditation practice, staying healthy through the Autumn: exploring your creativity with art or music, laughter, taking up a hobby, enjoying time • Eat seasonally. The Autumn is also the with friends and family, and gardening. Tak- time to eat warm, cooked foods. It's time to ing time to focus on things we are "grateful reduce the amount of salads, smoothies, for" can really help with our sense of happi- iced drinks, and foods cold straight from the ness and can ease anxiety. refrigerator. Eat a variety of seasonal foods. • Full-spectrum light bulbs are helpful to • Fermented foods contain beneficial bac- people who are emotionally affected by the teria to keep your immune system strong. darker days of winter. These bulbs produce Introduce probiotic-rich foods into your diet: light the same spectrum of sun light. including sauerkraut, kim chi, miso, kombu- • In Chinese Medicine, we make an effort cha, rejuvelac, fermented soda, yogurt, kefir, to avoid "catching a cold or wind." This trans- and other fermented foods. Although food lates to wearing a scarf to protect the neck sources are best, you can also take a probi- from being cold and wearing appropriate otic supplement- choose one that contains clothing. It's not recommended to go out- acidophilus and bifidus. doors with wet hair. • Pears are considered very helpful for the • At the first sign of a cold or flu, rest and Lungs. Pears eliminate heat and phlegm, get extra sleep. Try not to "push through" soothe dryness, and strengthen the Lungs. your illness. Listen to your body's need for They are delicious to eat through the Autumn rest. Drink teas, sip soup broths, and eat nu- and are very soothing for coughs and sore tritious whole foods. Decrease processed throats. sugar, and if you have phlegm, avoid dairy • Make sure to drink enough fluids. Stay products (especially unfermented dairy). hydrated with water, teas, soup stocks, and Honey soothes sore throats and helps with fermented drinks. coughs. Perhaps take a soothing hot bath. Mild exercise is okay; intense exercise will • Make sure to get enough sleep. Sleep is only deplete your immune system further. very regenerative and keeps the immune Regular acupuncture treatments are helpful system strong. to keep the immune system strong. Acupunc- • Exercise is helpful to keep the lungs ture treatments can also be really helpful to strong. For those prone to Seasonal Affective alleviate symptoms if you do catch a cold. Disorder, exercise is very helpful to keep When working with a trained herbalist, herbs moods stable. If you exercise outdoors, are also helpful to stay healthy, prevent and please wear appropriate clothing. Avoid treat colds and flu. wearing shorts in the cold weather. Instead, keep the body protected and wear layers. • Green tea (contains caffeine) and rooi- Daniela Freda, MS TCM, Dipl. OM, is a California Li- bos tea (herbal, contains no caffeine) are censed Acupuncturist with a private practice in San Francisco. I am passionate about holistic medicine and I excellent sources of antioxidants to help you empower all of my patients with tools to live a healthy, stay healthy. balanced life. Visit my website at • Wash hands regularly, but do not use to learn more about me and my practice. conventional "antibacterial" hand soap con- taining triclosan. Triclosan is a pesticide that
  4. 4. METABOLIC SLOWDOWN Seite 4 5 Tips to Avoid Plateaus and Metabolic Slowdown By Tom Venuto - QUESTION: Tom, Is it possi- One famous study that was your target amount, but on ble to not lose body fat be- published in the New England others you're taking in 2200, cause you're eating too little? Journal of Medicine years ago 2500, 3000 etc and you don't -Linda proved this point rather dra- realize it or remember it. The matically. After studying obese overeating days wipe out the ANSWER: Yes and no. This people - selected specifically deficit days. gets a little complicated so let because they swore they were me explain both sides. eating less than 1200 calories 2) Metabolism decreases due Part one of my answer: I say but could not lose weight - Ste- to smaller body mass. NO, because if you are in a ven Lichtman and his colle- Any time at all when you're calorie deficit you WILL lose ages at St. Luke's Roosevelt losing weight, your metabolism weight. Hospital in New York came to is slowly decreasing due to your re- Most duced peo- body ple mass. have The heard smaller anecdotes of the dieter who the following conclusion: and lighter you get, especially claims to be eating 800 calo- if there's a large drop in skele- ries a day or some starvation "The failure of some obese tal muscle mass, the fewer diet level of intake that is subjects to lose weight while calories you need. clearly in a deficit and yet is eating a diet they report as low So your calorie deficit slowly not losing fat. Like the mythical in calories is due to an energy shrinks over time as your diet unicorn, such an animal does intake substantially higher than progresses. As a result, your not exist. reported and an overestima- progress slows down even tion of physical activity, not to though you haven't changed Every time you take a person an abnormality in thermogene- how much you eat. like that and put them in a hos- sis." pital research center or meta- With starvation, you always bolic ward where their food That's right - the so-called lose weight, but eventually you can be counted, weighed, "diet-resistant" subjects were lose so much weight/body measured and almost literally eating more than they thought mass that you can reach en- "spoon fed" to them, a calorie and moving less than they ergy balance at the same ca- deficit always produces weight thought. This was probably the loric intake you used to lose loss. single best study ever pub- weight on. You might translate There are no exceptions, ex- lished that debunks the "I'm in that as "I went into starvation cept possibly in rare diseases a calorie deficit but I can't lose mode" which wouldn't be in- or mutations. Even then meta- weight" myth: correct, but it would be more bolic or hormonal defects or accurate to say that your calo- diseases merely lead to en- Part two of my answer, YES, rie needs decreased. ergy imbalance via increases because: in appetite, decreases in en- 3) Metabolism decreases due ergy expenditure or changes in 1) Energy intake increases. to adaptive thermogenesis. energy partitioning. So at the Eating too little causes major Eating too little also causes a end of the day it's STILL calo- increases in appetite. starvation response (adaptive ries in versus calories out. With hunger raging out of con- thermogenesis) where meta- In other words, NO - it's NOT trol, you lose your deficit by bolic rate can decrease above your thyroid (unless you've got overeating. and beyond what can be ac- a confirmed diagnosis as This happens in many ways, counted for from the change in such...and then guess what... such as giving in to cravings, body mass (#2 above). This is it's STILL calories in vs calo- binge eating, eating more on "starvation response" in the ries out, you're just not burning weekends or simply being in- truest sense. It does exist and as many as someone should consistent, so some days it is well documented. at your height and weight). you're on your prescribed 1600 calories a day or whatever is
  5. 5. METABOLIC SLOWDOWN Seite 5 5 Tips to Avoid Plateaus and Metabolic Slowdown By Tom Venuto - However, the latest research every time. Rapid weight loss cling). The leaner you get, and says that the vast majority of correlates strongly with weight the longer you've been on re- the decrease in metabolism relapse and loss of lean body duced calories, the more im- comes from reduced body mass. Aim for one to two portant the re-feeds will be. mass. The adaptive compo- pounds per week, or no more (You can learn more about nent of the reduced metabolic than 1% of total body weight this method in chapter 12 of rate is fairly small, perhaps (ie, 3 lbs per week if you Burn The Fat, Feed The Mus- 10% (ie, 220 calories for an weigh 300 lbs). cle at average female with a 2200 TDEE). The result is when you 2) Use a higher energy flux 5) Take periodic diet breaks. don't eat enough, your actual program. Take 1 week off your calorie restricted diet approximately every 12 weeks or so. During weight loss is less than pre- If you are physically capable this period, take your calories dicted on paper, but weight of exercise, then use weight back up to maintenance, but loss doesn't stop completely. training AND cardio to in- continue to eat healthy, crease your calorie expendi- "clean" foods. Alternately, go There is a BIG myth about ture, so you can still have a into a muscle building phase if starvation mode (adaptive calorie deficit, but at a higher increasing lean mass is one of thermogenesis) that implies food intake (also known as a your goals. This will bring me- that if you don't eat enough, "high energy flux" program, or tabolism and regulatory hor- your metabolism will slow as we like to say in Burn The mones back up to normal and down so much that you stop Fat, "eat more, burn more.") keep lean body mass stable. losing weight. That can't hap- pen, it only appears that way 3) Use a conservative calorie There is much confusion because weight loss stops for deficit. about how your metabolism, other reasons. What happens You must have a calorie deficit hormones and appetite is the math equation changes! to lose fat, but your best bet is mechanisms are affected to keep the deficit small. This when you're dieting, so this Energy balance is dynamic, so helps you avoid triggering the was really one of the most your weight loss slows down starvation response, which important questions anyone and eventually stops over time includes the increased appe- could have asked. if you fail to adjust your calo- tite and potential to binge that ries and activity levels in real comes along with starvation If this didn't REALLY click - time each week. diets. I recommend a 20% then you may want to save deficit below your mainte- this and read it again because I teach a system for how to nance calories (TDEE), a 30% misunderstanding this stuff adjust calories and activity deficit at most for those with leads more people to remain weekly using a feedback loop high body fat. frustrated and stuck at pla- method in my Burn The Fat, teaus than anything else I can Feed The Muscle program 4) Refeed. think of. (more info from Increase your calories (re- If you'd like to learn exactly feed) for a full day periodically how you should be eating to About the Author: (once a week or so if you are lose 2 lbs of fat per week, then Tom Venuto is a natural body- So what can be done to stop heavy, twice a week if you are visit http:// builder, certified strength and this metabolic slowdown already lean), to restimulate conditioning specialist (CSCS) and a certified personal trainer caused by low calorie dieting metabolism. On the higher (CPT). Tom is the author of "Burn the Fat, Feed The Mus- and the dreaded fat loss pla- calorie day, take your calories Train hard and expect suc- cle,” which teaches you how to teau that follows? I recom- to maintenance or even 10, cess, get lean without drugs or supple- ments using methods of the mend the following 5 tips: 15, 20% above maintenance Tom Venuto,Author of Burn The Fat, world's best bodybuilders and fitness models. Learn how to get 1) Lose the pounds slowly. and add the extra calories in Feed The Muscle rid of stubborn fat and increase Slow and steady wins in long the form of carbs (carb cy- your metabolism by visiting: term fat loss and maintenance
  6. 6. MUSCLE BUILDING: RECPIES Seite 6 My Practical "Lazy Cook" Recipes For Building Muscle! So Easy Even a Caveman Can Make Them… By Nick Nilsson Find yourself short on time to PLEASE don't make a gigan- might go well in a salad and cook a good meal? I know I tic vat of mashed potatoes isn't TOO far past the date. do! Learn my "secret" then complain because Add some healthy dressing recipes that are extremely you're diabetic and your blood (on a side note, salsa is actu- quick and simple to make. I'll sugar is so high that you're ally surprisingly good on give you sweating maple syrup. salad) and voila! You're good my favorite muscle-building These recipes are for to go. meals! "entertainment purposes only," so if you DO follow Find out how to Getting plenty of vegetables is eat delicious food them, also important - rather than If you're like me, and still lose you sometimes force my personal weight with find yourself short vegetable preferences these Free Fat on time to cook onto you (which are Loss Meal Plans! yourself a good broccoli, snap peas, The Diet Solution meal. And if carrots, and chocolate you're also like covered almonds) just me, meaning a make the effort to eat lazy cook, some- vegetables as much as times the motiva- you can every day. tion to really make a grand meal is Fresher and less proc- short, too! essed is better, as is organic, but just do the If you're like me, best you can with that. you sometimes You would have to find yourself short REALLY go to town to on time to cook eat TOO many vegeta- yourself a good meal. And if personal responsibility is the bles so don't be shy with you're also like me, meaning a keyword here! :) **** them. lazy cook, sometimes the mo- tivation to really make a grand I'm also a big fan of taking These recipes are simple to meal is short, too! vitamin and mineral supple- make, don't take long to cook ments because no matter how and are geared to my own I've got three great "balanced" your diet appears personal skill level of cooking, "recipes" (and I use the word which is boiling, microwaving, to be, food is so depleted of "recipes" in the loosest sense toasting (in a toaster, not one nutrients right from the start possible!) to share with you these days that you're proba- of them fancy toaster oven that will help you stay on track things), some basic frypan bly not getting nearly as many towards massing up. nutrients as you think you are work and ripping open pack- from your food. ages like a starving raccoon… Keep in mind, even though I'm With these recipes, I'm not Let me put it this way, I'd going to inject a little humor going to include salads. rather have "expensive into this list, these are exam- urine" (many doctors seem to ples of actual things you can You're on your own with think this is all you'll get from prepare for yourself to help those. Personally, I eat them taking vitamins) than a debili- make your life easier! I just as often as I can (and you tating illness caused by simple want to show you that decent should too!), taking advantage vitamin and mineral deficien- nutrition doesn't have be dull of the convenient prepack- cies that I then have to take as dirt or taste like it either. aged salad bags from the expensive drugs to basically store, throwing in some grape just mask the symptoms of. **** Also it's important to note, tomatoes, almonds, broccoli, I'm NOT a nutritionist And I carrots and whatever else is in don't claim to be! So the fridge that looks like it But I digress…
  7. 7. MUSCLE BUILDING: RECPIES Seite 7 My Practical "Lazy Cook" Recipes For Building Muscle! So Easy Even a Caveman Can Make Them… By Nick Nilsson To make best use of these recipes for those • 1 pound of lean ground beef (I like short on time, Tupperware will be your best ground sirloin for this because it's leaner) friend. Make a LOT when you DO make Some pre-packaged Cajun spices - I get big something and save the rest for later. It's containers of these at Sam's Club but most great to make things fresh but it's also great grocery stores should have some version. to just sling something you made yesterday This really spices up the meat sauce nicely. into the microwave and eat it again (and again after that, if you made a WHOLE LOT!). It'll save you from eating cereal three First, put some water in a big pot and set meals a day (not that I've ever done THAT, the stove on high to bring it to a boil. Fill a of course...). sauce pan/fry pan about halfway up with water. I like to put the ground beef in the pan BE- FORE I add the water so it doesn't splash all over the place Serving sizes are totally up to you. I usually when I dump the meat in (found THAT out eat the majority of what I make then save the hard way, of course - the dog was happy some for the next day, especially if it's a about the meat water all over the floor but post-workout meal. the shirt I was wearing will never be the same). So let's get into those muscle building reci- pes… Bring the water in that pan to a boil and throw a bunch of Cajun spice in the pan with 1. Spaghetti with Cajun Meat Sauce the meat. Don't be cheap with it! Stir it in This is a great, protein-rich post-workout and smash the meat up so it's not all meal. Tastes great and serves 1 to 4 peo- clumped together. ple, depending completely on how hungry you are and your willingness to share with When the spaghetti water is boiling, dump others. the spaghetti in. Let it boil for 9-10 minutes • 1 pound of whole wheat spaghetti (a then drain. The meat will be boiling while the healthier way to go) spaghetti is boiling - if the meat gets done first, drain it then cover it up. It'll keep its • 1 jar of sauce that's thick enough to heat as long as it's covered. cover up the taste of whole wheat spaghetti (that's my own opinion, at least!) Empty the sauce jar into the spaghetti pot and stir it up. If you're not sharing the pasta with someone who doesn't like meat, feel free to throw the meat in the spaghetti pot, too. If you ARE sharing, serve out some spaghetti into a separate big bowl THEN toss the meat in there. It'll just work out bet- ter for all concerned that way. Serve sitting on the couch with an oven mitt under the bowl because it'll be dang hot on the bottom! And it's better NOT to wear a white shirt while you're eating it. 'Nuff said.
  8. 8. MUSCLE BUILDING: RECPIES Seite 8 My Practical "Lazy Cook" Recipes For Building Muscle! So Easy Even a Caveman Can Make Them… By Nick Nilsson 2. Scrambled Eggs and Oatmeal With Yo- shirt pocket! gurt And Fruit So anyway, THAT being said, measure out a This is a great breakfast meal that will keep cup of oats, dump it in a good-sized bowl, then you from getting hungry for HOURS. The fat in add double the amount of oats in water, e.g. 1 the egg yolks keeps you satisfied while the cup of oats, add 2 cups of water. You can ad- thick oatmeal will keep your digestive system just the water later, depending on if you like busy for a long time. Lots of fiber to work on! your oatmeal a little soupy (like I do) or ma- sonry thick (like my wife does). • 6 whole eggs - not egg whites, WHOLE eggs! They're not bad for you like many people Nuke it for about 3 1/2 to 4 minutes. While seem to think. The yolk is where most of the that's going, turn on the stove and get the pan nutrients are. Tastes a whole lot better with for the eggs heated up. Throw a gob of Smart yolks, too. Adjust the number of eggs to your Balance margarine in the pan (that's a great preference. brand - it's actually a reasonably healthy mar- • 1 gob of Smart Balance margarine to coat garine and tastes good). Olive oil works really the bottom of the pan. Cooking spray will work well here, too, as does non-stick spray. With for this as will olive oil. the olive oil, it's a good idea to have a spray bottle for it so it doesn't all pool up in the corner • 1 dry cup of Quaker Oats - either the Old that your stove burner leans to (you know what Fashioned or 1 Minute oats are fine here. Ad- I'm talking about). just the quantity of oats to your preference. • 2 cups of water (basically, double the Make sure the whole bottom surface of the egg amount of oats you put in). pan gets covered with something slippery or • A bunch of fruit - whatever your favorite you'll regret it later when you try to keep eggs fruit is. I find berries or grapes work best be- from getting all crusted up and nasty along the cause you don't need to cut them up. Wash sides. them before eating them. • 1 Thing of yogurt - this is the technical term Pour the beaten eggs into the pan and watch for however much yogurt you want to put in the them cook. Stir them around once the bottom oatmeal. If I have individually packaged yo- starts to get solid. Keep stirring and scraping gurts, I'll just dump one of those in. If I have a the sides off to avoid the crust I mentioned bigger container, I'll scoop a pile of yogurt in above. until it looks like enough. You'll figure out how much you want to put in. Your oatmeal should be done about the same time the eggs are. So put the eggs on a plate First, get the fruit ready. Wash it up and put it in and set it aside for now. a small bowl. Crack the eggs into a bowl/cup and scramble them. If you're talented, you can Take your bowl of oatmeal out of the micro- crack them with one hand and not slop them wave then dump the yogurt in, then the fruit. down the sides. After cracking about 30,000 Stir it all up (not the eggs, just the fruit and yo- eggs in my lifetime, I'm still not talented. I man- gurt) and you're good to go. aged to do it once then the next time I ended up with a dripping fistful of egg and shell. This meal will keep you going for hours! ** On a side note, it IS possible to squeeze an 3. Meat and Taters egg with one hand and break it. A friend of mine once told me that you can't put an egg in "Meat and potatoes" might be a cliche but for the palm of your hand, squeeze it and break it. me, there's not much that works better for sup- He said it wasn't possible (he was a physics porting muscle growth than a nice piece of major). So I grabbed an egg and squeezed it meat (or chicken or fish) and a big bucket of REALLY tight. Three seconds later, it exploded potatoes. And if that sounds corny, it should, so hard the yolk popped out and flew 6 feet because sometimes I'll throw some corn in with across the room and actually landed right in his the potatoes.
  9. 9. MUSCLE BUILDING: RECPIES Seite 9 My Practical "Lazy Cook" Recipes For Building Muscle! So Easy Even a Caveman Can Make Them… By Nick Nilsson Let's talk about potatoes first, then I'll give you're even reading this part. If you have one the inside scoop on how to cook meat (I think of those George Foreman countertop grills, I can hear my wife laughing in the back- those work really well for meat (especially ground as I write about my cooking skills...). the ones that you can pull the grill things off First, grab 3 or 4 good-sized potatoes. I try to and put them in the dishwasher - the ones get red potatoes since they can't be stored that you can't remove are a pain in the butt to as long as other potatoes therefore they're clean, so if you're going to get one, get the fresher when you get them rather than hav- removeable grill version). Follow the instruc- ing been sitting in storage for a year. tions that came with the grill for the meat or chicken or fish you're cooking. If you've got some chicken breasts that you just want to "fire and forget" rather than tend to on a grill, throw them in pan, pre-heat the oven to about 400 degrees, dump some spices on them (whatever you like), cover with tinfoil to keep the juices in, and cook for about 30 minutes or so (SET THE TIMER!). If you want to get REALLY fancy, slice up a lemon and toss a few slices on top with some black pepper. There you have it. Meat and potatoes. Perfect for a big post-workout meal that will help you pack the pounds on. I also like to use potatoes, corn and ground beef (or sirloin) to make "Lazy Cook" I prefer to microwave potatoes since it's Shepherd's Pie. Microwave the potatoes and faster than boiling and they turn out really corn as above. Boil the meat as in recipe #1, well. Wash any crud off them then slice off then dump it all into a big bowl and stir. You'll any questionable areas. Stick a fork or knife be 5 pounds heavier by the end of the meal! in them a few times to "aerate" so they don't explode in the microwave (unless you enjoy scraping your dinner off the sides). Conclusion: As you can see, cooking tasy food for build- For each potato, figure on about 3 to 5 min- ing muscle doesn't have to be hard and reci- utes of cooking time, depending on the size pes don't have to be these complex things of your potato and power of your microwave. that take hours to make and require more You'll know they're done when you can easily than very basic cooking skills. With my reci- stick a fork right through - just don't leave the pes, if you can do a few simple things without fork in the microwave or you'll be in for a sur- burning yourself, that's about all the skill you prise. need. And if you're interested in learning some reci- pes for fat loss, I've got 3 excellent ones that Dump in a big bowl, mix in some margarine I can share with you as well! Go back up to (or if you're on a low-fat kick, pour some the top of the article and reread it. It's the ketchup in it), add some sea salt and you're same just eat less of it… set. You can also throw in can of corn (nuke it first - not the can but the corn) to spice things up. Nick Nilsson is Vice-President of the online personal training company BetterU, Inc. He has a degree in Physical Education and Psychology and has been inventing new training techniques for more than 16 years. Nick is the author of a number of bodybuilding eBooks including "Metabolic As for the meat, if you're good with a gas or Surge - Rapid Fat Loss," "The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of," "Gluteus to the Maximus - Build a Bigger Butt NOW!" and "The Best charcoal grill, more power to you. You're a Abdominal Exercises You've Never Heard Of" all available at betterU. He better cook than I am and I don't know why can be contacted at
  10. 10. BEST CARDIO MACHINES Seite 10 Best Cardio Machines for Weight Loss By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS You don't have to do cardio to lose fat, but the ones on other machines...most of the cardio machines can be helpful for boosting time, the people on the your metabolism and burning more fat. ellipticals make no progress from month to month. And if you use interval training, you can get more results than if And having given the elliptical a "go" once or you did traditional aerobic cardio. But that's twice on my own, it another story for another time. Let's take a just didn't challenge me as a treadmill does. look at which machines burn the most calo- ries and which ones are worth your time. But if you have bad knees, or if you are an An okay choice: Elliptical Machines. exception to my experience, feel free to keep rocking the elliptical! The biggest reason to choose elliptical ma- chines... Up next...The Stationary Bike => you've got a bum knee. The bike can be easy on your knees as well, particularly if you are overweight and can't support your bodyweight on the treadmill. Personally, I like the stationary bikes a lot. The set up allows you to do a large amount of mechanical work during your interval training - and that is what puts Turbulence on the muscle and allows you to increase your post-exercise metabolism. In fact, when I first started designing the in- terval workouts back in 2001, I used station- ary bikes exclusively. I also think that the bike allows you to work very hard with less risk of injury. Running sprints outside or on a treadmill requires a much more extensive warm-up due to the explosive nature of I have worked with clients with extreme os- sprinting. teoarthritis and we were able to use these machines for a decent workout without pain - If you don't know your body, running sprints but the results didn't compare to clients that or hills probably used a stationary bike or treadmill for their isn't the best place to start. I've met too many interval training. people that have jumped right into hill training and been hurt So in general, I'm not overly impressed by within 1 week. sprints. the elliptical machine for fat loss. If you go into any gym, compare the bodies on the ellipticals to
  11. 11. BEST CARDIO MACHINES Seite 11 Best Cardio Machines for Weight Loss By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS - So I recommend starting with the bike unless The treadmill can burn 16-20 calories per you are an experienced runner that knows minute of exercise your body well. during your workout. That's a big burn, but of course only advanced fitness levels can In addition, here are three more key points achieve that - but hopefully you fit that cate- about the bike. gory now or you will someday with consistent training and nutrition. a) Stick to the upright version if possible. When using a recumbent bike for intervals, Some tips: Don't go crazy with the incline (as your hips tend to rock too much and your that can lead to body tries to get into awkward positions in tight calves), but if you are able to run at order to push hard against the resistance. more than 10mph, use a 1% incline to help That's my experience. The upright bikes are offset the need for speed. The last thing set up better for intervals. you want to do is end up in a crazy video on YouTube flying off the end of a treadmill into b) For intervals, increase the resistance an elliptical machine. against your pedalling, So as with all types of sprinting, be careful. and not the speed of your pedalling. I don't Honorable mentions go to...The Rowing Machine and Stairmaster...these can be used in place of other machines for variety and are still effective. Better yet, if you are able, use your body as the best fat burning machine. I highly recommend bodyweight circuits for interval training. These are fun, effective, and per- haps even better at sculpting your body. I really like bodyweight interval circuits for advanced like high RPM fat-burning, plateau-busting workouts. If spinning. I think you'll get more results and do you're stuck, you'll more work when you keep the RPM between 80-100 and work against a harder resistance. benefit from bodyweight circuits. Forget that high-RPM spinning stuff...I find it Sincerely, is rough on your hips and knees. Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS Author, Turbulence Training c) When on the upright bike, sit as upright as About the Author possible for the Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes recovery intervals or even stand for some of for Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss the work intervals. workouts have been featured multiple times in Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines, and have helped thousands of men and women around Just avoid the "rounded over" posture as that the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 45 minutes three can be hard on your low back. times per week. For more information on the Turbulence Training workouts that will help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment, visit So the winner is...The Treadmill.
  12. 12. BEST AB EXERCISES Seite 12 Ab Exercises - The Best Ab Exercises By Vince DelMonte When it comes to getting a include movements such as When choosing when to per- Video: Six Pack Abs solid six pack, doing the right walking across a balance form your ab exercises, if you Training Tips with ab exercises is crucial. You beam, performing one leg are looking for performance, Diane Chaloux & Vin- can spend hours doing need- squats, one arm shoulder do them on a separate day ce DelMonte less sit-ups that aren't really presses, or bent over dumbbell from all your other work. Just going to have all that much rows standing on one leg and like any muscle group, you benefit, much to your disap- of course, utilizing an exercise want to be fresh when you do pointment. Taking the time to ball for any laying abdominal them. choose smart ab exercises will movement you perform. Work- save you not only gym time, ing on a BOSU ball and stabil- If, on the other hand, you are but a great deal of frustration ity ball ab exercises are also more just doing them to help as well. In this article we will excellent options. As long as build some strength, but more discuss the best lower ab exer- you have a set of free weights to round out your exercise pro- cises and the best home ab and stability ball then these gram, then you should be do- exercises as well. would qualify as your best ing them at the end of your home ab exercises as well. workout session. This will pre- vent them from fatiguing early, By far the most effective lower because they are going to be ab exercises are hanging leg predominately used in all the raises while you use your other lifts you perform (heavy lower abs to rotate your pelvis squats for example). which is the secret to perform- ing this effectively. Lying leg In many cases this rule can be raises, lying leg raises on a 45 bent though. For example, if a degree incline and cable client comes to me and their crunches are also rock hard ab abs are the weakest muscle exercises. group then performing them at the end of the workout makes Another area you might want no sense because they will be to venture into with your ab pre fatigued from the workout exercises are those that utilize and you will not be able to train heavy weights. them as intensely so prioritiz- ing your abs at the start of the While this will not necessarily workout can become the ex- get you 'cut' so that all your ception in this case. individual muscles are showing The best movements for the - that takes having low levels So, next time you are creating abdominal muscles are going of body fat, what weighted your workout and are picking movements will do is help fur- out ab exercises, keep these to be ones that reduce your overall stability. The reason for ther build the muscle tissue points in mind. Having good this is because this will require and make your abs "pop". dedication to performing these The more muscle mass you exercises on a regular basis all your muscle tissues, even the ones deep within the core, have, the faster your metabolic and then following a clean diet to contract in order to maintain rate will then be, so in an indi- based around raw vegetables balance. When you perform rect way, that could in fact help and proteins are the two main regular sit-ups, for example, you burn off excess body fat. components to developing that they are really only going to six-pack you're hoping for. target the more superficial Furthermore, doing weighted muscles; one that will still help, movements will also increase About the Author: but not get you near the results your strength greatly, reducing you could be seeing. the risk of injuries from any Vince DelMonte is the author of other type of exercise you may Your Six Pack Quest found at attempt. Weighted ball So what ab exercises are ones crunches with a stability ball on that reduce your balance? your chest is my favorite home He specializes in helping chubby Basically, anything done on an ab exercises. guys and gals get six pack abs unstable surface is going to without gimmicks, supplements or get the job done. This would dieting.
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