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Feel Well Each Day!

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Feel Well Each Day!

  1. 1. KieFit Journal February 2009 TO N I N G Y O U R T R O U B L E S P O T S : T H E D O ‘ S A N D D O N ‘ T S I N S I D E T R A C K O N F I T N E S S T R E N D S 2 0 0 9 WORKOUT NEWS G E T F I T B Y J U M P I N G R O P E W E I G H T L O S S - S T R A T E G I E S DO PUSH UP
  2. 2. JOURNAL KIEFIT HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE! FEBRUARY 2009 ISSUE: Feel Well Each Day ! TONING YOUR TROU- 3 BLE SPOTS: "THE Hello Fitness Fans! DO'S AND DON'TS” THE INSIDE TRACK 4 I am very glad to introduce you to my current KieFit Journal - ON FITNESS TRENDS February 2009. FOR 2009: BOOT CAMP PART 1 Within KieFit Journal you will find tips about healthy nutrition, Fat- FITNESS IS 5 burning workout to get and stay in shape and to feel well each IMPORTANT + day! 6 GET FIT BY JUMPING 7 Fitness Trends 2009: Boot Camp Workout! ROPE In this issue we have covered the benefits of boot-camp-style workout. Find useful exercises on Page 4. WII FIT AEROBICS 8 PLUS THE DAY OFF DIET EQUALS FUN, FAST, & EASY WEIGHT Why fitness is important? Read the fitness factors from Author LOSS Scott Curtner (Page 5/6 ) EXERCISE AND MUSIC 8 Wii Fit Aerobics plus the Day off Diet equals fun, fast & easy Weight Loss on Page 8. DO PUSH UPS - 9 WEIGHT LOSS STRATEGIES How to Burn more Calories? Read the easy short and description on Page 9. HOW TO BURN MORE 9 CALORIES Have fun with YouTube Videos about Rope Jumping; “Speed NUTRITION FOR RUN- 10 Rope Advanced with Jennifer Nicole Lee on Page 7. NERS - 3 BASIC GUI- DELINES Start reading Kiefit Journal now! GO VIRTUAL! 11 FINDING AN ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINER + Stay healthy! 12 Heidi KIEFIT.COM ISSUE 13 ADVERTISE 14 OPPORTUNITYS— KIEFIT.COM CONTACT— 15 KIEFIT.COM ATTENTION Send me your comments and ideas for further Schedules: Submit events sche- SEND ME YOUR COM- 15 articles. Submit your article to Email: MENTS AND IDEAS dules you know to be mentioned FOR FURTHER articles@kiefit.com and see it in the next issue here in the next issue! ARTICLES. of KieFit Journal. Use your article to generate additional free traffic Submit your personal Fitness and Sport events you wish to be to your website as well. published here and invite Kiefit Journal readers to attend! Closing date to submit your articles you wish to be published here on 25th of each month.
  3. 3. TROUBLE SPOTS 3 TONING YOUR TROUBLE SPOTS: "The Do's and Don'ts” By Mandy Gibbons Do YOU have a body part that correctly to suit your program the best solution for toning. makes you insane because and body shape then don't Using heavy weights and less you can't seem to shape it, expect miraculous results reps of around 8 is aimed tone it or reduce it! cause you won't get them. more for building muscle. Has it got to the point where it If you're consuming an eating ruins your summer or affects plan that actually increases 5. Are you relying on cardio everything from the clothes the bulking up of a trouble spot alone to fix your trouble spots? you wear to reducing your self area rather than helping re- Well believe it or not this is esteem! duce it then you are going to often the case. So many peo- Then here's some "do's and be very frustrated, along with ple treadmill or bike it for 50 - don'ts on how to ensure your kicking yourself for wasting 60 mins a day waiting for trouble spots don't get the bet- time and money on a plan that those trouble spots tone up. ter of you! doesn't suit your needs! Instead they lose size and the 4. If you are wanting to "tone" -trouble spots just become 1. A big mistake that most folk then train for toning. floppy. make when trying to fix a trou- ble spot is that they Resistance / weight training take off to the shops and cardio need to work and buy the first butt hand in hand to create a or abs video etc that lean and toned appearance. they can get their By performing hours of hands on. cardio and no weight training your muscle will start to de- Well guess what - this plete - as your muscle will ain't gonna fix it if you burn off. This basically de- aren't creating lean feats the whole purpose of muscle all over (you toning because it's actually need to train all body your muscle that creates the parts, not just your toned effect once the body butt, thighs or abs etc) fat is reduced. this helps raise your metabolism in turn If you want to successfully reducing your body conquer your trouble spots fat. then get a program that in- cludes a low fat eating plan, 2. How many times have you performed exercises on a trou- You need to keep this in mind cardio and weight workout that when training for body shap- are created to suit your body ble spot and it just got bigger? ing. For example: If you are A- shape and trouble spots. It will As well as training all your get you into shape a whole framed (pear shaped) small body parts you also need to heap sooner and save you a shoulders and upper body, realise that if this area is a bucket load of wasted time with your fat storage areas spot where your fat stores the and cash. The sooner you get being your thighs and butt most, it will probably bulk up stuck into a program that's then building up these areas fairly quickly if you are per- correct for you the sooner you with heavy weights will only forming the wrong exercises make your body appear out of will see successful results. for your needs. proportion. Happy training folks, There are all kinds of exer- Over the years I have seen cises that you can do for each Yours in fun, health and fit- pear shaped women upping of your body parts. Some will ness the weights on machines, or create more muscle mass, and with free weights, performing © Mandy Gibbons are great for building up mus- Virtual Fitness Trainer around 8 reps at a time - cle, and others are excellent mainly because the weights Persons who are of good health, suspect of their for shaping. Go for shaping health or are aware of any conditions, physical were so heavy they couldn't deficiencies or diseases should always consult a exercises when it comes to physician before undertaking any eating or exer- get any more reps out. They cise program. Mandy Gibbons, Virtual Fitness your thighs and butt if this a then whine that their butts and Trainer, www.virtualfitnesstrainer.com.au and troublesport area for you. www.virtualfitnesstrainer.com disclaims any liability thighs are getting bigger. or loss in connection with the above program or 3. I don't know how many Around 15 reps (and up to 20) advice given in this article. times I have heard myself say per set, using light weights, is this but if you aren't eating
  4. 4. FITNESS TRENDS 2009 4 The inside track on fitness trends for 2009: Boot camp Part 1 by Marnie Kunz - Atlanta Running Examiner For their New Year's resolutions this year, mil- 2.) Crunches. Lay on a soft surface such as lions of people resolved to lose weight, but not grass or a padded track and do two to three everyone can afford expensive gym member- sets of 25 crunches. ships, classes, equipment and dietary aids. With the crumbling economy weighing on Do regular crunches as well as side crunches many of our minds to strengthen your oblique muscles. and wallets this year, one of the 3.) Do the most popular fitness "Superman" back strengthening exer- trends will be low- cost and no-frills cise on a flat sur- workouts with back- face. Lay on your to-basics staples stomach and put such as running. your arms out straight in front of According to the American Council you and your legs on Exercise, straight behind you. Now lift up both your budget-friendly and boot-camp style arms and your legs, workouts will be being careful not to strain your neck. among the most popular fitness Hold for one minute. trends in 2009. This Rest and repeat, holding the pose for trend is apparent on the popular show "The Biggest Loser," which relies on boot-camp longer as you get stronger. “Boot camp style training for many of the intense weight- 4.) Stair climbing. Run up a set of stadium workouts save loss workouts. stairs at your local track or sprint up a steep money hill at the park. Jog down and repeat twice. because they Boot camp workouts save money because don't require they don't require expensive equipment, fees 5.) Lunges. Do three sets of lunges across a expensive or memberships. The costs of joining a boot flat field, track or trail. Go about 100 meters for equipment, camp class can still be more than some of us each set. fees or can afford to pay, however. So you can incor- memberships.” porate boot-camp style workouts into your Incorporate the boot-camp-style workout into running routine, getting the best of both your running routine at least once a week. The worlds: an excellent total-body workout and no boot camp exercises help with all-over toning costs or class fees. Boot camp exercises are and strength, also easy to weave into your running program, which will improve as you can do them at regular intervals during your running speed your workout at a park, trail or track. Depend- and endurance as ing on your fitness level and length of your well as help with run, do 5 to 10 minutes of running and then weight loss. stop to do a boot camp workout, then run for another 5 to 10 minutes, do another boot camp exercise, run, etc. Here are some boot-camp basics that can add oomph to your regular running program: 1.) Push-ups. Doing push-ups will increase your upper body strength while giving you a Photo by Womansday.com great ab workout. Do two to three sets of 10 to 15 push-ups at each interval, doing them on your knees if you need to at first. Rest for 30 seconds between each set.
  5. 5. ABOUT FITNESS 5 Fitness Is Important Author: ScottCurtner Today I would like to share the most common reasons Dan said, the way all of us with you why I believe… that I have heard and ex- can exercise every single “Most of you Fitness is Important. perienced are: day is to wake up every already know Fitness in my opinion the - I simply don’t have morning, get out of bed, that a culmination of 3 factors: enough time in the day to and do ONE jumping jack! reasonable Exercise exercise, or amount of Eating healthy foods and Now, of course, it doesn’t exercise, on a supplementing when nec- - I have health challenges have to be a jumping jack. regular basis, is essary AND that prevent me from exer- It can be anything! For a healthy thing Persistence over time… cising example, I was just looking for us to do.” Now I’d like to begin my at Bank of America’s new talk about the first factor, If you, or any of your health website, and they exercise, with a little hand friends, are using these had an exercise on there raising exercise. reasons not to exercise, I that I believe about 95% of am going to share with the people on this planet Most of you already know you, a piece of information can do… that a reasonable amount that has allowed me and of exercise, on a regular an exceptional few other It was close your eyes basis, is a healthy thing for people to exercise EVERY really hard, and flex your us to do. SINGLE DAY! lip and jaw muscles by This information should pursing them together, like come as no surprise be- Now I’ve been running, this… (close eyes, purse cause the fact that exer- biking, and lifting weights lips and jaw) cise is good for us is com- 2-6 times almost every monly understood by most week consistently for about At first I thought, what adults living in good can such the United States a small amount today. of exercise do anyone? But However, not all then I realized, of us are able to that the most perform regular important exercise. Our GOOD it does, time and ener- is that is cre- gies are con- ates a certain strained by the mind set, a cer- responsibilities in tain habit, a our lives. For time dedicated example, have every single the responsibili- day to bettering ties in your life ourselves with ever STOPPED exercise. YOU from prac- ticing exercise on a regular 17 years, and I only dis- And as our time, and en- basis? covered this strange tech- ergy, and ability allow, we nique just a few months can increase that one This failure to exercise is ago, while listening to a jumping jack, to 2 jumping completely understandable lecture by the world class jacks, or 10, or 20. because many of us have gymnast and author of --> Continue Page 6 perfectly good reasons ‘Way of the Peaceful War- why can’t exercise. Two of rior”, Dan Millman.
  6. 6. ABOUT FITNESS 6 Fitness Is Important (continued) Author: ScottCurtner Again, it doesn’t matter it needs to function with ab- wrappers, those are actually WHAT exercise you choose, solute optimal performance, quite bad for you. just be sure to do it every we need to seek the advise “Now, you single day, then INCREASE it of experts. We need to talk Now if you decide to eat don’t have to when you can. to or read books written by healthy, and exercise regu- wait until you appropriately trained physi- larly, keep in mind that fitness talk to a Now because of this informa- cians or nutritionists. Then can only be achieved if you physician or tion, the next time someone add the final ingredient, the read a book to asks you if you per- 3rd factor, persis- start eating form regular exercise, tence over time. healthy. “ you can say, “As a matter of fact! I exer- And, if you per- cise every single sist, I promise day!” you that, in time: Now I would like to You will be able talk about the 2nd to look in mirror fitness factor… Eat- and feel proud. ing healthy foods and You will be able supplementing if nec- look back at your essary. accomplishment Now materialistically and dedication speaking… You and I and feel proud. have been given the greatest gift in the And with the ad- we need to get a second op- ditional clarity and focus you world! We have been given a body with which our souls tion, and talk to another ex- have gained from the addi- can use to consciously ex- pert or read another book. tional oxygen and circulation Then get a 3rd opinion and that you have given to your perience life! And if we are lucky enough to have a fully continue to learn how feed brain, you will be able to stra- functioning brain. And if we our body, and how to care for tegically share this informa- it properly. tion to help your children, and lucky enough to be able to decide HOW we want to treat to help your family, and to Now, you don’t have to wait help your friends to feel just our brain and our body… until you talk to a physician or as proud as you will. Why would we want to tar- read a book to start eating nish this incredible gift by healthy. You can simply use feeding it full of foods that accelerate our body’s degrada- tion? your COMMON SENSE to Foods that accelerate our start eating healthy today!! mental decline. Eat more vegetables, eat Well that’s exactly what we more nuts and whole grains, do, when we eat foods with eat more fresh fruit, and if little or no nutritional value, mixed with exercise, eat and foods composed primar- more meat, fish, and real ily of refined sugars. cheese. Our body is a very complex Not processed cheese foods, biological mechanism, and if like cheese-wiz, or American we want to give it the nutrition cheese in those little plastic
  7. 7. WORKOUT & TRAINING Seite 7 Get Fit By Jumping Rope by Michele Cheplic Skipping rope is no longer just for kids. should also invest in a good pair of cross YouTube Video here Rope jumping is considered one of the training shoes with added cushioning for most effective cardiovascular workouts the balls of your feet. How to Jump Rope with a available for adults. The simple movements Speed Rope Advanced with JNL can be done by both beginners and ad- Once you have the proper equipment you vanced exercisers. In addition, the price of can get jumping. Stick to jumping on grassy a single jump rope makes the workout an areas, an exercise mat, wooden floors, or affordable option for cash strapped fitness carpet. Avoid jumping on concrete, which fanatics. can overwork the joints and body in gen- eral. Fitness experts classify jumping rope as an "excellent" fat burner. According to the Na- tional Institutes of Health, jumping rope burns approximately 750 calories per hour, which is more than any other traditional workout except running. What's more, you can easily burn additional calories by jump- ing faster. The faster you jump, the more calories you burn. Another benefit to rope jumping is its ac- cessibility. Since jump ropes are so light- weight, they can be easily packed in a small bag and taken on the road. They are also compact enough to be stored in any room in your house. Having jump ropes in various rooms means you can exercise whenever you have a few minutes to spare, including when you are in the living room front of the TV. If you plan to use rope jumping as the main part of your fitness regime be sure you get a decent rope. Fitness experts recommend choosing a jump rope that is comfortable for you. You can choose between speed ropes made out of plastic or other basic models made from leather or nylon. If you don't mind spending a bit more money you could purchase a rope that has a built-in calorie counter, which tells you how many calories you've burned during your workout. In regards to how long a rope you should get, fitness experts say to use one foot to step on the center of the rope, and then, pull the handles taut. The handles should come up to the middle of your chest. In ad- dition to purchasing a well made rope you
  8. 8. WORKOUT & TRAINING Seite 8 Wii Fit Aerobics Plus the Day Off Diet Equals Fun, Fast, & Easy Weight Loss By Alice Hoffner Everyone knows that aerobics combined with them! This makes it a lot more fun for me be- dieting is the best way to lose weight fast. cause my husband uses it too and I love to What everyone doesn't know is that aerobics beat him! & dieting doesn't have to be a difficult boring On top of that, Wii Fit keeps track of your task anymore. It's become much easier (and weight loss (both in weight and in BMI) and even fun) to do cardio and diet because of the that's a great way of keeping you honest with breakthroughs made with the Wii Fit game yourself. You will see a graph that charts your and The Day Off Diet. weight. You are going to be a lot less likely to let yourself slide if you see that "slide" indi- Wii Fit For Aerobic Exercise cated on the TV screen. Forget running on the treadmill or riding a sta- The Day Off Diet tionary bike there's a new way to do aerobic If you really want to lose weight then exercise exercise: The Wii Fit game. It's definitely a isn't enough on it's own. You must also follow sign of the times that you can actually get a a diet. What Wii Fit does for aerobic exercise, great workout by playing a video game. The The Day Off Diet does for dieting. It makes Wii Fit has strength training, yoga, balance, dieting easy because there's no calorie count- and aerobics. I spend most of my time doing ing or food diary to keep. Instead it's got a the aerobics because that's what I'm most in- "green light food" system which is very easy to terested in and I think it's the quickest way to follow combined with a built in "cheat day" burn the most calories. Plus I really like the every 7th day. This "cheat day" makes the diet aerobics "games" like rhythm boxing and the very easy to stick with. But it's not included step classes. These games are actually fun just for ease. It also serves a purpose: It but they are also a great workout. speeds up the bodies metabolism with a "calorie spike" which actually helps you to It keeps track of how well you perform these burn fat faster. exercises so you can track your progress over Buy The Wii Fit Game time. If you are a competitive person then you Buy The Day Off Diet might really enjoy the fact that it keeps a "top Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/? 10" list for each exercise so if other people expert=Alice_Hoffner use the Wii Fit too you can compete against Exercise and Music by Michele Cheplic What kind of music do you listen to of exercisers to the point where they race featured scientifically selected while you workout? actually reported feeling good even live musical accompaniment along when they were running close to the entire length of the course. Sev- A new study says the type of tunes physical exhaustion. enteen live bands were set up along that play on your iPod as you run (or Researchers concluded that music the race route to accompany 12,500 participate in other cardio exercise) "has the power to make a consider- runners. The results will be revealed influences your physical endurance. able impact in the fight against public in the coming weeks and we will get inactivity." On a smaller scale the to see if the live music did indeed im- The new research, which is set to study proves that music can motivate prove race times. appear in the Journal of Sport & Exer- people to achieve their long-term fit- cise Psychology, is part of a 20-year ness goals or at the very least in- I rarely exercise without music and do study highlighting motivational quali- crease a person's endurance level notice that I tend to run faster when a ties of music in sport and exercise. during an individual workout session. song with a faster beat is playing on The findings illustrate the benefits my headphones. associated with exercising in time to It should be noted that scientists used music. upbeat song selections during their What about you? What type of music In one part of the study 30 partici- study as opposed to slower classical do you listen to during a long run? pants exercised on a treadmill while musical type tunes as they were try- Michele Cheplic writes about red-hot celebrities in POP CUL- listening to songs by pop stars such ing to get participants to run to the TURE, fiery topics in PARENTS, sizzling recipes in FOOD, calorie burning exercises in FITNESS, and hot new kid-friendly as Queen, the Red Hot Chili Peppers beat of the selections. The ultimate crafts in FUN. Check out all of her articles here. and Madonna. Each participant was litmus test using the scientific princi- asked to keep in strict time with the ples, which guided this particular re- beat. The findings show that certain search took place in London earlier types of music can enhance endur- this month during the Sony Ericsson ance by 15% and improve the mood Run To The Beat half-marathon. The
  9. 9. WEIGHT LOSS STRATEGIES Seite 9 Do Push Ups - Weight Loss Strategies By Roger james Strength training has many Push-ups your chest almost touches the benefits including: The body weight exercise that floor. Keep your back straight, * Boosting metabolism most people have done, or abs tight, and legs straight as tried to do, is the push-up. you lower your body. * Burning calories This is an excellent exercise. Aim for three sets of twelve * Preventing bone loss It targets many muscles in- reps. * Strength training is expen- cluding: sive ***If you can not do regular * Pecs (chest) - Primary target push-ups, try modified push- The only problem with * Triceps (back of arm) ups until you can do regular strength training is that it can * Delts (shoulders) push-ups. be expensive. It is not cheap to join a health club. Home gyms cost an arm and a leg. It * How to do a push up can also be expensive to buy 1. Lie on your stomach with Modified push-ups are the free weights. So when you are your legs together. The palms same as regular push-ups "broke", what do you do? of your hands should also be except you do them on your Well, I have a piece of exer- on the floor next to you at the knees. cise equipment that I know level of your shoulders. Push-ups are an excellent you can afford. It is your body. 2. Straighten out your arms way to get a good upper-body Body weight exercises use slowly. Keep your back straight, abs tight, and legs workout. Do them and Don't your body as resistance. straight as you raise your Go Broke. These exercises are good because they stimulate more body. About the author: Read About Bodybuilding Also Read About Chair muscles than free weights or 3. When your arms are Stretching And Fitness Stretching machines. Article Source: http://www.Free-Articles-Zone.com straight, lower your body until How to Burn More Calories by Justin Leonard Exercise is a great way to improve The following is a list of ways to burn strength and conditioning. It is also the more calories with physical activity: best way to increase the metabolism. But for general health, simply doing more • Walk the entire mall once or twice physical activity throughout the day will before shopping increase energy expenditure. • Take the stairs instead of the eleva- Energy expenditure = Burned calories tor/escalator According to the US Surgeon General, • Manually wash the car significant health benefits can be gained by performing at least 30 minutes of mod- • Walk around the worksite before en- erate intensity physical activity on most tering the building days of the week. • Unload groceries from the car one So how is "moderate" defined? bag at a time • Walk around during commercial Well, think of it as basic physical move- breaks ments (e.g. walking) performed at a higher intensity or greater frequency than • Park the car further away normal. Moderate activity involves going slightly above what you normally do dur- Walk to a bathroom on a different floor ing activities of daily living.
  10. 10. NUTRITION Seite 10 Nutrition For Runners - 3 Basic Guidelines By Brigitte Spurgeon Do you want to reach your full potential as a trointestinal distress. Adequate protein is runner? Do you want to feel strong and en- essential for recovery and repair. ergized during and after your run? I recommend at least 70g daily. Quality pro- Proper nutrition is vital to your success as a tein choices include lean meat, eggs, soy, runner. Don't neglect these basic guide- low fat dairy, whey, legumes and fish. Re- lines: member to include protein in your post run meal. Runners can follow a low fat diet, but 1. WATER - Make sure that you are re- be sure to include sources of omega fatty maining hydrated throughout the day. The acids. Good fats include nuts, avocado, minimal water requirement for the average olive oil and salmon. person is 64oz. I recommend at least 80oz for runners. Plan to drink during your run if 3. MICRONUTRIENTS - We all know that you are running longer than 30 minutes. If we should take a daily multivitamin and you are running longer than an hour you will mineral supplement, but as a runner this is need to replace electrolytes and some car- non-negotiable. Runners have greater nutri- bohydrates too, so consider a sports drink tional needs than the average person. In for your long runs. Headaches, fatigue and fact, runners need to take supplementation dizziness may be signs of dehydration. more seriously. When you run you loose minerals through sweat so supplement cal- cium, magnesium, iron, etc accordingly. Your body is also working hard to repair 2. MACRONUTRIENTS - Be mindful of your and build tissue so additional vitamins are carbohydrate, protein and fat intake. The needed to help these processes. As re- quality of these macronutrients will directly search continues to highlight the roles and affect the quality of your running. Carbohy- benefits of various antioxidants, be mindful drates are your fuel source. You need to to include a variety of these in your diet. have adequate fuel before you run and then The best way is to eat a variety and fruits you need to replenish these fuel stores post and vegetables every day. run too. Choose complex carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes or rice. Limit fiber in your Runners benefit especially from all berries meals leading up to your run to avoid gas- and also the superfruits because of their anti-inflammatory properties. To be the best runner you can be, be aware of your nutritional needs. Eat and drink with purpose. You will feel healthier and run stronger! Happy Running! Brigitte Spurgeon is a Certified Running Coach and Endurance Runner in Raleigh, NC. For more information about the cutting edge antioxidant drink recom- mended by Brigitte for her runners, visit http:// www.resveratrolandsuperfruit.com Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Brigitte_Spurgeon
  11. 11. ONLINE TRAINING Seite 11 Go virtual! Finding an online personal trainer By Leslie Hunt • Bankrate.com You can think of two rea- when you're ready to work nise Tryner, an American sons why you can't hire a with a trainer. The trick Council on Exercise certi- personal trainer: time and comes in finding a legiti- fied personal trainer and money. Your schedule and mate trainer that fits your NESTA certified nutritionist budget lack jiggle room. needs, motivation level and who trains her clients in per- budget. son. "With me, they come You're afraid to be like the because they already have countless others who buy Are you a candidate for a the appointment." yearlong gym memberships virtual trainer? and never actually use Before you hire the first per- Physical supervision pro- them. sonal trainer that turns up in vides another benefit not a Google search, get hon- common to all online pro- Then again, it would be nice est with yourself about your grams: visual guidance. to slim down. So far, pro- motivation level. That is, the trainer shows crastination hasn't helped you how to do the exer- trim any pounds. "At the end of the day, if you cises; you copy the moves won't do your work without and find out right then and The solution could be wait- someone standing over there if you are moving cor- ing on the Web. Hire a per- you, don't think you'll suc- rectly. sonal trainer at a price you ceed with an online trainer or other long-distance Without direct supervision, won't sweat by signing up for a personal trainer who coach. You need in-person you'll have to rely on in- coaches online. supervision," says McMil- structive aids provided by lian, who teaches her cli- the trainer, such as online videos, animations and au- The money savings can be ents both in group classes or long-distance through her dio instruction. Consider substantial. Face-to-face FitbyFone program. how you learn best and sign workouts under the guid- up for the personal training ance of a personal trainer The effectiveness of either program that best suits your can cost between $50 and program depends on the learning style. $80 per session, but online individual. In person, the personal trainers can cost a trainer can see what the If you learn visually, you fraction of those prices, might enjoy sites such as client is doing and can cri- sometimes between $20 tique right then and there, LiveHealthier.com and and $40 per month. says McMillian. But, with Michaelgeorge.com, which Even at those prices, you'll long-distance clients, she offer video clips of particular still get the healthy pressure must rely on their honesty exercises. On Michael- that comes from working about their workout per- george.com, 360-degree with a personal trainer. The formances. animations show how to experience is like working perform exercises. for a boss, says Charla "If a person has issues with McMillian, a certified time but is self-motivated, If you learn by listening, you strength and conditioning and just needs the proper might like the phone-and-e- specialist who runs FitBoot, guidance, that's OK, we can mail coaching style of a fitness boot camp in Bos- work long-distance," she McMillian's FitbyFone pro- ton. Without having some- says. "It's good for the gram or the iPod-ready one else to report to, most budget, good on the time workout routines provided people wouldn't show up or and they can train when- by Podfitness.com, which work to their full potential. ever they want." lets subscribers download Bosses and trainers set the routines set to the music of bar higher than you would On the other hand, consider their choice right onto their yourself. "They kick you how motivated you would iPods. back to reality and remind be to work out if you had a you where your effort needs rough day. "If someone has --> Continue Page 12 to be," she says. a bad day, and they didn't have me, they wouldn't go, Of course, price shouldn't they'd put off working out be the only consideration until next week," says De-
  12. 12. ONLINE TRAINING Seite 12 Go virtual! Finding an online personal trainer (continued) By Leslie Hunt • Bankrate.com Your preferred learning method Finding a personal trainer certainly trainer's name on the organization's should determine which online pro- proves to be a more straightforward Web site to verify the certification. gram you join. task when looking in person versus online. Word of mouth and the abil- 2. Interview several trainers. Ask Then consider your schedule. If you ity to see and talk with the trainer -- lots of questions. have an unusual schedule, an possibly even engaging in trial ses- online personal trainer may suit you sions with the workout coach -- This is a good thing to do, espe- better because you can access make for easy ways to check out cially with online trainers. Always workout routines around the clock, the legitimacy of and your chemis- speak with the person by phone as well as help features such as before signing up for a program. To try with the instructor. chat sessions and online videos. find out how competent the trainer LiveHealthier.com for instance, of- Unfortunately, the same cannot be is, ask questions you already know fers real-time chat sessions with said for finding one online: Testimo- the answer to, says McMillian. If personal trainers and registered nials and certifications could be real you've had a history of injuries, and dieticians and allows clients to e- or bogus, and you never get to see you've received exercise advice mail questions, which are answered the personal trainer. from your doctor, ask the trainer within 24 hours. In real life, as Live- how you'd workout with these inju- Healthier CEO Mary Moslander The trainers we spoke with suggest ries. If the doctor's advice is beyond points out, you might have to hold researching a few instructors to find the trainer's expertise, the trainer your question until the next meet- the one best suited to your needs. should say she doesn't know but ing. There are three key points to con- will look up the answer for you. Of 3. Check out the course, it trainer's appear- goes ance. without saying While the trainer's that online training means you don't sider when seeking the trainer to physique doesn't guarantee what yours will look like after working have to leave home. You don't have get you on the fit side of life. to dress up, burn gas or drive with one, you still want a trainer around looking for a parking spot at 1. Check for certifications. who looks the part, just as a dentist should have attractive teeth. You the gym. But it's worth noting that not every in-person personal trainer While certifications might not seem can check the trainer's Web site, is weighted to the gym. For in- as important if you can talk to your but you may want to check to see if stance, Tryner will meet her clients trainer and get references in per- it's a recent photo. at their workplaces if a gym is avail- son, it's one of the few ways to evaluate online trainers. Get moving able, at home, outdoors or in her studio. So if you desire a trainer Typically, trainers will list any certifi- If you're still wondering whether you you can meet, see if he or she can cations they have on their Web can get to the gym without the push work in places other than a gym -- sites. Note however, that not all of a personal trainer, look at your and skip the pricey gym member- certifications come from accredited recent workout history. "If you can't ship. certification organizations such as motivate yourself, and you're miss- the American Council on Exercise, ing a few months of working out, If you can, request a trial subscrip- then there's something in that cycle tion for any of the online member- National Academy of Sports Medi- cine, National Council on Strength that you have to break," says Try- ships. That will give you enough ner. That something just might be a and Fitness, National Federation of time to experiment with a program. personal trainer. After all, the wrong fit makes for a Professional Trainers or the Na- workout routine you won't enjoy -- tional Strength and Conditioning Association. A personal trainer cer- and will likely stop down the road. tified with the NSCA certainly will Find a legitimate personal trainer have passed a more rigorous test than someone certified through a Once you've decided on which type local gym. Some certificate pro- of training you prefer, compare grams are simply a weekend semi- trainers based on qualifications and nar, says McMillian. personality. You want someone you have a connection with. Tryner suggests searching for the
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