Relax, Get Flex and Feel Healthy!


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Relax, Get Flex and Feel Healthy!

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Relax, Get Flex and Feel Healthy!

  1. 1. KieFit Journal October 2008 R E L A X Y O U R S E L F S I M P L E S E L F M A S S A G E F O R Y O U T O W E L L B E I N G F I T N E S S W E I G H T E Q U I P M E N T L O S S E X E R C I S E E Q U I P - T I P S ! M E N T F O R E V E R Y O N E D R I N K I N G E X E R C I S E B A L L W A T E R A N D W E I G H T L O S S O N L I N E - T R A I N I N G W H A T C A N A N O N L I N E P E R - S O N A L T R A I N E R O F F E R Y O U ? TRAINING H O W T O C H O O S E E Q U I P M E N T F O R H O M E G Y M E X E R C I S E ?
  2. 2. JOURNAL KIEFIT HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE! OCTOBER 2008 ISSUE: Relax, Get Flex and Feel Healthy! PRINCIPLES FOR A 2 HAPPY, HEALTHY Hello Fitness Fans! LIFE Start reading now and get inspired from KieFit Journal for a HOW TO DO SELF 3+4 happy and Healthy Life! MASSAGE TO RELAX YOURSELF Read our article about principles of healthy and happy living! RELAX AND 5 EXERCISE -YOGA FOR INSOMNIA Tensed neck and heavy legs? - Learn in a few short and easy steps how to relax yourself through one self massage. HOW TO CHOOSE 6 EQUIPMENT FOR HOME GYM In Kiefit Journal you'll find helpful information on how to lose EXERCISES weight with simple tricks: just healthy nutrition and water. HOW EXERCISE BALLS 7 HAVE EVOLVED INTO Discover your best training intensity. EXERCISE EQUIPMENT FOR EVERYONE Learn on page 11 which kinds of training zones exist, and WEIGHT LOSS TIPS 8 which formula is your best training intensity. Read how you AND INFORMATION - DRINKING WATER can benefit from it to stay fit. AND WEIGHT LOSS WHY CHOOSE GREEN 9 This issue is especially interesting for your personal choice TEA AS A DIETARY of home and gym exercises. SUPPLEMENT? Enjoy your healthy life ! HEALTHY DIET & 10 FOOD NUTRITION Heidi FACTS TO LOSE 5 KILOS CARDIO, AEROBIC 11 AND ANAEROBIC EXPLAINED CARDIO, ANAEROBIC, 12 AND AEROBIC EXERCISE EXPLAINED WHAT CAN AN ONLINE 13 PERSONAL TRAINER Send me your comments and ideas for further ATTENTION OFFER YOU? articles. • Schedules : Submit events ADVERTISE 14 Submit your article to Email: OPPORTUNITYS— schedules you know to be KIEFIT.COM and see it in the next issue of KieFit Journal. mentioned here in the next issue! CONTACT— 15 Use your article to generate additional free traffic KIEFIT.COM to your website as well. • Submit your personal Fit- ness and Sport events you SEND ME YOUR COM- 15 MENTS AND IDEAS Closing date to submit your articles you wish to be wish to be published here FOR FURTHER and invite Kiefit Journal ARTICLES. published here on 25th of each month readers to attend!
  3. 3. HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE! 3 Principles For A Happy, Healthy Life By Douglas Fullington, MD I was recently listening online age 95? The first step is to become? What would you to a sermon by Tony Cam- reflect more about health. do? Who would you get to polo. It was titled "If I Had It to Take just a few minutes at the know? Where would you go? Live Over Again." It was beginning and end of each based on a study of 50 peo- day to think about what you Risk Being Healthy ple over the age of 95 in can do to be healthier. You Risk improving your health. which they were asked, "What can also think about what you Go and join the gym that you would you do differently if you did earlier in the day to im- have been considering. Make lived life over again?" There prove your health. What those improvements in your were three common themes worked well for you? What diet that you have been prom- that emerged in the study. can you improve on? What ising yourself that you would might you need to learn next make. Try it for 30 days. Risk 1. They would reflect more. to be healthy? does not have to be huge and 2. They would risk imposing. It can sim- more. ply be trying some- thing that you are 3. They would do afraid that you can't more things that accomplish. You would live on be- might be afraid that yond them. you can't stop eating red meat or that you I can see how living can't sustain an exer- by these three prin- cise program, but ciples would lead to just take the risk and a better and more begin now. satisfying life. You can probably figure Leave a Healthy out how they might Legacy apply to your own life if you take the Finally, begin doing time to ponder those things which them. will outlive you. Reflecting means more than Learn to leave a legacy. Re- One of the things I am inter- thinking about ways to im- member that your quest for ested in as a physician, writer prove your health. It also good health does not just af- and speaker is how the princi- means that you should stop fect you. Your choices, deci- ples of living a good life apply and enjoy the process of be- sions, and actions influence to the concept of living a ing healthy. As you are exer- everyone around you. Your healthy life. Like those people cising or eating a healthy children and grandchildren interviewed in the study, I meal, slow down and savor learn from you. If they see want to live to be 95 or 100, the experience. Feel your you exercising and eating and I suspect that many of heart beating as you walk or healthy, they are more likely you do as well. Many of my jog the last few yards. Enjoy to do it themselves. If you You may republish and distribute this article as long as you include the patients over age 65 fre- the taste of perfectly prepared decide not to have a dessert following: quently add that they don't vegetables. Life is lived as a at work but to have a salad want to live that long unless series of present moments, instead, your coworkers may Dr. Doug Fullington is a board- they are healthy. I just as- so stop and reflect as they do the same. We do not live certified Internal Medicine physician with a busy practice filled with won- sumed that everyone would occur. in isolation. We influence and derful patients. He is passionate about helping people learn how to want to live to be 100, but my are influenced by those Achieve Maximum Health. If you wiser patients remind me that Second, you should risk around us. When you make would like for Dr. Fullington to speak to your group or organization, you being old, sick and frail is not more. Be willing to stretch good decisions and take pro- may contact him at http:// a life worth living. beyond your current experi- ductive action about your ences. Take a chance and do health, you will make a posi- Reflect on Healthy Living something you have always tive difference for the people Article Source: http:// dreamed of doing but were expert=Douglas_Fullington,_MD With that in mind, how can we afraid to try. Imagine what it is in your lives. apply these three principles of you would do if you knew you a good life to enjoy health to could not fail. Who would you
  4. 4. RELAX– SELF MASSAGE! 4 How to Do Self Massage to Relax Yourself By Nick Mutt Massage is a simple and natural way to Self massage - Tummy attain and maintain good health and well 1. Stroke down from the solar plexus hand being. It helps to ease headache, insom- behind hand to your navel. nia, aches and pains, tension and stress. It improves circulation, aids digestion, re- 2. Stroke down from the solar plexus trac- laxes muscles and speeds up the elimina- ing your rib cage to your waistline with both tion of waste products. hands. 3. With hands reinforced 'iron' in circle all You can easily learn to massage yourself. over the abdomen with even pressure. You can use self massage to energize 4. Squeeze up each side from your hip- yourself after a heavy work schedule or an bones past your waist. outdoor journey. Use massage oil if you are massaging on bare skin to de- crease the friction created on the skin and to prevent the pulling of hair. “Massage is a Self massage - simple and Face natural way to 1. Stroke all over attain and your face and fore- head. maintain good 2. Massage your health and well temples with the being” fingertips of both hands. 3. Gently smooth over your eyelids from 5. Rub backwards and forwards across the inner to outer corners with your your lower abdomen. thumbs. 6. Repeat step 1. 4. Press with your thumbs just below the inner eyebrow corner. Release then re- Self massage - Shoulders and neck peats. Do this three or four time. 1. Lying down massage across your upper 5. Stroke down the side of your face to the chest and across and round your shoul- jawline. ders. 6. Pinch all along your jawline from ear to 2. Turn your head to one side and work up ear. your neck with your hand cupped. Repeat 7. Finish face by repeating step 1. several times on both sides. 3. Work up between your shoulder blades Self massage - Chest to the base of your skull. Repeat several times. Part II -> 1. Still lying down massage up from be- tween your ribs across to your shoulders. 2. Gently press along your collarbone with your fingertips. 3. Stroke down between your breasts and out to the sides across the rib cage.
  5. 5. RELAX - SELF MASSAGE! 5 Part II— How to Do Self Massage to Relax Yourself Self massage - Legs 3. Alternatively try using a wooden back massage roller or wriggle around with your Sit on the floor with your legs out stretched. back against a rolling pin. Bend your right leg at the knee. 1. Effleurage the front, then back, of your Self massage - Scalp lower leg several times. 1. Massage your scalp as if shampooing 2. Friction rubs briskly up and down all over your hair. the front and back of the lower leg. You'll 2. Lock your fingers on to your scalp and soon feel the warmth this produces as it move it over your skull. really whips up your circulation. 3. Work on the knee as in the step-by-step These movements increase the blood cir- massage. culation and done regularly will improve the condition of your hair. 4. Lower your leg then effleurage the thigh. 3. Gently tug sections of your hair all over 5. Quickly rake up the thigh with your fin- your head. gertips using both hands. This increases the circulation. 6. Squeeze and release along the inner Finish your self massage by lying down thigh then the outer thigh. completely relaxing hands open at your sides and breathing deeply for a minute or 7. Do diagonal stroking as in the step-by- two. step massage. 8. Finish with effleurage. Repeat on the Depending on which oil you have chosen other leg. you will feel deeply relaxed may be a little sleepy or invigorated and energized. Self massage - Hips and buttocks Looking for some Home Remedies for Lie on one side with your knees bent. Backache? Check out the biggest home remedies website and find some effective 1. Stroke round from your hipbone to your natural Home Remedies for Headache - coccyx (sitting bone) then down and round natural pain relief methods to use at home. the buttock before finishing at the hip. 2. Squeeze and release on the buttock to Article Source: improve circulation and tone muscle. 3. Gently pinch all over buttocks. 4. Finish by stroking the whole area. Self massage - Back You will need to sit upright for this one! 1. Reach around with both hands and starting below the waist work up as far as you can. 2. Try thumb pressures on your spine, if you can reach having your fingers pointing forwards. Pressing the lower back and sacrum (top of buttocks) area really relieves backache.
  6. 6. RELAX AND EXERCISE 6 YOGA FOR INSOMNIA - RELAX AND EXERCISE YOUR WAY TO BETTER SLEEP BY BEN I DIXON You might think that sleeping pills or cutting improve the quality of your sleep, you could back on coffee are the only ways to get rid of also need less of it in the long run. Your body insomnia. However, yoga for insomnia can be will feel refreshed and able to function nor- highly effective. There are several reasons mally, especially since you won't have to for this and a variety of yoga exercises you stress over the amount of sleep you get. can do. Yoga has been around for a long time and is a great way to relax and get exer- Yoga for insomnia has several advantages cise. Using these benefits to treat insomnia is over other forms of treatment, especially a natural extension of this popular practice. sleeping pills. However, not everyone has the time or inclination to study this ancient prac- Using yoga for insomnia can help you sleep tice. Some people might not be comfortable better by teaching you how to relax. Being with certain yoga exercises or might have able to calm and trouble using yoga center yourself has a to clear their minds major impact on your or relax their bod- mind and body. With ies. Fortunately, your brain being in a there are other more relaxed state, ways to achieve you'll be able to fall relief from insom- asleep faster and nia that don't re- easier. Yoga also quire as much ef- “Using yoga for helps you clear your fort or time. Some insomnia can mind so that you forms of brain en- help you sleep don't have a lot of trainment, a better by cluttered thoughts method of treating and worries crowding insomnia that is teaching you your brain. By being growing in popular- how to relax.” able to relax and get ity, can give you rid of stress, you'll more immediate find yourself feeling results. much more at peace at night, leading to unin- terrupted sleep. Would you rather train your brain simply by listening to certain sounds instead of having Although yoga can focus on calm and relax to practice yoga exercises? If yoga for insom- ation, there are more vigorous forms that can nia isn't the right method for you, then you have the same effect on your brain and body. can enjoy immediate and long-lasting relief Yoga for insomnia works just as well whether with this brain entrainment method instead! you work on relaxing or do power yoga. Cer- tain forms, such as Ashtanga, will give you a high intensity workout that will get your heart pumping. These forms of yoga have the same benefits as regular exercise. You'll be Article Source: able to get rid of any tension or stress you're feeling through this physical activity. Vigorous forms of yoga should be done early in the day so that they don't prevent you from falling asleep at night. It has also been claimed that people who practice yoga do not need as much sleep as those who don't. This can provide some relief for those who have trouble staying asleep and are worried about getting enough sleep. By learning yoga, you will not only be able to
  7. 7. FITNESS EQUIPMENT Seite 7 How to Choose Equipment For Home Gym Exercises By Lucas Homer Work out your financial plan Smaller equipments have the benefit of Fitness Video: being handy. When preparing to purchase equipment for Outstanding New home gym exercise, you need to make a Some of the exercise equipment that is Home Gym - Must decision on how much you are willing to smaller can be easily fitted into a bag if you See Five Minute pay for. This must be base on how much are traveling, so you will still be able to do Workout you will be able to pay for and the commit- a little workout, whether you're visiting your ment level you have to the schedule of Click here! mother or in a motel. Equipment that is your new exercise. If you are just preparing smaller can be with a program stored when they for exercise, for are not being used, instance, it does which is great if not make sense you have to share to spend a lot on your space with equipment of someone else. home gym work- out. Purchase for ad- justability If you want extra for your money, If you purchase a consider looking pricey piece of for used equip- equipment for ments. There home gym exer- are a lot of gym- cises, make sure nasiums that that it is adjustable need to dispose to give greater old equipment challenges while and people who purchased equipment for your fitness gets better. By doing so, you home gym exercise and quit on it. By look- will make certain that as you develop in- ing for second-hand equipment, you may creasingly fit, you will not get bigger out of be able to salt away a lot while still getting your expensive equipment. a number of great equipment for home gym And if you are careful with the purchase of exercise. your gym equipment and committed your- self to your routine, you will be enjoying Consider Space your equipment for home gym exercise for a long period of time. Even though you have got a lot of free money equipment of your home gym work- out, the space issue remains. You can also find more info on weider home gym is If you do not have the room for a huge a comprehensive resource which provide information about Home Gym weight machine, for example, it is a bad Exercises. purchase even if you are committed in your Article Source: own program. If the space is unyielding, consider alternative equipment, like free weighs rather than a weight equipment, a simpler stair stepper rather than a step equipment.
  8. 8. FITNESS EQUIPMENT Seite 8 How Exercise Balls Have Evolved Into Exercise Equipment For Everyone By Gregg Hall It was Swiss medical therapists that in- They are very useful for spinal injuries and Fitness Video: vented the exercise ball and it has become people with back problems. Physiotherapy a most popular hit to say the least. People very often uses them as part of their prac- Balance Ball Ex- are attracted to the shapes and colors of tice. However it has been proven to be very ercises for Be- them and they are quite useful when it efficient in the reduction of any back pains. ginners comes to exercising because they offer so The Swiss exercise ball provides people much support. The best thing about exer- with back pain and back injuries a very Click here! cise balls is that they help to strengthen simple and effortless way to restore move- and tone all parts of the body but because ment after a back episode or injury. It they are so soft many people are using strengthens the muscles in the body but them as part of their yoga rituals. especially in the back and allows for greater flexibility. People seem to really enjoy the products because they are so durable and can with- Many rely on the balls for the core strength stand just about anything. They maintain of their workout. their shape and can withstand a lot of There are a few things that you should weight. Another benefit is that they are not know about which one might work best for harmful in any way to your body at all. you. There are several styles and colors to choose from, they are very easy to store Before you buy one, make sure it's the and a lot of people even let their children right size for your height. To test it, sit on play with them too. the ball and make sure your hips are level or just slightly higher than the knees. The exercise ball was originated for medi- Even if you are obese you will find many cal purposes and used in medical therapy balls that can easily hold over 600 pounds. to support the body during exercise. They There are essentially many ways to use the actually help maintain some balance. exercise ball such as for weight training, There is no worry about the ball bursting abdominal training, yoga and Pilates. because of the material that it is made from When you incorporate some of the exer- heavy duty latex. There are some exer- cise DVD's with the use of the exercise ball cises within the boundaries of yoga and you will find that you can really benefit from outside those boundaries that can only be these together. used with the exercise balls. Gregg Hall is an author living with his 18 year old son in Jensen Beach, Florida. Find more about exercise balls as well as exercise equipment at They can make a big difference when it comes to the limitations that are set for Article Source: particular exercises that would not other- wise be able to be done on a floor. Many people feel that the exercise ball of- fers stability that would not other wise is possible but the exercise eliminates that instability and helps to maintain balance. It also helps people to use muscles that they would not otherwise use.
  9. 9. HELPFUL WEIGHT LOSS TIPS Seite 9 Weight Loss Tips and Information - Drinking Water and Weight Loss By Roger Kent If you think you will lose weight by only So, if you weigh 200 pounds and divide it drinking water, and nothing else, think in half, you get 100. This means you again. Drinking water without diet and ex- should aim to drink 100 ounces of water, or ercise will not cause you to lose weight. roughly 10 glasses per day. Drinking enough water is vital to any weight loss program. Everybody knows that they When drinking water, never gulp it down. should be drinking at least 8 glasses of You want to try to drink it evenly throughout water per day, by why is it so important? your day. When you gulp down water, it This article will explain why it is so impor- will come right out as it goes right to your tant to keep hydrated - not only when diet- bladder. Remember to always drink ing and exercising, but in general. enough water to stay well hydrated. Why is drinking water so important? - When your body is burning fat, it releases waste products. It is very important that you drink enough to get these out of your body. - Water is vital to your liver in order to proc- Roger Kent has helped hundreds of people lose weight by providing free weight loss information and support. You can get your free weight ess the fat. Basically, if you are not drink- loss program at ing enough water, your body will not proc- Article Source: ess as much fat. - When you exercise, your muscles use up stored energy, called glycogen. Your mus- cles need water in order to recharge with glycogen. How much water is enough? It is generally accepted that we should all be drinking 8 glasses of water per day. Because we are all different, this amount will vary amount everyone. Personally, I like to drink close to a gallon of water per day. The fact remains that many people don't even drink 3 glasses of water per day. How to figure out how much water to drink There are ways to determine how much water your should be drinking. The first way, and I'll be extremely blunt, is to set a goal of two or three clear urinations per day. The second way is to take your weight and divide it by two. The number you get will be an estimate of how many ounces of water you should be drinking per day.
  10. 10. HELPFUL WEIGHT LOSS TIPS Seite 10 Why Choose Green Tea as a Dietary Supplement? By Fran Mullens With so many choices today for green tea If caffeine is something you need to avoid dietary supplements it is difficult to choose there is green tea and green tea supple- the right one. To make the best selection for ments available on the market today without yourself, you must do your homework. caffeine. Although you probably will not get Knowledge to understand how these supple- the energy boost decaffeinated green tea ments work will help you make the best and green tea supplements without caffeine choice for yourself. you will still obtain the other healthy benefits from consuming green tea. Most people understand the healthy benefits from drinking a few cups of green tea every Green tea is known to be of use with weight day. Many people do just that in order to loss. Green tea has a high content of EGCG. reap the benefits from this wonder from na- EGCG is known for increasing calorie and ture. Not all people enjoy the taste of green fat metabolism. This is important when one tea but would still like the benefits obtained is trying to lose weight. You must burn more calories that you are consuming in order to lose weight. Green tea dietary supplements which contain EGCG will increase one's me- tabolism helping the extra pounds to come off. Obesity increases the risks for heart attacks, strokes and heart disease. Green tea and green tea supplements can aide in weight loss which will reduce one's risk for heart disease and other ailments associated with obesity. Green tea and green tea supplements are also a safe choice for weight loss. Many products available on the market today are not very safe. Green tea and green tea sup- plements are a natural alternative to other weight loss products on the market today. from drinking green tea. Several studies have been conducted For more information about the healthy benefits of green tea, go to http:// around the world on green tea and its bene- “Drinking one fits. The benefits of green tea are widely to three cups of known. Green tea benefits so many ailments Article Source: green tea has from acne to heart health. Drinking one to many benefits three cups of green tea has many benefits for one's overall for one's overall health. health.” If you don't like the taste of green tea you may consider taking a green tea concentrate supplement. Green tea dietary supplements can also be a great deal more convenient than brewing a cup of green tea. Some people consume green tea for an en- ergy boost. This is a result from the caffeine contained in green tea and green tea supple- ments.
  11. 11. NUTRITION Seite 11 Healthy Diet & Food Nutrition Facts to Lose 5 Kilos By Sturat Mitchel If you decide you need to lose 5 kilos Proper nutrition while you diet will help you quickly, then just add lots of fruits and maintain high energy levels which will keep vegetables to your grocery list. Create a you motivated to move and exercise more. healthy diet with herbal supplements and The more you will work the more weight vitamin supplements to it. As per any good loss will happen. food nutrition fact, you can include some fish and some lean meat to the list. If you can sustain a well balanced meal plan and cut back on the fats and sugars in In order to lose 5 kilos it is very important your daily diet intake while you increase to have a healthy diet with vitamin supple- your activity levels, you will burn more calo- ments in the breakfast, lunch and dinner. A ries than you eat. breakfast on regular basis is important. Breakfast can include a cup of tea made up At the end of a week or certainly by a of either be black tea or green tea or me- month you will definitely lose 5 kilos and dicinal plants tea. With this you need to shape up again. have a particular fruit of your choice. The With focusing on a proper healthy food op- list can include banana, apple, grapefruit, tions you can definitely lose weight. The kiwi fruits, pineapple, strawberries or rasp- most important part is that you must be berries. If you just cant face preparing and sincere with this food option and have to be eating a heavy cooked breakfast in the very strict with the diet. mornings, you can replace it with a fast and delicious meal replace- Are You Tired Of Struggling To Lose 5 Kilos? Well, it does NOT ment protein shake. have to be that way!! Come see our natural cures home remedies According to food nutri- health guide for Healthy Diet & food nutrition facts - all designed to help tion facts, for proper you feel better and BE healthier weight loss it is also very today! Help is just a click away. important to include sim- ple yogurt, without fat, a mug of milk and boiled egg in this healthy diet. I came across a site by Helene Malmsio that has free diet plans to help you get started on your own diet. This site in- cludes information about herbal vitamin supple- ments that will also pre- vent you experiencing the classic energy drop and afternoon tiredness that you normally have when you diet to lose weight. You can get your complex carbohydrates in Article Source: wholemeal bread, muesli (without sugar), biscuits and cereals with fruits without sugar.
  12. 12. TRAINING Seite 12 Cardio, anaerobic, and aerobic exercise explained by Austin Fitness Trainer In 1969 Kenneth Cooper wrote the book dilate, venous return increases, and blood “Aerobics” and coined that term to describe volume per beat of the heart increases. a form of exercise. Before that the word Follow that first exercise with a non-stop aerobic was more often used to describe a series of strength training exercises ad- type of metabolism. Aerobic metabolism dressing all the major muscle groups. The utilizes our energy stores in conjunction workout will take about 20 minutes; it really with oxygen, while anaerobic metabolism can’t be sustained much longer than that uses those energy stores without the oxy- unless you pace yourself, i.e. workout at a gen. lower intensity. It is best to have an experi- Both metabolic pathways are working all enced trainer to help get you through the the time. The aerobic pathway is predomi- workout at a sustained high intensity level. nant at rest or at lower intensity steady- [At Kelly’s Austin Personal Training and at state activities such as walking and jog- New Orleans Ultimate Fitness training our ging. The anaerobic pathway kicks in at workout program involves high intensity “Cardio exercise is exercise that higher levels of intensity for activities such interval training.] produces a as sprinting or strength training. sustained The cardio demands can be quite high. I Cardio exercise is exercise that produces a have a 58 year old client who is in superb elevated heart sustained elevated heart rate at a range of physical condition go through the workout rate at a range 60% to $85% of one’s maximum heart rate. wearing a heart monitor. At the end of the of 60% to $85% first exercise her pulse of one’s Can strength training maximum heart was 150. Upon comple- have a significant car- rate.” tion of the last exercise diovascular component? her pulse reading was It can; it depends on 148. how your workout is structured. Warm-up A properly conducted sets do not present HIIT regime will result in great demands on the increases in strength, cardiovascular system muscle, bone density, or the muscles for that flexibility, muscle tone, matter. Intermediate resting metabolism, and intensity sets, time rest- cardiovascular condition- ing between sets, or set ing. You will look and feel up time for the next ex- better, and your life can ercise will not be taxing be transformed in min- to the cardiovascular utes a week. The work- system. In the course of out requires less time; an hour workout there runners and tri-athletes can be significant time can spend less time in where cardiovascular the gym and have more demands on the body time to spend running or are minimal. doing other forms of aerobic exercise. They With High Intensity Inter- often see improvements val Training (HIIT) for strength there is very in their performance. little rest and a very large cardiovascular component. At the end of the first exercise More information here > Study Examining Benefits Of High Intensity Interval Training your body will be doing all that it can to Posted by Austin Fitness Trainer accommodate the demands placed on the system – the heart rate increases, arteries
  13. 13. TRAINING—ONLINE Seite 13 What Can An Online Personal Trainer Offer You? By Matt Colvin In a world where science is regularly out- make sure that you get the support you stripping human performance, it makes need without intruding on your life and your sense that you could start working with space to do it. Many people like the ano- your fitness online. Now that a high speed nymity that is provided through the use of connection is simply a way of life for so online personal trainers. This is also a many people, it was a simple step for many good way to test the waters to see if more personal trainers to take their jobs online personalized, face to face meetings might and start reaching out to people through be for you. their computer screens. If you are looking for a way to get healthier, there are many If you are also interested in variety, this is reasons why you may want to consider the another thing that an online personal “There are services of an online trainer. trainer can offer you. One thing that you many reasons need to know about the nature of exercise to invest some One of the first benefits of an online trainer is that it cannot be completely identical money into a is that they are immediately accessible. from day to day. If your body grows accus- You may live in an area that doesn't have a tomed to the exercise that you are putting it personal lot in the way of gym facilities, and what through, you will find that your progress will trainer, but you have might be of a lower quality than grind to a halt. This is why constantly using before you do, you are hoping for. Online, you can find the same workout tape over and over again think about personal trainers who boast an impressive will not work in terms of moving you ahead. array of certifications and have a great deal some of the of experience. You can also make sure that There are many reasons to invest some options.” the personal trainer you find will be aware money into a personal trainer, but before of any health issues that you might have. you do, think about some of the options. An Online personal trainers will also have ma- online personal trainer might be just what terials that you can access twenty four you need to jump start your quest for hours a day. health. If you'd like to learn more about When you are in a regular class, you may online personal trainers, head to http:// have learned a new exercise only to have for more informa- forgotten it by the time you get home. With tion! an online trainer, you will be able to watch the moves as often as you like, until they become fluid and perfect. Another reason to consider a personal Article Source: trainer that works with you while online is because of the idea of accountability. Some people work much better if they oc- casionally have some one looking over their shoulder and if you are one of these people, an online personal trainer can
  14. 14. KIEFIT.COM—ISSUE Seite 14 KieFit– Board This site is created to post job exclusively for health and fitness professional. Search for qualified professionals and opening your career world wide. Reach your targeted audience massively. Your ad is thirty (30) days visi- ble for FREE! Your Source For Fit- ness Related Articles Find Free Information About Fitness, Health And Wellness.
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