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The February 2010 issue of KieFit Journal, the free online publication about fitness, fat loss tips and workout instructions.

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Tone Your Body Now!

  1. 1. KieFit Journal February 2010 Harsh cold winter has come upon you … Health in the Winter Ski Season : Top 10 Tips to Get Fit For the Ski Season - Hot Body Workouts - Killer Moves For a Longer and Flattering Waist Bodybuilding Hormone Secrets High Protein Diet for Stronger Muscle
  2. 2. JOURNAL KIEFIT HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE! FEBRUARY 2010 ISSUE: Tone Your Body Now! Hello Fitness- Fans, HEALTH IN THE WINTER 3 Here is the February 2010 issue of KieFit Journal. The free online publication about fitness, fat loss tips and workout instructions. "Tone Your Body Now! " is the slogan of KieFit Journal's actual edition. Read here how to bring your body in good shape. Toning your body is the enlargement of the muscles as well as a fat loss program. SKI FITNESS - TOP 10 4 TIPS TO GET FIT FOR + A healthy body is very important for building muscles and implementing THE SKI SEASON 5 a diet plan successfully. How can you do it in this cold and dark winter- time? Receive, on page 3, some basic tips for the winter to maintain FAT LOSS POWER OF your health. 6 FOOD Tone your body through Nutrition: HOT BODY WORKOUTS - Read this article in the KieFit Journal Caig Ballantyne, a Certified KILLER MOVES FOR A 7 LONGER AND FLATTE- Strength & Conditioning, "Bodybuilding Hormone Secrets" and learn RING WAIST from the article (page 10) how your muscles will be tighter through a high protein diet plan. SIX-PACK ABS - HOW TO 8 GET SIX PACK ABS Tone your body through exercise: How to get a six pack? On page 8, let Vince DelMonte, an author of Your Six Pack Quest, give you hints how it works. Enjoy reading more training and nutrition tips and see the Workout-Lessons-Video in this KieFit Journal. Stay fit and healthy, BODYBUILDING HORMO- 9 NE SECRETS Heidi HIGH PROTEIN DIET 1 P.S. Ski-Fan's, read on Page 4 Top 10 Tips to get fit for the Ski Season! FOR STRONGER MUSCLE 0 P.P.S. Archive Of Past KieFit Journal Issues 2 CARDIO MISTAKES 11 YOU'RE STILL MAKING + 12 KIEFIT.COM ISSUE 1 3 ADVERTISE 1 Send me your comments and ideas for further ATTENTION OPPORTUNITYS— KIEFIT.COM 4 articles. Submit your article to Email: and see it in the next issue Schedules: Submit events sche- CONTACT—KIEFIT.COM 1 dules you know to be mentioned of KieFit Journal. 5 here in the next issue! Use your article to generate additional free traffic SEND ME YOUR COM- 1 to your website as well. Submit your personal Fitness MENTS AND IDEAS FOR 5 and Sport events you wish to be FURTHER ARTICLES. Closing date to submit your articles you wish to be published here and invite Kiefit published here on 25th of each month. Journal readers to attend!
  3. 3. HEALTH IN WINTER Seite 3 Health in the Winter By Due Daniels - Article Source: What to do when the harsh cold winter has son where many people get sick, and germs come upon you. It is the time of year when travel fast. So stay away from people who are most seniors die because of the bitter cold and sick so that you don't get sick. You don't have the lack of consistent sunlight. This is why it is to be rude, but you have to let them know you recommended, if you are retired to move down don't want to be ill; neither can you afford to to Florida during the cold months so you're out be ill. and about in the sun warn and fun. So what can you do if you're not retired or a senior and These are just some basis tips you can use to you have to deal with the cold, how do you get your winter health in mink condition. If keep your winter health? you're in the Midwest or northeast, winters are not the most fun thing when you have to move Here are some basic tips... around for work as you do in the summer. So take these tips and stay healthy. Read my bio Number one, stay active; if you bundle up and box below and follow the instruction given. take 30 minute walks or go to the gym or mall and walk around you will stay active. Make it a routine right before or after dinner, take a walk with a partner. Number two, supplement; you won't get all the food value you need in your food, especially since it is out of season for many nutritional foods, so really bulk up on your nutritional sup- plements. Remember you need 13 vitamins, 16 amino acids and fatty acids, and over 70 minerals and trace minerals. If you can't get Due Daniels sunlight due to the weather, you'll still get vita- Due Daniels is a Professional Internet Marketer and Life min D if you are supplementing well. Counselor. He is also an author who has published many articles on health, wealth, and personal relationships and Number three, drink water; it is harder during has co-authored the books Fiery Marketing: the Complete the winter months to drink the amount of water Guide to Making Money on the Internet; Lose Weight: Be Any Size You Want, and How to Get In a Relationship. you drink during the more humid or dry sum- mer months. However, it is good practice to do To get the absolute best vitamin and mineral health knowl- so anyway. Force it down or do it in the form edge and research today send an Email to me now of a warm cup of tea, but keep fluids in you to Article Source: keep your winter health thriving. Number four, stay warm; this appears like a no brainer, but it is odd that many people don't wear winter hats, gloves, scarves, and other winter season items all for the sake of looking good. I once knew a guy who wouldn't wear hats so he wouldn't mess up his hair; and I always saw him with a runny nose or cough. Bundle up in the cold, if the good Lord put big fur on animals to survive in the winter, we should be following suit. Number five, stay away from germs; if you have kids this can nearly be impossible but get the hand sanitizers and wash your hands be- fore you eat anything. Unfortunately it is a sea-
  4. 4. GET FIT FOR SKI SEASON Seite 4 Ski Fitness - Top 10 Tips to Get Fit For the Ski Season Article Source: As the winter draws closer, many of us are on the middle day. For the circuit exercises, excitedly looking forward to the new ski sea- complete each one with a ten second rest in son. The exhilaration of speeding down the between. Repeat the circuit of all exercises mountain and enjoying a touch of après ski twice. For each day complete all the will soon be with us. However, a lack of ski stretches before and after your exercises. fitness can mean aching limbs and an early end to your day. Make the most of your 1. Running is a great exercise to build powder days by following the basic ski fit- stamina and strength in your calves ness tips and exercises in this article. and hamstrings. It's also one of the most effective ways to shed a few calories before you hit the slopes! Aim to run once per week at a 'steady' pace when you could hold a conversation without becoming out of breath. In week one, target yourself with a thirty minute run and add an- other five minutes each week. By week six, you should be able to com- fortably run for fifty-five minutes. 2. Interval running or Fartlek helps build up strength quicker than a con- stant pace run. Start with a five minute run at your 'steady' pace. Next, in- crease to a 'fast' pace when you are almost at a full sprint and can no longer have a conversation. Continue Whether you're just starting out with your for one minute. Slow back down to a first ski holiday, if you're a veteran of the 'steady' pace for two minutes. Continue al- slopes or even if you ski extreme you'll ternating between your 'fast' pace for a min- benefit from these easy to follow ski fitness ute then two minutes at your 'steady' pace. tips. By following the exercises you'll in- In week one aim to do three alternate sets crease your energy levels on the slopes, of 'fast' and 'steady' runs, build up to six improve your technique and reduce the risk sets in your final week. of injury. 3. The first circuit training exercise is jump The exercises help work your core, build squats. With your knees shoulder width stamina in key ski muscle groups and im- apart, bend down until your thighs are par- prove your flexibility. It's advisable to start a allel with the ground. Push up through the minimum of six weeks before your trip, the balls of your feet launching yourself into the more effort you put in now the better the air. Land by bending your knees to absorb results on the slopes! If don't currently exer- the impact. As you do so continue to lower cise on a regularly basis, it's advisable to yourself until your thighs are again parallel spend four to six weeks building your fit- with the ground. Repeat twelve times in ness before you start the ski exercises. A week one building to seventeen repetitions good workout programme to help you in week six. should include a mixture of aerobic activity, such as light running and cycling, and resis- --> continued tance training. Aim to work out three times per week, ide- ally with one day off in between. If you're tired, take a day off. Remember, you should always enjoy the exercises! Complete the running exercises (tip one and two) on the first and last day of your week and complete the circuit training exercises (tip three to six)
  5. 5. GET FIT FOR SKI SEASON Seite 5 Ski Fitness - Top 10 Tips to Get Fit For the Ski Season Article Source: - continued- 4. Next in your circuit is the blank. Lie in a stretch in your hamstring. Hold for thirty sec- press up position and then lower yourself onds before stretching the opposite leg. onto your forearms. Your body should be straight with only the tips of your toes and 10. Backs can be neglected when skiing your forearms touching the ground. Make but you put lots of pressure on your spine sure you feel the strain in your lower abdo- during a typical day skiing. On your hand men. Hold this position for forty seconds in and knees, curve your back upwards like a week one working to sixty seconds in week cat. You should feel a stretch along your six. spine. Hold for five seconds and pull you spine downwards so that your shoulders 5. Burpees are the third circuit exercise. and buttocks are sticking outwards. Hold for Start by squatting down so that your legs five seconds before repeating the in and out are bent underneath your chest and you're motion three further times. resting on the tips of your toes with your hands on the ground. With you bottom Once you're on holiday, it's advisable that raised slightly in the air, push both legs out you continue with your warm up stretches straight. As soon as they're straight and on each morning. By doing so, you'll continue the ground, raise your bottom and retract to limit the risk of injury, encourage blood your legs into the starting position. Repeat supply to your main muscle groups and help fifteen times in week one working to twenty brush off any cobwebs from the night be- times in week six. fore! 6. Your final circuit exercise is press ups. I hope that you've found the tips useful. Start by making sure your arms are shoul- Good luck, be safe and enjoy the mountain! der width apart. Slowly lower your body until your chest is almost to the ground. A little bit about the author. I've skied since I Straighten your arms and repeat twelve could walk and have competed across the times in week one working to seventeen major ski racing disciplines at a national repetitions in week six. level. I've condensed many years of ski fit- ness training into the top tips in this article. I 7. Stretch your thighs by standing on one use the tips in this article and those in my leg with the supporting leg slightly bent. blog,, to prepare Grab your free leg with the opposite hand. each year for my ski trips to North America Pull your foot towards your buttocks so your and Europe. Aching legs are a thing of the feel the strain in the front of your thigh. Try past. not to hold on to anything for support. If you can, close your eyes, you'll dramatically im- Mountain Ski Fitness is an information only prove your sense of balance over the six website that contains many more ski fitness weeks. Hold for thirty seconds before tips and exercises that will guarantee you stretching the opposite leg. don't miss out on a powder day! 8. To stretch your calves find a wall and stand approximately three feet away. Move Ski Fitness your right leg so it's one foot away from the wall. Lean forward placing your hands and Article Source: forearms on the wall. Keep your feet point- expert=David_Folkman ing forwards, with your heels on the floor; you should feel a long stretch in the back of your left calve. Hold for thirty seconds be- fore stretching the right calf. 9. For your hamstring stand with one foot forward and the back leg slightly bent. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Bring your weight forwards and rest your hands on your front knee for support. You should feel a deep
  6. 6. FAT LOSS POWER OF FOOD Seite 6 Fat Loss Power of Food By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS - I know that most readers think that fat loss is high-calorie feasts. all about exercise, but you must know that good nutrition is just as important for fat loss 5. Consume calorie-free beverages, prefera- results. Making the correct food choices is bly Green Tea or water. your secret weapon in the rush to get the best body for summer. Eating right will help 6. Consume at least the recommended you lose fat and increase your energy dra- amount of fiber through vegetables, fruits, matically, so that you'll have plenty of stamina almonds, etc. But start adding fiber to your for social life, in the gym, and at work. diet slowly and drink more water. When I start working with clients, I have eve- 7. Try to improve your nutrition each day. ryone enter their food intake on a nutrition This will help get you into healthy eating hab- tracking website to allow both of us to evalu- its. Be consistent with your training and nutri- ate their nutrition. Some of the common prob- tion, and you'll get results. lems that I see are: So here is your challenge. Start with one day and eliminate all of the processed foods from 1. Too many treats per day. As one client your nutrition plan. I want you to go one full said, ''I still have one treat per day such as day without foods containing added sugar, chips, a chocolate bar, a donut, or a rib sub hydrogenated oils, or high-fructose corn each day, and sometimes I skip breakfast. syrup (HFCS). But other than that, I think it is pretty good.'' If you do this, you'll feel amazing and ener- If that’s the case, and you are trying to lose gized. You will probably have your best work- fat, then you will have a difficult time. You just out of the year and you'll probably get more can't eat that many treats (read: garbage) done at work as well. and expect to get lean (unless you are 16 years old). Replace the junk with lean protein sources, fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains (such as 2. Skipping breakfast. oat-based products), water, and green tea. Make sure to log your food intake on fit- 3. Not eating enough fiber. and compare it to your regular eat- ing. You'll notice that it is very hard to overeat when you eat only healthy foods. And then 4. Not eating enough lean protein and low- next week, try going two days without proc- glycemic, low-fat carbohydrate sources. essed foods. 5. Not eating much during the day and then Keep focusing on one improvement each day eating a huge dinner. and soon you'll have better nutrition habits and fast fat loss to go along with it...not to Solutions: mention a new body! 1. Set the tone with the first meal of the day Sincerely, by consuming a lean protein source and high- Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS fiber, low-glycemic carbohydrates. Fiber at this meal will help control blood sugar over Author, Turbulence Training the morning and can help modify appetite at subsequent meals. About the Author 2. Consume mini-meals to prevent starvation- Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and induced meal binges and energy slumps. writes for Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in Men’s 3. Choose snacks that contain protein and Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines, and have helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in fiber, such as almonds. less than 45 minutes three times per week. For more information on the Turbulence Training workouts that will help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment, visit 4. Keep your dinner moderate, and avoid
  7. 7. HOT BODY WORKOUT Seite 7 Hot Body Workouts - Killer Moves For a Longer and Flattering Waist By Lindsay Reynolds - Article Source: When you're constantly hunched over your you slowly raise your right arm. The non- monitor or curled up in your bed, what do you dominant side must be tightened so your expect to happen? Your waist shortens, obliques will experience a crunch. Switch causing it to obtrude outward, and that's not sides and repeat the routine three more pleasing to the eyes. Do you know that with times. Side bend position aids in making the few hot body workouts, you can lengthen waist appear symmetrical and proportioned. your waist once again? Follow these three postural stretches each time you crouch and These three hot body workouts must be done go into a fetal position unconsciously. three times a week after a cardio session. So Find out how to make sure that before doing these killer eat delicious food moves, your body is already warmed up. and still lose weight with these Free Fat Get ready to be long and lean! For more Loss Meal Plans! information on Hot Body Workouts, hot The Diet Solution routines and moves to master, check out Dieting Guide Reviews lets you gain ac- cess to the hottest and trendiest work- outs that will surely let you sweat to a slimmer you. Article Source: The Cobra: expert=Lindsay_Reynolds The name itself would probably give you some hint as to how you will position yourself in order to jump start the routine. Primarily, you will need to lie with both legs Video: extended at the rear. Suck in your stomach and slowly lift your upper body making your Great Abs/Obliques Exercise - For Small Waist shoulders curve back. The cobra position is and Flat Stomach Using Dumbbell Weights said to lengthen your waist as it elongates your hip flexors. Forward Bend: Stand with both legs together, arms at the sides, and knees bent to some extent. Next, slowly bend over your torso or until your head is at the same level with your knees. Finally, try to reach far behind your ankles with the use of both hands. This routine helps you stretch your lower back, the joint connecting the rib cage and the waist. Side Bend: Stand straight and bend your right knee as if doing a semi slant position. As you bend, touch the ground using your left hand while
  8. 8. SIX - PACK - ABS Seite 8 Six-Pack Abs - How To Get Six Pack Abs By Vince DelMonte One of the most popular re- regular basis. Crank that intensity up for Video: quests among people in the While it's fine if you have twenty to forty seconds and gym is to get six pack abs. some that you generally like then back it down again for Lower Abs Workout There is no doubt about it, to stick with as you really another minute. Repeat this obtaining this elusive goal feel it when you do them, try process eight to ten times not only takes hard work, but and alternate between at and you'll have a workout also demonstrates that you least a few from week to that'll shed that body fat in clearly know what you are week. no time. doing in the gym. Learning So, next time you're admiring The main reason for this is your physique in the mirror how to getsix pack abs is because your abdominal and are still longing for a definitely not the easiest muscles adapt to change better mid-section, take the- thing in the world but it's alsovery quickly. As soon as they se three factors into conside- not the hardest, as long as are finished adapting, you ration and you'll discover this you follow the right steps. are going to stop seeing re- is the truth about six pack So, what should you be sults - this is the truth about abs. doing to get results? six pack abs. By keeping them guessing 1. Focus on your diet. as to what's coming, you Without a clean diet, six keep the results coming as pack abs will never be yours. well. Don't make the mistake One thing you must realize is of doing the same boring that while exercise is impor- workout, day in, day out. tant, it's only going to take you so far. No matter how many crunches or sit-up vari- 3. Get Your Cardio ations you perform, if you've In Line Finally, step three for got a solid layer of fat cove- getting a nicely chiseled sto- ring your stomach, your mach is performing cardio muscles are not going to be properly. This isn't to say you seen. should run out and start Try and focus on consuming doing hours upon hours on enough protein to keep your the treadmill. We aren't ai- appetite under control, ming to turn you into a supplemented with healthy hamster here. fats for satiety and fruits and All you really need is a few veggies for energy. It is im- quality sessions of cardio portant, however, that you work a week. What's high are running a calorie deficit, quality? Sprint sessions. About the Author: because regardless of the Skipping. Hill running. food you eat, if you are con- Anything your body is not Vince DelMonte is the author of Your Six Pack Quest found at http:// suming more than you burn efficient at. off that day, you aren't going to lose weight. Yes, these are going to be He specializes in helping chubby much more intense than guys and gals get six pack abs 2. Perform a variety of plodding along at a modera- without gimmicks, supplements or exercises te pace while you read the dieting. Next up on your quest for six fitness magazine of the pack abs, you need to make week, but trust me, you will sure you change up the get results a thousand times exercises you perform on a faster.
  9. 9. BODYBUILDING SECRETS Seite 9 Bodybuilding Hormone Secrets By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS - More today on the secrets of news...a recent study (from sets if you want to spend 30 supersets... JCEM, 91: 678-, 2006, for any minutes on your TT Strength science nerds) showed that Training. In the past, I've mentioned obese men burn fewer calories supersets being effective sim- and have less post-exercise C - Intervals ply because they save you GH than normal men. And the time - and that results didn't Bodyweight circuits, stationary obese men also had higher bike intervals, or running on depend on your heart rate cortisol levels. AND the obese (even the treadmill or outside, these though it are gets just jacked a with su- few persets). of the ways we can do intervals men burned fewer calories in for 10-20 minutes. But recent research suggests the post-exercise period. another reason for the effec- That's a triple-yikes! We don't need 40 minutes of tiveness of supersets - and slow cardio, or even 40 min- that's the increase in Growth Three strikes against obese utes of intervals. Hormone in your body. men...and possibly why some There is still a lot to learn guys have a heck of time los- about interval training, but GH, for those that don't know, ing fat in the first place. Their most research is using only is one of the hormones in your hormones are out of whack to 20-minute interval workouts to body that increases fat burn- begin with - so its harder for get major, much-better-than- ing. their bodies to burn fat. longer-cardio results. As I learn more, you'll learn It's also one of the most popu- If you turn to a low-fat diet and everything. lar scam supplements that you lots of cardio, you aren't going hear about in spam email. to get the GH response that So that's that. Eat according to So why is GH so popular? you would if you eat according Dr. Mohr's TT Fat Loss Guide- to Dr. Mohr's TT fat loss guide- lines to avoid the Western Because everyone calls GH lines and if you use the TT Lifestyle, and exercise and live "the Fountain of Youth". It's workouts. according to the TT lifestyle, supposed to make you lose fat and you'll look and feel fantas- and apparently make you look So let's review the TT workout tic - and YOUNGER! and feel younger...(and it must set-up that will get you more work - I was 'accused' repeat- 3 sessions of 45 minutes per results in less time...I'm talking week for your fountain of edly in NZ and Australia of 3 workouts of 45 minutes per being only 25 years old - al- youth, week that will blast your post- most 7 years younger than I exercise metabolism through Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS really am - must be the TT the roof and help maximize lifestyle). your hormonal response to Author, Turbulence Training exercise. And that's why it doesn't sur- prise me that both interval About the Author training and high-intensity re- A - The Warm-up We use three bodyweight ex- Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & sistance training have both Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men's been shown to increase GH. ercises done in a circuit. This Health, Men's Fitness, Maximum Fitness, is a much better way to pre- Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked Turbulence But the so-called GH boosting pare for training than by walk- Training fat loss workouts have been fea- supplements aren't backed by ing slowly on a treadmill. tured multiple times in Men’s Fitness and science. On the other hand, Maximum Fitness magazines, and have B - The Strength Training helped thousands of men and women I've been able to show you the Supersets around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and science behind Turbulence get lean in less than 45 minutes three times This can be as little as one per week. For more information on the Training. And not only science, Turbulence Training workouts that will help brilliant superset (DB squats + but results too! you burn fat without long, slow cardio ses- DB presses) if you have only sions or fancy equipment, visit But now for some bad 10 minutes, or up to 4 super-
  10. 10. HIGH PROTEIN DIET... Seite 10 High Protein Diet for Stronger Muscle Article Source: At this age of instant coffee and packaged such a plan, you need to include quality prote- food, every one person out of three is facing in supplements in your diet as per the recom- weight related problems, this way or the mendation of your trainer or nutritionist. other. Whether you are obese or low weight, you seriously need to think about your physi- cal condition because this may lead to many ailments in the long run. Researches have found that our eating habits play the most influential role in making us overweight or underweight. Genetic structure, lifestyle ha- bits have also got a bigger role to play in this. As life is becoming faster with every passing day, people are now taking all the measures to keep themselves fit and fine. Regular exer- cises are being performed by all health cons- cious people and they are doing it right under the supervision of fitness trainers who are experienced and certified. If you are also put- ting on weight, you need to join a fitness trai- ning program. It’s imperative that you consult When you do hard training, your muscles get torn and they need immediate repairing. A course of well blend high protein diet plan only gives that amount of protein strength to have your body grow stronger muscles. After weight training, you need to have sufficient milk (skimmed), egg white and other protein rich items those are naturally available to you with required amount of protein supplement. About the author: Proteinfactory specializes in vegetarian protein sour- ce and Protein Muscle. For more information about the best whey protein please visit us at http:// Article Source: with a certified nutritionist to have a clear idea about what to include in your diet and what to avoid. Universally accepted, high protein low fat diet is the most effective means of dietary composition that you need to incorporate into your daily eating plan. Short Loin, tenderloin roast, T-bone steak, chicken breast roast, turkey, tofu, kidney beans, nuts, seeds, different green vege- tables, legumes (soybeans, peas), are very good natural sources of high protein. By con- suming these regularly, you can easily give your body the required amount of proteins. If you are more into heavy weigh-training or you do hard training almost everyday, then you need to go for a high protein diet plan. For
  11. 11. 2 CARDIO MISTAKES Seite 11 2 Cardio Mistakes You're Still Making By Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCS - The controversies over cardio for fat loss are Too much focus on one variable at the exclu- endless: steady state versus intervals, fed sion of the other can lead to a less than opti- versus fasted, long and easy versus short mal total calorie burn and disappointing re- and intense, and so on. Obviously there is a sults. And remember, intensity and duration lot of interest in cardio training and how to do are *variables* not absolutes! (“Variable” it right. Sadly, most people are still doing 2 means you can change them… even if your things terribly wrong and it’s killing their re- “guru” says you can’t!) sults…… As best as I can figure, there are two major reasons why people are still muck- When you understand the relationship and ing up their cardio programs for fat loss. interplay between INTENSITY X DURATION you will find a “SWEET SPOT” where the REASON #1: NOT ENOUGH FOCUS ON product of those variables produces the TOTAL CALORIES BURNED maximal calorie burn and maximum fat loss, based on your current health condition and Most people aren’t burning enough darn your need for time efficiency. calories. REASON #2: TOO MUCH FOCUS ON Why? Well, I guess they are too busy worry- WHAT TYPE OF CALORIES BURNED ing about the “proper” type of exercise (which machine or activity), the mode (steady state As best as I can figure, there is one whopper or intervals), the “optimal” ratio of intervals, of a mistake that is still KILLING most peo- or the “best” duration. ple’s cardio programs and that is… Some people coast along on the treadmill at Way too much focus on WHAT you are burn- 2.3 miles per hour or some similar sloth-like ing during the workout - fats or carbohy- pace and they think that just by hitting a drates - also known as “substrate utilization.” TIME goal, such as 45 or 60 minutes, that with “X” duration completed, they are as- This idea comes from the notorious “fat burn- sured to get the results they want. ing zone” myth which actually tells people to exercise SLOWER and LESS intensely to On the other extreme, we have folks who burn more fat. have found or created some mega-intense, super-duper short training protocol like the Hold on a minute. Pop quiz. Which workout “4-minute wonder workout from Japan.” Just burns more calories? because the workout is high in intensity and it is performed in intervals, they too think they (A) A 30 minute leisurely stroll through the are assured to get the results they want. park (B) A 30 minute, sweat-pouring, heart- What’s missing in both cases is the realiza- pounding, lung-burning run? tion that total fat loss over time is a function of total calories burned over time (assuming Like, DUH! you don’t blow your diet, of course). And yet we have trainers, authors and info- AND… mercial gurus STILL telling us we have to slow down if we want to burn more fat??? Total calories burned is a product of INTEN- Bizarre. SITY times DURATION, not intensity OR duration. --> continued
  12. 12. 2 CARDIO MISTAKES Seite 12 2 Cardio Mistakes You're Still Making By Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCS - - continued - The reason people still buy it is because the If you want to burn more fat, burn more calo- “fat burning zone” myth sounds so plausible ries and you can do that by manipulating ANY because of two little science facts: of the variables : intensity, duration and also frequency. - The higher your intensity, the more carbs you burn during the workout If you build your training program around this - The lower your intensity, the more fat you concept, you will be on the right track almost burn during the workout every time. And that's the problem. You should be focus- ing on total calories and total fat burned during BUT WAIT - THERE IS MORE TO IT… the workout and all day long, not just what type or percentage of fuel you are burning Naturally, we could argue that it’s not quite during the workout. this simple and that there are hundreds of other reasons why your cardio program might It’s not that fat oxidation doesn’t matter, but not be working… and I would agree, of what course. But on the exercise side, the ideas if above should be foremost in your mind. you have On the nutrition side, you have to get your act a together there too. high per- For example, many people increase their food intake at the same time as they start a cardio training program thereby putting back in every calorie they burned during the workout! Then some of them have the nerve to say, “SEE, cardio doesn't work!” Incidentally, this is the exact reason that a few studies show that adding cardio or aerobic training to a diet “did not improve fat loss”: It’s not because the cardio didn’t work, it was be- cause the researchers didn't control for diet and the subjects ate more!! It should go without saying that nutrition is the centage of fat oxidation but an extremely low foundation on which every fat loss program is number of calories burned? built. About the Author: If you really want to be in the “fat burn zone,” Tom Venuto is a natural you could sit on your couch all day long and Choose the combination of type, intensity, bodybuilder, certified that will keep you there quite nicely because duration and frequency that suits your lifestyle personal trainer and free- and preferences the best, and WORK THE lance fitness writer. Tom “couch sitting” is a really low intensity (“fat- VARIABLES to get the fat loss results you is the author of "Burn the burning”) activity. want, but whichever cardio program you Fat, Feed The Muscle,” (Of course, “couch sitting” only burns 37 calo- choose, remember that a solid fat burning nu- which teaches you how to ries per half hour…) trition program, such as Burn The Fat Feed get lean without drugs or The Muscle is necessary to help you make the supplements using sec- HERE’S THE FAT-BURNING SOLUTION! most of it. rets of the world's best bodybuilders and fitness Train hard and expect success, models. Learn how to get In both cases, the solution to burning more fat is drop dead simple: Focus your attention on rid of stubborn fat and Tom Venuto increase your metabolism how you can burn more TOTAL calories dur- Fat Loss Coach by visiting: ing your workout and all day long.
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