Springtime is knocking- Get Fit Now!


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Springtime is knocking- Get Fit Now!

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Springtime is knocking- Get Fit Now!

  1. 1. KieFit Journal April 2009 Why Is Springtime The Best Time To Get Fit? Fat Burning Video Lesson 5 Simple Ways To Track Your Fat Burning Progress STOP CRAVINGS AND STOP BINGE EATING: ADVICE FROM A PIZZA MAN Two Flat Stomach Secrets For Women
  2. 2. JOURNAL KIEFIT HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE! APRIL 2009 ISSUE: Springtime is knocking- Get Fit Now! WHY SPRINGTIME 3 IS THE BEST TIME Hello Fitness Fans! TO GET FIT I am very glad to introduce you to my current KieFit Journal - April 09. SPRINGTIME 4 HEALTHY EATING Within this April issue you get valuable articles about fitness, workout and weight loss. A LETTER FROM YOUR 5 What is it all about exactly? Here you'll get the answers and sug- BELLY FAT gestions, if spring time is the right time to become fit? Learn more on Page 3. Additionally you'll get an advice from the STOP CRAVINGS AND 6 'Pizza Man' - John Shatter on page 6 & 7. STOP BINGE EATING: + ADVICE FROM A PIZZA MAN 7 Workout with Turbulence Training: Fitness fans ask the author Craig Ballanye a Certified Strength & WHICH TURBULENCE 8 Conditioning Specialist: Which kind of workout is good for me to TRAINING WORKOUT SHOULD I USE? begin? Check out on page 8 why you should change your workout rou- TWO FLAT STOMACH 9 tine every four to six weeks and more. SECRETS FOR WOMEN Holly Rigsby tells you how to 'Discover the secret of a flat stom- 4 REASONS WHY ach' on page 9. 10 SLEEP DEPRIVATION + Sleep deprivation can affect the muscle gain process! Read more WILL INHIBIT YOUR MUSCLE GAINS 11 about the most common four reasons and how to avoid them from Sean Nalewanyi - Natural Bodybuilding Expert & Fitness AT LAST! - 12 Author on page 10. 10 HEALTHY EATING TIPS THAT WORK! “At Last! …”- Get here 10 Healthy Eating Tips that really work on page 12. KIEFIT.COM ISSUE 13 Best wishes and stay healthy, ADVERTISE 14 OPPORTUNITYS— Heidi KIEFIT.COM CONTACT— 15 KIEFIT.COM SEND ME YOUR COM- 15 MENTS AND IDEAS FOR FURTHER Send me your comments and ideas for further ARTICLES. ATTENTION articles. Submit your article to Email: articles@kiefit.com and see it in the next issue Schedules: Submit events sche- dules you know to be mentioned of KieFit Journal. here in the next issue! Use your article to generate additional free traffic to your website as well. Submit your personal Fitness and Sport events you wish to be Closing date to submit your articles you wish to be published here and invite Kiefit Journal readers to attend! published here on 25th of each month.
  3. 3. SPRINGTIME: GET FIT! Seite 3 Why Springtime is the Best Time to Get Fit By Daryl Bennett Each January, Carol Hager, 26, sat a Besides those few rainy days, springtime 5 Simple Ways To Track Your Fat goal to lose weight. Her attempts were offers more workout incentives than any Burning Progress filled with desire, but not motivation. For other season. For example, it's getting the most part, this was because she warmer, but not too warm. This means started working out in the gloomy Winter just the right temperature for a jog or eve- months. Doing things differently, Hager ning walk. Summers are too hot, Winters decided to start her exercises in April and too cold, and Fall too chilly (in most viola! Success. places) to bang Very few fitness out an effective newbies take workout. Spring advantage of also brings fresh the spring sea- smells and de- son, but spring- lightful air, im- time is the best portant for keep- Fat Burning Video Lesson time to start ing your lungs working out. clean and The reason senses elated really is in the during your season. All the workouts. leaves are bud- For variety, ding out, spring can host warmer air, any exercise longer days, you can do. and more Weightlifting, sunlight equals running, biking, a better state of mind -- a fitness state of hiking, aerobics; whatever you choose. mind. The promise of new spring/summer Workouts that might otherwise be strenu- clothes or the chance to show off at the ous during the Summer can seem easier beach can madly excite you about fitness. in Spring. That's why newbies starting a And this abundance of new life and re- fitness routine find so much motivation freshing, new-like feeling really can pro- and enjoyment during the season. Work- pel your fitness goals to heights not outs are quite simply easier to start and achievable in Winter. easier to finish (indoors or out). Hager Like Hager, most people should set goals claims her stamina skyrocketed; some- to get started. Goal setting not only meas- thing she never knew during her Winter ures your success, but motivates you dur- month attempts. ing those new spring months. Make sure your goals are obtainable and broken up So get out there, enjoy the season, set into smaller parts though. You can't really your goals, choose your exercises, and expect to lose 25 pounds in a week, but just get fit. There really is no better sea- break that up into 10 weeks and you're son to get started, especially if you want good to go. to succeed. Now, with your goals set, pick a place to workout. Where you go to tread the mill or Daryl Bennett, a contributor to Nani Fitness News (http://bestbody.50webs.com), is a dedicated fitness push the weight really doesn't matter; writer and researcher living in the Midwest USA what matters is your enjoyment of the season. Obviously it's important to get Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/? outside and workout as much as possible expert=Daryl_Bennett -- after all, it's spring! But those occa- sional Springtime rainy days might drive you indoors. That's why having an indoor back-up home gym, dumbbells, or a sta- tionary bike is as important as running in the park. You might also consider a dis- count gym membership for those few nasty days.
  4. 4. SPRING: HEALTHY EATING Seite 4 Springtime Healthy Eating By Ernesto White As Spring approaches I find myself be- * Exercise can lower the risk of the dis- coming motivated to get into shape for ease women fear most: breast cancer. the September wedding. I want to look good also for my 40th birthday. Yeah, I * Exercise has emotional benefits, too. It am only human. can help you fall asleep faster and sleep longer and deeper, and relieve depres- I need to gear my eating and exercise to sion. fit where I am at currently. Doing too much in the gym will only make me sore If the benefits of exercise are so clearly and I need to be consistent. significant, why isn't every woman out there doing the things that trans- late into physical activity? *The number one barrier we hear is 'I don't have the time,' says Bess H. Marcus, PhD, who directs the Physical Activity Research Center at Brown University Medi- cal School in Providence, RI. That may be due to the mistaken belief that physical activity means hard, intense exercise, the kind that makes you drop with sweat and leaves your muscles aching the next day. -- Also eating right to the point where my Yes indeed, one has to "get over it" the metabolism increases is also an other excuses and get out there and make desired goal of mine. yourself Studies find that your mid-30s through into the person you should be. I cannot your 40s is a critical period for determin- see myself as a frumpy middle aged ing whether you'll remain physically active woman. after menopause, something you defi- nitely want to strive for. The best reason Just goes against what I want. I have is that you'll likely live longer. One large every right to look and feel my very best. study of older women found that exercise reduced all causes of death in postmeno- I think the image of the older woman is pausal women. Here are some others: changing. I know the media has allot to do with this also and women my age * Regular exercise lowers blood pressure, should not consider themselves ham- reduces levels of "bad" cholesterol while pered by societal norms. Love life and raising levels of "good" cholesterol and live it! slows our resting heart rate, enabling it to work more efficiently. http://www.casy.us * Several studies have found that physi- cally active women experience less in- Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/? tense and fewer symptoms of meno- expert=Ernesto_White pause, including the ubiquitous hot flashes. * Physical activity also reduces your risk of colon cancer, kidney stones, gallstone surgery and diverticular disease.
  5. 5. A LETTER FROM BELLY FAT Seite 5 A Letter from Your Belly Fat By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS www.TurbulenceTraining.com Dear Friend, collective butt. I was burning ==> http:// This is a letter from your ol' up down here! www.turbulencetraining.com pal, belly fat. We had a great But boy oh boy, I sure was run this summer, didn't we? glad you gave that up and Your friend and spare tire, Lots of good times, great went back to just lifting uten- food, and plain ol' sitting sils and not dumbells. Other- Belly Fat around eating too much. wise we wouldn't have been able to celebrate another PS - Seriously, don't go near Well, I'm thinking about summer together this year. that Turbulence Training sticking around another year program unless you want to if you don't mind. But you Sometimes I wonder, what see me, Thunder Thighs, might need to get a bigger did you ever do in college Manboobs, Jigg Lee Arm pair of pants, as I was think- without me, your trusted Fat, and Luv Handles pack ing about expanding my belly fat? Back then, you our bags and hit the high- place down here. were probably one of those way. people that couldn't wait to get to the beach to show off It will be a sad farewell, and your body, not like these you'd be stuck with ripped So do me a favor, avoid that days. abs, gorgeous glutes, and interval training you were toned arms, and you know thinking of doing. The last Nope, stay in the shade and how much attention those time you did that stuff, I keep the cover-up clothes guys get from the opposite nearly had to look for a new on, that's the way to go now. sex. Who needs it, I say. place to live. I felt like the Besides, its a lot closer to Wicked Witch of the West in the cold beer and the BBQ the land of Oz. Did you hear when you're sitting in the me yelling, "Help me, I'm shade avoiding all the fun melting!"? down on the beach. Well, it sure was good Instead, stick to that slow catching up with you. I'm About the Author cardio stuff. Sure I get a little sure we'll be in touch more sweaty, and the ol' brain up often, as long as you stay Craig Ballantyne is a Certified there thinks it's doing "a real Strength & Conditioning Specialist away from that Turbulence fat burning workout", but it's and writes for Men's Health, Men's Training workout routine. never enough to melt me Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle outta here. and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen Brings a tear to my eye whenever I even think about magazines. His trademarked Tur- Another thing, keep listening that workout program and all bulence Training fat loss workouts to those experts who say have been featured multiple times the belly fat it's burned. strength training doesn't Heck, it's fried more belly fat in Men’s Fitness and Maximum burn body fat. Since re- Fitness magazines, and have hel- than a frying pan! search shows they're wrong, ped thousands of men and women So again, if you want to if you added strength train- around the world lose fat, gain keep your dear old belly muscle, and get lean in less than 45 ing to your program, you'd around for another year and minutes three times per week. For practically need to throw me another summer, don't use more information on the Turbu- a going away party! Turbulence Training - other- lence Training workouts that will wise, its all over pal, and help you burn fat without long, After each one of those su- you'll never see me again. slow cardio sessions or fancy perset workouts you tried last January it felt like some- equipment, visit Belly Fat says, "Don't use www.TurbulenceTraining.com one lit a match under our this"
  6. 6. FOOD:ADVICE FROM PIZZA... 6 Stop Cravings and Stop Binge Eating: Advice from a Pizza Man By line: By Tom Venuto www.burnthefat.com In a surprising comment made during a proportions, not just in the United States “Pizza is popular UK radio show, the founder of but in the U.K. and other countries as actually one of the largest Pizza chains in the well. healthy for you United States and United Kingdom told if you don’t eat listeners not to eat too much pizza! Moreover, it was just plain good diet ad- vice! One reason people are failing to too much of it. In an interview with host Adam Shaw on control their weight is because of all-or- You can’t eat BBC’s Radio Four program, John Schnat- none thinking, i.e, “I can’t eat ANY pizza five or six ter, the founder of Papa John’s pizza, EVER again!” or, “I have to follow my diet slices but if was asked whether he was concerned 100% or not at all.” you eat one or about the British government’s recent two slices it’s actions in the In my experience, all or none thinking is very fast food restau- one of the big- rant business to gest causes of help put the diet failure. It’s brakes on obe- far better from a sity. psychological perspective to Schnatter said, eat your pizza; “Pizza is actu- simply enjoy it ally healthy for infrequently and you if you don’t in small quanti- eat too much of ties. it. You can’t eat five or six slices Think of you on but if you eat a diet like a one or two pressure cooker slices it’s very on a burner. nutritious.” The longer you keep that pot on Laughing, Shaw replied, “I’m not sure the heat, the more the steam pressure your investors would want to hear you tell builds up inside. If there’s no outlet or people, ‘don’t eat too much of our piz- release valve on that thing, eventually the zas!”’ pressure builds up so much that even if it’s made of steel and the lid is bolted Across the web, bloggers and tweeters down, she’s gonna blow, sooner or later. have been putting in their two cents. Some say he was a little TOO honest. Well, in the beginning, you might think Others say this was either the worst PR your willpower is made of steel and that screw up ever… or you’re bolted tigher than a submarine the best PR move hatch, but the longer you’re on a diet with ever (you know what no relief, the greater the pressure builds they say about “bad” up until YOU blow your top… and that publicity). means massive binge eating. Although I wouldn’t call pizza health >> continued >> food, I think his ad- vice to eat pizza, but only in moderation was the responsible thing for a fast food owner to do at a time where obesity is reaching epidemic
  7. 7. FOOD:ADVICE FROM PIZZA... 7 Stop Cravings and Stop Binge Eating: Advice from a Pizza Man By line: By Tom Venuto - continued - www.burnthefat.com But if you let off a little steam in the form of a make a difference. I think anything that “free meal” (or two) and enjoy that slice of raises calorie awareness is going to affect pizza (or whatever is your favorite ‘poison’) behavior in a positive way and help make for on occasion, that relieves the pressure. Alas, better food decisions. Whether it should be you never even feel the urge to binge… be- mandatory by law is debatable. I say, cause you HAD your pizza and the urge was satis- let the restaurants decide and then let the fied. Since the meal was planned and you marketplace sort itself out. kept the calories under control, it had little or no effect on your fat loss results. I would be more likely to recommend or sup- port the restaurants who opted to post calo- This topic of conversation was prompted on ries, increase their range of healthy the BBC radio show during a discussion choices… and on that rare occasion, have a about how the Pizza business was doing CEO who actually says, “Eat my food, but during the recession not too much!!” and about efforts to Now, if we can only stem the growing obe- get those sity crisis in the UK. Mcdonalds’s execs Earlier last month, The to say the same Food Standards thing! Agency in the UK started negotiating with UK food, pub and sandwich chains to display calories on their menus to try to provide education about health- ier options for consum- About the Author: ers who eat out fre- Tom Venuto is a fat loss quently. expert, lifetime natural The move is similar to (steroid-free) bodybuilder, one made in New York City last year, where Train hard and expect success, independent nutrition re- restaurant chains that have more than 15 searcher, freelance writer, Tom Venuto locations must print calories on the menus. and author of the #1 best According to an article in the British Medical Fat Loss Coach selling diet e-book, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle: Fat- Journal, this has resulted in an average re- www.BurnTheFat.com Burning Secrets of The duction of 50-100 calories for each food or- P.S. No relation to Venuto's Pizza, hahaha World’s Best Bodybuilders & der. Not much, but at least it’s something. Fitness Models (e-book) In the case of pizza, a 2.2 ounce thin-crusted which teaches you how to get slice of cheese pizza could have as little as lean without drugs or supp- 190 calories. One slice of “meat lover’s” lements using secrets of the pizza, on the other hand, could set you back world's best bodybuilders almost 500 calories! If you knew the differ- and fitness models. Learn ence, would it change what kind and how how to get rid of stubborn fat much you ate? and increase your metabo- lism by visiting: I’m totally in favor of posting calories on menus, despite the critics who say it won’t www.burnthefat.com
  8. 8. WORKOUT & TRAINING Seite 8 Which Turbulence Training Workout Should I Use? By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS www.TurbulenceTraining.com With Turbulence Training If you haven't been doing occur when you have been B) If you are a man that for Fat Loss, there are a lot any exercise, you must start away from exercise for so wants to build muscle, use of workouts to choose from. there. No long. the TT exceptions. for Muscle program. So why did I create so The bodyweight exercises 3) The Best Program For C) If you want to keep burn- many fat burning pro- will prepare your muscles ADVANCED Fitness & Fat ing fat, move to the DB-BW grams? for all future workouts, and Loss I suggest you start Fusion will prevent the overuse with the "Original Turbu- Workout. Because you need to have injuries people usually get lence Training variety in your workouts to D) Follow that with the 30- keep on Day Advanced Fat Loss boosting your metabolism, program. and burning fat month after month. E) And finally, finish with the Advanced Fusion Fat If you did the same workout Loss program for 3 months 4-Week Program. straight, your results would screech to a halt after 5 or 6 At any time you are travel- weeks. ing or want a break from the dumbell With the Turbulence Train- workouts, you can use the ing fat loss program, you beginner, intermediate, or will be able to change your advanced workouts every 4 weeks. bodyweight program from Each time you do that, the Original Bodyweight 4- you'll kickstart your fat burn- Week TT workout. ing and your metabolism to when they start a high- Workout" from the main a new level. volume cardio program Turbulence Training for Fat Sincerely, Loss manual. (which is the worst thing an You must change your overweight person can do Work your way through Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, workout every 3-4 weeks. for weight loss). each following three ad- MS vanced workouts in the Author, Turbulence Training Unfortunately, with so many 2) The Best Program for an manual. Turbulence Train- ing workouts, people often ask, "Which program should I start with?". So here are the fat Experienced Lifter Who Has Upon completion of the Tur- burning guidelines you NOT Exercised in the Last bulence Training for Fat About the Author need to get the most out of 4 Weeks Loss workouts from the Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength Turbulence Training no main manual, you can & Conditioning Specialist and writes for matter what your fitness Please start with the Inter- move onto the bonus work- Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and level... mediate Workout from the outs in this order: Oxygen magazines. His trademarked main Turbulence Training Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in 1) The Best Program for a for Fat Loss program. A) If you are a women that Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness Total BEGINNER wants to put the final magazines, and have helped thousands BUT NOTE: Do only ONE touches on of men and women around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in Overweight, sedentary be- SET per exercise in each a female physique, use the less than 45 minutes three times per ginners should start with the workout in the first week. Turbulence Training for week. For more information on the Turbulence Training workouts that will Introductory Program in the Women help you burn fat without long, slow main Turbulence Training This will prevent you from workout. cardio sessions or fancy equipment, visit for Fat Loss manual. being excessively sore from www.TurbulenceTraining.com the exercises, which can
  9. 9. WORKOUT & TRAINING 9 Two Flat Stomach Secrets For Women By Holly Rigsby, CPT www.FitYummyMummy.com Have you tried everything most of all, eating suppor- while you're doing it, but it under the sun to get a flat tively is enjoying the foods keeps you're metabolism stomach, only to come up you love in moderation in- revved long after you're disappointed? Have you stead of in excess. done. One recent study fallen prey to all the gim- showed that you're metabo- micks, fad diets and shame- If eating supportively is the lism would stay elevated for less infomercials promising first secret to a flat stomach, over 36 hours after a resis- you that elusive flat stomach then what's the second? The tance training session. that you desire? second flat stomach secret is resistance training. Unfortu- Try to get that out of an aero- Well fret no more, I'm going nately, just as fad diets have bics class. to let you in on the two stood in the path of women ‘secrets' that will help you achieving the flat stomachs And there's another benefit of shed unwanted fat and reveal they so desired, so have the resistance training when it your toned, flat stomach once myths of spot reduction and comes to getting a flat stom- and for all. cardio being the best method ach. The lean muscle that for fat loss. Late night info- you gain will raise you're rest- The first secret for a flat mercials have long promoted ing metabolic rate and help stomach is eating suppor- gadgets that promised to spot you burn more fat all day tively. While this doesn't reduce those trouble spots long, each and every day. seem like a secret at all, most that women struggle with and women get this wrong in spite sucked us in with testimonials There you have it, two of their best – but misguided from fitness models that un- ‘secrets' that are guaranteed – efforts. Women have fallen doubtedly picked up a nifty to boost your metabolism and prey to low-fat, low-carb, Hol- paycheck for endorsing their give you that flat stomach lywood, grapefruit, South wares. But spot reduction is a you've been longing for. So Beach and every other over myth. Think about it – have ditch the diet books and the hyped diet that marketers can you ever met someone with a aerobics classes and start dream up, all in hopes of flat stomach and fat arms? eating supportively and resis- shedding those unwanted Didn't think so. If spot reduc- tance training. Before long pounds. But eating suppor- tion was possible then un- that flat stomach will finally tively is isn't about dieting or doubtedly one of these happy be yours. deprivation; it's about mod- customers would have toned eration and balance. While and tightened their stomach, cutting carbs or fats out of yet kept their flabby arms. your nutrition plan might give you a temporary loss of a The other myth that has led couple of pounds, it's typi- women astray is the belief cally followed by a drop in that cardio is the best solu- metabolism and a weight tion for fat loss. Treadmill gain of more than you lost in manufacturers have sold the About the Author the first place once you go virtues of the ‘fat burning back to your old eating hab- zone' and led us to believe Holly Rigsby is a nationally recog- its. that we could plod along on a nized women’s fitness coach, certi- treadmill watching Oprah and fied personal trainer (CPT) and the author of the internationally popular So what is eating suppor- before long a flat stomach e-book – Fit Yummy Mummy - Burn tively? Eating supportively is would be ours. These two Your Baby Fat & Get Your Body having protein and carbohy- myths have diverted us from Back. Go to http:// drates at every meal. It's the path of what really does www.fityummymummy.com to get your FREE copy of her special re- grazing on 4-6 meals or work – resistance training. port: "The Five Ways To Boost Your snack each day instead of Resistance training is a flat Metabolism." missing meals and then gorg- stomach's best friend be- ing yourself. It's enjoying a cause not only does an effec- healthy breakfast and not tive resistance training ses- drinking your calories. But sion burn plenty of calories
  10. 10. MUSCLE GAINS 10 4 Reasons Why Sleep Deprivation Will Inhibit Your Muscle Gains By Sean Nalewanyj - Natural Bodybuilding Expert & Best-Selling Fitness Author www.MuscleGainTruth.com It may seem like a trivial issue that could be 3) Recovery will be interrupted. easily overlooked, but giving your body a proper sleep every night really is an impor- As you are probably already aware, your tant step in setting the wheels for maximum muscles do not actually grow while you are mus- cle growth into motion. IN the gym. Rather, they grow while you are If you really want to see the most dramatic OUT of the gym eating and resting. changes in your body over the shortest pe- The time that you spend sleeping is one of riod of time possible, a restful, quality sleep the primary periods where the recovery and every single night is a must. remodeling of damaged muscle tissue takes place. Not only do your muscles require re- What makes a proper sleep so important? covery time, but your central nervous sys- tem, joints and immune system need rest Well, let’s simply take a look at what hap- too. pens when you DON’T get a proper sleep 4) Hormone levels will be compromised. each night… Depriving your body of sleep will have a 1) Mental focus will decline. negative impact on some of the most impor- tant muscle building and fat burning hor- One of the biggest problems with sleep dep- mones circulating in your body. I’m talking rivation is the effect that it will have on your specifically about cortisol, testosterone, mental state. Studies have shown that just a growth hormone and insulin. single night with insufficient rest will have a significant negative impact on your mental Simply put, sleep deprivation has a negative focus and willingness to perform difficult impact on every single one of them... tasks. a) Cortisol - A catabolic stress hormone that increases abdominal fat storage and stimu- Putting forth an all-out effort every time you lates the breakdown of muscle tissue for use enter the gym is one of the primary keys to as energy. building muscle fast, and in order to do so you must remain mentally sharp at all times. Studies have shown that insufficient sleep will cause the body to release higher 2) Physical performance will suffer. amounts of this hormone. Not only will sleep deprivation have a nega- b) Testosterone - The most important hor- tive impact on your state of mind, but it will mone when it comes to building muscle. The also have physical consequences as well. higher your levels of testosterone, the more Without a proper sleep, your strength levels muscle you can build. will decrease and you'll end up using less weight and/or performing fewer reps than Sleep deprivation measurably lowers testos- you would normally be capable of. terone levels. >> continued >> Your bottom line muscle gains are ultimately determined by the steady increases in poundage that you are able to make on all of your exercises, and keeping your strength at top levels is critical in achieving this as quickly as possible.
  11. 11. MUSCLE GAINS Seite 11 4 Reasons Why Sleep Deprivation Will Inhibit Your Muscle Gains - continued - By Sean Nalewanyj - Natural Bodybuilding Expert & Best-Selling Fitness Author www.MuscleGainTruth.com c) Growth Hormone - Regenerates the - Decrease insulin resistance body and plays a large role in building and That should be plenty of incentive right maintaining muscle. there to start paying close attention to how much sleep you’re getting each night. The time that you sleep is also the time when your body experiences a natural surge in growth hormone levels. If you fail See you in the morning! to get a YouTube Video proper rest at night this hormonal surge will Make sure to visit 10 Minute Workout for be compromised. www.MuscleGainTruth.com for more win- Weight Loss, Fat Loss ning muscle-building and fat loss strategies & Muscle Gain Video d) Insulin - Responsible for the uptake of that you can begin incorporating into your important nutrients into your body cells. program right away. You'll have the chance to instantly access my award-winning natu- Sleep deprivation can result in an increase ral bodybuilding program, "The Muscle in your body's insulin resistance levels. Gain Truth No-Fail System", and sign up This means that your body will have to re- for my free 8-part muscle building email lease higher-than-normal amounts of this course. hormone to compensate. This can lead to excess fat storage, diabetes or heart dis- ease. So, just how much sleep is enough? About The Author Once an awkward, pencil-necked "social reject", Sean Nalewanyj is now a renowned natural bodybuilding As with most things, it’s certainly an individ- and fat loss expert, best-selling fitness author, and ual factor and varies from person to per- creator of the wildly popular online muscle building son. As a general guideline though, I would program, "The Muscle Gain Truth No-Fail System". Learn how to build muscle and gain weight in just 24 recommend that everyone out there strive minutes a day by visiting: to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every www.MuscleGainTruth.com. single night. If you feel that you require more than that, sleep for 9 hours or for Sean is also the owner and operator of the web's even longer if you need to. premier muscle building and fat loss support commu- nity, currently accepting new members at The bottom line is to get enough sleep www.FitnessInnerCircle.com . each night so that you feel 100% rested Note to the reader: You are free to reprint and redis- and energized throughout the day. If you tribute this article as long as the content is not altered regularly feel fatigued and sluggish, then in any way, the links remain live and the author re- increasing your sleeping time is a must. source box (including this message) is left intact. In terms of building muscle size and strength, proper amounts of sleep will: - Increase your mental focus and energy - Improve your strength - Allow for proper recovery in between workouts - Lower cortisol levels - Increase testosterone - Raise growth hormone levels
  12. 12. AT LAST! EATING TIPS Seite 12 At Last! - 10 Healthy Eating Tips That WORK! By Dr. Kang-pang Chan How much time do you spend putting And as you and I both know, good healthy healthy eating tips into practice? eating tips are powerful. Listen, I'm not kidding around, how many Eating healthy can cause you to drop exces- times during the day do you correct bad sive weight. Eating healthy can increase habits and place them with new ones? your energy. Eating healthy can assure that your body is getting all the nutrients it I'm telling you, it's a game of inches, and needs. you've got to be willing to make significant changes. Sooner or later you're going to Let's take a closer look at some riveting have to implement some healthy eating tips healthy eating tips you can use right NOW. in order to get your body into shape and your health on the right track. 1. Let your bad snack choices bite the dust. Snacking is fact of life for most of us. You need balance. 2. Get on the up and up and buy fresh foods as opposed to processed foods. 3. Take the bull by the horns and remove any junk food you have in your house. 4. Don't be excessive - leave extra salt, and sugar of the equation. 5. Be more careful about eating large meals and extra snacks before you got to bed. 6. Restore balance by designating only two places for meals in your home. 7. Command at least 30 minutes for each meal. But, how are you going to do it? How are you going to get healthy? How are you go- 8. Be disciplined and savor each bite you ing to change? take. This is probably the most challenging as- 9. Trust you gut and avoid second helpings. signment there is when it comes to figuring out the best healthy eating principles to ap- 10. Don't dwell on always cleaning your ply to your life. plate. If you act now, the results will be astound- You see, I find the whole subject of healthy ing. Do whatever it takes to begin using eating absolutely riveting. I am fascinated by these healthy eating tips as soon as possi- what it takes to change eating habits and ble. lose weight. Get ready for change. You are really going By now you're probably wondering - what to like it. does it take to create a healthy eating life- style? That's the subject of this article today. So, go get the Develop A Healthy Eating Habit advice at http:// What does your body really want? No doubt howtoloseweightquicker.com/you-should- it wants to be fed when it's hungry, loved, develop-a-healthy-eating-habit here before and nourished. you've gone astray too much on the path to health and fitness. It doesn't want to be filled to the point that Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/? you feel like you are ready to pop. It wants expert=Dr._Kang-pang_Chan to enjoy food, and feel good all the time.
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