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Stay well this Winter!


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Stay well this Winter!

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Stay well this Winter!

  1. 1. KieFit Journal January 2009 F I T N E S S T R E N D S 2 0 0 9 ! W H E R E W O R K O U T S A R E G O I N G T H I S Y E A R : T H E T O P 1 0 L I S T L O S E W E I G H T A F T E R C H R I S T M A S WINTER SPORTS WORKOUT Y O U R U L T I M A T E W I N - T E R W O R K O U T A W I N T E R H O - L I D A Y A N E X P E R I E N C E O F A L I F E T I M E
  2. 2. JOURNAL KIEFIT HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE! JANUARY 2009 ISSUE: Stay and Get Fit New Year 2009! PREPARING YOUR 3 Hello Fitness Fans! MIND AS WELL AS YOUR BODY FOR 2009! I am very glad to introduce you to my actual issue of KieFit Jour- FITNESS TRENDS 4 nal in January 2009. 2009! THE TOP 10 LIST "Fit in New Year 2009" inspires you for maintaining and upgrad- ing your fitness. HOW TO LOSE 5 WEIGHT AFTER CHRISTMAS Start reading Kiefit Journal now and take a look on page 4 about the Fitness Trends in 2009. GET HEALTHY 6 WITHOUT REALLY + 7 TRYING Skiing and Snowboarding maintain on the top of the most popular winter sports. ADVICE FOR SKIING 8 Start now with your Winter Workout Training introduced on page AND SNOWBOARDING IN THE MOUNTAINS 11 and read the Exercise Tips on page 12. LIST COLORADO SKI 9 Do not forget to look on page 9, read all about interesting ski ar- RESORTS eas, and on page 10, how Winter Holidays can be a very impor- tant experience for the whole family and your whole life. A WINTER HOLIDAY - 10 Christmastime is the best time for our overindulgence of all kinds. AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME At the latest on New Year`s Eve our evening dress or dinner jacket does not fit any more. On page 5 of this Kiefit Journal you YOUR ULTIMATE WIN- 11 will explore "How to lose weight after Christmas". TER WORKOUT Happy New Year! ALL TOGETHER NOW: 12 EXERCISE 30 MINU- TES A DAY, 5 DAYS A Stay healthy! WEEK Heidi KIEFIT.COM ISSUE 13 ADVERTISE 14 OPPORTUNITYS— KIEFIT.COM CONTACT— 15 ATTENTION KIEFIT.COM Send me your comments and ideas for further Schedules: Submit events sche- SEND ME YOUR COM- 15 articles. Submit your article to Email: dules you know to be mentioned MENTS AND IDEAS FOR FURTHER and see it in the next issue here in the next issue! ARTICLES. of KieFit Journal. Use your article to generate additional free traffic Submit your personal Fitness and Sport events you wish to be to your website as well. published here and invite Kiefit Journal readers to attend! Closing date to submit your articles you wish to be published here on 25th of each month.
  3. 3. PREPARING FOR 2009 3 Preparing Your Mind As Well As Your Body For 2009! By Wanda McCormick What has made them any just got away from you. ing it eats away at muscle different this year than last Whatever the reason it's an and can also cause binge year or even before that? Are excuse not to make you im- eating and increased hunger. you on track and ready to portant enough. You may also injure yourself take on the lifestyle you have because lack of sleep created and dreamed of? If you are the type of person causes fatigue. to let everyday activities take Have you mentally and emo- over and get in the way with • Nutrition is key to a healthy tionally prepared yourself for keeping that promise to your- life. The internet can give us the change you are going to self, then you have to be great information or conflict- put your mind and body more consistent, put it in ing opinions. Use common through? Strains and sprains your calendar and make it sense, eat sensibly, maintain are common to the overzeal- your first to do of the day. an optimal weight, don't cut ous weekend warrior or the out any food groups or get person who hasn't exercised How do you mentally and help from a registered dieti- in such a long time but cian. has now made up their mind to get in • Drinking water is im- shape. portant and lack of it can lead to constipation, By promising yourself poor skin conditions or that this year's resolu- possibly other metabolic tion would be different, diseases. you are ready to go full force into that gym • Join a gym or hire the and lose weight. But services of a fitness pro- hold on, you need to fessional. Don't let your take some precaution- enthusiasm go by the ary steps or you just wayside when you walk may walk out of the in and don't know where gym in a couple to begin. Go down that weeks with a lot of healthy path by asking sore muscles or possi- for help in developing an bly an injury. physically prepare to reach exercise program fit for you your goals? and any medical issues you How will you feel in February may have instead of trying to if you do injure yourself? You • Being healthy consists of do on your own one more may feel like you have failed mental and physical factors time. again, you may once again that we can measure by how hate exercise and put your much energy and vitality we • Nothing can stand in the fitness goals on the back- have or don't and by other way of achieving those new burner until a health crisis medical means like taking goals, creating a healthy arrives. You may even feel our blood pressure. mindset, committing to a more stress and become an healthier lifestyle and keep- emotional eater which will • Check with your physician ing that positive mental atti- not only increase your first to make sure your body tude no matter what life weight, but also your health is ready for exercise and that throws at you. risks. you don't have any health Wanda McCormick Owner/Trainer issues or restrictions that Perfect Fit Personal Training & Get We know we need to inte- may require modifications to Fit Boot Camp Facility http:// grate exercise into our daily your exercise program. lives. How many times do Certified Personal Trainer NPTI. you say to yourself; tomor- • You should make sure you Article Source: http:// row I'm going to exercise, get enough sleep, research only to get an important shows that the less you expert=Wanda_McCormick phone call, have an unex- sleep, you increase the pected item suddenly put stress hormone cortisol and onto your to do list or the day its catabolic in nature, mean-
  4. 4. FITNESS TRENDS 2009 4 Where Workouts are Going This Year: The Top 10 List Tanya Martinenko As 2009 approaches, it's time 2.Budget-Friendly Workouts. workout for the entire body. to make those New Year's The economic slowdown will They work by engaging multi- Resolutions. cause consumers to cut cor- ple muscles as a group, de- Start now and ring in the New ners in their fitness regime. veloping core strength and Year with the latest workout Gym memberships are ex- stability. trends. pected to decrease in 2009, 7.Boomer Fitness. The grow- The American Council on Ex- and fewer people are likely to ing 50+ population is a major ercise (ACE) has just released hire personal trainers. consumer for the fitness mar- its top ten projected fitness 3.Specialty Classes. While ket, as Baby Boomers have trends for the upcoming year. Yoga and Pilates remain the time and financial means Survey groups indicate that popular, look for dance-based to stay healthy. As the aging bootcamp-style workouts, classes to be livening up process continues, the moti- which topped the list in 2008, workouts this year. In particu- vation to remain fit and im- “As 2009 will retain their number one lar, Zumba--a Latin-inspired prove quality of life becomes approaches, spot as the most fitness/dance workout--is one more relevant. Affordable and it's time to popular trend for 2009. targeted fitness make those Also look for consum- services aimed at New Year's ers to be tightening this group will only Resolutions. their wallets due to the continue to grow. trends.” recent economic 8.Technology- downturn. “The over- Based Fitness. arching theme for fit- High-tech gadgets ness in 2009 is getting like the I-pod, Wii- more bang for the Fit, and the growth buck,” says ACE’s of Cardio Cinema Chief Science Officer in many fitness Cedric X. Bryant, clubs are some of Ph.D. “Consumers will the ways technol- engage in workouts ogy has infiltrated that provide multiple modern workouts. benefits due to time Expect new fit- and economic limita- ness-based games tions”. of the hottest upcoming exer- in 2009, as well as continued cise trends. Reality-based TV technological inventions to The 2009 list is a mix of old shows, such as Dancing With heighten the exercise experi- and new, with several 2008 the Stars and So You Think ence. trends remaining on the list. You Can Dance have sparked 9.Event or Sport-Specific Ex- Expect technology-based the dance-fitness craze, with ercises. Getting in shape the workouts and Baby Boomer ballroom and other dance old-fashioned way by a partici- fitness to continue to thrive in styles also popular. pating in a neighbourhood popularity. 4.Getting Back to Basics. De- basketball game, going for a Top 10 Fitness Trends for spite the trendiness of today’s bike ride in the country, or 2009 modern exercise classes and marathon training remain fun 1.Bootcamp-Style Workouts. equipment, expect many train- and popular ways to stay fit. Top of the list for the second ers to re-focus on the basics 10.Mixing It Up. Variety is key, year in a row, bootcamp-style of staying in shape, gearing in and changing things up a bit workouts will continue to on simple movements and prevents workouts from be- dominate the fitness world in techniques. coming stale, as well as pro- 2009 because “they give you 5.Circuit Training. Considered viding better results. Low- a total-body workout that’s more time-efficient than stan- intensity cardio or weight- varied, fun and challenging”. dard weight-training and aero- training one day, followed by a The extreme cardiovascular bic exercises, circuit training high-intensity workout the next factor leads to a high caloric equipment is appearing in keeps one’s fitness routine burn, resulting in a greater more gyms and fitness clubs. interesting and effective. weight-loss potential. As an 6.Kettlebells. A Kettlebell is a The copyright of the article Fitness Trends for 2009 in Fitness Trends is owned by added bonus, high-and low- traditional Russian cast iron Tanya Martinenko. Permission to republish intensity exercises are in- weight, resembling a cannon- Fitness Trends for 2009 in print or online ball with a handle. Kettlebells must be granted by the author in writing. cluded, such as pushups, squats and lunges, which satisfy the “getting back to the work to strengthen muscles. basics urge”, providing a
  5. 5. LOSE WEIGHT AFTER X-MAS 5 How To Lose Weight After Christmas By Vitaliy Gershfeld Let's face it, people want to know how to even during the first day. In addition calorie lose weight after Christmas the easy way. shifting is very flexible. You can continue “This Because with New Year's coming up and eating most of your favorite foods and not technique is having stuffed yourself with all those holi- deprive yourself like most other dieting called calorie days treats, the thought of starting a new methods would. shifting with diet is just too frustrating. But if your New which you can Year's resolution is to lose weight weight This is a perfect way to lose weight after lose up to 10 quickly but at the same time naturally, then Christmas and a great way to fullfill a New or more there is a way to do that. Year's resolution to lose weight fast. In ad- pounds in less dition calorie shifting can be accomplish by than 2 weeks.” There exists a special dieting technique anyone. It doesn't matter how much you that is more than likely going to help you weight or if you have bad genes. Calorie lose weight after Christmas very quickly. shifting does not descriminate and naturally What makes it unique is that this dieting causes weight loss that very few diets can technique is rather easy to accomplish and even come close to. requires no exercise, no extreme dieting and deprivation. This technique is called It is a perfect way to lose weight if you're calorie shifting with which you can lose up tired of looking of performing dieting re- to 10 or more pounds in less than 2 weeks. gimes and need a fast and safe way to lose weight. But if you're still skeptical about Calorie shifting has been around for awhile calorie shifting and wonder if it's worth try- now but has been kept quiet due to it's un- ing, then I recommend you take a look at usual style of dieting. It is designed to natu- this page and pick up a free 20 page rally cause your fat burning system and weight loss guide explaining why calorie metabolism to skyrocket and stay that way shifting works so fast and 4 other diets that as long as you keep on continuing the all help you lose weight in a healthy and technique. But is it done? safe way. Now this may sound crazy but it works. Calorie shifting is done by eating 4 or more meals a day with every meal being in different calorie values and mixing up the order in which you eat them day after day. This style of eating has been proven to cause your body to raise it's metabolism and fat burning system in order to process this new eating method. Article Source: expert=Vitaliy_Gershfeld And because this happens, you can begin to experience weight loss very quickly,
  6. 6. GET HEALTHY 6 Stealth Health: Get Healthy Without Really Trying Living healthier doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming, experts say By Colette Bouchez WebMD Weight Loss Clinic-Feature How much do you know about what to sneak healthy activities into daily The notion that good health can makes up a healthy lifestyle? Here's living. come in small tidbits is not really a pop quiz. new. Research showing that making 1. How do you define working out? "If you let yourself make small small changes can add up to a big a. Going to the gym. difference has been quietly b. Turning the jump-rope for accumulating for a while. the neighbor's kid. c. Playing Frisbee with your For example, a study pub- dog. lished in the Archives of Inter- nal Medicine in 2004 found 2. How do you define good that adding just 30 minutes of nutrition? walking per day was enough a. Eating a vegetable at every to prevent weight gain and meal. encourage moderate weight b. Eating two vegetables at loss. every meal. c. Drinking a fruit smoothie for And if 30 minutes is still too breakfast. big a bite? Another study, published in Medicine & Sci- 3. Which of these is a healthy ence in Sports & Exercise, activity? found that three brisk 10- a. Push-ups, sit-ups, or run- minute walks per day were as ning the track. changes, they will add up to mean- effective as a daily 30-minute walk in b. Walking the dog after dinner. ingful changes in the quality of your decreasing risk factors for heart dis- c. Spending Saturday afternoon diet, your physical activity pattern, ease. snoozing on the sofa. your capacity to deal with stress, Believe it or not, the correct answer and in your sleep quality -- and "Just the act of going from sedentary to every question is A, B, and C -- those four things comprise an enor- to moderately active gives you the even that Saturday afternoon mously powerful health promotion greatest reduction in your risks," snooze! According to the growing that can change your life," says says Helene Glassberg, MD, direc- "Stealth Health" movement, sneak- Katz. tor of the Preventive Cardiology and ing healthy habits into our daily living Lipid Center at the Temple Univer- is easier than we think. And yes, he says, a nap on the sity School of Medicine in Philadel- couch can be a health-giving oppor- phia. "You can infuse your life with the tunity -- particularly if you aren't get- power of prevention incrementally ting enough sleep at night. But it's not only in fitness where and fairly small changes painlessly, and can make a yes, doing difference. The something, no same principles matter how apply at the small, is infi- kitchen table nitely better for you than doing noth- (and the office snack bar). ing," says David Katz, MD, MPH, Nutritionist and diabetes educator director of Yale University's Preven- Fran Grossman, RD, CDE, agrees. "Reducing fat intake, cutting down tion Research Center and of the "You don't have to belong to a gym on sugar, eating a piece of fruit in- Yale Preventive Medicine Center. or live on wheat grass just to be stead of a candy bar -- over time, Katz is also co-author of the book healthy," says Grossman, a nutrition these things can make a difference," Stealth Health: How to Sneak Age- counselor at the Mt. Sinai School of says Grossman. Defying, Disease-Fighting Habits Medicine in New York. "There are into Your Life without Really Trying. dozens of small things you can do ->>> Continued Page 7 ->>> From your morning shower to the every day that make a difference, evening news, from your work com- and you don't always have to do a mute to your household chores, Katz lot to gain a lot." says, there are at least 2,400 ways Do a Little, Get a Lot
  7. 7. GET HEALTHY Seite 7 Stealth Health: Get Healthy Without Really Trying Living healthier doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming, experts say (continued) As long as the changes are moving "There is a trade-off because if you over in the usual way, which stresses you toward your goal -- be it weight try to make the pursuit of health eas- the lower back, bend your knees and loss, a reduction in cholesterol or ier for people, you run the risk of squat. This forces you to use your leg blood pressure, or better blood sugar leading them to believe they don't muscles and will build strength. control -- you can get there by taking need to do very much -- and that 2. Every time you stop at a traffic light baby steps, she says. would be the wrong message," he (or the bus does), tighten your thighs says. and butt muscles and release as Moreover, Grossman tells WebMD, making small changes can help give many times as you can. (Don't worry, At the same time, Katz believes that no one will see it!) This will firm leg us the motivation to make bigger for those who find making health and buttock muscles, improve blood ones. changes a daunting task, Stealth flow -- and keep you mildly amused! "A lot of bad eating habits are about Health techniques can make a differ- not taking charge of your life, and that ence. 3. Whenever you're standing on a attitude is often reflected in other ar- line, lift one foot a half-inch off the eas," says Grossman. On the other "If you want the really big gains, there ground. The extra stress on your op- hand, she says, when you make has to be some pain," says Katz. "But posite foot, ankle, calf and thigh, plus small changes at the kitchen table, there is a lot to be said for the idea your buttocks, will help firm and tone the rewards may show up in other that you can make some gains with muscles. Switch feet every few min- areas of utes. your life. To Improve Stress "It's the act Control: of taking 1. Give your partner a control that hug every day before work. Studies little or no pain, and that's infinitely makes the difference in motivating better than no gains." show this simple act can help you you," says Grossman. "An inner con- remain calm when chaos ensues dur- fidence and power begins to develop ing your day, Katz says. Try the Stealth Health Approach that can be seen in other areas of Tempted to give "Stealth Health" a 2. Have a good cry. It can boost your life." try? Katz recommends picking any immune system, reduce levels of three of the following 12 changes and stress hormones, eliminate depres- Tripping Over Baby Steps incorporating them into your life for sion, and help you think more clearly. Of course, not everyone is certain four days. When you feel comfortable 3. Twice a day, breathe deeply for that baby steps can walk you all the with those changes, pick three others. three to five minutes way to good health. Marc Siegel, MD, Once you've incorporate all dozen a clinical associate professor at the changes, you should start to feel a To Improve Sleep: NYU School of Medicine, says that difference within a couple of weeks, 1. Sprinkle just-washed sheets and while doing something is certainly he says. better than doing nothing, making pillowcases with lavender water. The such small changes is like using a scent has been shown in studies to To Improve Nutrition: promote relaxation, which can lead to Band-aid to stop a hemorrhage. 1. Buy whole foods -- whether better sleep. canned, frozen, or fresh from the farm 2. Buy a new pillow. Katz says that "It's a small, gimmicky idea to target -- and use them in place of processed studies show that pillows with an in- people with very unhealthy lifestyles, foods whenever possible. and for some it may be useful," says dent in the center can enhance sleep 2. Reject foods and drinks made with quality and reduce neck pain. Also, Siegel, author of False Alarm: the corn syrup, a calorie-dense, nutrition- try a "cool" pillow -- one containing Truth about the Epidemic of Fear. But ally empty sweetener that many be- he fears that for most people, it's either all-natural fibers or a combina- lieve is worse for the body than tion of sodium sulfate and ceramic sending the wrong message. sugar, says Katz. fibers that help keep your head cool. 3. Start each dinner with a mixed "In some ways it's a resignation, an green salad. Not only will it help re- 3. Eat a handful of walnuts before admission that things can't be duce your appetite for more caloric changed -- and that's certainly not the bed. You'll be giving yourself a boost foods, but it also will automatically of fiber and essential fatty acids along long-term answer," Siegel tells add veggies to your meal. with the amino acid tryptophan -- a WebMD. Katz concedes that the Stealth Health To Improve Physical Fitness: natural sleep-inducer. approach may not be right for every- 1. Do a squat every time you pick body. something up. Instead of bending
  8. 8. ADVICE FOR SKI&SNOWBOARD Seite 8 Advice For Skiing and Snowboarding in the Mountains By Olga Orlova We offer several tips for newbies and rusty and ankles with stability and support, elbow snowboarders to aid you get most of the guards, knee pads as well as a padded sensation as much as possible: jacket and pants. Remember about the gravity. Never If you want to learn fast - ski with people choose the most straight way as is not al- who are more skillful than you. There is ways the easiest and the most enjoyable always something new to learn and train, way. You must always be able to turn and whether it is how to hit a specific jump, or brake when required. how to carve a better turn. One more crucial idea is balance. It's hard Make the most of the winter! to balance when going down a slope. You shall get accustomed to your own position Ski Stores, Snowmass Ski Rental, and Ski Shop. which is enjoyable enough and steady on Article Source: the way. expert=Olga_Orlova One shall observe special dress code in order to keep warm. Be aware of the weather prediction each time before you put the clothes on to make sure you'll be What is Ski Bonk? Ski Bonk is a mashup hot for the rest of the day. It is also neces- of SnowCountry, OnTheSnow, Weather sary to mention that a well-equipped skier Underground, the National Weather Ser- or snowboarder has to wear sunglasses or vice, and several other data feeds to pro- mask. Safeguarding your face when skiing vide a graphical view of worldwide skiing and snowboarding on the mountains is im- conditions on a google map. Use the drop- portant to avoid snow blindness. Try to de- down box on the right hand of the screen to lect the best quality sun-glasses you can select a data set, then click a column buy for best safety. header in the detail box to visually display Keep in mind that cotton under layer is not that information on the map. Use the the perfect choice. It's a lot better to put on 'Snowcast' feature to plot expected snow at a thermal layer next to your skin. Put on each ski resort. If you notice any errors in layers of clothes instead of warm jackets the ski report data, please notify me and I and have only one pair of socks. Moreover will make the change. Thanks make sure to wear a waterproof exterior layer. Searching: Protecting your skin from sun, cold and You may enter a 'city', 'state', 'province', wind is also important. You do not feel the 'country', 'continent' 'ski resort name'. Note: sun's rays reflected by snow which makes them more hazardous and strong. Some sun cream can protect you from rays and at the same time stop wind and cold. In order to protect yourself from injuring, you should get into good physical shape. Following some fitness routine and doing sports regularly can complement your body with the flexibility it needs for skiing and snowboarding. Being well-equipped is also a viable way to protect yourself. At least you must always take care to wear a special protection to prevent you from any kind of head dam- age, professional boots to provide your feet
  9. 9. SKI RESORTS Seite 9 List Colorado Ski Resorts By Ian Pennington If you were to list Colorado ski resorts you ments and museums to theatres and amuse- would have a list of some of the most won- ment parks... and do not forget the spas and derful ski resorts in the world. There are hot springs. There is also some wonderful some very well known, world class resorts shopping if you wanted to indulge in some such as Vail and Aspen as well as a great retail therapy while the others were out on many lesser known ones. Every resort has the slopes. To list Colorado ski resorts and its own character and the skiing can vary tell you about the facilities and sights that from one to the other. There is skiing for eve- you could enjoy would take a long, long time. ryone from beginner to the most advanced and experienced skier. Ian Pennington is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more The snow is good in Colorado. There is about Colorado ski resorts, please visit Ski- plenty of it and, if in some resorts there is not ing Colorado Guide for current articles and quite enough, they just turn the snow making discussions. machines on and then they do no have to worry about nature! This does not happen too often though. There is an average 300 inches of snow year in Colorado and at least half a dozen resorts get more than 350 inches. You can easily list Colorado ski re- sorts as being some of the most reliable that there are. Denver International Airport serves the area and most resorts are accessible either straight from Denver Airport or via smaller mountain airports. You are usually no more than 45 minutes from your plane touching down to arriving in your resort. If you wanted to list Colorado ski resorts by their most ac- cessible, you would have 29 resorts all fight- ing to be at the top. That is how many there are in the Denver area alone. You could be straight off an international flight and onto the slopes in only an hour or so. If you wanted to list Colorado ski resorts in order of fame, it would probably have to be Aspen at the top. It is a name that is well known as being one of the best ski resorts in the world and has some stunning scenery with lodges set right next to wonderful slopes. It has skiing for every level and makes a superb family holiday resort. In fact there is something for everyone in Aspen. Even the non-skier can have a wonderful time amongst the picture postcard scenery. But do not think that all of Colorado is the same as Aspen. If you have already been to Aspen then why not try one of the other re- sorts. There are plenty more you have yet to visit and each one with a different appeal. Article Source: Skiing is certainly not all that Colorado has to expert=Ian_Pennington offer. If you are a non skier in the party then . you will certainly not be stuck for things to do and see. There is everything from monu-
  10. 10. WINTER HOLIDAY Seite 10 A Winter Holiday - An Experience Of A Lifetime By Robert J. Carlton If you are looking for a great way to please and Vermont too. Many daredevil skiers your family, a ski vacation is the right attempt skiing on Whiteface Mountain, as it choice. Ski vacations are relaxing for the possesses one best vertical drops in the family and you can enjoy the various winter eastern part of United States. Located near sport activities like skiing, snowboarding, Lake Placid, Whiteface hosted the Alpine sledding and tubing. Skiing Competition of the Winter Olympics, in 1980. Winter holidays are extremely popular in the state of Maine. Sugarloaf, located on Among the other affordable places, the Sugarloaf Mountain is a ski resort that ap- world famous Aspen Mountain in Colorado peals to every member of the family. The is popular for its skiing trails. Nicknamed Sugarloaf resort has a grand history of win- the old Ajax by locales, the Aspen Moun- ter sports. In 1951, the Bigelow Boys cre- tain is a skier’s delight. The Vail Mountain, ated the first ski trail on Sugarloaf Moun- another Colorado mountain resort is a must “Whiteface Mountain is considered the best ski resort in America. Whiteface tain. Today, the trail is a premier ski area, visit. Another world famous western state Mountain is second in elevation to Mount Katahdin, the resort is in Park City, Utah, home of the located in highest mountain in Maine. This Ski area is 2002 Winter Olympic Games. All of the upstate New a favorite among all the United States win- resorts listed provide ample opportunity to York.“ ter sport athletes. ski and relax. Cannon Mountain is very popular among It is advisable for skiers to wear warm ski enthusiasts too. Located in New Hamp- clothing and follow runs, trails or patrolled shire, Cannon Mountain is the home of the ski routes that are checked for safety. Most New England Ski Museum. A haunt for all skiers enjoy cross-country skiing, but non- winter sports lovers, the museum contains professional skiers are warned to stay an extensive collection of historical ski within the boundaries of the resort. Cross- equipment, literature, films, clothing, photo- country skiing is not appreciated in most graphs and artwork. The museum is offi- European countries. These countries have cially recognized by the United States Ski implemented laws forbidding tourists from Association as a regional museum and is crossing the boundaries, due to ava- recommended by scholars and historians lanches and the high cost of search and for its extensive and rare archives. rescue operations. A Ski vacation can never be complete, Skiing, considered a fitness exercise by without a trip to the Canadian Alps. Its fitness gurus, is a great way to get in good snow-clad cliffs offer thrills that are every physical shape. The experience savored skier’s delight. Blue Mountain that lies on on a ski family vacation is a unique and the south of Georgian Bay in Ontario is memorable one. Canada’s largest skiing arena in the prov- ince. The resort offers a range of six chair Robert Carlton regularly creates long articles on top- lifts. Enjoy your visit to Blue Mountain for a ics like Denia. His abstracts on Benidorm are found fantastic and unique experience. on Article Source: Whiteface Mountain is considered the best expert=Robert_J._Carlton ski resort in America. Whiteface Mountain is located in upstate New York. The moun- tain is considered the fifth highest mountain in State of New York. The Adirondack range, Whiteface Mountain, has a beautiful all round view of the mountains in Canada
  11. 11. WINTER SPORTS WORKOUT Seite 11 Your Ultimate Winter Workout Plans Peak performance in the powder requires to the starting position. Repeat, this time muscles strong in three dimensions. "But stepping to the right. most men train their muscles in only one direction," says Alwyn Cosgrove, C.S.C.S., 2B. Side plank (with reach under) owner of Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, Lie on your right side, knees straight. Prop California. "That means they're not reach- your upper body up on your right elbow ing their potential." This workout trains your and forearm, which should be directly be- muscles from every angle, speeding low your right shoulder. Raise your hips so growth and improving stability. "These may your body forms a straight line. Contract be the best exercises that no one's doing," and brace your abs. (Imagine you're about says Cosgrove. to take a punch in the gut.) With your left Photographs by: hand, reach under your torso and behind Alex Tehrani, Directions you. Then straighten your left arm above Do this workout 2 or 3 times a week. you. Do 8 reps and switch sides. Illustrations by: Sidecar For exercise 1, complete as many reps as 3A. Lateral Stepup you can in 20 seconds. Rest 60 seconds; Grab a pair of dumbbells and stand with repeat once. Then move on to exercise 2A. your left side next to a gym bench. Place your left foot on the bench. That's the start- Do exercises 2A and 2B as a superset, ing position. Press your left foot into the performing one set of each exercise before bench and push your body up until both legs are resting 90 seconds. Complete 2 to 3 sets of straight. Slowly lower back to the starting 8 reps for each. Then move on to exercise position, making sure that your right foot is 3A. parallel to and lined up with your left foot when you touch back down. Complete all YouTube Video: Do exercises 3A and 3B as a superset, reps and switch sides. performing 1 set of each exercise before Winter Workout Here: resting for 90 seconds. Complete a total of 3B. Swiss-Ball Jackknife 2 to 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions for each. Assume a pushup position with your shins on a Swiss ball. Your arms should be 1. Mogul Jump straight and your back flat; your body Holding a medicine ball between your should form a straight line. Roll the ball thighs, stand with your feet and lower body toward your chest by raising your hips as facing 2 o'clock and your upper body high as you can and rounding your back as turned straight ahead. Dip your knees until you pull the ball forward with your feet. they're bent about 60 degrees. Jump and Pause and then return the ball by lowering twist your lower body to the left so your your hips and rolling it backward. If that's hips and knees are now pointing at 10 too easy, perform a pushup between reps. o'clock while your upper body is still facing straight ahead. That's 1 rep. Repeat until Conquer Any Hill you complete all your reps. Left your courage on the chairlift? Use this tip to swallow your fear. Instead of taking in 2A. Lateral lunge and press the entire slope, look down the hill three Grab dumbbells and stand with your feet turns ahead, says Eric Henderson, the hip-width apart. Press the dumbbells over- head alpine guide at Jackson Hole Moun- head, arms straight. Then step 2 feet to tain Resort. Visualize those turns and you'll your left and lower your body until your left be focused on where you want to go, not thigh is parallel to the floor while you lower on what you want to avoid. the left dumbbell to shoulder height. (Do this in one move, keeping your torso as upright as you can.) Drive your body back
  12. 12. EXERCISE TIPP Seite 12 All together now: Exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week By HOWARD SCHNEIDER, The Washington Post The federal government re- workout, for example, was given erate aerobic activity, with little leased a new set of exercise a specific multiplier – namely, 2. or no risk. guidelines recently, and the So, if you’re willing to work out Some common-sense excep- basic recommendation was at a level where you’re breath- tions include potential-impact straightforward: ing so hard that conversation sports such as skiing, soccer Thirty minutes a day, five days a becomes difficult, you can cut and basketball; also, after the week, at a moderate effort, for the recommended times in half first trimester, pregnant women basic health; double that and/or – to 15 minutes a day for gen- should avoid exercises that in- make it more intense for more eral health, or 30 minutes a day volve lying on the back. significant health and fitness for more substantial health and benefits. fitness improvements. • People with disabilities from stroke, cerebral palsy, muscular But, what if you’re older than 65? Should you be doing the Don’t try to start out at this level, dystrophy or other conditions by the way; work up to it. “should engage in regular activ- same things, or approach exer- ity according to their abilities cise a bit differently? and should avoid inactivity.” What about kids – do their de- The concept of “accumulation” Consult with a doctor or thera- veloping bodies need a different was endorsed, at least as a way pist about how to adapt exer- sort of workout? to get started. If you’ve been cises or activity to the particular What if you’re pregnant? inactive or have trouble finding condition. Or hobbled by arthritis? a free half-hour, you can still benefit from multiple 10-minute • For people with chronic ill- The new guidelines try to clarify chunks – a walk or calisthenics nesses – the report singles out a host of issues such as these. before work, a stroll at lunch osteoarthritis, Type 2 diabetes and a final session at night, for and cancer – regular physical Exercise recommendations example. activity can lessen the impact of have been issued over the the disease, improving longevity years by different federal agen- The panel also singled out spe- for some types of cancers, im- cies. While the “2008 Physical cific populations for which exer- proving mobility and lessening Activity Guidelines for Ameri- cise might seem less important pain for arthritis sufferers, and cans” from the Department of or be more likely to go over- lowering the risk of heart and Health and Human Services are looked. The overriding point other problems associated with generally consistent with those was that the general recommen- Type 2 diabetes. recommendations, the attempt dation of five-day-a-week aero- here was to provide the broad- bic training and at least bi- • Kids need to be moving at est possible review of the avail- weekly strength training holds least an hour a day in ways able science and to create a for nearly everyone. appropriate to their age. There document that would have the needn’t be so much structure, weight of federal policy. But there are a few specific rec- but there does need to be vari- ommendations and caveats: ety, with activities that are aero- According to William E. Kraus, a bic, build muscle, and help de- • If people older than 65 can’t professor of medicine at Duke velop balance and coordination. meet the full recommendations, University and a member of the Twenty push-ups, in other then even small efforts will, over advisory panel that assembled words, may be less important time, improve strength, stamina the guidelines, that policy di- than climbing a tree or wrestling and coordination. For those who mension gives this document a sibling. have been inactive or feel at risk some extra significance: Its con- of falling, balance training three clusions may figure into legisla- times a week is recommended, tive and other debates about including exercises such as funding for programs. walking backward, heel-and-toe walking and disciplines such as “These guidelines provide mus- tai chi. cle that was not available” in the discussion of where physical • Pregnant women who have activity fits in an array of issues, been exercising have no reason Kraus said. “It becomes part of to stop, although those accus- national policy.” tomed to particularly vigorous workouts may have to adjust It also takes a sometimes con- intensity in consultation with fusing subject and renders it in their doctor. Those who have simple terms. been inactive before becoming The effect of a more intense pregnant will benefit from mod-
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