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Lose Weight, Gain Muscle!


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Lose Weight, Gain Muscle!

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Lose Weight, Gain Muscle!

  1. 1. KieFit Journal September 2009 Effects of Junk Food on Your Body and Health 9 Easy-To-Make Muscle Building Growth Recipes Back Pain – The increasing problem of poor PC posture Video: How To Make a Protein Drink! LOW FAT!
  2. 2. JOURNAL KIEFIT HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE! SEPTEMBER 2009 ISSUE: Lose Weight, Gain Muscle! EFFECTS OF JUNK 3 FOOD ON YOUR BODY Hello Fitness- Fans, AND HEALTH Here is the September 2009 issue of KieFit Journal. The free online publication about fitness and health tips. Amongst BUILDING A BETTER BODY ONE BRICK AT 4 others it includes helpful articles for you about muscle gain, nutri- A TIME tion and you can discover great exercise tips and watch valuable workout- videos. BACK PAIN – THE INCREASING PROB- 5 LEM OF POOR PC PO- STURE Do you know the effects of junk food on your body and health arrange? Read a clearing up Report on Page 3. WALKING, STRET- CHING, SWIMMING - 6 The question about “Does Hoodia Really Work For Fat Loss?” THE BEST BACK PAIN EXERCISES read on Page 12 from Author Vince DelMonte. He specializes in helping decipher the truths and myths about all the supplements. 9 EASY-TO-MAKE 7 MUSCLE BUILDING + In the article on page 5 an author tells you what can cause back GROWTH RECIPES 8 pain and how to avoid it. A reason is the increasing problem of poor pc posture. Find here on page 5 an exercise-video to ABS EXERCISES - KIL- LER ABDOMINAL 9 lower your back pain. Discover the best exercises to pre- WORKOUTS FOR THIS SUMMER vent back pain on page 6. EXERCISE TIPS FOR HOT WEATHER Enjoy! 10 Stay healthy, GREAT EXERCISES FOR HIPS - TO SLIM AND SLENDERIZE 11 Heidi HOODIA - DOES HOO- 12 DIA REALLY WORK FOR FAT LOSS? KIEFIT.COM ISSUE 13 ATTENTION Send me your comments and ideas for further ADVERTISE 14 OPPORTUNITYS— articles. Submit your article to Email: Schedules: Submit events sche- KIEFIT.COM dules you know to be mentioned and see it in the next issue here in the next issue! CONTACT— 15 of KieFit Journal. KIEFIT.COM Use your article to generate additional free traffic Submit your personal Fitness and Sport events you wish to be to your website as well. published here and invite Kiefit SEND ME YOUR COM- 15 Closing date to submit your articles you wish to be Journal readers to attend!
  3. 3. EFFECTS OF JUNK FOOD Seite 3 Effects of Junk Food on Your Body and Health by FitBuff Brandon — There’s no doubt they pamper your taste arteries cause heart attacks and bring on buds – burgers, pizzas and sandwiches strokes which could debilitate you, or make your mouth water and you end up worse, even kill you. And when you’re over- stuffing your face and bloating your stom- weight as well, you tend to be prone to so ach. Eating junk food is like knowingly con- many other diseases because of your suming poison, a slow-acting vitriol that shape and size. eats away at your health and well-being. It gives you an initial high because it tastes • Poor nutrition: When you eat too good, but beyond that, it’s the worst possi- much junk food, you neglect to eat the nu- ble thing you could subject your body to on tritious kind like fruits and vegetables and a regular basis. other wholesome Junk food is filled food. This means with saturated fat, that your body additives, pre- does not get the servatives and necessary nutri- other food items tion it needs and that have no nutri- you end up with a tion whatsoever. weak immune And this is why system. So you’re they bring on so often prone to many problems. illnesses like colds and fevers Effects of Junk which although Food not serious, tend to have a nagging • Obesity: Junk effect on your life. food enthusiasts They prevent you are prone to put on weight, especially when from being as ac- they eat this kind of food very often. The fat tive and organized as you would like to be. and processed flour only make you fatter Constipation and other ills: Processed and fatter, as does the oil and grease that foods have no fiber content whatsoever and are used for fries and other deep-fried that is why you feel constipated when you foods. Besides, when you eat junk food, go on a junk food binge. Your sodas and you tend to gulp down sodas and colas colas also contain phosphorous and other which are laden with sugar and which in- chemicals which ruin your teeth and eat crease your tendency to put on weight. away at your bones, making your entire skeletal structure weak and leaving you • Lethargy: Processed food tends to prone to frequent sprains and fractures. bring down your energy levels and make you lethargic because they are filled with Junk food is bad for people of all ages, but carbohydrates that spike your blood sugar mostly for teenagers and young children levels. Soon after you eat junk food, you because it ends up effectively ruining their feel yourself lulled into stupor because your health for good. It’s up to their parents and sugar levels rise and fall dramatically. This other responsible adults to ensure that they makes you feel sleepy and less inclined to eat a balanced diet, one that is nutritious be active and alert. Your reflexes and and healthy. senses become duller by the day and you start to lead a more sedentary life. What are some other effects of junk food that you've noticed? • Diseases: Junk food causes diseases like diabetes and heart ailments. You’re more likely to get diabetes, especially if you This guest article was written by Adrienne Carlson, who regularly writes don’t exercise and have a family history of on the topic of nurse practitioner schools . Adrienne welcomes your comments and questions at her email address: adri- this disease. The fat from junk food raises your cholesterol levels and your clogged
  4. 4. BUILDING A BETTER BODY... Seite 4 Building A Better Body One Brick At A Time By Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCS — The quest to develop a stun- tend to dismiss the long, ardu- one iota? If you were a farmer, ningly fit, lean and attractive ous journey and hard work it would you try to harvest your body is a long, slow journey. took to build that body. Unless crop before it was ripe? Would It's not something you achieve you were side by side with that you dig up your seeds to see if overnight by popping a few person in the gym (and in the anything was growing down pills or strapping an electric kitchen), observing the work there? gizmo to your belly. involved, it's easy to attribute The answers are obvious. If such a chiseled physique to only we would adopt the same Which reminds me, did you genetics or give credit to a patient, nurturing "mother's" or know that by the time the FTC supplement (they just took "farmer's mindset" towards finally blew the whistle on the product XYZ and voila - over- getting in shape, then no one electronic ab belt scam, the night abs). What you don't see would waste their money on makers of those "ab zappers" or appreciate are all the "fast abs" or "exercise in a had swindled over $100 mil- months and years of sweat bottle" or any such silliness lion dollars from unsuspecting and hard work. ever again. We would under- consumers? Fortunately, stand that one must sow first, Getting in shape is a lot like a some of those companies had then reap the harvest, but that construction project. First, to pay it back, and then some! you can't sow and reap in the there must be a picture in the The FTC charged three com- same season. mind. Then the vision goes panies - Fast Abs, Ab Tronic If you ever get frustrated with onto paper as a blueprint. It and Ab Energizer - with false your rate of progress (and who takes months just to lay the advertising and deceptive war- doesn't), just remember; suc- foundation. More months of ranty practices for these cess is always guaranteed to work will follow. On a daily "ABSurd" products. the persistent. Nothing in the basis, it doesn't seem like world can stop someone who But I digress… back to what I much is happening. You look knows what they want and is was saying about the journey in the mirror and appear, for willing to continue paying the to a better body... the most part, the same as price until they get it. It just you did yesterday. But sure Last week I looked out my takes time. enough, the small improve- window, and where there was Become the architect and ments are slowly accumulating once nothing but a dirt-filled builder of your own dream like compounding interest in empty lot, there stood a body. You WILL build the body the bank. One day, you look in sprawling six story brick condo you want eventually if you're the mirror and "suddenly," complex. If someone looked at patient enough and you refuse your blueprint has become this massive completed struc- to quit. And set your goals reality. ture for the first time, they HIGH! Create a fantastic blue- might not be impressed. How- The body of a fitness pro or print. Michelangelo said, “The ever, since I observed the en- bodybuilding champion is no greatest danger is not that we tire construction process un- more likely to be built over- set our goals too high and fold from my living room win- night than a high rise is to be miss them, the greatest dan- dow, I was impressed - built overnight. It's not physi- ger is that we set our goals too amazed even - at what goes cally possible. Accepting the low and we reach them.” into erecting this kind of struc- idea that any type of pill, pow- Envision a castle - a veritable ture. der, drug, supplement or ma- Taj Mahal of a body! There's chine of any kind will make it I remember watching the crew nothing wrong with building happen sooner is pure folly. humming around diligently castles in the sky, as long as You can't force it. every day like busy bees, lay- you patiently work at putting ing one brick after another. Growth and development of the foundations underneath From one day to the next, it any kind always requires a them. There are very few un- didn't seem like much gestation period. For a baby, realistic goals; only goals with About the Author: Tom Venuto is a lifetime natural changed. But slowly, over a it's nine months. For corn, I unrealistic deadlines. So keep bodybuilder, an NSCA-certified personal trainer (CPT), certified period of a year and a half, I believe it's about three laying those "bricks" - every strength & conditioning specialist (CSCS), and author of the #1 best- watched the building gradually months. If you were an expec- day - one at a time - and sure selling e-book, "Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle.” Tom has written more morph into the finished prod- tant mother, would you want to enough, eventually, you'll build than 200 articles and has been featured in print magazines such as uct. hurry the process? Could any yourself a palace. IRONMAN, Australian IRONMAN, Natural Bodybuilding, Muscular When you look at someone new development in nutrition Development, Exercise for Men and Men’s Exercise, as well as on hun- with an incredible body as a or medical science speed up dreds of websites worldwide. For information on Tom's Fat Loss finished product, you often this wonderful miracle even program, visit:
  5. 5. BACK PAIN Seite 5 Back Pain – The increasing problem of poor PC posture By : Ian Worthington - Most people who surf the net or work with long periods at a time, and from much ear- computers probably get minor aches and lier ages than ever before. pains from time to time. In fact, I visited a number nurseries the These back, shoulder and neck pains often other day on a mission to find the most suit- seem fairly minor, and most of the time get able one for my baby son. I was amazed to better after a little while. The actual root find the number of computers present, and cause can sometimes come from other ar- the age of the children using them. I’m not eas of life, such as sports injuries, a poor talking about kids preparing for school life, mattress, gardening, just the ageing proc- but boys and girls as young as 3 compe- Video: Lower Back Pain - ess. But there seems little doubt that tently surfing the web (well, CBeebies!) Exercises spending long hours hunched over a key- board is at least a contributory factor to back pain. That kids are growing up so immersed in the opportunities provided by a connected Most of us know that back or neck pain world is great, but it also has worrying impli- can, if ignored, sometimes develop into cations. Studies of schoolchildren in Scot- much more serious issues that can cause a land and Scandinavian countries in recent lot of pain and potentially threaten our abil- years have shown that they’ve started suf- ity to work. OK, so this isn’t a dramatic, life- fering musculoskeletal pain from an early threatening risk like working on a fishing age. The British Chiropractic Association boat, down a coal-mine or being in the recently found that 32% of 6-7 year olds army. That’s perhaps why a lot of compa- suffered from back pain. Amongst 11-18 nies don’t seem to care too much – the pre- year olds the figure rose from 29% in 2002 vailing view seems to be “if they ain’t bleed- to 45% in 2008. ing, it’s not a health and safety issue!” Maybe obesity and lack of exercise, not to But this is a short-sighted view. We already mention heavy school bags, have some- know that back pain and other computer- thing to do with those figures. But surely at related ill-health can seriously affect some least some of the increase is down to peoples’ quality of life and ability to work. spending hours social networking? Who What we don’t know, because it’s only been knows what impact that’s going to have on the last 10 years or so that so many of us peoples’ lives long term? have been working on PCs during the day and playing on them at night, is just how many people it’s going to affect. These problems are only likely to get more common. Computer use has grown dra- matically over the past decade and contin- ues to grow, both in and out of the work- place. Surprisingly, the BBC reported a few months ago that average computer use in the UK has risen 400% since 2002 – an astounding increase from an already high level. I like to point out the following - when I was growing up, extensive computer use Author Resource:- I am 32 year old who, due to work and social de- (including gaming) was only for computer mands, is a regular computer user. I am also a keen sports player and strive to keep myself in the best possible fitness and health. Over the geeks, like myself. But with the advent of years I have suffered from back and neck pains which i've associated social networking sites like Facebook, with poor posture when using a computer. These pains have been reduced dramatically by my use of PostureMinder, http:// MySpace, CompetitiveUrge and Bebo, even cool kids are using computers for very
  6. 6. BACK PAIN EXERCISES Seite 6 Walking, Stretching, Swimming - The Best Back Pain Exercises By Alexander Miller Platinum Quality Author — If you are looking out for back pain exer- Swimming cises that could help in alleviating the prob- Swimming can also produce great results lem with your back, there can be an array when it comes to curing backache through of options to choose from. However, if you exercising. Most recommends it as the best want to get effective results, it is very im- therapy for back-related problems. portant for you to schedule sensible exer- Swimming helps in enhancing your body cise program. Besides that, like with any balance and alignment, as water helps to thing associated with health and medicine, supports your you are strongly recommended to consult your doctor before you go ahead with a specific physical activity - be it swimming, walking, running, weight lifting or other such things. Start Slowly The best way is to start slowly and then keep increasing the difficulty level based on the suggestions of your health care pro- vider. For example, you can start by exer- cising on alternate days. Don't do too much too quickly, as it may worsen your problem instead of curing the same. body while you swim. Walking Warm water can make things much better Walking is undoubtedly one of the best because it does not only help to limber up back pain exercises. In particular, taking a the back but it also aids in muscle relaxa- scenic walk can be a great therapy be- tion. In the first instance, you may find it a cause it will provide you stress relief too. In very easy solution, but you must also exer- the beginning, you should keep the dis- cise some caution as well while performing tance short. When you start getting this physical activity. For example, it is im- comfortable and feel better, you can portant for you to understand that you may lengthen the distance as well as the time. find it easy to move in the water, but there is still some resistance. Therefore, start Stretching slowly and increase the length of time Stretching is a proven exercise solution to gradually, as you feel better. relieve backache problems. It mainly helps in keeping the spine flexible. However, Overall, if you follow the above back pain there are a couple of things that is very im- exercises the way it is recommended, there portant for you to keep in mind regarding is no reason why you should not get relief the various stretches that you may be plan- from your backache problem. ning to perform. For example, stretch only to a poi that gives the muscles and tissues There can be an array of back pain exer- surrounding your spine mild tension. Do not cises that you can try to relief from the hold the stretch for longer than 10-15 sec- problem of backache, but walking, swim- onds because your muscles needs to relax ming, and stretching are probably the best also. In order to get the best results from exercise to treat back pain. such back pain exercises, Article Source: you should practice the same for at least 3- 5 times a day.
  7. 7. EASY MUSCLE BUILDING Seite 7 9 Easy-To-Make Muscle Building Growth Recipes By Vince DelMonte Think putting yourself on a muscle building diet finish. Note that these can easily be frozen in Video: has to be a painful process? Whether your plastic bags and consumed on a later date. goal is fat loss or muscle building, getting How To Make a proper nutrition is at least 80% of the game. If Nutritional Info (1/10 of the recipe) Protein Drink! you don't have that figured out, you are going LOW FAT! to be a long time away from seeing results. 234 calories 6.7 grams fat The good news is that your tastebuds don't have to suffer if you don't want them to. There 18 grams carbohydrates are plenty of ways to get in your proper nutri- tion while keeping things interesting. If you 25 grams protein think gaining muscle means suffering through Pumpkin Pancakes can of tuna after can of tuna or pounding back a protein shake as fast as humanly possible, When you're craving a good home-made pan- you need to think again. cake breakfast, give these a try. They are filled with slow digesting Give one of these carbohydrates that recipes a try and will keep your blood you'll be surprised sugar steady just how easy it is to throughout the morn- eat right, achieve ing. your goals and actu- ally ENJOY your food ¼ cup oats at the same time. 1/3 cup canned pumpkin Protein Fudge Nug- gets 5 egg whites 1 tbsp ground flax These are great to take to the gym as a ½ tbsp cinnamon post-workout treat or just for a snack to eat between meals. When Splenda to taste you are trying to gain weight many of you really need to packing in the calories so you need calorie dense foods. These chocolate First heat a frying pan until hot and then re- treats have it all. duce to medium temperature. After mixing to- gether all the ingredients drop by spoonful onto the plan, flipping when bubbles start to form. 8 scoops chocolate protein powder Makes about 5 - 4" pancakes. 1 cup oatmeal (can be ground depending on Nutritional Info (per recipe) the consistency you'd like) 217 calories 1/3 cup natural peanut butter 23 grams protein 3 tbsp honey 26 grams carbohydrates ½ cup milk 4 grams fat 3 tbsp crushed peanuts Protein Jell-O First mix together the protein powder, oatmeal, peanut butter, honey and milk. Form into small balls and then roll in the crushed peanuts to --> continued
  8. 8. EASY MUSCLE BUILDING Seite 8 9 Easy-To-Make Muscle Building Growth Recipes By Vince DelMonte - continued - When you're craving something sweet but and when these accumulate, it causes the are on a very low carb diet, there often is extreme feelings of fatigue in the muscle not a lot of options. This recipe is the per- tissues. fect dessert that will give you plenty of pro- tein and not much else. Great for those on This then forces you to stop exercising as a very strict diet. the fatigue sets in and often will be the end of your workout. 1 package sugar-free Jell-O (any flavour) Overtime, sprint training will increase your 1 scoop Syntrax Nectar protein powder ability to buffer these byproducts so that (any flavour - to match Jell-O) you can then workout for a longer period of time while maintaining that intensity. Mix 1 cup boiling water with the Jell-O pow- der then stir in one scoop of the protein So, next time you’re debating about powder until dissolved. Once that's fin- whether to do a sprint training session or a Video - Top 7 Exercises For ished, mix in one cup of cold water and al- moderate paced cardio session lasting for Getting Ripped low to set. Serve with low fat Cool Whip if 40 minutes or so, opt for the sprint session. desired. The benefits you’ll receive are far more nu- Blueberry Cookies merous and fat loss will be kicked up a notch as an added benefit. Keep in mind Everyone needs a good cookie now and that for these type of benefits to occur, you then but not everyone needs the damage to want your sprints to last somewhere in the their diet. Luckily with these not only will neighborhood of 20 seconds to 40 sec- you be getting a great dose of protein, you onds, with a work to rest ration of about 1:2. will be getting plenty of antioxidants from Repeat this process a total of 6 to 8 times the blueberries. and begin and end with a five minute warm- up and cool-down. 2 scoops vanilla protein powder 4 egg whites ½ cup oats 1 cup blueberries First combine all three ingredients so they are blended well. Then mix in blueberries and drop by the spoonful onto a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degree Celsius for approximately thirteen minutes. Makes 10 cookies. Nutritional Info (per cookie) 54 calories 6.5 grams protein 0.7 grams fat 5.5 grams carbs About the Author: Intramuscular Buffering Capacity Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain Finally, the last adaptation that’s seen with found at sprint training is the buffering capacity of He specializes in teaching skinny guys how to build the muscle. During glycoglysis, various by- muscle and gain weight quickly by using the correct products are created such as lactic acid, cardiovascular and weight lifting techniques.
  9. 9. ABS EXERCISES Seite 9 Abs Exercises - Killer Abdominal Workouts For This Summer By Alevoor Rajagopal — Let's not beat around the bush, everyone with hands slung down freely. Curl up does abs exercises either to show off six gradually without swinging your hands to packs or to lose weight but most of us follow support your upward movement till your this with a herd mentality. Since six packs forehead touched knees and return to origi- already exist underneath the fat layer, all nal position as slowly as you rose up. Per- your workouts should be chosen on the ba- form 3-5 sets of 4-5 repetitions. This is the sis of their ability to burn fat fast and then only exercise that stretches and contracts carve out the sexy abs you can flaunt the layer of flab to its crushing and breaking point re- Video: Lower Abs Part 1 proudly on the beach. petitively while the muscle abdomen The workouts I am going to tell in this article muscle contracts to its tightest midway have resulted in burning the flab and chisel through your motions. the abs muscle simultaneously in the short- est time. Getting the six pack abs isn't hard or impos- sible in a short time but choosing the exact Abdominal Workouts same exercises that work for you is. This That Chisel article covers just a few abs exercises out of eight that need to be performed in tandem Six Pack Abs to get six pack abs for summer. Check out the free, step-by-step, pictorial guide on To start off with the se- world's eight best abs exercises at home. ries of these workouts, you will need to warm up sufficiently through skipping, jogging or any Article Source: expert=Alevoor_Rajagopal other method you are comfortable with. Corckscrew exercises: Unlike any other simplistic crunches cork- screw exercises churns every muscle group that make rectus abdominus, the abs muscle. Lying flat down, you will lift your legs vertically up until hips are well off the ground. And with palms as anchor, rotate hips imitating corkscrew movement in both clockwise and coun- terclockwise directions for five rotations each. Sit Ups on a Parallel Bar: This is perhaps the most difficult crunches of all because it loads all your weight on ab muscle fibers. Hang com- pletely upside down from parallel bars
  10. 10. EXERCISES TIPS Seite 10 Exercise Tips For Hot Weather By RM Jones - Article Source: As we enter into the heat of the summer, I much liquids you are losing during your thought it would be a good idea to share workout. some tips on how to exercise when it is hot outside. Trying to maintain an exercise Go to the mall - routine can be difficult. Now add the 100 plus temperatures of summer, and it is No, not for shopping! Walk laps around even harder! Safety is also a concern your nicely air conditioned mall. Log in some time at the gym - do your run- when working out in hot temperatures. ning on a treadmill or ride the bicycle in- What can you do to get exercise in, even side the gym. when it is too hot for your normal routine. Here are some tips: Work out early or late - change your work out time to earlier in the morning or later at night when the temperature is cooler. Try to avoid the afternoon heat! Drink plenty of water - you have got to keep yourself hydrated! Make sure to drink water before, during, and after your work- out. You lose a lot of fluids during exercise (especially when it is hot outside) and you want to be constantly replenishing them. Go swimming - Take it easy - swim laps at a community pool or the gym. don't push yourself as hard, your body al- Being in the water helps you remain cool ready has to work harder during the hotter as a cucumber while you getting a great days. Take your routine down a notch work out. Remember to continue to drink when it is especially hot outside. water. Being in the water may mask how Don't let yourself get out of your routine, just come up with some new ways to exer- cise and keep cool! Who knows, you may find a new routine that you love! RM Jones shares more information and tips on exercise, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle at http:// Article Source: expert=RM_Jones
  11. 11. GREAT EXERCISES FOR HIPS Seite 11 Great Exercises For Hips - To Slim and Slenderize By Josie McEachern Platinum Quality Author If you're looking to slim and slenderize in a multiple sets that last between 2 and 3 min- hurry, today I have some terrific exercises utes each. for hips. You should start seeing significant results within a couple of weeks. If you're The goal should be 10 minutes a day. really motivated, maybe even less. Just don't delude yourself into thinking these Side kicks exercises can miraculously give you curvy This is another great exercise for your hips. and slim hips in a couple of days. You just want to make sure you don't kick too hard. If you kick with too much force, you may end up stressing or pulling one of your joints or ligaments. Just concentrate on nice and easy side kicks. Do 10 sets with each leg. Then rest. Do this 3 times total for each leg. Try to do this exercise 3 times a week. Those are 2 great exercises for hips that will work fast. That's not possible. Josie McEachern enjoys writing about a But if you commit to doing these exercises wide variety of topics. If you would like to for a couple minutes every single day, they learn about the best Garage Door Prices on will definitely help you to firm and shape up the Best Garage Door Openers, just click your hips. either of the two links. Exercise For Hips Use a hula-hoop If you want to lose fat from your hips, choose a hula hoop. I can think of no bet- ter exercise that directly targets the hips. And it produces great results. There are just a few things you should know. The first thing is that a kid's hula hoop won't cut it. They simply don't weigh enough. Because they rotate too fast, they'll fall to the ground every 5 seconds. You won't be able to control it with your hips. So, the solution is a weighted hula hoop. Now, I know these cost a bit more money. (They'll run you about $15-$20.) But look at it as investment in your health. Article Source: And you also just want to do this exercise expert=Josie_McEachern for just a couple minutes at a time. Just do
  12. 12. DOES HOODIA REALLY WORK Seite 12 Hoodia - Does Hoodia Really Work For Fat Loss? By Vince DelMonte If you are anxious to get fat loss going, next to impossible. you've likely looked into the diet supple- If hoodia is affecting your natural hun- ment, hoodia. Hoodia gordonii is a plant ger signals, it will be hard to get in the that was used in South African many years foods that you do need - the foods ago by hunters who would need to go for that will work with your body to lose long durations of time without food and the body fat while still keeping muscle grows very slowly in harsh conditions and tissue intact. needs to be harvested for four to five years before it's ready. Secondly, you must understand that hoodia is not a thoroughly tested But how well does Hoodia really work for fat product and cannot be deemed safe. fQuelle: Google - loss? Many people turn to hoodia thinking it If you take enough of it, it can actually dam hoodia fast weight loss myth is the answer to all their prayers. Never age your metabolism, causing a variety of hungry? Sounds like a dietary dream. After thyroid issues that will be stuck with you into all, following a diet should be easy if you the future. While fat loss and getting abs is never have any feelings of hunger, should- important, you must do it a healthy way so n't it? that you don't do anything disrupting to your health. Unfortunately, it isn't so simple. Finally, hoodia diet pills are by no means a First off, if you are a trying to get a lean, proper method to losing abdominal fat. In sexy midsection, not eating is the last thing order to lose abdominal fat, you're going to you want to be doing. Sure, you definitely have to find a method that will be sustain- will need to eat less in order to lose body able over the long term. If you think that fat, but if you aren't eating enough, you'll you're just going to skip eating for the years actually just lose muscle rather than body to come, you are very mistaken. You will not fat. Since muscle tissue is your calorie burn- get the proper nutrients you need to sustain ing engine, destroying it would be counter- life, therefore, to put it bluntly, using hoodia productive to getting the results you want. as a means to help you maintain fat loss could very well put you in the hospital with severe malnutrition. Who wants a slower metabolism at the end of the day? That'll just make further fat loss What you need is a diet that supplies all the nutrients you need, while still being affective with stomach fat loss. Then, you'll also need to make sure this diet is About the Author: Vince Del- something you can work into your lifestyle Monte is the author of Your Six so that your abs aren't going to be just Pack Quest found at http:// covered up by more body fat again once you move off the diet. He specializes in helping deci- pher the truths and myths about The more time you waste chasing after all the supplements such as hoodia that are marketed for gimmicky supplements that only hurt you helping you achieve a six pack. in the long run, the more time you spend without the results you are after.
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